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The Table of Contents,Title Page,Vows unto the Order 1. Grade Structure 4,Neophyte Initiation 6,Temple Symbology of the 0 0 Initiation 23. Grade Badge 30,Address on the Pillars 32,Neophyte Grade Sign 36. Order Greeting 39,Neophyte Grip Step and Grand Word 42. Highlights of Knowledge Lecture One 46,Three Mother Letters 52.
Drawing the Hebrew Alphabet 55, The Qabalah Defined A Basic Understanding of the Tree of Life 58. Tetragrammaton Pentagrammaton 64,Pathworking Ritual Diary 68. Need for Daily Ritual Work and Persistence 72,Importance of Vibration 75. Relaxation Meditation 79,Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram 81. Tarot Contemplation Ritual 89,Middle Pillar Ritual 92.
Comfort Ritual 96,Basic Understanding of the Major Arcana 99. The Circle Spread Spiritual Divination and Primary Invocation Before All Tarot 107. Miscellaneous Things You Should Know 114,Neophyte Advancement Test 117. Tables and Charts Page,Grade Structure 5,Elements 47. Triplicities 47,Caput and Cauda Draconis 48,Neptune 48. Seven Ancient Planets 48,Hebrew Finals 48,Hebrew Alphabet 51.
Tree of Life Key 62,Placement of Middle Pillar on the Body 94. Diagrams and Illustrations Page,Grade Structure on the Tree of Life 5. Officer Placement in the 0 0 Grade Initiation During Vows 12. Officer and Dais Opening 0 0 24,Cross and Triangle 25. Pillars 26,Tetrahedron 27,Banners 29,Grade Badge 31. Grade Sign 37,Greeting and Handshake 40,The Step and Grip 44.
The Grip 45,The Positioning of the Three Mother Letters 54. The Sephiroth of the Tree of Life 63,Drawing the Banishing Earth Pentagram 84. Visualization of the Six Rayed Star 87,The Middle Pillar 95. First Tarot Card Placement with the Tetragrammaton 110. Second Tarot Card Placement First Elemental Quadrant 111. Third Tarot Card Placement Second Elemental Quadrant 112. Final Outcome of Tarot Divination 113,Movement in the Temple 116. VOWS UNTO THE ORDER,NEOPHYTE 0 0,presence of the Lord of the Universe.
and in the presence of my Higher Self,the Divine Guardians of this Order and. this assembly in this Hall of the,Neophyte of the Hermetic Order of the. Golden Dawn do of my own free will,hereby and hereon most solemly promise. to keep secret this Order the names of,its members and any and all. proceedings that take place at its,meetings from every person in the world.
who has not been initiated into it,Nor will I discuss Order proceedings. with any member who has not the current,password or who has resigned been. expelled or in general has fallen away,from Order attendance and participation. and Golden Dawn studies,I undertake to maintain a kindly and. benevolent relation with all Fraters,and Sorors of this Order I will treat.
all members as if they were a brother,or sister as if we shared the same. mother the same father,I solemnly promise to keep secret any. information I may have gathered,concerning this Order before taking. this oath I will neither copy nor,allow to be copied any manuscript. except for personal use until I obtain,permission from the Chiefs of the.
Second Order,I solemnly promise not to suffer myself. to be placed nor place myself in a,state of passivity through either. mesmerism drugs alcohol or any other,method of deep induction I will. maintain control of my mind at all,times less others influence me or. manipulate me into purposes of serving,their own greed or lust.
I solemnly promise to preserve and,defend this Order with courage and. determination in the labor and study of,the Divine Science and I shall always. uphold the integrity of this Order,through the virtues of the infinite. pillars upon which this Order is built,Love Truth Knowledge. I will not debase my mystical knowledge,in the labor of evil magic at any time.
tried or under temptation,I in addition promise to uphold the. decisions of the Chiefs of the Second,Order as final in the governance of. this Order Neither will I encourage,schism nor encourage or suggest other. members abstain from Order,participation or membership under a. heavy penalty exacted by the Chiefs of,the Third Order the Divine guardians.
of the Mysteries,Finally I foremost pledge myself to. Divine Light to the magical way of,life to the principles of brotherly. love and to the future development of,the spiritual through the greater. understanding of the Mysteries and the,Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I pledge this secret,I pledge a sacred oath with my mighty.
and secret soul,I do so swear,GRADE STRUCTURE,NEOPHYTE 0 0. The Grade Structure,Kether 10 1 Ipissimus,Chokmah 9 2 Magus. Binah 8 3 Magister Templi,Chesed 7 4 Adeptus Exemptus. Geburah 6 5 Adeptus Major,Tiphareth 5 6 Zelator Adeptus Minor. Adeptus Minor,Portal Grade,Netzach 4 7 Philosophus Worker of Fire.
Hod 3 8 Practicus Worker of Fluids,Yesod 2 9 Theoricus Worker of Air. Malkuth 1 10 Zelator Worker of the Realm,0 0 Neophyte Child of the First Step. It is important to have a basic working understanding of the grade structure of. the Order Grades are only bestowed when one has completed study and testing on. the various materials necessary to complete each grade. Each grade in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is based on the Qabalistic. Tree of Life As you become more aware of the sephiroth of the Tree of Life and the. energies they represent you will have a more clear cut idea of the energies of each. Memorize the sephiroth first then the name color and translation Then commit. the grades of the Order to memory,NEOPHYTE INITIATION OF. THE HERMETIC ORDER OF,THE GOLDEN DAWN,NEOPHYTE 0 0. Place Rose Cup Paten of Bread and Salt Lamp Cross and Triangle upon the Altar. The Candidate must be blindfolded and tied thrice around the waist. Hierophant knocks once, KERUX Goes to the east and faces west Hekas Hekas Este be beloi.
Returns to the southeast and faces east, HIEROPHANT Holds up the sceptre faces west and knocks once Fraters and. Sorors of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the Temple of Isis Mighty Mother. assist me to open the Hall of the Neophyte Kerux see that the Temple is properly. guarded that doors and entrances have been checked and all are present. KERUX Knocks on all the doors and checks the Portal Very Honored Hierophant. the Hall is properly guarded Salutes Hierophant, HIEROPHANT Very Honored Hiereus guard the other side of the Portal Hiereus. turns west Kerux is on his right with his lamp and wand and assure yourself that all. present have witnessed the Golden Dawn, HIEREUS Fraters and Sorors of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn give the. Sign of the Neophyte All give the Sign of the Neophyte to the Hierophant then the. Hiereus gives both Signs after the others have completed it Very Honored. Hierophant all present are initiated members, HIEROPHANT Gives the Sign of the Enterer but not the Sign of the Silence to the. west Let the number of officers of the grade and nature be proclaimed for by names. and images are all powers awakened and re awakened. Hierophant now gives the Sign of Silence, HIEROPHANT Honored Hiereus remind us of the Chief officers.
HIEREUS There are three Chief Officers the Hierophant the Hiereus and the. HIEROPHANT Is there any peculiarity in these names. HIEREUS They all commence with the letter H,HIEROPHANT And of what is this letter a symbol. HIEREUS Of life because the letter H is our mode of representing the ancient Greek. aspirant or breathing and breath is evidence of life. HIEROPHANT How many lesser officers are there, HIEREUS There are three The Kerux Stolistes and Dadouchos and in addition. the Sentinel The Sentinel armed with a lethal weapon guards the Temple keeps out. intruders and prepares the candidate,HIEROPHANT Dadouchos your station and duties. DADOUCHOS My station is in the south to symbolize heat and dryness My duties. include the fires of the Temple and incense and to consecrate the Hall and those. present with fire,HIEROPHANT Stolistes your station and duties. STOLISTES My station is in the north to symbolize cold and moisture My duties are. to see that the robes collars and insignia of the officers are ready at the opening. watching over the Cup of Lustral Waters and to purify the Hall and those present with. HIEROPHANT Kerux your station and duties, KERUX My station is within the Portal My duties are to see that the furniture of the.
Hall is properly arranged at the opening to guard the inner side of the Portal to admit. the Fraters and Sorors to watch over the path of the candidate and to lead all mystical. circumambulations My lamp is a symbol of Hidden Knowledge and my wand is a. symbol of directing power, HIEROPHANT Honored Hegemon your station and duties. HEGEMON My station is between the two pillars of Hermes and Solomon My face is. toward the Cubical Altar of the Universe My duties are to watch over the Gateway of. Hidden Knowledge For I am the reconciler between Light and Darkness I. immediately follow the Kerux in the mystic circumambulations I watch over the. preparation of the candidate and assist in his reception and I lead the candidate onto. the path that conducts from Darkness to Light The white color of my robe is the color. of purity my ensign of office is a Mitre headed Sceptre to symbolize wisdom which. guides and regulates life and my office symbolizes those higher aspirations of the soul. which should guide its action, HIEROPHANT Honored Hiereus your station and duties. HIEREUS My station is in the west and symbolizes the increase of Darkness and the. decrease of Light which encompass us in the absence of the Sun of Life and Light I. guard the Gateway of the West and watch over the reception of the candidate and of. the lesser officers at the execution of their duties My robe is an image of the Darkness. that was upon the faces of the water I carry the Sword of Judgment and the Banner of. Evening Twilight which is the Banner of the West I am called Fortitude and I am the. Master of Darkness, HIEROPHANT Stands holding the sceptre and Banner of the East My station is on. the throne in the east which symbolizes the rise of the Sun and the Light of the Golden. Dawn Life and Light The red color of my robe symbolizes Light My insignias are the. Sceptre of Power and the Banner of the East which signify power and light mercy and. wisdom I am called Power and Mercy and Light and Abundance My office is that of. the Expounder of the Mysteries Sits down Stolistes I command you to purify the. Temple and members with water, STOLISTES Circumambulates to the Dais faces east sprinkles left right then. center toward the Dais and makes a cross I purify thee with water Faces west. sprinkles left right then center and makes a cross I purify thee with water Turns. and gives a small head bow to the Hierophant and walks back to his quarter. HIEROPHANT Dadouchos I command you to consecrate the Temple and members. DADOUCHOS Circumambulates to the Dais faces east swings left right then. center and makes a cross with the incense I consecrate thee with fire Faces west. swings left right then center and makes a cross with the incense I consecrate thee. with fire Turns and gives a small head bow to the Hierophant and walks back to his. HIEROPHANT Stands and hold the scepter in the right hand and the Banner of East. in left The Kerux goes to the northeast followed by the Hegemon the Hiereus with. the Banner of West and sword followed by the Stolistes and the Dadouchos Each. officer makes the Sign of Horus and Harpocrates as they pass the Banner of the East. Let the mystical circumambulation begin in the Pathway of Light. Hiereus circumambulates once the Hegemon twice and the other officers. circumambulate three times, HIEROPHANT The mystical circumambulation symbolic of the rise of Light is.
accomplished Let us adore the Lord of the Universe Sits down. All face east, All Salutes with the Sign of Enterer after each phrase Holy art Thou Lord of the. Universe Holy art Thou which Nature has not formed Holy art Thou the Vast and. Mighty One Ruler of the Light and the Darkness Sign of Silence. Neophyte of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn do of my own free will hereby and hereon most solemly promise to keep secret this Order the names of its members and any and all proceedings that take place at its meetings from every person in the world who has not been initiated into it Nor will I discuss Order proceedings

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