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One of the added benefits of our participation is to sample all the In Sympathy. ice cream you can eat it s really worth it This takes place on. Saturday and Sunday 8 and 9 September at the WGBH studio Our condolences are extended to Guy Bzibziak KB1CRY and his. area in Brighton Hams are needed on either or both days for family on the recent loss of his mother Dorothy Bzibziak May her. communications and or meeting the public soul rest in peace. Another repeat event is the Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk Not ARRL Membership And Renewal. nearly as intense as the Boston Marathon it covers the full 26. miles of the Marathon course from Hopkinton to Boston There If your ARRL membership is coming up for renewal please do so. are 13 Walker Support Stations along the route plus the very through BARC Your ARRL membership dues remain the same. special patient walk and the finish This walk is on Sunday 30 but the club gets a small income from your renewal If you are. September Because the walk is lengthy no assignment is more joining the ARRL for the first time sign up through BARC In. than a few hours either case make your check out to BARC and give it and your. ARRL membership form to the BARC Treasurer He will handle. Suddenly we have another new world class event right here in the rest and you will get all the benefits of being a member of. Boston To compliment the Boston Marathon the Boston Athletic ARRL The National Organization for Amateur Radio. Association BAA has devised a Half Marathon The circular. 13 1 mile course will be run along the Emerald Necklace. entirely within the city Already notice has been taken and entry. ARRL Approves Dues Increase, applications are coming from around the world The Half. Marathon will be held on Sunday 14 October and is also Meeting in Irving Texas January 19 and 20 the ARRL Board of. expected to become an annual event Directors voted to increase membership dues from 34 to 39. annually for full members younger than 65 and from 28 to 34. Note that all of these events are within easy reach of local for full members 65 and older The dues hike goes into effect July. repeaters Your hand held 2 meter and 70 centimeter radio will 1 2001 The last ARRL dues increase was in July 1997. do just fine A day s worth of battery power will do the trick. Security Warning, There you we have it It is a lot of work ahead More detail will Mike Ardai N1IST. be published as it becomes available but you can always contact. Bob Salow WA1IDA if you have any questions If you can You wouldn t put a big sign in your window saying EXPENSIVE. please volunteer as soon as possible STUFF INSIDE AND NOBODY WILL BE HOME FOR A. WEEK would you Of course not However that s exactly what. Contact Bob at wa1ida arrl net or 508 650 9440 you are doing when you announce on the repeater that you or. someone else are away on vacation Keep in mind that hams. MEMA Public Safety Fair aren t the only ones who listen to the repeater A few years ago. Bob Salow WA1IDA not here in MA they caught a thief who had a scanner and. callbook in his car and was breaking in to places after hearing. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency MEMA when the owner would be away. will sponsor its 11th annual Public Safety Fair on Saturday 22. September at the Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield So please don t say that you will be on vacation next week or that. MA The Fair will be open from 0900 to 1500 so and so is out of town until next Thursday The regulars will all. know it and you can fill us in when you get back, The entertainment and information for the whole family will. include BARC s Newest Repeater and Where to find,us on Simplex. Search and Rescue Demonstrations Michael Ardai N1IST. Skydiver Helicopter Demonstrations, K 9 Dog Units Recently John WN9T the licensee of the 145 23 BARC.
Hazmat Teams machine has decided to make his 447 175 UHF repeater an. Child Safety Fingerprinting official BARC repeater This machine is located right next to the. Police Fire Emergency Vehicles 23 repeater and has similar coverage actually better in some. Public Safety Displays areas The repeater has a negative offset and a PL of 110 9 Hz. Food Fun and Lots of Surprises, Please feel free to use this machine as you would use 23 In the. Admission and parking are both free future we may link it with 23 at least for certain nets. Repeaters 145 23 PL 88 5 447 175 PL 110 9 Simplex 147 42. We have also decided to standardize on 147 42 as the BARC Boston Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting. regular simplex frequency In case of an emergency or when July 5 2001. trying to find people at a hamfest or show you can expect to find Recorded by Mike Ardai N1IST. BARC people here,Present were,BARC Monthly Breakfast. Mike Ardai N1IST Executive Committee, Every month BARC has a social breakfast on the second Sunday Arthur Ashley N1NHZ Membership Services. of the month which will be August 12 next month We ll be Hank Buccigross KB1GRQ. meeting at the Old Country Buffet at the Watertown Mall at Paul Carter N1TMF SPARC editor. 8 30am Bob Cassell N1ENS Executive Committee,Jim Clogher N1ICN Treasurer. They are very good offering an extensive breakfast buffet costing Mike Coffey KB1EZL. 6 35 per person Dick Doherty KA1TUZ Vice President. We just intend to get together socialize and eat without having Mark Duff KB1EKN President. any formal club events or business Family and friends of club Mark Dulcey KE1L. members are welcome also If you are not a BARC member you Peter Grace KB1CVH. too are invited to meet with us and see what we re all about Ed Hennessy N1PBA. Paul Katz N1LRT, The Old Country Buffet is in the Watertown Mall on Arsenal St Paul Olivieri N1ZKR.
in Watertown From Memorial Drive continue on Greenough Bill Ricker N1VUX. Boulevard to the Watertown exit and then turn right onto Arsenal Bob Salow WA1IDA Public Services. St There is plenty of mall parking The 70 T bus from Central. Square Cambridge to Watertown Square stops right at the The meeting started at approximately 1830 hrs. Watertown Mall Hope to see all of you there and bring your. appetite Reports were received from the various committees regarding. various ongoing concerns of the club such as emergency. July General Meeting response education and public service. This month s BARC General meeting is on Thursday July 19 at One of the club tents is missing a piece of a tent pole this should. 7p m be replaced, BARC General meetings are held at the Boston Back Bay Repeater update N1IST WN9T and KA1TUZ visited the. Salvation Army Building corner of Berkeley St and Columbus repeater We cleaned and tightened all the RF connectors reset. Ave near Copley Square in the second floor auditorium the clock and removed the Motorola time out timer module This. way there is only one TOT this should hopefully fix the problems. Parking is available the entrance to the parking lot is from with controlling the user functions of the repeater when it is timed. Columbus Ave across the street from the firehouse It is also T out Next time we are up there we plan to replace the pigtail. accessible the nearest T stations are Back Bay on the Orange and between the hardline and the antenna waiting on connectors and. Purple lines exit the rear of the station by the busway and walk replace a missing mounting screw on the 175 antenna. down Columbus and Copley or Arlington on the Green line use. the Berkeley Street exit A map appears on page 7 of the BARC Emergency Response Team is planning to send out a roster. newsletter to all BERT members, Future General Meeting Dates N1NHZ and N1IST will work on a CW demo for the WGBH Ice. Third Thursdays at 7 p m Cream FunFest and other PR events. 16 August 2001 Upcoming public service events,20 September 2001 9 2 Triathalon. 18 October 2001 9 8 and 9 8 WGBH Ice Cream FunFest. 15 November 2001 9 22 MEMA Public Safety Fair, 20 December 2001 Holiday Party 9 30 Jimmy Fund Marathon walk. 17 January 2002 10 14 Half Marathon,Field Day went very well We spent about 500 550.
Ideas photos and so forth are needed for the club s display board. Repeaters 145 23 PL 88 5 447 175 PL 110 9 Simplex 147 42. We are looking for ideas for field trips and tours Contact N1NHZ New on our web page are the club articles. with ideas We will try to arrange a tour of SmartRoutes http www barc org barc articles html. and bylaws, How can we get more net control operators http www barc org barc bylaws html. We discussed ideas for an upcoming HF night or perhaps an HF We also run an FTP site at ftp barc org under pub hamradio. talk at a general meeting with a Saturday Sunday field trip HF We ve got a mirror of the ARRL infoserver BARC documents. day ham radio software and a huge mods archive Cheyenne. Greatorex n1qzs magrathea com maintains the FTP site. The meeting adjourned at 1955 hrs Contact him if you have any comments. This is where the real business of BARC is conducted If you have We also run a club e mail list To subscribe send a message to. any suggestions questions or comments this is where to bring majordomo qth net with the body the subject is ignored. them All members are welcome and encouraged to join us at. this meeting subscribe barc list, The next Boston Amateur Radio Club business meeting will be The welcome message will list the other lists that we have over at. held Thursday August 2 2001 1st Thursday of the month Netcom Yes I know it isn t on the radio It is however an. 6 30pm Check the Web page and or listen to the repeater for a additional resource for getting in touch with other hams around the. new location to be announced Failing that being arranged in time world. we will meet at the food court of the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall. down by the windows facing the lagoon 73 mike,n1ist arrl net. Future Business Meeting Dates,First Thursday at 6 30 p m Hunting all VEs. Mike Ardai N1IST,6 September 2001, 4 October 2001 We are looking for VEs to help out with the BARC VE sessions.
1 November 2001 Most of the time we have at least the required 3 for them but. 6 December 2001 sometimes we may need some more especially if one of the. 3 January 2002 regulars can t make it If you are an ARRL accredited VE please. drop a note to Dick KA1TUZ ka1tuz arrl net and let him. BARC Growth know when you might be available to help out. It s a rare month when we fail to add a few new members BARC VE Session. Periodically we publish their names so that you can give them a. special welcome There may also be some long lost members who The Boston Amateur Radio Club holds its monthly VE session on. rejoin so greet them too the second Monday of each month The next session will be at. 7pm on Monday August 13 2001 at the Pierce School at 50. Mark Dulcey KE1L School Street in Brookline Room 110 next to the cafeteria. Please welcome the new BARC members and congratulate the There is a free parking garage at the circular driveway If driving. new upgrades Make it a point to introduce yourself when you see enter School Street from the Washington street side opposite 394. them at a meeting In addition we would like to note here all call Washington rather than from Harvard Street Check. sign changes If you fit any of these categories please promptly http www barc org barc school map gif. notify the Keeper of the Database Bob Salow WA1IDA at for more info This map also appears on page 7 of this newsletter. 508 650 9440 or email wa1ida mediaone net, For those traveling via public transportation take the D branch. Catch us on the Internet of the Green Line to the Brookline Village station Walk north. along Harvard Street 0 2 miles to School Street then turn left The. The Boston Amateur Radio Club has a web page at Pierce School is on the left The 66 bus runs on Harvard Street. http www barc org barc Here you can find some of the latest crossing School Street. BARC news sample exams maps to our meetings and VE. sessions links to other radio clubs and a club roster only names Talk in on 145 23 PL 88 5. callsigns and e mail addresses are on line If you have any. suggestions please let me know at n1ist arrl net, Repeaters 145 23 PL 88 5 447 175 PL 110 9 Simplex 147 42. We give all exams Technician thru Extra CW and written and As you might expect there are many more events public service. you don t need to pre register Please bring the following with hamfests flea markets etc taking place some only peripheral to. you ham radio For information on these covering New England and. some of New York the Ham Electronic Flea Market and the. Your current license and a photocopy for the ARRL if you PSLIST lists tell the story They are posted by e mail to barc list. are upgrading and on PBBSs regularly If needed contact any club member who. Any CSCE s you are claiming and a photocopy of them has access to these. Valid ID picture ID preferred, A pen and a calculator if you want to BARC Net NCS stations needed. 10 00 good for all the tests you take at that session except Mike Ardai N1IST. for retests, Note that code tests are no longer free Those taking the code We are constantly looking for people to help run the BARC Net. test only will also have to pay the 10 fee Code and written each Monday night This is a great way to get your feet wet in. tests can be taken together at the same session for a single 10 running a net and a nice way to help out the club If you can help. fee please let me know when I ask for volunteers during the net or. gathering information for the article he wrote about Field Day2001 and Ham Radio in general which ran the next day in the Boston Globe Most importantly we all had fun Planning for Field Day 2002 has already begun so stay tuned BARC has just received a wonderful donation of a YAESU FT 900 Former member John Bullitt N1ZOR presented the radio to us We thank John very much for this gift The

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