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A Day at Home, Every two or three years my husband reads The Genesee Diary Report from a Trappist Monastery. by Henri J M Nouwen And every time his favorite part is the Raisin Story and he enjoys it as if he. is reading it for the first time I can almost set my calendar not just by his re reading of this. favorite book but by hearing him ask me if l have time for him to read something to me My mind. quickly scans the mental list of things I need to get done today and I hear the vacuum upstairs. where the new cleaning person is at work Do I have time for him to read something to me. Yes I want to hear what he has found that is so interesting because it will either be funny or it will. bring an intellectual challenge or it will offer spiritual comfort I turn toward him and he begins to. read the Raisin Story I smile because I know the story very well and I am glad to hear it again He. leans over holding the small book toward the light and he begins. For four and a half hours l worked with Brother Theodore and Brother Benedict at. the raisin washer Theodore washed Benedict collected the raisins and I folded. empty boxes Suddenly Theodore stopped the machine and knocked with his fist. against his head Not knowing sign language I said What s the matter A stone. went through he said I asked him How do you know He said I heard it I asked. How could you hear it between the noise of the machine and the raisins cascading. through it I just heard it he said and added We have to find that stone If a lady. gets it in her bread she can break her tooth on it and we can be sued Pointing to. the large bathtub like container full of washed raisins he said We have to push. those through again until we find that stone, I couldn t believe it Benedict hadn t been able to detect the stone while the raisins. came out but Theodore was so sure that objection was senseless Millions of raisins. went through again and just when I had given up ever finding that stone it seemed. like looking for a needle in a haystack something clicked There it is Theodore said. It jumped against the metal wall of the washer Benedict looked carefully and. moved his hands through the last ounce of raisins There it was A small purple blue. stone just as large as a raisin Theodore took it and gave it to me with a big smile. In some strange way this event meant a lot to me Yesterday I was carrying granite. rocks out of the river Today we were looking for a small stone among millions of. raisins I was impressed not only by Theodore s alertness but even more by his. determination to find it and take no risks He really is a careful diagnostician This. little stone could have harmed someone a lady or a monastery. And I thought about purity and purification Even the small stone that looks like all. these good tasting raisins has to be taken out I can t even notice my own little sins. but it offers me consolation to know that someone will keep a careful watch on me. and stop the machine when he hears a stone between the raisins That really is care. I am glad I am married to one with deep insights who seeks to grow in his faith someone who. delights in the parable of a tiny stone Not only did our house get cleaned to the core but I. beheld the wonder of a day at home where I was sure there were no stones to be found in the. By Mary Lou Gilbert with thanks to my husband Jack and to the late Henri Nouwen. a priestly author,What We re Thinking Facts About Recycling. The Senior Adult Council is hard at work,and Reusing Materials. to plan great programs for Oak Grove, Seniors and others who want to join in v Recycled paper requires.
Chaired by Tom Landers the council 64 les s energy than making. meets monthly and plans LUNCH BUNCH paper from virgin wood pulp. held on the first Tuesday of the month and can save many trees. The programs start with lunch in the v It take 90 les s energy to. fellowship hall followed by a variety of recycle aluminum cans than to. programs and sometimes day trips TENT make a new one. Meetings Think Eat N Talk are held v 84 of all hous ehold waste can. at least once a year to focus on life issues be recycled. pertaining to aging And overnight trips,v Every ton of paper that is. are usually to St Simon s Island or Lake,recycled saves 17 trees. Junaluska NC,v The amount of wood and paper, Members of the council in alphabetical thrown away is enough to heat. order are Gary Akins Barbara Adams 50 million homes for 20 years. Nancy Burton Barbara Fountain Dorothy, Fulcher Nancy Harte Cindy Kallal v Each person throws away. Alfred Kirkwood Tom Landers Ann approximately four pounds of. garbage every day,Marney Marianne Narde Philip Pingree.
Fran Roure Madge Watson Jim Wright v 5 billion aluminum cans are. John Young and Mary Lou Gilbert Pastor used each year. to with Senior Adults v Most families throw away about. We love to hear your program and travel 88 lbs of plastic every year. ideas In fact we are considering having a v How long does it take for. six week Beginner Line Dance class for waste to break down Organic. Body Soul Mind and Spirit on Thursdays materials like cotton rags or. at 10 30 11 30am in Grand Hall Let us know paper take about 6 months. if you are interested call and leave a Plastics and aluminum cans. message at 404 858 9032 Say Yes I want will take 500 years. to Line Dance and say your name v We are never too old to do. our part to care for God s,wondrous gift of Creation. The Facts except for the last one are taken,from The Hometown Parent Free Guide to. Northeast Alabama Jan Feb 2017,EASTER JOY CONTINUES. Memory Caf,Thursday April 27 2017,10 11 30 am Rm 101. Janet John Ballard Hosts,Memory Cafe provides an,opportunity for anyone.
experiencing memory loss and,their carepartners to join others. for a time of socializing and,fellowship Light refreshments. will be provided Feel free,to dress casually and leave. At Oak Grove United Methodist Church,It Is a Relief by Madge Watson. Before I retired I was leaving my office and passed a young woman in 5 heels in the lobby I m 72 and a. woman 10 to 15 years my senior was departing also and walking by me I opened the door for us As she. passed me she was shaking her head in wonderment and I knew she was thinking of the young woman and. the lethal heels How did I know I was thinking the same thoughts lethal dangerous those days are. behind me and alas yes I miss them as high heels create a beautiful walking presence. I laughed and said Not me either My new friend was 1930 s dressed in a flour sack dress She had the. most pleasant face Looking at me smiling she said It is a relief to be old I laughed out loud and remarked. What a delightful and wonderful attitude as she smiled I added but you are not old yet Now her face. brightened like a 1000 watt bulb and she said You have made my day We chatted as we walked along. As our paths parted we said farewells but not before a brief and sincere hug. I spent time reflecting about her comment It is a relief to be old Understand that to me she was not at all. old To me she was appreciative that longevity was in her genes She was content with herself and her. station in life and it was a relief I sensed that I was in the presence of a deeply Christian woman Her. contented face and smiling eyes told me she knew God s love and lived in God s grace and care. As we experience the season of Lent and I continue my faith walk I am slowly understanding that Jesus by. his death on the cross gifted the only relief needed in this world The gifts of grace mercy forgiveness. hope and love are ours if we only trust and have faith What a relief to know that God provides We have. only to believe and accept His gifts This is relief. Christ sacrificed his human form on a cross so that we may know this relief May your Lenten Season be a. heartfelt appreciation of the gifts He gave us in His resurrection To God be the Glory. What a relief to know that God provides We have only to believe and accept His gifts This is relief Christ sacrificed his human form on a cross so that we may know this relief May your Lenten Season be a heartfelt appreciation of the gifts He gave us in His resurrection To God be the Glory Memory Caf Thursday April 27 2017 10 11 30

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