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The SEND Entrprise Fund 2018Toolkit, Gatsby Benchmark www careersandenterprisecompany co uk. Claudia Harris CEO The Careers Enterprise Company,At The Careers Enterprise Company we want. every young person to feel inspired and prepared,for the world of work. The government s new Careers Strategy published in December 2017 and statutory guidance for. school leaders and school staff published in January 2018 set out the plan for building a high quality. careers system that will help all young people to achieve. We know that young people face challenges in finding employment but for the 14 of young people. with special educational needs and disabilities finding a job is even more complicated Many of them. face unique challenges in progressing from school to further learning and the workplace The work. of Sir John Holman and The Gatsby Charitable Foundation provides a blueprint of what good careers. provision looks like, Our practical guide complements this important work and provides clear advice on how all schools. and colleges can help young people with special educational needs and disabilities move into the fast. changing world of work, The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk 3.
THE GATSBY BENCHMARKS,OF GOOD CAREER GUIDANCE, In 2014 Lord Sainsbury s Gatsby Charitable Foundation WHY THE GATSBY BENCHMARKS ARE IMPORTANT. published a report by Professor Sir John Holman,The Gatsby Benchmarks have a key role in. Adviser in Education at the Gatsby Charitable, Foundation titled Good Career Guidance The raising young people s aspirations and promoting. report identified eight benchmarks that are the core access to all career pathways. dimensions of good careers and enterprise provision in. enabling all young people to develop the skills and. outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing, 1 A stable careers programme including adaptability and resilience. 2 Learning from career and labour market information underpinning the Department for Education guidance. 3 Addressing the needs of each pupil to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility. 4 Linking curriculum learning to careers for careers guidance. 5 Encounters with employers and employees,6 Experiences of workplaces.
7 Encounters with further and higher education,8 Personal guidance. Good Career Guidance and further resources can be,downloaded from the Gatsby website. We are so pleased The Careers Enterprise Company has shared this practical guide of good. practice useful tips and resources to better explain the career landscape for young people. with special educational needs and disabilities SEND At Gatsby we believe that every young. person needs high quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future. whatever their needs Following the launch of the ambitious new Careers Strategy from the. Department for Education we look forward to working closely with The Careers Enterprise. Company to set out further good practice in supporting young people with SEND. Sir John Holman,Senior Adviser The Gatsby Foundation. 4 The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk. THE CAREERS AND,ENTERPRISE COMPANY, The Careers Enterprise Company exists to prepare WHO IS THIS FOR. and inspire young people for the fast changing world of. This toolkit has been written so that schools and, work by creating career opportunities and connections.
colleges can better understand the career landscape for. to potential employers,young people with SEND, To do this we established a national network to connect. You can find The Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit for schools. schools and colleges employers and career programme. here A college guide will be produced separately in. providers Through our investment funds we are also. Autumn 2018, able to back proven ideas funding high quality careers. and enterprise activity in areas of need, The Careers Strategy published in December 2017 HOW TO READ THIS TOOLKIT. identifies a broader role for The Careers Enterprise. Each benchmark is broken down into the following key. Company across all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks, and gives us a core role in the implementation of the. strategy What good looks like contains the definition of. the individual benchmark as laid out in The Gatsby. The Careers Enterprise Company will work with,Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance.
the Gatsby Foundation to set out good practice in, supporting young people with SEND and undertake Why this matters outlines why this benchmark should. targeted work with employers to stimulate more be a focus and how it contributes to outstanding. employer engagement that will support young people careers provision. What this means in practice guidance and steps, The Careers Enterprise Company has set up a SEND that schools and colleges can follow to meet the. working group to look more deeply at what effective benchmark. employer engagement looks like for young people with Top tips for schools and colleges actionable tips on. SEND This includes how to start to deliver the benchmark. considering young people s developmental ages when Top tips for employers actionable tips for your. preparing appropriate careers activities in schools employer partners in supporting benchmark delivery. involving parents and carers in transitions between Example resources these are example only and will be. education and employment updated regularly Continue to check online. ensuring more employers are aware of the business,benefits of offering aspirational work experience. supported internships and apprenticeships for young. people with SEND, The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk 5. COMPASS AND TRACKER DIGITAL TOOLS Once the Compass evaluation has been completed. schools can then use Tracker a planning tool designed to. To help schools meet the Gatsby Benchmarks we have. developed the Compass evaluation tool Compass, is a fundamental building block of a stable careers build and manage their annual development plan to.
programme and helps schools to improve benchmark scores. evaluate their careers activity in around 30 minutes easily record events classes and all careers activities. in one place, compare their school to the eight Gatsby Benchmarks. for good careers guidance evaluate completed careers activities. identify strengths and areas for improvement access download and share the careers plan in Word. or Excel format with their Enterprise Coordinator, get relevant online resources to help them improve on. Enterprise Adviser colleagues Leadership Team,their score. Ofsted etc directly from the account We have also, easily share their results with their Enterprise developed a pilot Find an activity provider directory. Coordinator and Adviser along with other colleagues which can help schools find programmes we fund. or their central Academy team if they choose generally focused on employer engagements in. We have also developed a pilot Find an activity provider. directory which can help schools find programmes we. 6 The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk. UNDERSTANDING SEND,IN MORE DEPTH, The Department for Education SEND Code of Practice There are 1 5 million young people with special needs.
2015 defines special educational needs SEN as in England 1 3 million in mainstream schools and over. 100 000 young people aged 13 18 in special schools. A child or young person has SEN if they have a learning. The narrative is more complex for young people with. difficulty or disability which calls for special educational. provision to be made for him or her A child of, compulsory school age or a young person has a learning According to a Mencap study from 2017. difficulty or disability if he or she has a significantly. just 6 of people with learning disabilities are in. greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others. employment despite 60 wanting to and being able, of the same age or has a disability which prevents or. to be in work,hinders him or her from making use of educational. facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the a job is an opportunity for independence and to forge. same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post 16 friendships. institutions,Many children and young people who have SEND may. have a disability under the Equality Act 2010 which is. defined as a physical or mental impairment which has a. long term and substantial adverse effect on their ability. to carry out normal day to day activities, Many young people with SEND face multiple challenges.
and barriers throughout their education experience. Broad SEND groupings can be defined as,communication and interaction speech language and. communication needs autistic spectrum disorder, cognition and learning specific learning difficulty. moderate or severe learning difficulty or profound. and multiple learning difficulty,social emotional and mental health SEMH. difficulties behaviour sensory and or physical needs. including visual impairment VI hearing impairment, HI multi sensory impairment and physical disability. The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk 7. ACADEMIC AND CAREER OUTCOMES FOR YOUNG Young people with SEND are less likely to take exams. PEOPLE WITH SEND that employers recognise such as GCSEs They. also have higher rates of unemployment than other, The Department for Education SEND Code of Practice.
students Many young people with SEND would benefit. 2015 says it is important that young people start to. from additional career support such as supported, think about their aspirations as early as possible and. internships apprenticeships and employment extended. that from year 9 at the latest there is help to start. workplace interviews and supported enterprise, planning for a successful transition to adulthood This. activities and volunteering With the right support and. includes setting stretching and ambitious outcomes. encouragement many of these students can access the. exploring further education or training that will, broad range of career outcomes available to their peers. enable young people to secure paid work and other, including apprenticeships employer training schemes. opportunities for a positive adult life For students with. university or employment, more complex needs a coordinated assessment process.
or education health and care plan EHCP which can, continue up to the age of 25 can help set out goals and. support needs in relation to,moving into paid employment and higher education. independent living, having friends and relationships and being part of the. being as healthy as possible, 8 The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk. GATSBY BENCHMARK 1,A stable careers programme, WHAT GOOD LOOKS LIKE The curriculum and the way it is delivered need to be flexibly.
tailored for each student,Every school and college should have an embedded. programme of careers education and guidance that is known The process of developing and implementing a careers. and understood by students parents teachers governors strategy and programme is the same for all schools and is of. and employers value to all young people Special schools need to develop. a programme that is relevant to their students whilst. Every school and college should have a stable structured mainstream schools should ensure that their programmes. careers programme that has the explicit backing of the are suitable for all of their learners including those with. senior management team and an appropriately trained SEND. person responsible for it, In order to comply with the SEND Code of Practice 2015 a. The careers programme should be published on the school s school s SEND information report must include information. website so students parents teachers and employers can about arrangements for supporting children and young. access and understand it people in moving between phases of education and in. The programme should be regularly evaluated with preparing for adulthood As young people prepare for. feedback from students parents teachers and employers as adulthood outcomes should reflect their ambitions which. part of the evaluation process could include higher education employment independent. living and participation in society, Research shows that schools can create more positive. career outcomes by starting career development early and. WHAT THIS MEANS IN PRACTICE, continuing throughout school and further education Key. The aims of careers provision are the same for all young elements of this include facilitating family involvement. people independent living and working choice hope and providing support for young people s transitions to. and optimism adaptability and resilience access to and the workplace In some cases it may be helpful to continue. engagement in decent work in all its forms personal gift support following the transition to the workplace. and paid work opportunities to learn and make progress Schools and colleges should seek to help young people. and the pursuit of wellbeing and happiness Where the with SEND to aspire to a wide range of destinations and to. differences lie for young people with SEND is in how they realise these aspirations Providing students with taster. need to learn their priorities within that learning how opportunities work experience mentoring enterprise. The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit www careersandenterprisecompany co uk 55 COMPASS AND TRACKER DIGITAL TOOLS To help schools meet the Gatsby Benchmarks we have developed the Compass evaluation tool Compass is a fundamental building block of a stable careers programme and helps schools to evaluate their careers activity in around 30 minutes

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