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which further muddy the waters including an image depicting of King Nebuchadnezzar s dream and. the Seventy Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9, The fact remains the increasingly popular view known as dispensationalism stands on a foundation of. speculation not on the clear teaching of the Bible While claiming to interpret the Bible literally propo. nents of the dispensational paradigm are required to selectively interpret Holy Scripture As literal. when certain phrases or verses are supportive of the system and then when figurative spiritualizing. interpretations best serve the scheme a literal interpretation is shall we say left behind at least mo. mentarily Dispensationalists hardly agree among themselves variations on the theme are virtually end. less Despite inside the camp incompatibility on certain important features dispensational premillen. nialism has still managed to in many cases and in many places become the most necessary test of fel. lowship Some churches define their very existence by this debatable set of doctrines Anyone who. dares to disagree with their views on eschatology is often regarded as a poor student of Scrip. ture While possibly regarded as a fellow saint in dispensationalist circles the principled non dispensa. tionalist is often regarded as one who handles the precious Word of God deceitfully liberally or incom. Our Approach to This Matter, Setting straw men ablaze may be a delight from time to time since almost everyone likes a harmless. bonfire at someone else s expense But to the degree possible let us approach this matter so as to get. some profit to our souls By advancing the truth of God s Word we shall defeat error and the untruth. which might otherwise plague our thinking and make us dull Let us be willing to learn and to become. ever sharper instruments in God s hand We must not cling to untruth for even one second after we. learn better Holding error after we learn truth is like striking our blade into the dirt over and again. the more we do this the duller we become We must determine something better for our souls Let us. go on the offensive to glorify God buying the truth and selling it not laying hold on God s truth at all. costs refusing to part with it at any price,Does the Bible Teach A Secret Rapture. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and. with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first Then we which are alive and remain shall. be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with. the Lord 1Thessalonians 4 16 17 KJV, Some suggest that the event described by these words is a secret rapture a catching away in which on. ly believers are resurrected with the rest of surviving humanity left to face tribulation and great tribula. tion Several years later it is taught that Jesus will actually come again in the promised Second Com. ing During the interval between stage one and stage two of the Second Coming the secretly raptured. church would be with Jesus in heaven where they would undergo judgment etc It is often pointed out. that this portion of Scripture does not mention the unbelieving or Christ actually setting His feet on the. earth It is therefore said that this could not be the second coming of Christ in His glory for at His sec. ond coming Jesus will come to the earth setting His feet on earth Sound interesting Is the point of. distinction valid or merely imaginative Is it true Is this a fair treatment of this passage Does the pas. sage intend to say anything about a stealthy quiet coming of Jesus Look again at the passage. In order to inform the Thessalonian believers Paul set forth this teaching the dead in Christ shall rise. first then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up with them It is apparent that some be. lievers were uninformed as to the future state of the believing dead What would become of those who. had trusted Christ but who had died prior to Jesus second coming It is clear from the tenor of Paul s. words that some had begun to mourn the loss of their brethren to death Their mourning may have been. with an overwhelming grief like the grieving of those who bury their dead with no hope of ever seeing. them again, Paul s purpose in writing was to comfort strengthen the Lord s people concerning their dead and dying.
brethren There is no mention of the unbelieving since Paul was writing to living believers about their. fellow believers who had fallen asleep in Jesus This portion speaks of Christ s coming from a Chris. tian s point of view and what Jesus Second Coming will mean to believers whether physically living. or dead Paul wrote as an apostle to establish a basis in revealed truth for the Christian s comfort Now. that these words have been transmitted to us no gospel believing person has right or reason to grieve. over their dead loved ones who have trusted Jesus as the hopeless world grieves over its dead When. we grieve over a brother or sister who has died our grief is greatly eased by our certain hope of future. resurrection at the Second Coming of our Lord We shall meet again when Christ gathers all of His peo. ple unto Himself at His appearing, The concept of a secret rapture is not well founded upon Holy Scripture Legend has it that this whole. idea sprang from a British woman s dream a vision which was considered to bear the authority of in. spired revelation might this be an early precursor of the modern charismatic movement The secret. coming vision was regarded by Minister Edward Irving then was more fully developed by John Nelson. Darby of the Plymouth Brethren and later by the American C I Scofield Dispensationalists often ap. peal to this Thessalonians passage to advance the secret rapture theory but the passage is not very co. operative with their purpose, There is nothing secret about the parousia the presence appearing coming of Christ described here. Look closely and you will see for yourself If we hoped to keep something as a secret why would we. go shouting speaking with a loud voice and blowing a trumpet Well these are the very things Paul. associates with Christ s Parousia the coming of the Lord described in I Thessalonians 4 15 17 For. the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the. trump of God May we reasonably imagine that this Savior s shout archangel voice and God s trum. pet will be heard only by Christians To make the passage say that would be to import something into. the text which is simply not present The Apostle indicates that Christ s parousia will be no secret any. thing it will be attended by shout angel voice and trumpet Despite what we may not know we may. be assured that the Parousia will be a noisy event incapable of being ignored by the entire world ac. cording to this passage, No secret rapture is taught here or elsewhere in Scripture This passage speaks of Christ s Second Com. ing and what it will mean for God s believing people living and dead When will it take place When. do we who are believers expect to be raised unto glory What will occur in earthly history after this. Second Coming this parousia of Jesus These good questions are met with simple answers if only we. can believe the words of our Lord Jesus Christ on the subject Look to the Gospel according to John. A Mathematician s Dream Come True, Math problems are sometimes hard to solve Add this divide that take the square root of something. multiply by fourteen and a half and then enjoy a slice of pi But some equations are so simple Two. plus two equals four As good Bible students we can add two plus two Sometimes we must realize that. the Lord has given us the answer in the Book no calculator needed This is one of those times. In His teaching Jesus told believers when to expect to be raised up in glory Here is the mathematical. portion of this study, And this is the Father s will which hath sent me that of all which he hath given me I should lose noth.
ing but should raise it up again at the last day And this is the will of him that sent me that every one. which seeth the Son and believeth on him may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last. day John 6 39 40 KJV, This is an important passage for those who profess to interpret the Bible literally Jesus promised to. raise up the entire body of the saved at the last day Now the question to be answered is this how. many days will follow the last day If our resurrection to be with Jesus occurs at the last day then. where is there room to squeeze in seven years of this and then another thousand years of that after. wards Now some tell us that Jesus words at the last day really mean something other than at the. last day as if He was speaking in religious code It is common to hear dispensationalists say that. phrases like the day of the Lord and the day of Christ and the coming of the Lord all refer to. different times and seasons But not so All those references speak of one and the same event the Sec. ond Coming of the Lord Jesus which He promised would occur at the last day. Over and again Jesus promised to raise up believers at the last day So how is it that some tell us. that only a certain segment of God s people will be raised up a good while prior to the last day Jesus. declared that He will raise up all who believe in Him at the last day We should believe His words. since He speaks truth and simplicity to our minds, The day when Jesus comes again will be the last day of earthly history as we have come to know it. That day will be followed only by an endless eternity the new heavens and the redeemed earth Tribu. lation and suffering will be past the last enemy will have been defeated and every elect sinner will. have been effectually called into saving union with God through Jesus Christ That Resurrection Day. will announce the Final Judgment of all mankind Please consider Jesus words from John 5. Two Resurrections Let s Talk About This, Indeed there are two resurrections in the context of John 5 But it is not as some have suggested It is. not one resurrection of the saved and another separate resurrection of the wicked It is not one judg. ment seat of Christ and another separate great white throne judgment Those designations refer to one. and the same judgment from differing perspectives emphasizing different specifics relating to differ. ent classes the saved and the wicked, Verily verily I say unto you He that heareth my word and believeth on him that sent me hath ever. lasting life and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life Verily verily I. say unto you The hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God. and they that hear shall live John 5 24 25, This first resurrection here mentioned is a spiritual resurrection of those who are spiritually dead unto.
eternal life through faith in the Lord Jesus The new birth the birth from above regeneration by the. Spirit is a real and genuine resurrection a resurrection of a spiritually dead sinner to spiritual and eter. nal life in Christ This is the first of two resurrections in the broader passage One down one to go. Now remember that Jesus is asserting His co equal authority with the Father to give life to the dead as. He pleases, Jesus then spoke of another resurrection which was future from the time when He was speaking He re. ferred to an hour when all who were dead would be summoned to come before Him Whereas the. hour mentioned before clearly referred to a very lengthy era which had already begun an era during. which many sinners would be saved one by one much like we might speak of the hour coming when. computers are used in almost every aspect of life and we would further say that that hour has already. come By this we mean that something is a present reality Jesus indicated that the reality of spiritually. dead sinners being raised to eternal life through the power of God was already a reality to be grasped. He would essentially say The time of this happening is now But this next use of the word hour in. the John 5 passage announces something which will when that hour arrives involve all who are in the. graves both the righteous and the wicked This latter hour will obviously not be centuries long but. will when it commences immediately involve all who have died whether saved or unconverted Note. the words of Jesus as He announces a coming general resurrection of all who are in the graves. Marvel not at this for the hour is coming in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. And shall come forth they that have done good unto the resurrection of life and they that have done. evil unto the resurrection of damnation John 5 28 29. This hour of which Jesus spoke is one hour essentially one time when all that are in the graves shall. hear His voice The all of this verse clearly includes the righteous and the unrighteous the saved and. the unsaved What is described here is a general resurrection in which all mankind will be raised and. summoned to Judgment when that hour arrives Distinctions are here made between the righteous and. the wicked with the righteous enjoying life eternal the wicked facing everlasting condemnation And. please take note that all of this is to occur at once when that particular hour arrives. The concept of exclusive resurrections first of the saved and then of the wicked or vice versa is sim. ply not taught in the Bible The Day of Resurrection is biblically connected with the Day of Judgment. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ The Rapture and Revelation One And The Same By Timothy Adkins About the author Timothy S Adkins is a Reformed Baptist pastor His website is www hopefulto day org Article posted with permission by Theologue Jesus is Coming Again The belief that the once crucified and now resurrected Jesus is coming again is essential to the Christi an faith The inspired

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