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In celebration of His Majesty the King s 88th Birthday Anniversary. on 5 December 2015 a wide array of events are being organized by the. government and the people across the nation, As part of this grand occasion the Ministry of Culture is. hosting a series of Khon performances by the Royally Supported Khon. Troupe within the compound of the Dusit Palace in Bangkok from 11 to. 13 December 2015, Khon is a genre of Thai classical dance drama and a complex. art form that embodies the knowledge understanding and interpretation. of many interrelated arts It is a unique cultural heritage that had been. practiced and transmitted through the successive courts during the long. Ayuthaya period until Rattanakosin Era, O n this important celebratory occasion of H M the King s 88th. B irthday Anniversary the Ministry of Culture has published a booklet. entitled The Royal Khon Performance to Celebrate H M the King s 88th. Birthday Anniversary The purpose of this booklet is to provide an adequate. background a synopsis and a brief history of the major characters in. order to promote the audience s appreciation of each episode presented. I sincerely hope that this booklet will serve to promote the. audience s better enjoyment of the performance of this classical dramatic. art May I also venture to hope that it will enable you to share with us the. love for Khon and our pride in this national cultural heritage. Vira Rojpojchanarat,Minister of Culture,Chairman of the Royal Khon in Celebration of. H M the King s 88th Birthday Anniversary Committee. Foreword 5,Synopsis of Ramakien 8,The Royal Khon in Celebration 14.
Act I Vishnu Subduing Nonthuk 16,The Origin of Thotsakan. Act II The Abduction of Sita by Thotsakan 18,Hanuman pledged his troops to. the service of Phra Ram,The Demon Deception and Son of Va yu. Lord of the Wind pledged alliance to Phra Ram,Act III The Road Reclamation Project 20. The Ocean Crossing of Phra Ram,The construction of a road and.
Phra Ram with his troops march to rescue Sita,Act IV The March to Battle 22. The Great Battle between Phra Ram,and Thotsakan,Act V The Return of Phra Ram to the City 22. Phra Ram return to the city and,The accession to the throne. The Lineage of Vishnu 25,The Monkey Clan 32,The Demon Clan of Longka 44. Useful Information prior to Khon Performance 54, The Tribute of Paying Homage to the Khon Master 60.
The Music Composed in the Performance 66,The Categories of Khon 74. 8 The Royal Khon in Celebration,Synopsis of Ramakien. Ramakien is defined as the,H onor of Phra Ram Since ancient. times the Indian people have believed,t hat Rama or Phra Ram is one of the. incarnations of Vishnu The story of Phra,Ram is an old tale told even before the.
era of Buddhism It was made popular,in India by the great rishi poet Valmiki. who wrote the epic of the Ramayana,based on the original story The Ramayana story. became so well known that it extended to the region of S outheast Asia. namely in Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar Laos Cambodia and Thailand As. they became aware of the story of Phra Ram each took into account their. own native literature and the story and characters were adapted to the belief. culture and the characteristics of each locality As a consequence the story. of Ramakien in each country has great variance from the original version of. Valmiki s Ramayana epic,Vishnu Subduing Nonthuk Nonthuk. The story of Phra Ram became an inspiration to much of Thai literature. was renamed the Ramakien and was in evidence since the Ayutthaya period. There are as many as ten versions of the Ramayana such as the Narrative of. Ramakien many versions of the Ramakien scripts the Poem on Ramakien. and many lyrics and narratives written by King Rama VI etc Some versions. were of selective parts while many were on the whole story. In the example of the script of Ramakien written by King Rama I the. story begins when a demon named Hiran Yaksa set out to practice asceticism. and prayed for a blessing from Ishvara on top of the mountain of the universe. After receiving his blessing Hiran Yaksa became a rebel and tried to destroy. the universe by rolling over the land of three continents on earth and was. ready to take further destructive actions Due to this situation the God Vishnu. had to incarnate himself into a wild pig Varaha who overcame Hiran Yaksa. In another part of the story Ishvara ordered Indra to construct the. kingdom of Ayodhya for the descendants of Vishnu and Thao Sahabodi Brahma. to build the kingdom of Longka for the Brahman lineage In the meantime. on the celestial dwelling there was a demon named Nonthuk who was given. the duty to be the one to wash the feet of every angel who regularly came to. have audience with Ishvara But Nonthuk was always abused by these angels. So upset from their behavior he appealed to Ishvara and requested from the. God for a magical diamond finger whose pointing can send death Upon being. granted the magic finger Nonthuk wickedly used it to kill a great number of. angels Again Vishnu had to disguise himself into a beautiful angel to entice. subdue Nonthuk Before Nonthuk died Vishnu put a curse on him to be reborn. as a demon with ten faces and twenty arms Thus Nonthuk was reborn as. Thotsakan and Vishnu at the same time incarnated himself as Phra Ram. the son of Thao Thotsarot of Ayodhya,10 The Royal Khon in Celebration. The story goes on to tell about the original characters in the Ramakien. Thotsakan s siblings Kumphakan and Phiphek the clan of monkeys including. Phali Sukhrip and Hanuman and then introduces the royal family of Ayodhya. Phra Ram Phra Phrot Phra Lak or Lakshman and Phra Sattarut As for Sita. she was the incarnation of the Goddess Lakshmi born as the daughter of. Thotsakan and Nang Montho However when an astrologer predicted she was. to be a child of misfortune she was put in a vessel to be floated along a river. She was found by Thao Chanok who raised her as his own child When she. reached adolescence her stepfather arranged a social event for the selection. of a groom Phra Ram won the competition by lifting the great arrow Maha. Thanu Moli and they entered into marriage shortly afterwards. Following that period Phra Ram s father Thao Thotsarot intended to. descend from kingship and bequeathed the throne to Phra Ram However. K aiyakesi one of his wives demanded that he had promised to give the. throne to her son Phra Phrot instead As a consequence Phra Ram had to. flee the city to live an ascetic life for 14 years accompanied by his wife Sita. and Lakshman one of the brothers On the journey a sister of Thotsakan. Sammanakkha saw him and fell for him She instigated the alluring idea that. Thotsakan abduct Sita to be one of his consorts Charmed by the proposition. Thotsakan ordered Maris to disguise himself as a golden deer and dazzled. Sita When Sita saw the beautiful deer she begged Phra Ram to follow him. and catch the deer for her Nevertheless she became worried on the safety. of Phra Ram and asked Lakshman to follow him if he needed assistance This. gave Thotsakan a great chance to come to Sita and abduct her then take her. back to his garden in Longka, After the two brothers killed the disguised deer and came back they.
saw that Sita was missing and went searching for her Along the path they. learned from Sadayu the Bird King that she had been abducted and taken. to Longka by Thotsakan When Phra Ram gained allegiance from the monkey. troops of Hanuman and Sukhrip he prepared to march on Longka On the. other side Thotsakan began having bad dreams when he consulted his brother. Phiphek about them Phiphek related the dream foretold that he should return. Sita to Phra Ram The suggestion made Thotsakan angry and as a result he. chased Phiphek out of the city Phiphek afterwards turned sides and pledged. his loyalty to Phra Ram and soon became the astrologer of the army. 12 The Royal Khon in Celebration,The March to battle of Thotsakan s troops. Back to Thotsakan he sent his niece Benyakai disguised as the. deceased Sita whose corpse was floated along the water to deceive Phra. Ram But she was exposed by Hanuman in a trial by fire such that she could. no longer pretend to be stiff and she fled the scene but later was caught by. Hanuman After that Phra Ram ordered Hanuman to take her back to Longka. and he followed with his army crossing on the reclaimed road over the ocean. to help Sita On the way Phra Ram was captured and taken to the bottom. of the ocean by the demon Maiyarap who had drugged the army troops to. sleep Hanuman came to his rescue and killed Maiyarap before bringing Phra. Ram to his camp On the first battle Thotsakan sent Kumphakan as the leader. to enter in combat with Sukhrip on the second battle his opponent was Phra. Lak in the third battle Kumphakan dammed up the water with the hope that. the monkey troops would suffer and die of thirst The plan was destroyed by. Hanuman and this time Kumphakan was finally killed by the arrow of Phra. Ram In his sorrow Thotsakan became full of rage,Indrachita the son of Thotsakan volun. teered to fight and was involved in many battles,such as in the Brahmastra Battle and the Naga. bas Battle He was finally killed by the Brahmastra. arrow of Lakshman,Throughout this time of great battles. Phra Ram and Phra Lakshman had engaged,in many combats with Thotsakan and his clans.
until finally Thotsakan was killed by the arrow of. Phra Ram Phiphek was conferred the title of,King of Longka by Phra Ram to reward him for. his allegiance throughout the battle Phra Ram, himself returned to Ayodhya in victory Benyakai Hanuman. 14 The Royal Khon in Celebration,The Royal KHON,On the Celebration of the 88th. Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty the King,on 5 December 2015. of the Grand Open Air Khon Performance in Honor,of His Majesty the King.
Based on the Epic of The Ramakien in the episode of. The Miraculous Incarnation of Vishnu as a Human on Earth. Act I Vishnu subduing Nonthuk,The Origin of Thotsakan. Act II The Abduction of Sita by Thotsakan, Hanuman pledged his troops to the service of Phra Ram. The Demon Deception and Son of Va yu Lord of the Wind who. pledged allegiance to Phra Ram, Act III The Road Reclamation Project The Ocean Crossing of Phra Ram. The Construction of a Road and Phra Ram with his troops. march to rescue Sita,Act IV The March to Battle,The Great Battle between Phra Ram and Thotsakan. Act V The Return of Phra Ram to the City,Phra Ram returns and his accession to the throne.
Synopsis of Ramakien 8 The Royal Khon in Celebration 14 Act I Vishnu Subduing Nonthuk 16 The Origin of Thotsakan Act II The Abduction of Sita by Thotsakan 18 Hanuman pledged his troops to the service of Phra Ram The Demon Deception and Son of Va yu Lord of the Wind pledged alliance to Phra Ram Act III The Road Reclamation Project 20 The Ocean Crossing of Phra Ram The

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