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TABLE OF CONTENTS,REMINGTON 1100 AN INTRODUCTION 3. BARREL INFO 5,WHEN WAS YOUR 1100 MADE 8,THE MAG TUBE 9. MAINTENANCE TROUBLE SHOOTING 11,STOCK REMOVAL 15,SPARE PARTS 16. SCHEMATIC DRAWING 18,MODEL 1100 PARTS LIST 18,DISASSEMBLY REMINGTON 1100 1187 20. Rem 1100 Notes Rev with Pix of Disassembly doc 01 21 06 Page 2. REMINGTON 1100 AN INTRODUCTION, The Remington 1100 shotgun was introduced in 1965 as a 12 gauge semi automatic Since that.
introduction the 1100 has been manufactured in many different gauges and configurations It is used. for trapshooting and skeet as well as relied on by many hunters Its relatively light weight feeding. reliability and light recoil make it a very popular shotgun In fact more than 6 000 000 have been made. After a lengthy layoff I resumed shooting trap about 3 years ago and began doing so with my 1975. 1100 In seeking out some information about the 1100 I found Trapshooter Com TS. What follows is a compilation of email messages that have been posted on the website TS relating to the. Remington 1100 shotgun I saved these messages because I own and shoot an 1100 and I wanted to. have a record of the information that I was reading on TS. If you read this and find that your name is nowhere to be found on your email message do not take. personal offense In some cases I saved all the information names dates email addresses etc relating. to the original query and the replies In other cases I simply did a cut and paste and saved the info as it. accumulated Solid horizontal lines are there to separate messages and pertinent replies from other. messages Also where possible after a message question I have denoted the answer s by inserting. Reply Multiple replies are grouped together but each reply is separated by a series of dashes. I have also put in some graphics where I thought they might be helpful. Until recently I had planned to keep this information only for myself but recently decided to reformat. and organize the information I have and make it available to anyone who wants it I did this for a couple. of reasons First there have been a lot of questions about the 1100 recently on TS Second due to the. recent interruption at TS we lost our archives I take full responsibility for the format and content of these. messages Please note that this is not intended to represent all of the messages regarding the 1100 It is. merely those that I regarded as important to me at the time As time permits the author may add to this. Input from readers is welcome, A special tip of our collective trapshooting hats should go to Steve Loban SteveL in CT for his. immeasurable assistance in helping to edit and proof this document. Gene Batchelar Wheaton IL,ATA Member,NRA Member,A comment from Steve Loban SteveL CT. Some people have asked me to start my own unofficial Remington 1100 website but I doubt I will. any time soon being too busy with my day job and all to maintain it but it is a good idea Perhaps. someone else out there can it would be a great idea to have pictures close up of the parts with arrows. pointing to where they break and how along with tips and instructions of how to repair and clean etc. Include a lot of stuff the New Remington won t tell you about how to keep the 1100 s in top flight. Rem 1100 Notes Rev with Pix of Disassembly doc 01 21 06 Page 3. MODEL INFO, A like new shot very little 1100 Tournament with the good barrel What do you mean good. barrel I have 2 1100 s and somewhere along the line I must have missed a discussion about barrels. Please enlighten me, BTW what s a Tournament grade 1100 I have a Classic Trap with chokes made in 1999 and a plain. old fixed full choke 1100 I bought in 1975, The Tournament grade was the best production grade in which the 1100 target guns were made They.
were comparable to the 870TC cut checkering and very nice Monte Carlo wood The next grade up. came from the Custom Shop I bought mine new in 1979 I believe They made Tournament Trap and. Tournament Skeet models and the receivers were marked TRAP T and SKEET T on the right side. below the ejection port I learned from Steve Loban SteveL CT that the part number 9612 barrel was. the best ever fitted to the 1100 They are 30 inchers with fixed full chokes and the higher step profile. As Steve will quickly tell you these old girls are far superior to the 11 87 Trap or the new 1100. Classic I ve had several people from TS COM try to buy mine and have turned down as much as 600. for it I figure if the new gun is 750 and isn t as good then mine should be worth that same amount. What is the difference in field magnum and trap 1100s I know the barrel and stock are different on. the trap models I am sure the difference is in the working mechanism and receivers but I don t know the. detailed difference,Some differences between models are the following. Magnum 1 4 longer receiver barrel has single large orifice gas port and will only cycle 3 and the. heaviest of the 2 3 4 field loads The good news is you can put a 2 3 4 barrel on it for trap or skeet. The bolt body buffer has a black plastic disk as do the bonafide trap models instead of a white disk. This is not as important as it seems Changing the spring in the stock is in order to prevent receiver. bashing Also some of the gas piston parts on the Magnum are heavier replace these with standard. ones along with a 2 3 4 barrel if you re going to shoot targets. No difference exists between Trap receivers and field receivers other than the word Trap appearing. between the trigger pins on the lower right hand side of the receiver. That s why receivers are no big deal at 6 000 000 made Whereas trap barrels are. If a magazine tube separates from a receiver the receiver is probably really worn down inside anyway. rails will be thin etc Just get a new receiver or even an old field gun that hasn t been shot very much the. receiver will be in better shape mechanically than a gleaming well oiled trap receiver that has 150 000. 200 000 rounds through it Put your wood and barrel back on and you re back in business. Rem 1100 Notes Rev with Pix of Disassembly doc 01 21 06 Page 4. BARREL INFO, I m trying to determine how to tell if a Remington 1100 or 870 barrel is one of the good barrels you. talk about I see reference to barrels made in the 60s to early 80s I see reference to high ribs I see. reference to part 9612 for the 1100 As I look at 2 barrels I have I see no part numbers or dates One. is an 1100 barrel I bought in 1973 4 with fixed full choke The other is an 870 barrel on an All. American Trap I just bought it too is fixed full choke. A fellow at our club is cleaning out his basement and has a couple of 1100 barrels fixed choke one. skeet one full They may be the good barrels but I can t tell I guess my question is this How the heck. can I tell if these are the good barrels you and others rave about Are there markings I m not picking up. somewhere If I m treading on trade secret info here tell me and I ll keep quiet but I really would like to. know what to look for Also what s a fair price for one of these good barrels. There aren t any specific markings per se All the fixed choked barrels were good. 9612 refers to an obsolete part number from the Remington catalogs of the early 1980s for the Remington. 1100 30 fixed full trap It has the step rib and target beads. 9614 was the same barrel in modified choke and is less frequently found. 9526 was the older 1100 30 fixed full trap from the late 1960s It has a field styled vent rib with target. beads Shoots just as well in my opinion The 9526s had a rather pronounced stress relief cut where the. top of the barrel extension adjoins the rear of the chamber The 9612s have a less prominent stress relief. cut obviously a slight cost cutting measure for ease of production. 4462 is the 30 1100 backbored barrel with a 740 bore using the trap full super full and extra full. tubes These were made from the late 80s early 90s until very recently. They have since returned to a standard bore dimension 727 nominal on the Classic 1100 s and. 870s using corresponding tubes These newest barrels are actually light contour field barrels with target. beads and are the junkiest barrels I ve ever seen Remington produce When using such a barrel on an. 1100 you will need a corresponding forend and an 11 87 bolt since these barrels have the wider 11 87. extractor recess, I saw a Remington 1100 barrel this week that doesn t fit the descriptions of 1100 barrels I ve seen. It s a 30 fixed full choke barrel that at first looks like a trap barrel However on closer examination the. rib is a little lower than the trap barrel I have and it has no middle bead and no evidence there ever was. one Also the front bead is metal not white plastic Any ideas the vintage of this Do you think it s a. trap barrel even though it has no middle bead, Sounds like a field barrel If it hasn t got any step about 3 down the rib it isn t a trap barrel There were. some trap barrels WITHOUT a step rib however These were the 9526 barrels of the 1960s I shoot. one They were 30 fixed full with a rib profile identical to the field guns but with the target beads A. Rem 1100 Notes Rev with Pix of Disassembly doc 01 21 06 Page 5. good field barrel can be just as good as the trap barrels Mine shoots just a tad higher than most which. makes up for the low rib, A friend just bought an 1100 trap and it shoots 15 low and slightly left at 40 yards What do you.
suggest he do to get it to shoot at least 50 50, If you re referring to a recent 1100 the Classic Trap many of them have this problem Mine did. Most Remington s do shoot somewhat low but not that much Former Remington people have told me. since they ve gone to choke tubes many of the barrels don t shoot straight anymore I agree I had one. too I couldn t hit a barn with it, That s why I am so diligent about care for the older barrels If you have a newer barrel that shoots. straight fine but if not it s a real hassle, Your friend really needs to send the barrel in It ll be a hassle but that s ridiculous My negative regards. to tubed barrels started with an 11 87 the year they came out I haven t had much use for them since in. Your friend should try the Remington website Customer service section I bought a trap barrel from. Gander Mountain back when they were a mail order company maybe two years ago The choke tube was. off center I notified Remington via e mail and they exchanged it for a new one that shot well They said. if I was not happy with that barrel send it back, I must be lucky I ve got a 30 full choke fixed with two target beads and vent rib low profile I also have a. fixed mod stepped rib with target beads Funny the full barrel shoots higher than the stepped rib barrel. In 1974 I bought an 1100 field grade although happily it has a fixed choke low ribbed barrel that is. choked full I ve shot game with it and also have used it for trap a few times About 8 months ago I. bought a new 1100 Classic Trap with a choke tubed barrel from a fellow at our club who won it at a. shoot In order to use it as a backup gun I decided to have Wenig make a semi custom stock for me at. the Grand I just received the gun back from them and am pleased with their work I shot the gun today. and planned to try both barrels just to see if there was a difference. Here s the hitch you may be able to explain to me The fixed choke barrel slips onto the gun just fine. BUT the forend from the Classic Trap model does not slide down all the way I think it is hanging up on. the large ring that slides over the magazine tube I thought all 1100 barrels would be interchangeable. Any ideas what s going on here, You need to replace the Classic Trap forend with a forend from an older standard 1100 to work with.
the old barrel The Classic Trap uses what s called a Target Contour barrel This is really a light. Rem 1100 Notes Rev with Pix of Disassembly doc 01 21 06 Page 6. contour field barrel with target beads on it Because it is skinnier the section of the forend where it beds. is contoured to fit only a light contour profile, Also the Classic Trap is actually an 1100 11 87 hybrid using an 11 87 bolt with the thicker 11 87. extractor It s possible the extractor notch on your particular barrel was widened to accommodate an 11. 87 extractor or some were just made a bit more generous to allow it to slip into place just right When I. owned a Classic Trap I found it necessary to not only change the forend to work with an older barrel but. also had to replace the bolt with a true 1100 bolt with the slimmer 870 extractor for it to work. That reminds me When ordering extractors for the 1100 order the 870 extractor Remington service. reps on the phone might tell you that 11 87 1100 extractors are the same they are NOT The reason. they say this is because the new 1100 s are using 11 87 bolts and hence extractors There isn t any. way an 1100 bolt will accept an 11 87 extractor I d also recommend buying a bunch because who. knows when they will give the 870 the 11 87 extractor treatment in order to save the fuss of inventorying. two parts Of course the 11 87 extractors can be turned down 30 1000ths but this is a pain. On the bolt handle side there is some scroll engraving above the slit On the other side of the receiver the. serial is between the two trigger assembly pins It has a 28 barrel with no serial on it to match with. the receiver It s modified choke The guy wants 450 for it Is it worth it Wood and blueing are 95. The Remington 1100 shotgun was introduced in 1965 as a 12 gauge semi automatic Since that introduction the 1100 has been manufactured in many different gauges and configurations It is used for trapshooting and skeet as well as relied on by many hunters Its relatively light weight feeding reliability and light recoil make it a very popular shotgun In fact more than 6 000 000 have

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