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referred to directly,Literature Selection within the unit. The Umbrella by Jan Brett,Rain Forests by Nancy Smiler Levinson. At Home in the Rain Forest by Diane Willow, The Rain forest Grew All Around by Susan K Mitchell. Rain Forest Gardens of Greens by Laura Purdie Salas. Who Eats Who in the Rainforest by Robert Snedden,Saving the Rainforests by Sally Morgan. The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry,A Walk in the Rainforest by Kristin Joy Pratt.
Rainforest Animals by Paul Hess, Over in the Jungle A Rainforest Rhyme by Marianne Berkes. Andrew Lost in the Jungle by J C Greenburg, The Jungle Book by Lisa Church retold from the Rudyard Kipling. One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest by Jean Craighead George. Literature Selection cont,Wild Amazon by Lisa Ryan Herndon. Rainforests by Helen Cowcher,Discover the Rainforest by Lynne Baptista. Fading Forests The Destruction of our Forests by August Greeley. The Most Beautiful Roof in the World Exploring the Rainforest Canopy by. Kathryn Lasky and Christopher Knight,Amazing Animals of the Rainforest by Tracey West.
Breakfast in the Rainforest A Visit with Mountain Gorillas by Richard. Eyewitness Jungle by Theresa Greenaway includes Clip Art CD. Journey into the Rainforest by Time Knight, Rain Forest Nature Search A hands on guide for nature sleuths by. Consultants Dr Paul Sterry Dr Michal H Robinson,Teacher Resources. Emerald Realm Earth s Precious Rainforest R Fisher. Nature s Green Umbrella Gail Gibbons, Diversity and the Tropical Rainforest John Terbough. Life in the Rainforest Primary Science Resource Guide Milliken Publishing. Theme Study,Students will have the opportunity to explore. the rainforest in this thematic unit The unit,integrates reading and writing of language arts.
with science mathematics social studies,music art and physical education. Students will develop an understanding of the,rainforest its four layers vegetation animals. inhabitants and weather climate,Language Arts Reading Activities. Students will read the article Layers of the Rain, Students will read one of the novels listed in the. Literature Selection and participate in reading,and writing workshops.
Students will read selected pieces from their,Writer s Notebooks to the class. Students will read a variety of books listed under. Literature Selection to use for research and,guiding all curriculum projects. Students will read words off the Rainforest Word,Language Arts Writing Activities. Students will add rainforest vocabulary words to the Word. Wall canopy leaf litter epiphytes emergent layer understudy lianas camouflage Rain. Forest animal names etc, Students will fill in a Venn Diagram using clues from the. Layers of the Rain Forest article, Students will write a research report on a rainforest animal.
including an illustration of the animal written description of physical. characteristics behavior adaptive features habitat diet etc. Students will write different types of poems about the. rainforest like rhymed verse haikus limericks and concrete. poems use the book Rainforest Animals by Paul Hess for. poems about animals, Students will write in journals using different styles of. journal writing, Students will write various entries in their Writer s. Notebooks such as brainstorming stories poems letters. lyrics etc about the rainforest,Language Arts Speaking Activities. Students will participate in small group, discussions about the similarities and differences. of the four layers of the rainforest,Students will give oral presentations about their.
rainforest animal research report,Students will read aloud their written poems. Students will participate in literature discussion. groups about the novels they read,Students will join in on a grand conversation. about whether they d like or dislike living in the. rainforest,Language Arts Listening Activities,Students will respectfully and attentively listen. to poem readings and oral presentations,Students will listen and consider their peers. options during grand conversations,Students will listen to various sounds of the.
rainforest,Students will listen to the teacher read several. rainforest books as read a louds to the class,Language Arts Viewing Activities. Students will view various rainforest videos on the. internet from discoveryeducation com, Students will view a variety of postcards with rainforest. photos shot by Thomas Marent, Students will view photos in the book Wild Amazon A. photographer s incredible journey by Nick Gordon, Students will view What s It Like Where You Live The.
Rainforest Biome People of the Rainforest Discovery. Channel s Spirit of the Rainforests and National,Geographic s Rain Forest videos. Students will view group plays skits based on the,rainforest. Language Arts Visually Representing,Activities,Students will create a Rainforest Word Wall. Students will display their poems art projects and. reports around the room using an artistic presentation. Students will create costumes of rainforest animals. and inhabitants for plays, Students will create T shirts to advocate for saving the. rainforest, The teacher will add plants to the room to create a.
rainforest like atmosphere, Using the program Rainforest Designer students will. design authentic rainforest habitats to print and,assemble as 3 D dioramas. Science Activities, Using the book Who Eats Who in the Rainforest by Robert. Snedden students will create a food chain using paper. plates and string, Students will keep a science journal about the four distinct. layers of the rainforest emergent canopy understudy and. forest floor, Students will study and artistically draw the different.
animals and plants that live in each layer of the rainforest. Students will report on how animals survive in each layer of. the rainforest, Students will develop a Rainforest Exploration Kit. Students will experiment with making Rainforests in a. http library thinkquest org J0113269 rainforest projects. Mathematics Activities,Students will create and solve rainforest themed. word problems that use multiplication and ratios,Students will learn about scale by drawing. rainforest plants to scale on poster board, Students will create line plots of annual rainfall in. a particular rainforest by years,Students will create a pie chart that compares.
number of mammals to reptiles to birds in a,rainforest. Students will use small rainforest animal,manipulatives to practice probability and other. math skills,Social Studies Activities,Students will create KWL charts before beginning. instruction on rainforests, Students will locate the world s rainforests on a map. Students will read together the book Saving the, Rainforests by Sally Morgan as a guide to study the.
efforts to save the rainforests, Students will gather pictures of the people who inhabit. the rainforest their clothing homes traditions etc. Using the book Fading Forests The Destruction of our. Forests by August Greeley students will split into. groups of those wanting to save the rainforest and. those wanting to use the rainforest s resources and. debate their side of the topic,Music and Art Activities. Students will make Stuffed Rainforest Animals,Students will create a Rainforest Habitat Reading. Corner in the classroom can include their Stuffed,Rainforest Animals. Students will listen to the CD Sounds of the Earth. Rainforest, Students will make rain sticks to play along with the.
Students will create a class mural showcasing the, distinguishing features of each layer in the rainforest. Students will design backgrounds for their poetry using. pressed flowers and leaf rubbings,Physical Education Activities. Students will participate in a scavenger hunt,around the school to find hidden rainforest. plants and animals,Students will participate in a rainforest. obstacle course outdoors using branches hula,hoops ropes swings monkey bars and other.
The Rain forest Grew All Around by Susan K Mitchell Amazing Animals of the Rainforest by Tracey West Breakfast in the Rainforest A Visit with Mountain Gorillas by Richard School Eyewitness Jungle by Theresa Greenaway includes Clip Art CD Journey into the Rainforest by Time Knight Rain Forest Nature Search A hands on guide for nature sleuths by Consultants Dr

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