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IPIA members are committed to producing high quality safe ice The International Packaged Ice. Association IPIA members have chosen to self regulate the quality and safety of packaged ice. The Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards PIQCS are based on the Federal Good. Manufacturing Practices GMP s for food products yet tailored specifically to packaged ice. The PIQCS Program was adopted by the IPIA at the 1998 annual IPIA convention to become. effective July 1 2001 IPIA will communicate the benefits of the PIQCS Program to appropriate. government agencies and to all segments of the food industry We will encourage regulatory. authorities to utilize the PIQCS as the industry standard for both member and non member. establishments, The PIQCS Program is a required condition for membership in the IPIA The IPIA also is. encouraging members to adopt the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point HACCP system for. monitoring the safety of ice throughout the manufacturing and distribution systems Although a. HACCP Plan is not a condition of membership in the IPIA or required by the FDA the IPIA has. added the PIQCS Plus Program to provide a new level of safety and quality for member firms. To aid our members in developing and implementing the HACCP System guidelines for. developing and implementing a HACCP Plan are included as part of this PIQCS Manual. Jane McEwen Neil B Webb Ph D,Executive Director IPIA Technical Director IPIA. Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 2,Acknowledgements. The IPIA Staff expresses appreciation for the extensive work provided by several committees and many. members in preparing this manual The manual has evolved by the assembly of information documents of. regulatory agencies scientific literature and the experience of the IPIA personnel and members. Among those who have directly contributed to this manual we wish to thank. Bill Bentley Ice World Journal,Brent Bonvarlez Arctic Glacier Inc. Roger Breisch Hamer LLC,Bill Daniel Reddy Ice Group Inc.
Al Feller Arctic Glacier Inc,Paul Hendler Arctic Glacier Inc. Charles Chuck Knowlton Party Time Ice Company Arctic Glacier Inc. Dennis Menke Crystal Ice Arctic Glacier Inc,Dan Nicholson Glacier Ice Company. Billy Quinton Reddy Ice Group Inc, In addition we have relied upon the contributions of IPIA experience and efforts in the application of the. following indicated areas,Auditing Jerry Counsell Mr Ice Company Inc. HACCP Robert Pecht III and Joseph Caldwell Brunswick Ice and Coal Company. Food Security Jim Porcelli Howard Harlow KoldKist Beverage and Ice. The PIQCS Standing Committee has made outstanding contributions to the 2005 edition and their efforts. are greatly appreciated,Ben Key Chairman Reddy Ice.
Adam Koven Lake Ontario Ice,Robbie Pecht Brunswick Ice Coal. Jim Porcelli Kold Kist Beverage Ice,Bill Sanders Reddy Ice. Jane McEwen IPIA,Neil Webb IPIA, The IPIA wishes to thank these members for their generous support We are especially appreciative of the. efforts by Mrs Jane McEwen Executive Director IPIA for guidance in developing the format and editing. this manual and to Mrs Debra Monahan Administrative Assistant for formatting and typing this. Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 3,Table of Contents. Denotes required for PIQCS AND PIQCS Plus,Denotes required for PIQCS PLUS but not PIQCS.
I Terms and Conditions for Accreditation,PIQCS See next page. PIQCS Plus,Retail Ice Factory Machines,II PIQCS Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards. Quality Control Standards See II 1 11 Required for PIQCS Accreditation. US Army Veterinary Command Ice Plant Requirements, III Process Control Applying Prerequisites HACCP Principles and Economic. Quality Control to meet PIQCS,Prerequisites, o Pest Control Guidelines See III 3 6 Required for PIQCS Accreditation. o Personnel Training, o Master Maintenance Plan for Facilities and Equipment.
o Raw Materials Ingredients and Supplies Control,o Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. o Allergen Control,Guidelines for Developing a HACCP Plan. Economic Process Control Points,IV Crisis Management Guidelines. Packaged Ice Recall Guide See page IV 1 Required for PIQCS Accreditation. Managing a Crisis,Food Security Plan,o FSIS Security Guidelines for Food Processors. o FDA s Recordkeeping Rules,o FDA s Guidance for Industry.
Ice Security Preventative Measures Guide provided by Koldkist Beverage Ice. Guide for Security Practices in Transporting Ice provided by Koldkist. V Verification Procedures for Finished Packaged Ice. IPIA Report of Plant Audit Required for PIQCS Accreditation See page V 3. Sampling and Analytical Procedures for the Finished Packaged Ice Required. for PIQCS Accreditation See page V 5,IPIA Report of PIQCS Plus Plant Audit. In Plant Self Inspections,VI Records and Documentation See page VI 1. VII Frequently Asked Questions,VIII Definitions Applicable to Ice Manufacturing. IX Appendix A Types of Hazards and References,Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 4. I TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ACCREDITATION, Terms and Conditions for Accreditation for Packaged Ice Quality.
Control Standard PIQCS, 1 Implement the PIQCS Program based upon Good Manufacturing Practices per FDA. Guidelines in 21 CFR Part 110 See the PIQCS Section entitled Quality Control. Standards in this manual, 2 All members must adhere to the criteria specified by the FDA and EPA for drinking. water If your plant uses a municipal water source the FDA and EPA criteria should. have been met It is the ice plant s responsibility to show records indicating that. these tests have been conducted, 3 Implement testing of the finished ice product s to include the following items at the. frequencies and standards limits indicated below, Products to be tested for Frequency of Testing Standard or Limit. Heterotrophic Plate Count Once per month No more than 500 cfu gram. Total Fecal Coliform Once per month Zero negative, Monthly product testing results must be retained at the plant or corporate office for.
audit inspections These reports are not to be sent to the IPIA staff. 4 Develop and implement a Recall Plan see IPIA Recall Guide in this manual. 5 Develop and implement a Pest Control Program see IPIA Pest Control Guidelines in. this manual, 6 Complete mandatory plant audits by the professionally qualified IPIA approved third. party auditor Members with multiple manufacturing facilities must have each. facility inspected Members are to bear the cost of their plant inspections Plant. inspections are required every year for PIQCS and every other year for PIQCS Plus. PIQCS Plus members in alternate years must complete the Report of Plant Audit for. PIQCS Plus certifying that the plant continues to meet satisfactorily PIQCS Plus. requirements,Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 5. 7 Upon completion of your third party audit the auditor will forward to IPIA. headquarters your report of plant audit PIQCS and or PIQCS Plus audit forms Your. accreditation certificate will be mailed to you upon receipt and review of your. satisfactorily completed audit Accreditation certificates are valid until December 31. of the year following the year in which the audit was completed for PIQCS accredited. members PIQCS Plus accredited members accreditation certificates are valid until. December 31 of the year following the year of accreditation and extended one more. full year upon receipt of the signed PIQCS Plus Report of Plant Audit in alternate. 8 Anytime during year of approved accreditation members may use the IPIA. accreditation and IPIA name logo to publicize their business Reference to. accreditation ratings or Accreditation Certificate that has expired or that has been. cancelled is prohibited However the use of preprinted packaging materials with the. IPIA logo may be continued for up to three 3 months after the expiration of the. Certificate, Any advertisement or promotional material must relate to the date the. Certificate was issued and the factory for which it was issued Member. companies shall at all times conduct their production advertising. promotional and labeling activities with honesty and integrity. 9 By issuing the Accreditation Certificate the International Packaged Ice Association. does not imply that any or all of the legal or licensing requirements relating to the. premises have been met Entry into the program does not infer any relationship. between the IPIA and the proprietor or operator of any premises Nor does the IPIA. accept any responsibility legally for a member s liability in or as a result of. promotion or execution of the PIQCS program,Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 6. Terms and Conditions for PIQCS Plus Accreditation, 1 Meet all requirements stipulated in the Quality Control Standards Section of the.
IPIA PIQCS Manual Records are to be made indicating that all appropriate. personnel have received training for these standards. 2 Implement a written organized sanitation standard operating procedures SSOP. 3 Implement a HACCP based Preventative Food Safety Plan. 4 Source Water Quality must be addressed as a special issue because it is the major. raw material for ice manufacturing and thus greatly affects the safety and quality. of the finished ice the in plant process steps being the second major. consideration The IPIA standards for ice quality include both food safety. factors biological microbiological chemical and physical and economic. quality factors Economic Quality refers to all quality attributes i e flavor odor. clarity absence of iron absence of foreign substance residues etc other than ice. safety factors, Currently in order to meet the Terms and Conditions for PIQCS Plus. Accreditation sufficient validation information must be provided in the Hazard. Analysis to assure that incoming source water is safe at the point of receipt at the. ice manufacturing plant This is a requirement for an acceptable HACCP Plan. The current standards are as follows, a The EPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations 40 CFR 141. must be met at the point of use for manufacturing ice All municipal and. private water treatment facilities must meet these standards thus those ice. plants using water from EPA approved water treatment systems should. obtain written documentation that the water treatment system complies. with EPA standards A copy of the annual analytical results performed by. the source water treatment facility should be attached to your HACCP. Plan Your HACCP Plan must indicate what you will test and the. frequency of testing The required testing of the water at the point of. receipt at the ice plant includes,i E coli zero, ii Heterotrophic bacteria total aerobic plate count 500 cfu milliliter. The frequency of testing should be done initially at the time the Hazard. Analysis is performed and at least annually thereafter. Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 7, b The following recommendations are not required for the PIQCS Plus. Accreditation but should be a goal for this program. i A thorough chemical analysis should be conducted of your source. water received at the ice plant to determine if changes have. occurred between the source water treatment plant and your plant. This will provide a benchmark for designing an appropriate water. treatment system, ii Turbidity Standard 1 nephelolometric unit NTU and at no time.
exceeding a turbidity of 5 NTUs, iii Odor None detected at ambient temperature approximately 70 F. conducted by responsible plant personnel,iv Total Dissolved Solids 500 mg Liter. v Cryptosporidium Giardia lamblia and Viruses 99 9 removal. or inactivation, It is recommended that odor be tested on a daily basis and the remaining. factors tested at least monthly, 5 Conduct an ongoing microbiological testing program of the finished packaged ice. by the following criteria, a Take an initial sampling of packaged ice within 5 days of ice making start.
up applies to new machines machines that have been inoperative due to. service major cleaning and sanitizing failure or relocation. b Maintain ongoing verification testing by sampling the finished ice at least. once per month, c The above samples are to meet the following standards. i Heterotrophic Plate Count No more than 500 cfu gram. ii Total Fecal Coliform Zero negative,6 Implement a Recall Plan. 7 Conduct an on site audit by the IPIA approved third party auditor every other. year All of these audits must have a written certification that the process meets. the PIQCS Plus criteria as stated herein,Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 8. Terms and Conditions for Retail In Store Ice Manufacturing Machines. Effective October 30 2001,Requirements for IPIA accreditation are. 1 Customize and implement an effective HACCP system including the PIQCS. program for similar types of in store ice manufacturing systems The similar. type refers to machines that have relatively uniform methods for making ice The. HACCP Plan must meet the guidelines stipulated by the IPIA Also the PIQCS. Plan must be customized for each retail ice manufacturing site. The HACCP and PIQCS Plans must specifically address the water source s to. assure all EPA and FDA regulations are being met Each ice machine must be. equipped with an acceptable filter system and meet the FDA regulations as. stipulated for sanitary facilities for source water for bottled drinking water 21. Revised January 2005 The PIQCS Manual I 8 b The following recommendations are not required for the PIQCS Plus Accreditation but should be a goal for this program i A thorough chemical analysis should be conducted of your source water received at the ice plant to determine if changes have occurred between the source water treatment plant and your plant This will provide a benchmark for

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