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Speaking radicly for the,moment but no doubt,academicly logicly and. statisticly soundly,though tragicly for,traditionalists I know I. basicly think publically is,a better spelling,Top commenters disagree. From http www merriam webster com dictionary publically. Oxford English Dictionary OED Online ICLY,46 headwords all identified as adverbs. 35 cross referred in some way to the corresponding ICALLY. Of the remaining 11 ANTICLY CATHOLICLY CAUSTICLY CHICLY. FROLICLY IMPOLITICLY POLITICLY PUBLICLY RELICLY, RHETORICLY UNPOLITICLY 6 are marked as rare or obsolete.
leaving only CATHOLICLY CHICLY IMPOLITICLY POLITICLY. CATHOLICLY IMPOLITICLY POLITICLY are derived from,3 syllable adjectives with initial stress. CHICLY we will come back to,Linguistic explanations I. The word publical does not exist so the adverb is,publicly with one l 100 Most Commonly Misspelled. Words 2009, Only 6 concordance lines for PUBLICAL in enTenTen13. and two of these insist that there is no word PUBLICAL. In fact PUBLICAL is attested by the OED as obsolete and. However NOSTALGICAL SIMPLISTICAL and BASICAL are,not attested at all by the OED yet NOSTALGIC.
SIMPLISTIC and BASIC all form adverbs in ICALLY,Linguistic explanations II. In PUBLIC IC is not a morpheme it does not serve to. distinguish word classes,cf TRAGEDY TRAGIC DRAMA DRAMATIC. LEXICOGRAPHY LEXICOGRAPHIC, In this respect PUBLIC is like CHIC which simply adds LY to. form its adverb, However there are many counterexamples where IC is not. obviously morphemic yet leads to adverbs in ICALLY eg. ELASTIC CHARACTERISTIC CHRONIC FRANTIC INTRINSIC,Historical explanations.
The adjective PUBLIC including early spellings or its corresponding adverb. entered the language at a much earlier stage than other IC adjectives or their. adverbs Freeman 2014 O Conner Kellerman 2015,PUBLIC adj is first attested in 1394 OED. 32 IC adjectives entered the language earlier eg AUTHENTIC 1387. BARBARIC 1388 PHLEGMATIC 1340, PUBLICLY in an old spelling is first attested in 1534 OED. 5 earlier ICLY adverbs and 16 ICALLY,Early citations OED. PUBLICALLY,Early citations other sources, That none of them tak upon hand privatlie or publicklie. to make anie alteratioun or innovatioun of the estate of. religioun or attempt anie thing against the same which. her Majestie found publicklie and universallie standing at. her Majestie s arrival in this her realme under paine of. death Edict of Toleration 1561,http www thereformation info maryqos htm.
Bodin J Knolles R 1606 Of the Lawes and Cvstomes of a Common wealth. Kingston F 1614, Synopsis Papismi that is a General View Op Papestrie. Wherein the Whole Mysterie of Iniquitie and Summe of. Antichristian Doctrine is Set Down Wich is Maintained this. Day by the Synagogue of Rome Against the Church of. Hypothesis, that PUBLICLY in its various spellings became more. frequently used in the 16th century in connection with. the religious disputes over public private observance. I would not open windows into men s souls, The Church Settlement allowed Elizabeth s subjects to honor their own religious. convictions privately provided that they demonstrate their loyalty to Queen and. Country by outwardly conforming Jensen 2012,Hald n 2013 discusses Tudor England as a key. milestone in the historical re emergence of the, public private distinction in legal and political thought.
English Historical Book Collection EHBC,available through www sketchengine eu. amalgamation of 3 separate corpora,covers the period 1470 to 1829 divided into. subcorpora for each century decade,826 296 048 tokens. Supplemented with Google Books,BNC enTenTen series for comparison. Spelling variants,publicly publickly publikely publiquely.
publikly publickely publictly publykely,publykly publicquely. priuately priuatly privatly priuatelie,priuatlie priuatelye privatelie. pryuately privatlie pryuately, Corpus Subcorpus Frequency of PUBLICLY all Most frequent spelling. spellings per million,all EHBC 24 6 publickly, 15th century from 1473 insignificant 3 instances publykely. 16th century 10 1 publikely,17th century 27 9 publickly.
18th century 22 8 publickly,19th century to 1829 18 8 publicly. BNC 14 0 publicly,enTenTen15 19 9 publicly,Earliest EHBC citations. Besye thy self to punysshe malefactours and thoos that putteth the in daunger or. trouble within thy royaume or lordship make stryke of their hedes publykely that. other may take example by them 1477, Therfore to repentaunce for our elues priuatelye and for the realme and. churche publikely eueryone houlde laboure to tyrre vp both oure elues others. that thou wolde t engraue in theyr hartes and commaunde them vnder paine of. damnation to be carefull ouer me to doe me good and prouide for me as they haue. done or rather thou by the publickly 1562, who besides his private thankfulnes maketh here a solemn entri into the Coorts of. God there prostrateth himself publicly in thanks and praier to the Almighti 1615. publicly with one l 100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words 2009 Only 6 concordance lines for PUBLICAL in enTenTen13 and two of these insist that there is no word PUBLICAL In fact PUBLICAL is attested by the OED as obsolete and rare However NOSTALGICAL SIMPLISTICAL and BASICAL are not attested at all by the OED yet NOSTALGIC SIMPLISTIC and BASIC all form adverbs in

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