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In my view,Dress code wear or tear, Collin Fritz district I never even thought about aren t doing it for the sole purpose of. Paw Print Columnist spending the two dollars to participate marking a card or of writing someone. in Wardrobe Wednesday The last time up, One of the biggest topics I participated in Wardrobe Wednesday To me following a dress code is. among students and staff was five years ago so I could wear possibly the easiest rule to follow. at Cincinnati Christian is the rules and clothes I could easily put on with my at school and one that a student can. regulations of the school s dress code right arm in a cast easily prevent from breaking. Some people hate it others don t mind It always confused me why students It s really not that hard to put. it were so against the dress code we have on clothes that match the code s. Personally I fall into the second in place especially since I ve seen guidelines and also isn t worth arguing. category Our school s current dress what students wear at public schools about in the slightest. code in my opinion is one of the most where dress code isn t enforced Dress code is a very minor school. open lenient guidelines for student Yes I agree that some teachers can rule that has unneily become one of. attire than any other dress code get way too persnickety when it comes the most controversial topics in the. enforcing school is practicing in their to what students are wearing but they book. Staff editorial,Are high school students,working too many hours. Data released by the U S Census for senior lunch for Chick fil a for. shows that about one in four high going out with friends or even senior. The Paw Print, school students are employed Here s trip Some students work to help out. Cincinnati Christian Schools the problem their families and even help pay for. 7474 Morris Road Some of these jobs require a lot out their CCS tuition. Fairfield OH 45011 of their employees Kings Island But how many students really need. Editorial Policy which employs some students from to be working these crazy jobs that. The Paw Print is the student news CCS hands out shifts that can require require so much time Some jobs. paper of Cincinnati Christian Schools your whole day Lindsey Carney a interfere with students getting their. The Paw Print is an open forum for senior said she has worked up to a 13 school work done which can hurt. student expression which accepts let hour shift on a Saturday them in the long run And isn t the. ters to the editor Letters to the editor Hallie Page also a senior works point of school so you can get a good. may be edited for length and can be up to 35 hours a week at Chick Fil A job in your future. emailed to susan zaffiro cincinnati with frequent 12 hour shifts Another We are not saying that you should not. christian org senior Mattheu Minelli works at work a job but if it starts to interrupt. Staff Showcase Cinema and says he also your schoolwork that s where to draw. Editor in Chief Lindsey Carney,Opinions Editor Mackenzie Turner.
works almost 35 hours a week on the line, Features Editors Nana Sarfu Bonsu and school weeks Josh Lawless another So what can we do to fix this We. Emily Chapin senior works over 34 hours a week as need to get rid of the expectation that. Sports Editor Cole Martin well all students should work jobs. Copy Editors Casey Anderson Cody Working while attending high school Students shouldn t have to feel pres. Anderson and Zach Schlake, Reporters Aidan Boyd Grace Custer Col can help students pay for their own sured to get a job by their friends if. lin Fritz Kaitlyn Fritz and Ashley Kochis needs or even help their families out they do not need to work in the first. Adviser Mrs Susan Zaffiro Many parents require their kids to pay place. Opinion Editorial Page 2,Movies to see over Christmas break. Grace Custer Aquaman is about Aquaman step seeking refuge in a junkyard He is. ping up to lead his underwater king discovered by an 18 year old girl. What s new at the movies during dom of Atlantis and defending it named Charlie who quickly learns. this Christmas season against a threat that this is no ordinary Volkswagen. There are many new movies coming The movie Welcome to Marwen is Holmes and Watson is about Detec. out in December Mary Poppins Re about a man played by Steve Car tive Sherlock Holmes and Dr John. turns on December 19 Aquaman on rell who loses his memories after a Watson joining forces to investigate a. December 13 Welcome to Marwen vicious attack and uses his imagina murder at Buckingham Palace soon. American Renegades 12 21 and Bum tion to get it back by piecing together learning that they only have four days. blebee all on December 21 Holmes things from his old life in his mind to solve the case or the queen will. and Watson on Christmas Day and The movies American Renegades is become the next victim. Stan and Ollie on December 28 about Navy SEALs who discover gold Stan and Ollie is about comedy duo. In the movie Mary Poppins Returns at the bottom of a lake The soldiers Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy who. Mary Poppins returns to London to go rogue to recover the treasure and set out to perform live shows for their. visit now adult Jane and her brother return it to its rightful owners fans The tour is a hit but long buried. Michael to help them rediscover the Bumblebee is the latest Transformer tension and Hardy s health start to. joy they knew as children movie about Bumblebee the autobot threaten their friendship. Page 3 The Paw Print Features,Paw Print Devotion,Surviving Christmas stress. Christmas is my absolute favorite itself Indeed we felt that we had God has a pattern of using adverse. time of year received the sentence of death But circumstances to make His people. I say this in complete seriousness that was to make us rely not on truly trust in Him God did this with. I prepare for this holiday MONTHS ourselves but on God who raises Paul God did this with Job God did. in advance Decorations Christmas the dead He delivered us from this David The list goes on Only. music baking present planning the such a deadly peril and he will God has the power to save us from. whole nine yards But as much as I deliver us On him we have set our the deadly peril that Paul describes. love this time of year there is always hope that he will deliver us again in Corinthians. an unsurpassed amount of stress that While this verse does not have Yes you will have to cope with a. comes with it anything to do with Christmas it has lot of stress in the future There are. Amidst all the holiday cheer there helped me deal with my stress going to be time of hopelessness and. are finals work priorities mountains doubt but that does not mean that. of homework the list goes on If God has a pattern God isn t going to deliver you from. you are anything like me you have of using adverse. a million tabs open in your head at Be like Paul and use those stressful. all times and you feel forced to go a circumstances to make circumstances to trust in God Live. million miles an hour His people truly trust in confidence that Jesus will give. Overwhelmed in Him you the strength to overcome every. situation that comes,Trust me I know what it feels like.
to be overwhelmed I know what it is Paul is talking about a situation A Timely Reminder. like to dread the days ahead no mat beyond his control one that is too This passage reminds me of Christ. ter the time of year it is I am torn big for him one that he could not mas because it acknowledges that. between my job my education my handle However instead of attempt God has the power to raise people. social life and as a result my busy ing to fix his situation himself he from the dead It acknowledges that. schedule often leads to my spiritual acknowledges that it is out of his Jesus is our only hope It acknowl. life having the smallest piece control Paul knows that God will edges that Jesus is our deliverer. deliver him because He has before, When I sit back and take a look at Isn t Christmas when this all be. the mountain of stress in my life I Ever Feel Like Paul gan God looked at us a broken and. am reminded of how God is sitting lost people and He gave us Jesus. with me in the midst of it Christ Some of you may feel like Paul. This changed everything, mastime is full of fun and cheer and this holiday season There are a mil. lion things on your plate you re in Jesus means that we have the. cookies but ultimately the focus, over your head you feel like you re power to overcome every trial and. needs to be on Jesus It is easy to get, drowning Maybe it feels like there tribulation find strength in weak. lost in being overwhelmed but God, is no hope at all ness and have everlasting life with.
wants you to give that stress and that,anxiety to him But remember what Paul did Paul. gave his circumstances to God so Let this time of year not be focused. 2 Corinthians 1 8 11 says For, that God could sort out the stress on stress or external forces rather. we do not want you to be igno, Perhaps God is bringing you through let your heart and mind be directed. rant brothers of the affliction we, these trials through this stress so to the joy peace and hope that Jesus. experienced in Asia For we were, you can finally realize how badly brought when He was born.
so utterly burdened beyond our, strength that we despaired of life you need to trust in Him. Features The Paw Print Page 4,Meet the talented Eddie Luckey. The random student column is ended up winning the MVC. based on the idea that every student league in long jumping with. has a story to tell This month the an astounding 18 1 feet He. Paw Print staff randomly selected Ed plans to do track again this. die Luckey to interview year as well,One amazing honor that. Mackenzie Turner Eddie had last year was laying,Paw Print Columnist the wreath at the Tomb of the. Unknown Soldier at Arlington, Meet ninth grade CCS student Eddie Cemetery during the annual.
Luckey 8th grade trip to Washington,Eddie Luckey has attended CCS for DC. 11 and a half years and lives with his It was great Eddie said. mom dad and sister His sister does It was a lot of pressure to not. not attend CCS mess up but I knew how big, Eddie is an incredibly talented of an opportunity it was I was. individual and he has played on the super excited I m glad I was. Landmark football team for the last selected to do it. three years and even went to Atlanta I also deemed it necessary to. to play in the national championship ask Eddie how many puns he. Eddie placed first in the MVC in long jump as, this year The Landmark football team gets about his last name The. an eigth grader, took second place there see story on answer was A lot He also. page 12 said that they re still funny Stay tuned for our next edition. Eddie also did his first year of track sometimes but I guess 15 years of where we will pick another random. last year as a junior high student and puns gets kind of old student to feature in the Paw Print. Eddie at Homecoming Eddie has been at CCS Eddie plays cornerback for the Landmark Eagles football team. for 11 and a half years that competed in the homeschool nationals last month. Christmas posters that co, Instructions on using augmented reality and downloading the app.
Lindsey Carney, Virtual Reality is not something new to the world It has been around for a while now In the App Store and Play Store. there is an app called HP Reveal which was once known as Aurasma. HP Reveal is HP Autonomy s augmented reality platform The creators changed the name as part of their rebranding. The Paw Print has decided to use HP Reveal on this page If you download the app you will be able you hover over the. pictures on this page and see a video from the movie. Here is how to use it,1 Download the app,2 Sign up for the account using your school email. 3 Go to the search bar and search for CCSpawprint,4 Follow the page. 5 Once you follow that page go to the bottom of the screen there is a button that is a blue circle with a square in the. middle that looks like the picture right here,6 Click on that button. 7 Hover over the picture of the movie,8 Watch the picture come to life.
ome to life, When Christmas time comes around many families gather. around the T V and watch the classic movies that have been. around forever To some families this is a tradition for them The. Paw Print gathered up some classic movies for you guys With the. help of augmented reality the pictures come to life and you can. watch the movie trailer, If you need help getting the augmented virtual reality to. work you can see Mrs Rice or Lindsey Carney for help. National Days of December,Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat. Eat a Red Apple,2 3 4 5 6 7 8, Mutt Day Roof Over Cookie Day Ninja Day Microwave Cotton Candy Pretend To. Your Head Sock Day Oven Day Be A Time Trav,9 10 11 12 13 14 15.
Pastry Day Human App Day Gingerbread Cocoa Day Salesperson Wear Your Pearls. Rights House day Violin Day,16 17 18 19 20 21 22, Chocolate Maple Syrup Answer the Hard Candy Re gifting Day Ugly Christmas Date Nut Bread. Covered Day Telephone Day Sweater,Anything Like Buddy. the Elf Day,23 24 25 26 27 28 29, Roots Day Christmas Christmas Thank you Fruitcake Day Chocolate Tick Tock Day. Eve Note Day Candy,Card Playing,Bacon Day Make Up,Christmas isn t the only thing to celebrate. The Paw Print Nana Sarfo Bonsu A matchmaker s quest to pair up potential lovers ends with an ironic twist Hello Dolly is the upcoming spring musical and auditions are right around the corner Maybe you re one of those people who is definitely audi tioning or maybe you are thinking about it Maybe you who don t see yourself performing Regardless Mrs Perry the theater director has

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