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her a barrage of fake urges desires and instructions In this manner a person. may be effectively controlled since any decent psychologist or philosopher will tell. you that thought directs action If I get a thought to walk in a certain direction or. to eat a certain food or even to take a certain drug and if I take this thought to be. my own I will more then likely do as the thought has directed me to do. Please examine the following quotation by a pioneer in electromagnetic mind control. which is presented on the most excellent Educate Yourself forum http educate. yourself org as it is a real eye opener, Man does not have the right to develop his own mind This kind of liberal. orientation has great appeal We must electrically control the brain Some. day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the. brain Dr Jose Delgado 1974 Congressional Record No 262E Vol. Brother how bad can it get before we all collectively do something about all this. How many ordinary citizens take prescribed medications for apparent headaches. when there is nothing wrong with them aside from the fact that they are being. E L F d by the world s corrupt governments How many ordinary citizens are placed. within mental institutions because of the barrage of voices that they hear and which. make them seem mad if they repeat them out loud How many mental wards have. Orgone Generators positioned in every level to isolate this factor out of the. diagnostic process How many Doctor s Surgeries also have Orgone Generators. positioned in the waiting area or the Doctor s own office. OK I thought it is all very well writing about the hazards of E L F frequencies such. as for example using the town of Glastonbury in the UK as a test area for telegraph. pole mounted E L F crowd control devices However there is a simple method of. stopping these harmful frequencies using a counter device that is comparatively easy. to make and very easy to use The name of such a heroic device is the Orgone. Let s face it it is much better to discuss the methods of stopping something harmful. rather than endlessly discussing the very thing that ought to be eradicated in the first. One of the easiest types of Orgone Generators to make is called the Tower. Buster This is a vertical column of Orgonite 1 which contains a vertically. positioned point upwards quartz crystal in the centre of the casting The centre. positioned quartz crystal may be wrapped with a coil of copper wire to encourage a. spiral of energies that rises throughout and above the Orgone Generator. The Tower Buster Orgone Generator Shown In Three Sizes. A 50 50 mix of hardened resin and metal particles copper brass aluminium and steel shavings. You do not necessarily need to wrap the inside crystal with a copper coil but if you. want to you will need to wind the chosen crystal eleven times in an anti clockwise. manner working from the bottom of the crystal to the top most point whilst looking. at your chosen quartz crystal from the bottom see below Wrapping a quartz crystal. in such a manner will amplify the crystals Piezoelectrical Abilities. A Copper Coil Wrapped Quartz Crystal With Eleven Windings. To make a Tower Buster you would use a plastic drinking beaker type mold and. pour your mixture of Orgonite resin hardener and metal shavings in a series of 10. 20 mm layers until your mold is completed To hold the centre positioned quartz. crystal in place I use a spare piece of spare copper wire stuck to the bottom of my. mold with some sticky tape until the top most point of the crystal has been set in the. resin at which point the holding wire and tape may be removed see below. As the pours progress you will get to the point when the quartz crystal is covered by. the Orgonite mixture Until the crystal is completely covered you will need to be. very careful that the metal particles DO NOT TOUCH the windings of the copper. coil that surrounds the crystal Since if they do you will get a short that will counter. the effect of the Piezoelectric Crystal There are two ways of avoiding this One way. is to cover the windings of your crystal with a clear glue and wait until it has set. before positioning the crystal The other way is to make sure that you only drop metal. shavings into the outside most part of the mold whilst the quartz crystal is being. covered You will need to leave one to two hours between each pour to enable. correct hardening of the resin, When you have completed your layered mold give the hardened resin a day or two to. completely set and then remove the finished Tower Buster from the mold You. will also need to glue some felt to the bottom to stop the Orgone Generator from. scratching which ever surface you decide to position it upon. Following this you just have one very last thing to do and that is to program the. crystal with your mind By this I mean that you must tell the crystal what it will do. which in this case will be to aid in the collection of dead energy at the bottom of the. device to aid the channelling of this collected energy upwards through the Orgonite. and to aid in the pushing of fresh Orgone out of the top of the device Bear in mind. here that quartz crystals act in the same manner as your home Computer System. meaning that they are as programmable as a RAM Memory chip which is also. made from silica Also be aware that Computer System silica chips are. programmed when an electronic instruction arrives inside the crystal In the case of. your home Computer System the electronic instruction is a stream of electro magnetic. binary information sent by the C P U brain of the Computer And in the case of your. Orgone Generator the electronic instruction is an electro magnetic thought form. sent by your mind which amounts to your own biological C P U As you can SEE. the method of programming is exactly the same for both a Home Computer System. silica chip and for an Orgone Generator Quartz Crystal You ARE a Computer. Your finished device will look like the completed Tower Buster shown below. A Completed Tower Buster, The designer of this Tower Buster Orgone Generator device Mr Don Croft. maintains that it will be capable of shutting down all harmful E L F frequencies for a. spherical radius that will completely engulf your house. So let us have a look at just what this mixture of organic and inorganic. materials known as Orgonite really is, Orgonite was coined by Karl Welz and refers to a class of materials which are. composed of a mixture of metallic particles suspended in an organic medium plus an. inorganic substance in a 50 50 ratio Orgonite takes dead orgone DOR and converts. it into orgone OR which by definition is full of living energy Orgone is the name. given to Life Force Chi bio energy by Wilhelm Reich Orgone is a type of energy. that defies many of the laws of Newtonian physics and is considered to be the energy. that creates and heals life The metals used are those of 1 copper 2 brass 3. aluminium and 4 sometimes steel The metal in the mix can be ANY metal but. very fine particles like the brass grindings from a key making machine Very large. pieces are less effective than B B s and spiral shavings and particles from a machine. shop Copper works a little better than aluminium gold works a little better than. copper but availability of materials and costs are a more important consideration in. my opinion The non organic part is the resin that holds the metals in suspension. Epoxy resin polyester resin and boat building fire glass are the popular mediums. Or to put it in a nut shell Orgonite has the ability to attract harmful E M F s. DOR and to transform these particle waves into brand new Orgone OR. which can then be used by the owner s thought processes to create a more. suitable reality structure Here who ever attacks your living space with an E L F. microwave attack will only provide you with energy to be re cycled as you see. OK so we now have the knowledge to protect our entire living space with the. Tower Buster device But what about completely shutting down the harmful. E M F s emitted by an entire cell phone tower for a spherical range of about. 1 200 metres Such a device would not only protect yourself but it would also stop. all E M F s that could harm thought control anyone else in the protected vicinity. Well the name of this particular device is the Holy Hand Grenade which was also. designed by Mr Don Croft and which can also be found on the most excellent. Educate Yourself forum managed by Ken Adachi http educate yourself org. The process of molding and creating a Holy Hand Grenade is very similar to the. way in which we just made the Tower Buster above except that 1 this device is. bigger and 2 there are 5 coil wrapped quartz crystals inside it with two Egyptian. Lost Cubit coils of copper adding a further boost to the device. Let us start with a picture of the device so we can SEE just what a Holy Hand. Grenade looks like,The Holy Hand Grenade 5 Quartz Crystals.
In this case the mold that we will be using will be a plastic pudding bowl or. something similar which will give you an idea of the finished size of the device. We will start our construction of the Holy Hand Grenade by making a 10 mm. pour into the top of the pudding bowl mold with a 50 50 mixture of resin and. metal shavings see below, Next we will introduce one of the two Egyptian Lost Cubit Coils which will make. the pure Orgone energy spiral out of the top of the Holy Hand Grenade device. A Lost Cubit Coil is a piece of copper wire that measures 596 6714 mm or. 23 491 Now Egyptian Lost Cubit Coils may be multiplied to suit their usage. meaning that with a large device we can use a measurement of 1 2 x 596 6714 mm. or 23 491 or 2 3 x 596 6714 mm or 23 491 or 3 which ever multiplication suits. your sizing Since the Holy Hand Grenade device we are building here is quite. large I will recommend a measurement of 2 x 596 6714 mm which 1193 3428. Take a piece of copper wire 1193 3428 mm long or as close as you can measure it. and fold it exactly in half Then bend it to form a double spiral which will appear as. running anti clockwise starting from the inside of the spiral and working outwards. when looking down upon it see below I tend to hold the centre of the spiral with a. pair of long nosed pliers whilst I am winding the coil around and around. Next push in the centre of your spiral so that it takes on the shape shown below. Then place your Lost Cubit Coil on top of your first pour so that it spirals anti. clockwise working from the centre to the outside when looking down into the mold. see below Next set it into a thin layer of resin only we don t want to short out the. coil with the metal particles that will just cover it You may have to support the. spiral with some sticky tape to hold it in position see below. When the 5 mm pour of pure resin has set wrap one of the five quartz crystals you. have acquired to make the Holy Hand Grenade with eleven turns of copper wire. working from the bottom of the crystal in an anti clockwise direction towards the. point see below, Next you will need to place this wrapped crystal point down facing the top of the. mold and support it inside the centre of the spiral in readiness for the next pour see. Make sure that none of the copper windings on the crystal touch the Lost Cubit. Coil and hold it in place with a spare piece of copper wire which you will have to. tape to both the crystal and the outside of the bowl. You can now make your next pour which will set the end of the crystal in place. When you do this only sprinkle the metal particles around the outside of the mold. making sure that they do not short out touch either 1 the Lost Cubit Coil or 2. the coil wrapped crystal see below, Next fill the mold with resin and metal shavings in 10 20 mm layers until you are. about 40 mm from the bottom of the mold You will need to stop at that point as you. will be fitting the four other coil wrapped quartz crystals into the base of the device. before completing it Again be very careful not to short out the Lost Cubit Coil or. the coil wrapped quartz crystal meaning only sprinkle metal shavings around the. edge of the mold see below, You can now fit the remaining four quartz crystals to the Holy Hand Grenade. device before continuing the pouring process to finish it. First you will need to coil wrap the remaining four quartz crystals with copper wire. Us usual make eleven turns around each crystal working from the bottom in an. anti clockwise direction and winding the copper towards the top most point see. Next place the four coil wrapped crystals on the bottom of your mold so that the. points face the centre crystal hopefully you acquired the correct length of crystal. and so that each crystal represents one of the four directions see below. All we have to do now is to completely cover the remaining four crystals with resin. and metal particles As usual stay away from the coil windings with the metal. particles so that you do not short out the crystals If you have done your maths right. you will find that when the four bottom most crystals are completely covered that. you will have 5 mm of depth left in the mold still available to allow the placement of. the bottom most Lost Cubit Coil see below, Ok you are now ready to place the bottom most Lost Cubit Coil in the mold before.
the final pour This Lost Cubit Coil will remain flat and will cover the four crystals. The Orgone Generator Bible There is a lot of information on the internet about the dangers of harmful E L F microwave frequencies that are directed at nice spiritual citizens by the corrupt political element of all countries via 1 cell phone towers 2 radionics machines and 3 black magic spells Yes even a black magic spell is a form of particle

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