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Rumours circulating in government circles and the media in both Germany and France. claimed that Crowley had contacts with the intelligence services of foreign countries In. 1929 he was thrown out of Paris by the French government because they were convinced he. was a spy Dr Spence believes that at the time Crowley s British Intelligence case officer and. contact was Gerald Yorke who had met in 1927 Yorke was a freelance journalist and also. worked for the international Reuters press agency Ibid 208 209 That could have been a. good cover for intelligence activities and many journalists are still recruited for that purpose. In the 1930s there is the first solid evidence that Crowley was recruited by MI6 or the SIS. Secret Intelligence Service This was to spy on German occultists with political links to the. emerging National Socialist Nazi Party and Marxists revolutionaries One of Crowley s. possible targets was Albert Karl Theodor Reuss the founder of the magical group the Ordo. Templi Orientis or Order of the Eastern Templars OTO into which Crowley had been. initiated in 1912 and made head of the British branch Reuss was reputed to have worked. before the First World War as an undercover agent for the Prussian secret police While he. was living in London in 1885 Reuss joined the Revolutionary Socialist League run by the. founder of the arts and crafts movement William Morris and Karl Marx s daughter Eleanor. When they eventually discovered he was spying on them Reuss was expelled. Another prominent member of the OTO in Germany and controversially was later to. become its Grand Master based in the USA was Karl Johannes Germer He had been. awarded the much coveted Iron Cross medal in the First World War for his intelligence work. although unfortunately he was imprisoned in a concentration camp by the Nazis It has been. claimed that this was because of his association with Crowley and his attempts to recruit. German members for the OTO, When he was living in Berlin in the 1930s Crowley spied on secret societies and members of. the Nazi Party known to be interested in occultism and reviving the old Germanic pagan. religions He shared a flat with Gerald Hamilton a pro communist English journalist who. was known to British Intelligence as a spy working for the Germans Crowley reported back. to London on Hamilton s activities and no doubt he was doing the same to his German. masters It may have been Crowley s involvement with the SIS that led Heinrich Himmler. head of the Nazi s SS Order to publicly claim that the British Secret Service was run by. Rosicrucians who used their occult powers to spy on their enemies. In 1933 the year that the Nazis took power in Germany Crowley met an eccentric Welsh. aristocrat Viscount Tregedar Evan Morgan 1893 1949 His haunted country house was. near Newport in South Wales and was the site of famous wild parties to which he invited a. wide mix of social types including Aldous Huxley and H G Wells The estate included a. private zoo featuring a kangaroo honey bear baboon and a macaw parrot Queen Mary the. present queen s grandmother called Lord Tredegar My favourite bohemian One of his. more unusual and notorious house guests was perhaps significantly in the light of later. dramatic events the Nazi deputy fuehrer Rudolf Hess In fact Hess had a family connection. with the Tregedar estate as his first wife was buried nearby In 2012 the house will be taken. over by the National Trust and opened to the public. Lord Tregedar had also visited the German home of Ernst Rohm the head of the SA and. they shared a male lover Rohm who consulted astrologers about his homosexuality was. assassinated on the orders of Adolf Hitler during the purge of the Nazi Party known as the. night of the long knives in June 1943 when the SA was disbanded This was partly because. Hitler feared the organisation and Rohm s growing power but also because many of its. members shared their leader s sexual preferences and the other top Nazis were homophobes. Crowley s friendship with Lord Tregedar was largely based on the fact that the two men. shared an interest in the occult and possibly because they were both bisexuals The Great. Beast gave his lordship the ultimate accolade of calling him the magical Adept of Adepts. Although Tregedar had converted as a young man to Catholicism and even served as a. chamberlain to two popes and was a Knights of Malta he had still continued his occult. activities While living in Rome it is said that he did a necromantic rite in the English. Protestant cemetery in the city to conjure up the spirit of the eighteenth century romantic. poet Shelly He also had contact with a cunning man in North Wales. Tregedar seems to have been fond of graveyards for rituals as he allegedly used the one at. the parish church of Ovingdean in Sussex This was conveniently near his mother s house In. one of these churchyard rituals he was joined by a group of occultists who included a male. cousin of Sir Winston Churchill Lord Tregedar belonged to an occult secret society in. London called The Black Circle which had the traditional thirteen members of a witch. coven In it the aristocrat was known as the Black Monk and was even painted in the. hooded black robe all the members wore for their ceremonies He owned several saints relics. reflecting his Catholic background had the skeleton of a local Welsh witch set up in his. hallway to greet his guests and confided in Crowley that his family was descended from King. Arthur The legendary city of Camelot was supposed to have been at the nearby Roman site. of Caerleon Crowley even described his lordship as the rightful heir to Excalibur. When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939 despite his occult beliefs or. possibly because of his unusual connection with Churchill Lord Tregedar was recruited by. MI5 the internal British Security Service It is even possible he belonged to it before the. war and was passing information on his Nazi contacts to Five He was appointed as the head. of the MI6 section known as the Radio Security Service RSS Among his other duties in. that position he was in charge of the carrier pigeons used to communicate with secret agents. in Nazi occupied Europe, Unfortunately his secret career ended abruptly One day Tregedar gave an unauthorised. office tour to a pretty young woman who did not have security clearance He was arrested. and charged with treason which was very serious offence in wartime It could mean a. lengthy time in the Tower of London or even execution by hanging or a firing squad. However to the surprise of his colleagues the aristocrat was released and it was whispered that. MI5 had intervened in the case Perhaps he knew where too many of the bodies were buried. Immediately Tregedar contacted his old friend Crowley and tried to persuade him to put a. curse on the arresting officer Spence 2008 225 and personal communications from Paul. Busby 13 10 2009, Another link between Crowley and the intelligence services was his friendship with the. homosexual M P Tom Driberg He had been a society gossip columnist on the Daily Express. and paradoxically had joined the British Communist party in 1920 With contacts in the. different worlds of politics high society and the gay scene he was an ideal informant for. MI5 although it was also rumoured he was also a KGB agent Driberg was recruited in 1937. by the assistant director of Five responsible for counter espionage Maxwell Knight He was. in charge of planting moles in fascist and communist organisations and other groups. regarded by the government as a threat to national security After 1933 Knight turned his. attention to pro German organisations operating in Britain. After Tom Driberg was brought in he introduced Crowley to the writer of adventure. historical and black magic thrillers Dennis Wheatley whose wife worked as the transport. administration officer for MI5 Wheatley was also personally recruited by Churchill to be. part of a top secret unit in the Cabinet Office planning for total warfare including the use of. poison gas and biological weapons the local defence of Britain if the Germans invaded and. organising a resistance movement if they succeeded Crowley is suppose to have helped. Wheatley with research for his occult novels and arranged introductions to other magicians. There is even a story that while Wheatley denied ever attending any magical ceremony he. and Maxwell Knight might have become Crowley s students. Coincidentally Dennis Wheatley was also a close friend of the occult writer Joan Grant who. wrote bestselling novels about reincarnation such as The Winged Pharoah based on her own. life in Ancient Egyptian Grant practised Rosicrucian type sex magic rites with her. psychiatrist husband She was also a member of the International Order of Co Freemasonry. and when this writer joined a Co Masonic Egyptian themed lodge in the 1970s he was told it. was the one Joan Grant had been in many years before Several of the members remembered. her with fondness As a child in 1914 she had sailed with her parents on the ill fated SS. Lusitania Crowley was on the same voyage and when in New York had visited Grant s. family home because he knew her father Spence 2008 226. The incestuous connection between Maxwell Knight Dennis Wheatley Tom Driberg and. Crowley is that all four men were interested in the occult Knight was also obsessed with. animals and kept grass snakes in the bath of his ground floor Chelsea flat an Amazonian. parrot in the kitchen and a Himalayan monkey in the garden After the war when he had. retired from MI5 Knight started a successful second career He recorded natural history. programmes for BBC radio s Children s Hour under the nickname of Uncle Mac Maxwell. Knight was also bisexual and a friend of Lord Tregedar who was mentioned earlier and also. had a private menagerie, When Knight s wife died in 1936 from a suspected accidental overdose of painkillers. prescribed for her bad back rumours circulated that she had committed suicide after. participating in a magical ritual with Crowley It was even suggested that she was murdered. by her husband for her money and the Great Beast had advised Knight how to do it using his. knowledge of drugs Spence 2008 226 227 Needless to say there is not a shred of evidence. to support either of these stories, When war broke out Crowley was eager to do his bit for king and country and continue his.
pre war relationship with MI6 Both MI5 and the SIS approached and recruited occultists at. the time because of their specialist knowledge and skills On September 10 th 1939 seven. days after the war started and after filling in an application form Crowley was invited to an. interview at the Admiralty in Whitehall This was with Commander C J Lang of the Naval. Intelligence Department NID Only the two men know what happened at this secret. meeting but it has been claimed that when Crowley died in 1946 among his papers was. found a note from the NID acknowledging his war efforts. Another possible clue to Crowley s wartime involvement with intelligence agencies. surfaced in a report sent by the MI6 officer British traitor and Soviet mole Kim Philby to. Moscow Control in 1942 Philby informed his Russian masters that MI6 were investigating a. blackmailing racket linking Royal Air Force officers and members of British high society to. drug smuggling orgies heterosexual and homosexual and black magic rites It was. believed this racket was being run by operatives of the German secret service based in their. embassy in neutral Dublin Coincidentally Crowley s Berlin contact Gerald Hamilton was. interned by the British in 1939 as a potential security risk It was said that the government. was worried about his suspicious communications with the Germany embassy in Dublin. Spence 2008 246, According to Kim Philby who supplied documentary evidence to the KGB that is strangely. missing from SIS files the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley was involved in these. nefarious activities Tsarev and West 1999 316 318 Dr Richard Spence believes that what. the SIS stumbled upon was in fact a clandestine MI5 operation run by Maxwell Knight. possibly aided by Crowley MI5 and MI6 have always been rivals and often did not tell each. other about ongoing operations It may have been part of the sophisticated counter. espionage double cross system created by Five to turn the Nazi spy network in Britain. Ibid 241 As both Crowley and oddly the Soviet ambassador are supposed to have been. involved in organising the alleged sex orgies and Black Masses described by Philby it is. more likely that MI5 were behind it then the Germans Intelligence services from all. countries have always carried out false flag operations and used the dark arts of blackmail. and subversion to expose traitors and recruit foreign agents politicians and dignitaries. The assistant director of British Naval Intelligence during the Second World War was the. eccentric colourful and flamboyant Lt Commander Ian Fleming R N He was of course to. become world famous in the 1950s as the creator of the fictional British spy James Bond 007. who had a licence to kill In fact it is believed that Fleming based his character M the head. of the Secret Service in the books on his friend and colleague Maxwell Knight of MI5 It. was also no mystery why Bond held the rank of a naval commander Fleming also shared. Knight s interest in the occult especially astrology divination and numerology and he also. THE OCCULT WAR Secret Agents Magicians and Hitler Michael Howard It is surprising the number of practitioners of the magical arts and witchcraft who were involved in military and intelligence work during the Second World War Perhaps the best known occult spy operating in the Second World War and in fact long before and whose intelligence career as been well documented is Aleister

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