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THE NORSE MYtHOLOGY, The cosmology of the Norse mythology stands on nine realms DFWXDOO WKH UVW WR VHWWOH WR WKLV YHU ODQG. Asgard Alfheim Helheim Jotunheim Midgard Muspelheim There are many gods and goddesses in the Norse mythol. 1L KHLP 6YDUWDOIKHLP DQG 9DQDKHLP 7KHVH UHDOPV UHVLGH RQ ogy Yet as Svilland is a place that is relatively new settled by. Yggdrasil the tree of life the children of Odin the Allfather neither all the deities nor. Asgard is the home of the gods Odin and most of his pan all the realms are known to them There are 9 major deities. theon reside here The famous hall of Valhalla is in Asgard in the pantheon They have gathered up many believers and. greeting warriors of worth to the endless feast Alfheim is LQ XHQFH WKH UHDOP GHDUO. the realm of light elves They are beautiful creatures ruled by Additionally there are 4 smaller deities Heimdall Ran. JRGGHVV UH MD OWKRXJK UH MD LV YHU LQ XHQWLDO LQ 6YLOODQG Skadi and Ullr They have not gathered many followers yet. there is no passage to Alfheim from this land and thus have not established themselves or distinct domains. Helheim is the realm of the dishonorable dead Those who of divine power in Svilland. are not worthy of Valhalla come here when they die Helheim Odin the Allfather is the god of gods He rules over Asgard. is ruled by Hel Jotunheim is the realm of giants frost and Aegir is the giant god of the seas Balder is the god of poetry. mountain jotnar came from here and beauty Fenrir is the son of Loki He is the giant wolf god. Midgard is the realm of mere mortals It is surrounded of blood and savagery waiting to be released in Ragnarok and. and protected by Jormungandr the serpent of time Svilland murder Odin Freyja is the wife of Odin She is the goddess of. UHVLGHV LQ 0LGJDUG 0XVSHOKHLP LV WKH UHDOP RI UH LUH JLDQWV nature and fertility Hel is the daughter of Loki She is the god. and the Ragnarok bringing Surtr inhabit and are sealed here dess of death and the dead Loki is the blood brother of Odin. 1L KHLP LV WKH UHDOP RI FROG DQG PLVW He is the god of trickery Thor is the son of Odin He is the god. Svartalfheim is the realm of the dvergar Dvergar that came of thunder and enemy of the frost jotnar Tyr is the god of. WR 6YLOODQG WU WR QG WKHLU ZD EDFN WR WKLV UHDOP 9DQDKHLP justice and war. is the realm of Vanir The conquered Vanir of Svilland were. THEME AND ATMOSPHERE, villand is a land of last resort People have escaped here from the deadly Black Winter of the north Their. escape from frost jotnar conquerors resulted in their bloody conquest over the Vanir and kuning Through. the ages they may have founded civilizations kingdoms Yet Svilland will always remain as a land of people. that are at the edge of massacre by a new forthcoming horde The cycle keeps repeating itself as the new replacing. the old and those who settle are never relieved from their survival instinct. Unlike many other Dungeons and Dragons games Svilland Campaign Setting has an atmosphere that is ruthless. grim and dark Heroes here become so with bloody challenges of the mortal and the divine alike The pantheon. of Odin the Allfather does not provide protection and power out of lightly love of some D D gods The gods and. JRGGHVVHV RI 6YLOODQGHUV GHVLUH EORRG VDFUL FHV DQG ZHDYH YLFLRXV WHVWV RYHU PRUWDOV WR VHH WKHLU ZRUWK LYLQLW LV. not inherent it is earned often through deadly means. 7KH FXOWXUHV RI 6YLOODQG UH HFW WKLV FRVPRORJ DV ZHOO LQJV DQG TXHHQV QHHG WR EH WRXJK DQG ZRUWK RI ZDU DV. much as they need to be respected by their kin As kingdoms are not fully established and rather are gatherings of. warlords political struggle and raids on villages are a common part of Svillanders way of life. Consequently adventurers in Svilland are not well greeted everywhere Because of the mistrust between dif. ferent races or even clans commoners in a town don t often greet strangers with a warm welcome Still bardship. DQG VWRU WHOOLQJ DUH FRPPRQ DUWV RI WKH ODQG V DQ DGYHQWXUHU RXU DFFRPSOLVKPHQWV PD TXLFNO QG WKHLU ZD. to the tongues of people Reputation is hard to earn but it is well respected once it is earned. As many places are in constant threat by hostile clans jarls or monsters in the wilderness there is always a. JKW WKDW RX FDQ SURYH RXUVHOI ZRUWK WR 9DOKDOOD 2Q WKH RWKHU KDQG RX VKRXOG QRW ORVH RXU YLJLODQFH ZKHQ. you are travelling You should keep an eye on the horizon and set up patrols among your party Those who are ar. rogant enough to underestimate their opponent or hunt may become the hunted quite fast. campaign setting, DESIGNERS NLQ 7RSDQR OX OLFDQ HYHOLR OX HO UHP G Q 8PXW dRPDN DUN Q 7RNDODN DQG. VOLUNTEER DESIGNERS Apostol Apostolov Sharif Adam,Thank you so much for your help guys. EDITORS Ayseg l G rzumar Burak T rk z, INTERIOR ART g JH QJ U DWLK g W UN gPHU 7XQo 8PXW dRPDN DQG 7LWKL XDGWKRQJ.
e ART DIRECTOR 8PXW dRPDN,LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC DESIGN 8PXW dRPDN. 2019 Dream Realm Storytellers, Svilland Campaign Setting is published by Dream Realm Storytellers under the Open Game License version 1 0a Copyright 2000 Wizards. of the Coast Inc Dream Realm Storytellers logo Svilland Campaign Setting and 5e logos are trademarks of Dream Realm Storytellers All characters. and the distinctive likenesses thereof are property of Dream Realm Storytellers. 3URGXFW GHQWLW 7KH IROORZLQJ LWHPV DUH KHUHE LGHQWL HG DV 3URGXFW GHQWLW DV GH QHG LQ WKH 2SHQ DPH LFHQVH YHUVLRQ D DQG DUH QRW 2SHQ. Content All trademarks proper names dialogues plots storylines locations characters artworks and trade dress. Test Players,Andrew Wikstrom Andrew Wilkins Apostol Apostolov. Calum Churchill Gavin Baumber GavinRuneblade Grace. XNHQV DFN RRWK RVKXD RRGURIIH DLWO Q RUND, lot Lenin Tapia Mason Siebert Nathaniel Wright Robert. Soderquist Shane Sharif Stefan Ligety ryan treangen. shawn Suat Deniz Vural Onurhan Ekinci G rkem Demir. PUH g PHUW FH DOHQGHU 7X FDQ LOPH RPDOLV WLOOD,www dreamrealmstorytellers com.
Table of Contents,History 1 2 Alsvartr Runestones 137. Austere Woods 29,Campaigns in Svilland Iron Sands 32 Monsters and. Sea Shield 34 the Wilderness,Deities of Svilland North Assembly 35. Aegir 3 Riverside 36 Monsters,Balder 3 West Vale 39. Fenrir 4 Cursed Warrior 142,Freyja 4 Green Lights of the East Draugrs 143.
Hel 4 Dvergr of Gulbolrhum 147,Loki 5 Drundanland 41 Isa Worm 148. Odin 5 Eastern Look 42 Hel s Spring 149,Thor 5 Forest of Rengorn 43 Tormented Soul 150. Tyr 5 Riverburn 46 Hel Staghead 151,Lesser Deities 6 Southern Shores 46 Hel Brute 152. Thora 48 Hel Beast 153,Races of Svilland Huldra 154. Austri 7 New Character Options Humanoids 155,Dvergr 7 Giants 161.
Half Jotun 8,Runewalker 51,Dream Realm 63,Groove Guardian 163. Spirits 164,Troldfolk 167,Valkyrie 169,Vestri 11 Alle Oaths 64. Barbarian Archetypes 69 Vanir Beast 171,Cults of Svilland Bard Traditions 71 Wyrms 172. Faceless 13 Fighter Archetypes 74, Fangs of Fenrir 13 Gothi Domains 77 The Wilderness 174. Loki s Bastards 14 Ranger Archetypes 91 Weather Conditions 179. Mesiah Devoted 14 Sorcerous Origins 94,Odd s Oath 15 Friends and Foes.
Odin s Vargr 16 Backgrounds, Rune Keepers 16 Destined 101 Bergljot Denildottir 181. Shield of Tyr 16 Thrall 102 Gudrick 182, Temple of Freyja 17 Karl 103 Hanlon the Real King 183. Tyr s Judges 17 Reverend 103 Gizur 184,Remnants of Vanir 18 Aleson the Arisen 185. Small Organizations 18 New Feats 105 Arnlaug Meadbane 186. Aukan Skollson 187,Lands of Svilland Spells and Rituals HUR 7R YRQHQ. Harald Droggarson 190,Kingdom of Nionaem,Bjargfold 19 Spell Lists 107 Gunborg Danica 191.
Spell Descriptions 108 DW NDQ 7KH DQGHUHU,East Range 22. Sea s Breath 24 Items and Equipment,Sea Horn 27,Armor and Shields 123. Magic Items 124,LRPMBSAR ML, here is a land of frozen winters and endless howling winds A land whose people value iron gold fame. and the gods above else They sail and raid for the sake of wealth and honorable death Those who falter. visit the grim and dark halls of Helheim and the others win everlasting riches and fame in the golden. halls of Valhalla This land is called Svilland,WHAT IS THIS BOOK. Svilland Campaign Setting is a Norse themed dark and grim fantasy book made for D D 5e. LWKLQ WKHVH SDJHV ERWK WKH XQJHRQ 0DVWHU DQG SOD HUV ZLOO QG D JXLGH WR WKH OLIH DQG FXOWXUH RI 6YLO. HRQ 0DVWHU DQG SOD HUV ZLOO QG D JXLGH WR WKH OLIH DQG FXOWXUH RI 6YLO. ODQGHUV KLOH UHDGLQJ RX ZLOO QG RXUVHOI EHWZHHQ ZDUULRUV ZLWK ZROYHV LQ WKHLU KHDUWV ZKRVH OXVW IRU ZDU. RXUVHOI EHWZHHQ ZDUULRUV ZLWK ZROYHV LQ WKHLU KHDUWV ZKRVH OXVW IRU ZDU. pride wealth and freedom could be matched by no other. Here is a summary of the chapters in this book, History of Svilland 7KLV FKDSWHU H SODLQV DOO WKH WKUHH DJHV DQG WKH LPSRU.
H SODLQV DOO WKH WKUHH DJHV DQG WKH LPSRU,tant historical events within them. CHAPTER 1 Campaigns In Svilland and All the information about deities. of Svilland races living on this land organizations and cults formed by. these races and the geography they are re living on can be found in this. CHAPTER 2 New Character Options ions New class, archetype feat and background options ons are waiting for. both DMs and players to be chosen in n this chapter All of. these options will make you feel a part rt of the Svillandic. culture and Norse mythology, CHAPTER 3 Spells and Rituals Spells in this chapter. UH HFW WKH P VWHULHV DQG PLUDFOHV LQ 1RUVH P WKRORJ. Also there are rituals used by the cults,They are hard to complete demand too. 1RUVH P WKRORJ,ts in Svilland,and reward abundantly in return.
CHAPTER 4 Items and Equipment nt Both,magical and nonmagical equipment are listed. in this chapter Weapons and armors are,remade for the sake of historical accu u. racy Additionally there is a new typee of,magic items runestones They invokee spells. relevant to the runes inscribed on them em,CHAPTER 5 Monsters and Wilder er. ness While adventuring through Svilland,lland you will.
face many merciless monsters from draugrs to, wyrms Also not only monsters but also lso the land. and weather itself can be the enemy sometimes,KHLU SOD HUV. 0V FDQ QG DOO WKH QHHG WR PDNH WKHLU SOD HUV,drown in pain and sorrow in this chapter. CHAPTER 6 Friends and Foes Iss there no one,ou in your. in these frozen lands that will help you,are you should.
quest Of course there are Still beware,not trust everyone. U SURIHVVLRQDO,7KLV ERRN LV WKH UVW ELJ VWHS LQ RXU SURIHVVLRQDO. TTRPG lives as Dream Realm Storytellers lers We gladly. thank to everyone who stands with uss in,this adventure We hope that you willl. enjoy this book as much as we did writing,DREAM REALM STORYTELLERS. he history of Svilland is old there are few who knows about it and they tell the story as a myth It did not begin with. the Svillanders it dates back to the chaotic times of old Vanir gods Svillanders came across the wild and ruined lands. after crossing Ymir s Lash Although the name given by Vanir to this land is unknown they have called it Svilland. the land of ice The story you will read is the story of Svilland s three ages The past is forgotten in Vanirs ruins and ancient. Second Age, Before Svilland Both sages older ones and the spirits tell the stories of the.
Second Age At the beginning of this age the only authority. The elderly tell the story of an old war It was such a war of the land was Eastern Horn In the west on the other hand. that reigned from the grey waves of northern seas to the there were rebellious groups raiders and crowded nomads. highest skies fought from the majestic mountains to peace Slon reunited these groups into the beginning of a large. IXO SODLQV QG LW QDOO VWUXFN WKH ZKROH JUDVVLOO W ZDV civilization. At the same time a High Seidr Council was assembled to. the savage war between the Aesir and the Vanir Without. any apparent reason ages long rivalry turned into an ages prevent the Black Winter from gaining more power They. long war The only thing we know is that Aesir won the used their spirit magic to hold the winter in the north un. war the Vanir being cursed and murdered by Odin and his able to come south In order to do that seidrs were settled. pantheon as a result down to the towers of the Ymir s Lash Mountains Their. There were some who resisted the carnage from both settling also created small villages and towns around the. sides Still Odin s fury swallowed whole Svilland drifting WRZHUV 7KH LJK 6HLGU RXQFLO PHW HYHU VL PRQWKV LQ D. the land into a state of chaos There was only one Vanir left congregation which was strictly forbidden for others to par. UH MD 6KH KDV VDFUL FHG KHU ERG DQG VRXO WR HVLU LQ RUGHU ticipate In time this consortium gave important decisions. to end the war And Aesir accepted her as equal Other about the errands to the north. Vanirs who survive have escaped to the east with the hope. of being left alone,Svilland had been abandoned by gods and goddesses. but valor bravery and war never left the land Many years. have past and many people lived and died The new ages. This era witnessed some major events and the most nam. DEOH RQH LV WKH DVFHQVLRQ RI HDU LQJ H WRRN WKH WKURQH. to rule the western lands widely He became a great warrior. king At the time of him the west gained power and started. to challenge Eastern Horn The two kingdoms shared their. came in three VXSUHPDF RQ 6YLOODQG DV DQGV RI WKH HDU LQJ DQG LQJ. THE NORSE MYtHOLOGY S villand is a land of last resort People have escaped here from the deadly Black Winter of the north Their escape from frost jotnar conquerors resulted in their bloody conquest over the Vanir and kuning Through the ages they may have founded civilizations kingdoms Yet Svilland will always remain as a land of people that are at the edge of massacre by a new

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