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2009 by Network for Good,Copyright holder is licensing this. under the Creative Commons,Please feel free to post this on. your website blog or social,network or email it to whomever. you believe would benefit from,reading it Thanks,If you d like to inquire about a co. branded version of this guide for your,chapter conference or association.
please email us for details,Written by Kivi Leroux Miller of. NonprofitMarketingGuide com,THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE. Network for Good s,Seven Steps to Better Nonprofit Email. Ready to Become an Email Marketing Superhero 4,Why Your Nonprofit Should Do Email Marketing 6. Step 1 Get a Good Email Service Provider 8,Step 2 Get Your Mailing List into Shape 11.
Step 3 Figure Out What Your Readers Want 15,Step 4 Compose Email Works of Beauty 19. Step 5 Make Your Microcontent Even Better 22,Step 6 Design Your Email Messages 26. Step 7 Track Your Results and Improve Your Program 31. Appendix Sample Nonprofit Email Template 36,Receive this from a friend You can. download a soft copy of this guide from,www fundraising123 org. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE,Ready to Become an Email Marketing Superhero.
Email marketing comprises a key piece of the marketing mix pie. and this guide will walk you through more than half a dozen. strategies to improve your relationship building branding and. fundraising results Email service providers ESPs like Network. for Good specialize in getting these important messages. delivered and providing robust reporting With a healthy. combination of best practices keep reading continual. testing and partnering with the right ESP you ll be on the road to effective email. outreach And yes these ESPs and their services are available to nonprofits of all. shapes and sizes, Before we dive into the meat of this guide let s make sure you ve got that partnering. with the right ESP step checked off We want to ensure you ll get the most bang for. your e book buck and to challenge you to say most bang for your e book buck five. times fast, If You re Still Using Outlook to Send Your E newsletters. Many nonprofit organizations get started with email marketing by sending out e. newsletters via Microsoft Outlook Gmail etc But beware there are rules caveats. landmines and poison darts ok so we have a bit of a flair for the dramatic awaiting. the nonprofit using Outlook and its many cousins for email outreach While these are. fine solutions for 1 to 1 email they weren t designed for sending email newsletters or. fundraising appeals to groups of people Here are six reasons why using Outlook or. something similar for a nonprofit s email marketing is a recipe for disaster and why. you d benefit from partnering with an ESP,Your emails may look terrible. You may get blacklisted,THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE. You can say hello to your recipients spam junk or bulk. mail folder, Send emails to thousands of recipients and you ll get all.
the bouncebacks and autoreplies from them,You might be breaking the law CAN SPAM. You won t know if anyone is reading your emails,If You re Considering an ESP Change up. There are two basic tip offs that it s time to say good bye to your current email. provider when you re no longer satisfied with the ESP when the ESP cannot meet. your needs Here are a few problem areas to keep an eye on to help make your. decision clearer,Recognizing deliverability problems. Not getting a high level of customer service, Making sure you have the opportunity to brand your emails as opposed to. using generic email templates,If You Need a Suggestion for a Stellar ESP.
Whether you re looking for a new ESP or shopping for the first time. we re happy to tell you more about Network for Good s solution. EmailNow powered by Emma EmailNow provides all of the reporting. deliverability and flexibility necessary to follow all of the tips and. tricks in this guide You don t need to be a graphic designer HTML. expert or email deliverability guru to send beautiful effective email. campaigns and surveys to your supporters our team s got you covered with. unlimited customer support branded email templates and high rates of deliverability. Email Network for Good at fundraising123 networkforgood org to learn more. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE,Why Your Nonprofit Should Do Email Marketing. If you are reading this guide we suspect you are already convinced of. the merits of using email to keep your supporters informed and. involved in your good cause and yes to raise money for it too But. Bank Balance Battered, just in case you need a little backup in those conversations with any. Don t Cut Your Email, curmudgeons around you here are a few of the best reasons why your. nonprofit should embark on an email marketing program. While the economic news may,not be the cheeriest these days It s cheap. we ve got some good news for,you about the return you ll get It s fast.
on those email marketing,dollars Email can provide more It s empowering. than double the cost,effectiveness compared to other. online marketing methods,It has a great ROI that s return on investment. According to an October 2008 It works,report by the Direct Marketing. Association the return on Seriously,investment for email was 45.
for every 1 spent as opposed, Email marketing costs pennies on the dollar compared to print. to non email Internet,marketing s 19, marketing What would take days if not weeks to send out to your. supporters in the mail you can deliver to their inboxes in minutes. and if you really need to send another update out just as quickly the. next day With the right inspiring words and a clear call to action you. can empower your supporters to click on a link and help you change. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE,Email marketing works and thousands of nonprofits. are using it every day to build support for their,issues rally volunteers and advocates and give. donors faster easier and more efficient ways to, contribute financially They are investing in great.
email marketing and their supporters are investing. in them and their causes What We Are NOT Talking About. An email newsletter is not,That s the why Sounds good right. A PDF you send attached to an email, The problem is that for every great email message a message. nonprofit sends out there are at least another 10 A one line email asking readers to. that are terrible Boring Wordy Vague Ugly Not click a link to download your PDF. newsletter, informative inspiring or motivating A one line email asking readers to. read your newsletter on your website, That s why we have created this guide to show you Your print newsletter copied and. how to seize the opportunity that email marketing pasted into an email message. provides for your nonprofit and to do it the right. Instead an email newsletter is a complete, way We re giving you a little strategy and a whole email message that can stand on its own.
lot of nitty gritty tips to create email campaigns and with links back to your website where. individual messages that your supporters will look readers can get more information or take. forward to receiving and that will help you build a action. sustainable organization,Before you send out your first email message you. need to set yourself up for success by putting your. email marketing system in place At the heart of that. system are two pieces your email service provider,and your mailing list. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE, Good Nonprofit Email and Step 1 Get a Good Email Service Provider. Bad Nonprofit Email, How do you send emails to supporters and others who want to hear. Good Nonprofit Email from you,Addresses the reader directly.
An email marketing tool built with nonprofits in mind. Is short think hundreds of Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. words not thousands Carrier pigeons,Can be skimmed in a few. seconds which means you ve If you answered anything but the first in that list we re here to sound. included great headlines, the bad idea alarm We won t get into why carrier pigeons are a. subheads and link text, Focuses on just a few items poor decision Let s just say their delivery time isn t up to snuff and. and ideally only one clean up is a nightmare And honestly doing email marketing from. Directs the reader to some your desktop email program isn t much better. kind of next step even if,that s just learn more, Many nonprofit organizations get started with email marketing by. Is designed for the preview, pane sending out e newsletters via Outlook or Google s Gmail But beware.
there are rules caveats amd landmines awaiting the nonprofit using. Bad Nonprofit Email Outlook or Gmail for email outreach. Must be thoroughly read not, While Outlook and its many cousins are fine for 1 to 1 email they. skimmed in order to be, understood weren t designed for sending email newsletters or fundraising appeals. Involves scrolling lots and to groups of people To do this effectively you need an Email Service. lots of scrolling Provider Already have an ESP You are ready to skip to Step 2 If not. Covers too many topics keep reading,Sounds academic or formal. Leaves the reader hanging, Uses generic email templates Email Service Providers ESPs are companies that specialize in. like Winter or The Green delivering your email to your mailing list for you You create the. One message and you control your mailing list but all of that data is stored. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE, on their computers and your messages are sent out through their mail.
servers You login to your account on their website to create your. messages manage your mailing list send your messages and track. what happens after the message goes out,An Email Service Provider. Built for Nonprofits Many different providers serve the nonprofit community and provide. competitive services and affordable rates including Network for Good s. Network for Good s EmailNow EmailNow powered by Emma. was built by email marketing, experts to do the tough stuff for But an ESP like Network for Good does much more than deliver your. you It allows you to send,messages Look what else they ll do. beautiful email appeals without,having to become a designer or. a software engineer or someone Create sign up forms for your website Your website needs a. who knows HTML or the CAN way for new supporters to sign up directly for your mailing list. SPAM regulations Your provider will help you do this by giving you the HTML code. for your sign up form so you can add it to your website and or. The secret We built in all the by hosting a sign up form on their website that you can link to. expertise you need right into,from yours,EmailNow and then priced it.
right We re a nonprofit that, understands that s what other Manage bounces unsubscribes etc People change their. nonprofits need email addresses all the time and change their minds about which. lists they want to be on Using an ESP automates the process of. To see how EmailNow makes managing the individual records on your mailing list Readers. managing your email campaigns can unsubscribe themselves instead of you doing it by hand and. a snap visit, they can often update their email addresses all by themselves. www networkforgood org npo, too When you send a message to an email address that is no. longer active the ESP will remove that record from your list for. THE NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING GUIDE, Analyze the results Your ESP will give you statistics about your email campaigns. that you could never create on your own Data like who is opening your email and. what links they are clicking on can help you create even better more relevant. content for your subscribers next time, Help you comply with the spam laws Nonprofits must comply with the federal.
CAN SPAM law and your ESP will help you do that by automatically including. unsubscribe links and your physical mailing address in the messages you send. Why You Really Truly Can t Do This Out of Your Own Email Account. It may not happen right away but if you repeatedly send the same message to large numbers of. email addresses at some point your Internet Service Provider the company that connects you to. the Internet and or sends and receives email on your behalf will cut you off and may even label you. as a spammer You won t be able to send email to your boss your best friend anyone at all let. alone your mailing list of supporters And sending e newsletters by putting lots of names in the BCC. or heaven forbid the CC or TO field marks you as an amateur. Doing it on your own is also incredibly time consuming splitting up your list into smaller groups to. get your email program to send the message responding to all those people who want on or off your. list dealing with all of those bounced emails that end up flooding your inbox every time you send All. of these administrative tasks eat up valuable time you should be spending on creating great content. You also have no way to track who is opening your messages and clicking on your links making. measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns nearly impossible And odds are you aren t in. compliance with the federal CAN SPAM regulations either. Paying for an ESP is well worth every dime you ll spend on it and if you follow the advice in this

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