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2 Quality Food Products and Sustainable Development. 4 Our Principles Values and Culture,5 The Nestl Corporate Business Principles. 5 The Nestl Corporate Governance Principles, 6 The Basic Nestl Management and Leadership Principles. 7 Auditing Adherence to the Nestl Corporate,Business Principles. 8 Sustainable Economic Performance and Development. 9 Long term Reliable Returns for Shareholders,10 Investor Relations. 10 Impact on Food Production and National Economies. 14 Food Business and Agricultural Development,Investment in Human Capacity.
15 Purchase of Agricultural Raw Materials,18 Sustainable Environmental Practices. 19 Environment Progress Report 2000, 19 Integrated Approach Throughout the Supply Chain. 21 Water as a Key Priority, 25 Systematic Management of Environmental Performance. 26 Sustainable Social Development,27 Relationships with our Employees. 27 Long term relationships,27 Training transfer of technology.
and accumulated know how,28 Safe work environments. 29 Nestl labour and employment practices,30 Right to association. 31 Safeguarding employment during restructuring,31 Child labour. 32 Relationships with our Suppliers,and Business Partners. 32 Audits of industrial suppliers,32 Anti corruption measures.
33 Relationships with Consumers and Society,33 Quality safety and nutritional value. 36 Research and innovation for food safety,quality and enhanced well being. 37 Listening to consumers,40 Advertising to consumers and children. 41 Marketing of breast milk substitutes,41 Infant formula marketing audits. 44 Involvement in Communities,46 The Future,Quality Food Products and.
Sustainable Development, At Nestl we define sustainable development as the process. of increasing the world s access to higher quality food while. contributing to long term social and economic development. and preserving the environment for future generations. In the 135 year life of Nestl our fundamental approach to. business has been the creation of long term sustainable value. for our consumers customers employees shareholders and. society as a whole The Nestl Corporate Business Principles. state openly that we favour long term business development over. short term profit While we are committed to making a healthy. profit we instruct managers not to do so at the expense of long. term sustainable development, As we move ahead in the 21st century we believe produced in a sustainable way Even though we own. that a business strategy based on high quality food no agricultural land our approach has been through. and beverage products can only be maintained technical assistance to improve the farming methods. by business practices based on the principles of and standard of living of millions of farmers. long term sustainable development, This is Nestl s initial effort to report on sustainable. In this report we attempt to describe how we practice development attempting to describe our impact. and implement the principles of sustainable on the well being of people and the planet As such. development where we have direct influence and it is a step on a journey as opposed to an end. impact on economies societies and environments point in itself In addition we have produced more. detailed reports entitled Environment Progress, For everyone in our company our responsibilities and Report 2000 and Nestl in the Community and. values are reflected in our commitment to the our annual Management Report provides. Nestl Corporate Business Principles These set out details on financial performance You will find. the basic rules we follow to make sure we maintain information on these and other publications at the. the highest standards of conduct This report end of this report. presents some key performance measures and, figures and shows how we endeavour to put our We are committed to being open and transparent.
Principles into practice and to listening to the views of others as we move. forward in sustainable development For this reason. In meeting our commitment to be a leader in we invite you to use the enclosed card or to write to. sustainable development we build on two us www nestle com with any comments and. of the essential pillars of our long term strategy suggestions you may have after reading this report. innovation renovation and operational efficiency,We innovate in new products and technologies. to meet the present and future needs of our,consumers in an increasingly sustainable manner. and we improve or renovate existing products and, technologies for the same reasons We are dedicated. to continuous improvement in the efficient use of,resources resulting not only in lower operating. costs but also in a lower impact on the environment. Managing our activities in accordance with,the principles of sustainable development makes.
good business sense,Given the company s focus on high quality food. safety nutritional value and consumer appeal Nestl Peter Brabeck Letmathe. needs to purchase high quality agricultural goods Chief Executive Officer. Our Principles,and Culture, Our values and principles are elaborated in the Nestl. Corporate Business Principles These were issued in 1998 and. updated in 2002 in order to integrate all existing business. principles at Nestl into one single document now,incorporating our Corporate Governance Principles. The updated version includes all nine principles of. the UN Secretary General s Global Compact regarding. labour standards human rights and the environment,Nestl Sustainability Review. The Nestl Corporate The Nestl Corporate Governance. Business Principles Principles, Some of the basic Nestl values and principles are The Principles incorporate our official Nestl.
Corporate Governance Principles which cover, Favouring long term development over short term four essential areas the rights and responsibilities. profit of shareholders the equitable treatment, Long term commitments and relationships of shareholders the duties and responsibilities. Respect for and integration with diverse cultures of the Board of Directors and disclosure. Proper conduct and ethical values as basic and transparency. requirements for our management and employees, Recognition that consumers deserve information Members of the Nestl Board of Directors are. about the products they buy and the company nominated and carry out their duties according. behind the brand to Swiss law The Board has a high degree. of independence as all are non executive members, These Principles have been translated into over with the exception of the administrateur d l gu. forty languages and all Nestl managers are required CEO the Board member delegated to actively. to know and abide by them They are incorporated manage the company. into our ongoing training programmes particularly, for new employees Regarding public disclosure the Financial Statements.
of the Nestl Management Report 2001 include, Topics covered in the Nestl Corporate Business more detailed information on the remuneration of. Principles include national legislation and members of the Nestl Board of Directors and the. international recommendations consumers children Nestl Executive Management Group. as consumers infant health and nutrition human, rights human resources and the workplace child The Board is also ultimately responsible for. labour business partners conflicts of interest overseeing and implementing all the Nestl. relationships with suppliers competition external Corporate Business Principles It is worth noting. relations protection of the environment water policy that Mr Stephan Schmidheiny one of the members. agricultural raw materials and compliance of the Nestl Board is also one of the founders. of the World Business Council for Sustainable,Development a leading organisation. in environmental matters,Nestl is registered in Switzerland and governed. under Swiss company law While shareholders,of Swiss companies have to meet greater.
requirements for introducing shareholder resolutions. than in some other countries Nestl shareholders, exercise a number of additional rights in comparison. with shareholders of companies registered in many,other countries For example. Our Principles Values and Culture,Shareholders decide on the appropriation. of profits resulting from the balance sheet,of Nestl S A and in particular they determine. the amount of the dividend,Shareholders adopt and amend the Articles.
of Association,Shareholders can place items on the agenda and. ask questions at General Meetings in accordance,with the Articles of Association. The Basic Nestl Management, Nestl applies the principle of one share one vote and Leadership Principles. up to a maximum of 3 of the total shares, at the time of the publication of this review no one A companion document to the Principles is The Basic. shareholder owned more than 3 of the total Nestl Management and Leadership Principles. amount of Nestl shares This helps to protect the document Developed in 1997 this important. large number of small Nestl shareholders against document lays out the fundamental guiding principles. potential pressure coming from a small number of for management behaviour selection and promotion. large shareholders This document summarises the essential basic. elements of Nestl culture, It also helps avoid hostile take overs of the company.
thereby maintaining and safeguarding a system of, social values built up by our company over decades. of business activity, Dow Jones in 64 industry groups Innovation Governance. Sustainability Index from 33 countries The and relationships with. companies are selected shareholders employees, Nestl S A is included by a systematic and other stakeholders. in the Dow Jones assessment of corporate,Sustainability Index sustainability practices. This Index includes Companies included in,about 200 companies the index actively lead.
that represent the top their industries and,10 of the leading set industry wide best. sustainability companies practices in Strategy,Auditing Adherence to the Nestl. Corporate Business Principles, With some 200 local internal auditors in the markets. and a team of 25 corporate auditors reporting,to the Head of Auditing at our international. headquarters we have a system in place which,allows us to continuously monitor that the Nestl.
Corporate Business Principles are being,implemented in all the countries where we operate. The Principles are published on the Nestl Intranet. site so that all employees can read and understand. the criteria used,The corporate auditors travel continuously from. country to country and visit all Nestl factories local. head offices distribution centres and sales offices. on a systematic basis Audit findings are reported,to the Head of Corporate Auditing and the CEO. of Nestl S A as well as the person responsible for. the Nestl market or the respective country,manager The Audit Committee of the Nestl Board. of Directors is informed of all significant findings. These internal auditing procedures for the Principles. have been verified by our external auditors KPMG,NESTL CARRIES OUT ITS GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY.
BY TAKING A LONG TERM APPROACH TO STRATEGIC,DECISION MAKING THAT RECOGNISES THE INTERESTS. OF OUR CONSUMERS SHAREHOLDERS BUSINESS,PARTNERS AND THE WORLD WIDE ECONOMIES. IN WHICH IT OPERATES, Extract from the Nestl Corporate Business Principles. Sustainable Economic,Performance and Development, A key feature of Nestl s approach is to locate aspects of. production in the developing world rather than to simply. source raw materials there 45 of our factories are situated in. such countries and 48 of our employees are located in. developing countries even though these countries represent. less than a third of our sales Nestl has publicly stated that a. fundamental principle of its economic investments is that. they should be good for the country and good for the. company In this way Nestl seeks to be a true partner in. sustainable development,Nestl s fundamental purpose is to meet the needs.
of its customers and consumers for quality food,products that offer value for money By doing this. successfully we generate long term sustainable, economic results and development for all those with. a stake in the business With factories located, in more than 80 countries and with Nestl companies. in virtually every country in the world the effects. of our business development are felt by economies,around the globe. Long Term Reliable Returns,for Shareholders,This occurs in different ways For example through.
technology transfer through apprentice programmes At Nestl we are committed to the sustainable. and training local employees to international increase in the value of our shares and our share. standards as well as by paying taxes which help price has experienced an eighteen fold increase over. fund local infrastructure construction Nestl the last 20 years From 1970 to 2000 Nestl shares. is contributing to sustainable economic development outperformed the Morgan Stanley Capital Index. around the world and at the same time improving of Swiss blue chip stock companies by over 250. the quality of foods that are locally available and the Morgan Stanley World Blue Chip Stock Index. The Nestl Sustainability Review GGood Food Good Lifeood Food Good Life Contents 2 Quality Food Products and Sustainable Development 4 Our Principles Values and Culture 5 The Nestl Corporate Business Principles 5 The Nestl Corporate Governance Principles 6 The Basic Nestl Management and Leadership Principles 7 Auditing Adherence to the Nestl Corporate Business Principles 8

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