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THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, For far to long we as a people have consistently continued to not only validated the. intentional erroneous misdescriptions placed upon us by others who WE ALLOW to. act as the designated authorities defining Who We Are We have not only. permitted them to stand as our sanctioned higher authority to PROCLAIM WHAT. OUR ANCESTRY IS we vehemently support and even defend their right to place upon. us what ever titles Indian Negro Colored Latino Hispanic Black and or African. American they so,choose This,impotent behavior,is not merely ill. advised this,o b s e s s i v e,abandonment of,our cultural self. preservation has,major negative, determinants of the self imposed social marginalization and horndions infirmities we find.
ourselves embroiled within to this very today as history continues repeating itself. Why do we continue to enthusiastically support long. recognized inaccuracies and outrageously inappropriate. label designations such as calling Aboriginal Indigenous. Americans INDIAN and or African American even when now. we know better And,further do so to such a,great degree of. welcomed acceptance,that we not only fervently,advance ludicrously. illegitimate Eurocentric, historical inaccuracies we readily promote and very often. actually defend as truth the false assertions of these. transparent agendas not only academically in our schools. but even more voluntarily in our own sacred institutions of. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey,worship BLACK Churches Why do we so, readily aid and abet the inevitable confusion of our.
children by not insisting upon a change of school,curriculums from those which uses our hard earned. tax dollars printing erroneous course study books, and paying our children s teachers to further such. myths as Christopher Columbus DISCOVERING,anything If you stop to think about it doesn t it. come across, to you as even a little bit oddly suspicious not to. mention transparently convenient that the name,Christopher Columbus literally translates.
to Christianity Colonizing Click here to access, more detailed information regarding the truth about Christopher Columbus. What common sense sound logic or insidiously,self destructive design compels us to simply. continue the historical status quo of handing over. our innocent children s pliable minds to group,who s agendas have historically proven with. empirical evidence never favored our wellbeing, Why continue allowing others to stand as the Self appointed Architects of OUR. History when in fact TRUTH HAS ALWAYS DIFFERED SO DRASTICALLY. FROM SO MANY FABRICATED EUROCENTRIC CLIMS Why do we with. such UNYIELDING CONSISTENCY continue so enthusiastically to force our. children to habitually engrain such toxic falsities as. though the Eurocentric fanciful distortions and often. flat out lies were even ever true at any point within. reality Why wouldn t our children be aimlessly, confused while angry chasing the smoke and mirrors.
of failed Civil rights bestowals of days gone by when. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey,their focus should unquestionably be on. enforcing their INALIENABLE AND,UNALIENABLE GOD GIVEN HUMAN. RIGHTS as is protected Under ALL,International Law as delineated within the. U S Ratified Charter guaranteeing globally,The Rights of Indigenous People WHICH IN.
FACT IS Constitutionally THE INDISPUTABLE LAW OF THE LAND. These deeply intrenched Institutionalized rewritings. of history which most simply take for granted as truth. such as Pulitzer s 1833 Prize Winning Teachers Guide. THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA AN OUT GROWTH,OF THE CONQUEST OF THE MOORS introducing. the myth of Christopher Columbus discovering, America is a clear example of a Corrosive GLOBAL Cosmological. Framework of mentally manipulative Eurocentric belief systems designed to. foster manufactured false pride while securely,anchoring DUPLICITOUS CORNERSTONES of what. the average individual SHOULD accept as simple,common sense facts which everyone should know. Anyone of sound mind that is It would not at all be. odd to fine the question WHO,DISCOVERED AMERICA as.
being a question on a Mental,Competency Test in which any answer. other than Christopher Columbus would, be counted as a sign of mental instability Following this. logic a sign of a healthy mind would be to believe the. fictions caricature Columbus also discovered INDIANS. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, Appropriately Public Schools should only teach TRUTH an example of which. would be that the term INDIAN only applies to the people of INDIA not the. Indigenous and or Aboriginal Natives of this American Continent And this fact. should in turn most certainly be IMMEDIATELY followed by a FULL truthful. explanation of who WE Native Indigenous and Aboriginal American really are. What is the fear stoping these truth from being told. This is why such slogans as Say It Loud I m Black And I m Proud BLACK PRIDE. IS BLACK POWER and Black Live Matter will remain feckless The reason for. this is metaphysical physiological and of course LEGAL as has been well. understood since the time of Henry Campbell Black Sigmund. Freud and his lesser known yet far more influential nephew. Edward Bernays Understand the possible Bush Family. blood ties to the self proclaimed Beast may,also aid one in understanding the New World.
Order s psychological links and actual blood ties, to the sinister underbelly as to why certain evils. have proven spiritually profitable for some A, study of Henry Campbell Black s work unquestionably the world s. most widely respected Legal Dictionary will aid one in arriving at a clear. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, understanding of not only the legal reason why identifying one s self as a. BLACK person IN FACT LEGALLY places yourself into a Social Category and. actual legal classification and status known as Civilliter Mortuus which. LEGALLY LAWFULLY and LITERALLY means DEAD IN THE EYS OF. THE LAW Another startling FACT which may seem even more bizarre to the. average individual is The Legal Definition of White Person is Referencing Page 1769 of. Black Law s Dictionary 4th Ed NOT EUROPIAN NOR OF INDO EUROPIAN ANCESTRY It. goes on further to identify the term White Person not only as being us the. indigenous and aboriginal Native American Moors who currently in this country. are most commonly referred to as BLACK and or African. American close inspection of the worlds most reparable Legal. Dictionary provides a newfound appreciation of how the term. White Person is in fact merely a USURPED STATUS, Identifier manifested as result of the Naturalization Act of 1790.
Studying World Renown Legal References such as the. aforementioned Blacks Law Dictionary BOUVIER S LAW. DICTIONARY and other well respected scholarly works will. help one to easily discover the true irony in the well known adage. If you want to hide something from BLACK FOLK put it a Book. The truth in such idioms become even more apparent when we come to. understand such realities as the fact that the term MINORITY has nothing. to do with numbers but in legal terms refers to us as a people not being. response able enough to handle our affairs beyond that of a Minor Child. That s one reason the National Nightly Network News recently proclaimed. According to the most recent National Census Population. Assessments Minorities are now America s New Majority If it were. the number or quantity of individuals they were referring to apposed to the. QUALITY and STUSUS comprising our social construct it would not have. been such an oxymoronically transparent truth defining report. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, The study of words their common denotative utilities as well as. Etymological Origins which often reveal their true and less well known. connotative legal definitions have always struck me as fascinating. Etymologically Interestingly,enough stemming from the Latin. term mare a n d a G o t h i c,Romanization of the Proto Italic. expression mari from the Proto,Indo European m ri a legitimate.
extrapolation of valid linguistic,comparisons can be found within. the Romanian term mare,BRAVE CROW TRIBESMAN Great,Grate and or Mighty People With the term. Cane having a long standing Etymological,association with That Which Is Standing Up. Right and or Straight e g a Walking Cane and,or A Stock of Sugar Cane etc naturally. references that which is up right like Man, Biblical anthropomorphically Cain from which derives the Geographical.
Cannanlan regions or Canada Land of the Canaanites linguists have. also shown how A Mare Can is also an extremely reasonable etymological. extrapolative of the phase A Great and or Mighty Man A meri can. American But you and or any other individual is of course welcome to. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, continue believing in or clinging on to the story and or believe that the. naming of our land came from an Italian European Not Moorish Navigator. named Amerigo Vespucci at a time that even our most modern up to date. history books still inform us that the Europeans at that time in history still. believed the world was flat Many even believed until provided Moorish. Science during the Renaissance that our earth was perched upon the back. of a mystical turtle at a time that The Phoenicians Moorish Seafaring. navigators were operating thriving trade routs to every corner of the globe. You can probably imagine the,look I received from my. eliminatory school teacher when I,observed out loud Hume These. guys look like the same person to,me What do you think.
CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE,S H O C K I N G Y E T T RU E S E C R E T. REGARDING THE MYTH OF,CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS YOU,WO U L D C E RTA I N LY N E V E R B E. TAUGHT IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Today the term INDIAN is Officially used as a term of Determination and Designation by. the U S Federal Government without there even being any clear concise nor definite. definition for the term when referencing the clarification of Tribal Eligibility but for the. sake of communication purposes only is used here as in its most widely accepted. nomenclature The term NATIVE from the middle English word natif Phonetic Nay. TeeF meaning belonging to a particular place by birth It is a misconception that. the term Native American referred exclusively to the so called American Indian Just as. it s true that anyone born in Washington D C is by all rights a Native Washingtonian. the truth is anyone born in America or The Americas is a Native American but not. Aboriginal nor Indigenous which refers LEGALLY to the original inhabitants occupying a. land prior to the European invasion And I use the term occupying here because. ownership of land was in fact a European construct Whereas for us Earth was. originally in the spiritual sense our provider not property. MoorishDirectory com,THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. Jonathan Bey, In the 4th century a Manchurian Chinese missionary under the SHANG.
Dynasty named HOSHAN or pronounced HUE SHIN Hsu Shen traveled. to the Americas in search of his people the Imperial East. Yi Dark Manchurian or Chines Originally when the East. Yi arrived in this particular area of Asha Major they first. encountered our ancient forbears the OLMEC meaning. The Rubber People for, their importing of the Rubber Tree Only Indigenous to Africa As East Yi interfaced they subsequently. interbred birthing the Aboriginal whom inherited the lower kingdoms of the land which they named Mu. Xian Moo Shawn which is a combination of the Olmeccan Ashuric Aramaic. word Mu which means ONE Singular and or Land along with the Manchurian. word Xian Pronounced Phonetically Shawn named after the. Noble Missionary of The East Hsu Shen This Mu Xian over time. metamorphosed through various dynamics to Mixian which in turn. became Mexian Pronounced Phonetically Mex Shawn and Mex. shawn o to what we now pronounce Mexico The tribes inhabiting. these lower lands were quite diverse Many of which may be further explored by visiting the. Indigenous Nican Tlaca Movement s Home Page One of the major tributaries of. lighter toned or more recessive lineage which re mixed at a point with the more dominate Indigenous. Olmec became what many refer to as the HOPI The Hopi were taught the religion or were spiritually. Re Legioned to and with the mystic and ancient scientific teachings of their distant Dogon forbears. effectively and astronomical reconnecting the Hopi to their pre Egyptian kinsmen of 3200 BC and their. traditional Missed Stories of the Stars regarding their Mother Light Sirius and. invisible to the human eye companion Sirius B,MoorishDirectory com. THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR,The True Ontological History of Your People. THE NATIVE AMERICAN MOOR The True Ontological History of Your People by Jona an Bey In the 4th century a Manchurian Chinese missionary under the SHANG Dynasty named HOSHAN or pronounced HUE SHIN Hsu Shen traveled to the Americas in search of his people the Imperial East Yi Dark Manchurian or Chines Originally when the East

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