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Lecture Notes on Software Engineering Vol 4 No 2 May 2016. validation which intends to ensure that the derived According to 1 the software development teams are. specification corresponds to the original user needs and concerned with the development of systems that address user. conforms to the internal and external constraints set by the needs while it as 27 an activity of creating a software. enterprise and its environment system that when used solves some hitherto unsolved. This study focused on the first task namely the elicitation problem System software development is getting more. requirement The requirements engineering process starts mature by advancing development processes methods and. with the elicitation of requirements 13 In this study the tools 28 Nevertheless the software industry has the. elicitation defined as extracting and or discovering the needs challenge of developing a great variety of software products. of end users from the system One of the most important tasks with improving quality and decreasing costs 29 In addition. in the requirement engineering is the elicitation task hence 28 mentioned that the investigation of system software. the poor implementation of elicitation will almost guarantee projects has shown that requirements analysis is one of the. that the final system project is a complete failure and the key most problematic activities in system software development. measure of system success is the degree to which it meets its Moreover system software development literature is. intended purpose 16 17 abounding with studies that demonstrate how ineffective. Two main types of requirements involved in developing requirements analysis has led to failed applications 30 For. any new system namely Functional Requirement FR which these reasons set out successful requirements process in a. include user needs from the system and Non Functional concrete organization is a vital issue 28. Requirement NFR which represent system architecture As. stated by 13 users requirements and the system s, constraints set up the entirety both FR as well as NFR that III METHODOLOGY. have to be met as a pre requirement for successful system The approach of this case study was descriptive form of. projects Additionally to be able to keep these requirements qualitative research This approach has been chosen because. it has to be ensured that they are completely elicited and the aim of this study was to comprehensively explore and. documented to know them in their entirety without identify in depth both FR and NFR of a knowledge sharing. ambiguities incorrectness or contradictions in an up to date system KSS from academic staff as end users thus a case. status 13 study with qualitative method was most appropriate In. The FR defined as a behavior of the intended system and Information Systems there has been a general shift in. their representation can be done by a precise mathematical information system research away from technological to. functional description 13 Another definition for the FR is managerial and organizational issues hence an increasing. A requirement that specifies an action that a system must be interest in the application of qualitative research methods. able to perform without considering physical constraints a 22 As 31 in terms of generating a better understanding of. requirement that specifies input output behavior of a system the use of the information system qualitative research has. 18 The FR describes the user functionalities of the future been found to be a successful approach and method to achieve. system and general conditions specify restrictions or design that For the study site it has been chosen because it is one of. decisions to be observed in the development 13 In this the largest universities in the country with almost 480. study the FR defined as a function that a system must be able academic programs by coursework as well as research modes. to perform hence that would offer high opportunities for richly and. On the other hand although the term NFR has been in use deeply explore and identifying the various system. for more than two decades there is still no unanimity in the requirements that its academic staff really needs. requirements engineering community what NFRs are and how A purposeful technique was used to determine the research. to elicit and document them 19 For example the NFR has participants who can answer the research question The. been defined by 13 as a property or quality that the product purposeful technique in a qualitative study enables the. must have such as an appearance or a speed or accuracy researcher to select the most productive sample in order to. property whereas it according to 20 describe the answer questions of research 32 To minimize the bias threat. non behavioral aspects of a system capturing the properties in this research a high level of integrity has been done For. and constraints under which a system must operate The NFR instance during the invitation period all potential. may include also some features such as portability reliability participants had informed that they have a full freedom to. efficiency human engineering testability understandability deny or accept participation Those who agree to participate. and modifiability 21 maintainability extensibility and they had a choice to determine the appropriate place as well as. reliability 18 For the purpose of this study the NFR defined time to hold the interview The data were collected through. as how the system should perform the tasks conducted a semi structured interview One of the most. Even though that the NFR are often underestimated or common techniques to acquire the requirement is conducting. ignored 22 there is a common consensus that NFR are interviews with the end users 18 The data were collected. essential and can be critical for the success of a system project over six months with fifteen renowned academicians at one. 6 10 19 23 25 Furthermore to achieve a high public universities in Malaysia Two participants having an. quality software system both FR and NFR should be Associate Professor positions and thirteen having a Professor. addressed 12 26 Therefore in this study both types of positions three of them are faculty deans The participants. requirements have been taken into confederation work in various faculties and disciplines Although the. participants work in different faculties the conclusion is that. B System Software Development they have been a homogeneous participant group because all. Lecture Notes on Software Engineering Vol 4 No 2 May 2016. of them were academicians and there was no any V FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION. non academic staff involved, The interviews continued until the participants no longer A Functional Requirements. provide differing information and data saturation developed The first FR is alerting users about new added This service. in the answers According to 33 the criterion of saturation is available in some system under name Rich Site Summary. determines the theoretical point at which adequate data have RSS The academicians recommended to add such service. been generated thus the number of individuals to be included in the KSS to provide them with an update and frequently. In addition in qualitative research the sample size is usually publish knowledge Included such service in the KSS would. small 34 35 The interview question focused and save academicians effort and reduce time as this service will. developed based on understanding the research problem remove the need to manually check the system for new. through reviewing and examining of related literatures content Instead the system constantly monitors the system. Reference 15 explained that the qualitative researcher do and informs them of any updates The second important. not tend to use or rely on questionnaires or instruments requirement is offering a consultation service The. developed by other researchers academicians believe that the system should be provided by a. It was emphasized that when conducting a qualitative consultation service which enable them to consult experts and. research the researcher should consider the finding validity obtain assistance in their area or interest Besides in the. 14 For this study to ensure the validity of the findings university the consultation might involve a collegial. steps were taken in a credible scholarly Some strategies to relationship in which the consultant deals exclusively with. promote qualitative research validity have introduced by 36 academicians work related including educational training. Two strategies to promote qualitative validity have been used and organizational or student issues For instance the. in this study These strategies were the Low Inference academicians my request educational and training. Descriptor and Data Triangulation Table I illustrates these consultation to supplement their skills and knowledge That. strategies my include training labs conference seminars workshop. and supervision Organizational consultation assesses and. TABLE I QUALITATIVE RESEARCH VALIDITY STRATEGIES,improves the academicians interpersonal and group. Strategy Description functioning within academic institutions The consultant. serves as a facilitator to focus on such areas as communication. The use of Description phrased very closed to, Low decision making team relations and conflict resolution. the participants accounts and researchers field, Inference Specific services include needs assessment team building.
notes Verbatim i e Direct quotations is a,Descriptor and process observation. commonly used type of low inference descriptor, Data The use of multiply data sources to help The third requirement is offering information about experts. Triangulation understand a phenomenon in the system This service can be achieved through collecting. and adding the list of expert information in the system. However as the list might include hundreds name of experts. and to make the searching process easier they can be. IV DATA ANALYSIS, classified based on their expertise area The fourth. The academicians were asked what they considered to be requirement which suggested by participants is providing the. the important requirements or features which should to be system by interconnections among disciplines be able to. included in a KSS at academic institutions After collecting connect academicians from different disciplines This. data from the study participants an open coding analysis of requirement should available in the KSS because the. the data has been conducted As a qualitative research with a university has many faculties and departments and each of. case study approach the study procedure establishes them usually has a different discipline The fifth requirement. analyzing and coding of the participants responses to the is that the system should offer an efficient search engine. research question In the coding process the interviews taped Offering such engine particularly with huge amount of data. responses were transcribed into textual then reviewed many is essential Using a search engine consists of entering. times to identify the concepts and types of the system keywords that are run against a database Some features of. requirements The analyzing and coding of responses was effective search engine could be related to its ability to search. line by line The main requirements were identified through and display only very close relevant results results the. free coding into categories The qualitative researcher academicians actually interested in helpful options to. engages in interpreting the data when they conduct qualitative broaden or tighten a search uncluttered and easy to read. research Reference 17 mentioned that the qualitative interface The last FR is the accessibility The accessibility. researcher review all of the data and make sense of it can be seen from different perspectives Generally it is the. organizing it into categories or themes The categorization degree to which the KSS is available to as many academicians. process has been done based on the type of each requirement and their networks as possible Besides it can be viewed as. either FR or NFR as it seems the best description of the the ability to access and benefit from the system or entity. system requirement types According to 27 Code labels Both of views should be considered for the KSS in the. emerge from several sources They might be in vivo codes academic institutions Ensuring accessibility is very essential. names that are the exact words used by participants they in any effective and successful KSS as it enables users from. might be also drawn from names the researcher composes that different areas different place and at a different time to. seem to best describe the information engage exchange and utilize valuable knowledge. Lecture Notes on Software Engineering Vol 4 No 2 May 2016. B Non Functional Requirements VI CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK RECOMMENDATIONS. The first NFR is the categorization of system contents This study identified twelve FR and NFR that should be. There are several benefits of categorizing system content available in the KSS in academic institutions It extends prior. include ensuring that users can easily navigate browse and research on knowledge system requirements in academic. search the system content Some ways for categorizing system institutions particular universities The study findings might. content include categorize it by subject by topic by task by pro. non functional requirements NFR of knowledge sharing system KSS used at a Malaysian public academic institution The strategy used is a single case study which aims to gather deeper insights on the requirements of the KSS Data were collected through semi structured interviews A total of fifteen renowned academicians were interviewed Content analysis method was used to extract the

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