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VARIOUS REGULATORY AGENCIES REQUIRE THAT WE BRING THE FOLLOWING INFOR. MATION TO YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY,WARNING TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK. HAZARD DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO,RAIN OR MOISTURE. The Mclntosh you have purchased is a Model, MAC 4100 It has a serial number located on the rear. panel of the chassis Record that serial number,Serial Number. The model serial number and purchase date are im, portant to you for any future service Record the pur.
chase date here,Purchase Date,Upon application Mclntosh Laboratory provides a. Three Year Service Contract Your Mclntosh,authorized Service Agency can expedite repairs. when you provide the Service Contract with the in,strument for repair To assist record your Service. Contract number here,Service Contract Number,Your MAC 4100 Solid State AM. FM FM Stereo Receiver will give you,many years of pleasant and.
satisfactory performance If you,have any questions please contact. CUSTOMER SERVICE,Mclntosh Laboratory Inc,INTRODUCTION 2. 2 Chambers Street INSTALLATION 3,Binghamton New York 13903 HOW TO CONNECT 5. Phone 607 723 3512 WHAT THE FRONT PANEL CONTROLS,DO AND HOW TO USE THEM 10. PUSHBUTTONS 10,FRONT PANEL INDICATORS 12,BALANCING YOUR STEREO 13.
Take Advantage of 3 years LISTENING TO YOUR STEREO 13. MAC 4100 PERFORMANCE LIMITS 15,of Contract Service TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION 16. Fill in the Application NOW PERFORMANCE CHARTS 20 21 22 23. BLOCK DIAGRAM 24,MCINTOSH THREE YEAR SERVICE CONTRACT. An application for a THREE YEAR SERVICE CONTRACT is included with this manual. The terms of the contract are ing is not covered by the SERVICE CON. 4 The SERVICE CONTRACT is issued to,you as the original purchaser To pro. 1 Mclntosh w i l l provide all parts tect you from misrepresentation this. materials and labor needed to return the contract cannot be transferred to a se. measured performance of the instru cond owner, ment to the original performance limits 5 For your protection Mclntosh selects. The CONTRACT does not cover any only dealers who have technical com. shipping costs to and from the authoriz petence to guide purchasers fairly and. ed service agency or the factory provide service when necessary To. 2 Any Mclntosh authorized service agen receive the SERVICE CONTRACT your. cy will repair Mclntosh instruments at purchase must be made from a. normal service rates To receive service Mclntosh franchised dealer. under the terms of the SERVICE CON 6 Your completely filled in application for. TRACT the SERVICE CONTRACT CER a SERVICE CONTRACT must be post. TIFICATE must be presented when the marked within 30 days of the date of. instrument is taken to the service purchase of the instrument. agency 7 To receive the SERVICE CONTRACT all, 3 Always have service done by a information on the application must be.
Mclntosh authorized service agency If filled in The SERVICE CONTRACT will. the instrument is modified or damaged be issued when the completely filled in. as a result of unauthorized repair the application is received at Mclntosh. SERVICE CONTRACT will be cancelled Laboratory Incorporated in Bingham. Damage by improper use or mishandl ton New York,Copyright 1978 by Mclntosh Laboratory Inc 1. Introduction, The Mclntosh MAC 4100 is a high quality high tinuously assured by POWER GUARD The POWER. power AM FM Stereo Receiver Its design has been GUARD circuit dynamically prevents power. governed by insistence on great flexibility sensitivi amplifiers from being overdriven into hard clipping. ty high performance with long life It is easy to use which protects your speakers from potential. Some of the many new improvements designed damage which assures that the amplifier will pro. for your listening enjoyment Include duce its maximum output without increased distor. tion The power delivered is 100 watts per channel at. Low noise field effect transistor analog input swit 4 ohms to give extra dynamic life to your music. ching that keeps signal leads short to reduce possi even when you re using any combination of 3 sets of. ble noise and hum pickup Mechanical contact noise stereo loudspeakers. is also eliminated, The selectively lighted dial pointer lights only the. LED Input indicators show which source has been relevant part of the tuning indicator to make tuning. selected and help make input selection faster easier. easier surer and more convenient,Automatic AC power control is provided by the. New low impedance transistor technology, auto On Off circuit that conveniently shuts off the.
reduces hum and noise interference in the phono, entire system when the turntable shuts off No need. preamplifier to interrupt your pleasure at the end of the record. Electronically controlled trimming of the preci, sion stepped volume control maintains a channel to Front panel tape recorder jacks allow simple plug. channel accuracy of 1 dB This high order of exact In of an outboard tape recorder without upsetting. ness assures continuing program balance as the your regular system connections. listening loudness is changed Copies of tapes can be easily made between two. The five band program equalizer permits the ad connected tape recorders Front panel tape copying. justment and improvement of the tone contrast of controls function without disturbing other sound. the five most important listening ranges Each can sources. be emphasized or de emphasized to satisfy your This outstanding receiver will serve you best when. taste or listening atmosphere without affecting any you understand its functions and what it is designed. of the other ranges to do Some time invested with this manual will be. The high quality power performance is con valuable in your knowledge of how it works. x 8 20 32 cm see Fig 2 In addition a single 3 8,to 1 2 1 cm to 1 3 cm screw hole see Fig 2 and. Fig 3 must be drilled in the shelf to secure the, receiver after installation The top of the shelf must. be attached flush with the bottom of the custom,panel cutout.
EDGE OF 4100 FRONT PANEL,BOTTOM OF PANEL CUTOUT AND. TOP OF SUPPORT SHELF MUST COINCIDE,Fig 1 Custom Cabinet Front Panel Cutout. Prepare the MAC 4100 for custom mounting by,removing the wood cabinet and feet as follows. 1 Remove 4 screws A see Fig 4 two from each,side panel. 2 To remove the enclosure top panel the receiver s. metal top must be temporarily removed It is at,tached to the chassis by 4 screws B see Fig 4.
installed 2 through the flange on the back and 1,through each of the flanges on the side Remove. The MAC 4100 may be used on a shelf or table top these 4 screws Save the screws to reinstall the. in the enclosure in which it comes or may be install metal top after removal of the enclosure top. ed in a custom cabinet In any method of use provide panel. adequate ventilation 3 Under the metal top are 5 screws C that hold the. enclosure top panel to the metal top see Fig 4, The trouble free life of an electronic instrument is Remove the 5 screws C that hold the metal top. greatly extended by providing sufficient ventilation to the enclosure top panel. to prevent the build up of high internal temperatures 4 Replace the metal top on the MAC 4100 with the 4. that cause deterioration Allow enough clearance so screws B. that cool air can enter at the bottom of the receiver 5 On the bottom of the receiver are the 4 plastic feet. and be exhaused from the top and rear With ade held on by screws D see Fig 4 Remove these. quate ventilation the instrument can be mounted in feet Do not attempt to remove the 4 plastic but. any position ton glides as these rest against the shelf see Fig. The MAC 4100 is installed from the front of a 2 and 3 At this point the receiver is ready to be. custom cabinet The desirable space behind the custom installed. cabinet panel is 15 38 1 cm deep 18 1 2 47 cm From the front of the cabinet thread the power. wide and 6 15 2 cm high The unit fits an opening cord through the opening in the cabinet panel and. exactly 5 1 16 12 9 cm by 17 5 16 44 cm wide slide the MAC 4100 in on the shelf Adjust the posi. Make this cutout carefully The receiver s front panel tion to evenly cover the custom panel cutout Lock. has a 1 8 32 cm overhang on both sides and a the unit in place with a screw and washer inserted. 3 32 24 cm overhang on the top and bottom see through the drilled hole in the mounting shelf see. Fig 1 Fig 3 Use a 1 1 4 3 2 cm screw for 1 2 1 3 cm. The weight of the receiver must rest on a shelf in shelf or a 1 1 2 3 8 cm screw for 3 4 1 9 cm shelf. which there is a ventilation hole cutout 15 38 1 cm Do not use longer screws. MAC 4100 UNIT OUTLINE DOTTED,MOUNTING SURFACE,MOUNTING PANEL. Fig 2 Custom Cabinet Shelf Mounting Cutout 15 36 1cm. MOUNTING MINIMUM DEPTH REQUIRED,FOR 1 2 SHELF USE 1 1 4 SCREW. 1 3cm 3 2cm,FOR 3 4 SHELF USE 1 1 2 SCREW BUTTONS,1 9cm 3 8cm.
MOUNTING CUTOUT FOR,PANEL VENTILATION,SECURE UNIT,WITH SCREW AND. Fig 3 MAC 4100 Custom Mounting Profile,Fig 4 MAC 4100 Enclosure Assembly. How to Connect,CONNECTING TURNTABLES CONNECTING AC POWER. The MAC 4100 has shorting plugs in the phono in The receiver AC power cord is plugged into a 120. puts To prevent unwanted noise remove only the volt 6O Hz wall outlet. shorting plugs from input jacks that a r e 10 be used There are three types of AC power outlets on the. Connect the cable from the left channel of the turn back panel of the MAC 4100 one red two black and. table into the INPU1 L PHono 1 jack two green, Connect the cable from the right channel of the The red and the green AC power outlets are on at. t u r n t a b l e into the INPUT R PHono 1 j a c k Connect all times The red outlet can be used for a tape. PHono 2 in the same way for use with a second t u r n recorder with its own AC power switch Plug the AC. table power cables f r o m the t u r n t a b l e into the green. TURNTA8LE power o u t l e t s on the rear panel, CONNECTING TAPE RECORDERS The t w o black outlets are switched on and o f f.
To Record when the receiver is turned on or o f f These are in. Connect a cable f r o m the RECORDER L TAPE 1 tended for equalizers and other accessories. OUT jack to the l e f t high level input of the tape. The POWER ON pushbutton shares AC power,recorder Connect a cable from the RECORDER R. control with the AC power s w i t c h on a turntable. TAPE 1 OUT jack to the right high level input of the. through a current detecting switch circuit On me,tape recorder Connect a second recorder in the. rear panel the TURNTABLE AUTO MANUAL switch,same manner to the RECORDER T A P E 2 OUT jacks. selects the mode of operation,To Playback Monitor, Connect a cable from the left channel output of a When the switch is in the AUTO position and a. tape recorder to the RECORDER L T A P E 1 IN jack turntable plugged into one of t h e green AC power. Connect a cable from the right channel output of a outlets the AC power to the receiver and to the. tape recorder to the RECORDER R T A P E 1 IN jack black AC power outlets can be controlled by the. Connect a second recorder in the same manner to turntable on off switch When AC power to the turn. t h e RECORDER TAPE 2 IN jacks table is turned on automatically the receiver and the. Front Panel Tape Recorder Jacks SWITCHED black AC power outlets are t u r n e d on. Tape recorder inputs and outputs are available at The system will remain on until the turntable is turn. the TAPE IN OUT jacks on the front panel l e f t of the ed oil The POWER ON pushbutton c o n t r o l s the AC. INPUT SELECTOR switch Rapid temporary connec power lor any source other than the turntable. tions to TAPE 2 facilities are easily made without In the MANUAL position only the POWER ON. getting at the rear panel A metal shielded 1 4 pushbutton will turn AC power on or off. stereo phone plug is used Connections are tip left Some turntables have electronic circuits that. signal ring right signal and sleeve common draw current all the time To use these turntables the. ground AUTO MANUAL switch must be in the MANUAL, When a tape recorder is plugged into the front position With the AUTO MANUAL s w i t c h in the.
jacks all the facilities normally associated with MANUAL position AC power to the s y s t e m will be. TAPE 2 on the rear panel are automatically transfer controlled by the front panel POWER pushbutton. red to the front panel jacks only, The green AC power outlets are protected with a A VHF TV antenna can be effective when it is. one amp fuse Any increase in the value of this fuse designed for both FM and TV reception Connect the. will affect the protection of the sensing circuit and two leads from the VHF TV antenna to the ANTEN. may cause damage NA 300W FM push connectors,CONNECTING PROGRAM SOURCE GROUNDS. A single GROUND post is provided to which, grounds for turntables record changers tape decks CONNECTING AN INDOOR DIPOLE ANTENNA. etc are connected To prevent hum pickup the left The flexible folded dipole antenna 300 ohm is for. and right program cables and the ground wire from use in urban or high strength signal areas Connect. the two leads from the dipole to the ANTENNA 300W,that source should be wound or twisted together. FM push connector,Make sure the ground wire does not make any con.
nection to the shields of the left and right program The flexibility of the twin flat wire assembly per. THE MCINTOSH MAC 4100 RECEIVER Reading Time 48 Minutes Price 2 00 VARIOUS REGULATORY AGENCIES REQUIRE THAT WE BRING THE FOLLOWING INFOR MATION TO YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY WARNING TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE The Mclntosh you have purchased is a Model MAC 4100 It has a serial number located on the rear panel of the chassis

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