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Prepare for the MCAT Exam Using,AAMC MCAT Official Prep Resources. There isn t a right or wrong way to prepare for the MCAT exam but knowing how and where. to start can be a challenge The AAMC has developed resources to help you understand the exam. and study and practice for it , How to Create a Study Plan. Get a six step guide to help you create your own study plan Download it at offers aamc org mcat study . Understand Study, Understand what the MCAT exam is and what Study with a full complement of materials . Khan Academy MCAT Collection, Interactive Content Tool With more than 1 100 free videos. What s on the MCAT Exam and 3 000 review questions the Khan. Read the content lists and Academy MCAT Collection covers all. watch videos to explore the content tested on the MCAT exam . what s tested in the four The collection was created by Khan. exam sections Academy with support and funding, from the AAMC and the Robert Wood.
Johnson Foundation , Psychology and Sociology, The only guide by the creators of the MCAT exam The Official Guide Textbook Roadmap. A Roadmap to MCAT Content in, to the MCAT Exam, Psychology and Sociology Textbooks. In this roadmap publishers, Medical College Admission Test. This guide is the official of introductory psychology and. The comprehensive overview of sociology textbooks provide detailed. Official Guide information on where to find the, the exam It includes information. Association of, American Medical Colleges, MCAT Exam concepts that you ll need to study.
about registration what to, expect on test day the score for the Psychological Social and. scale and how MCAT scores Biological Foundations of Behavior. The only official comprehensive overview, of the MCAT exam. are used in the admissions section of the MCAT exam . Everything you need to know about, process The guide also. the exam sections, 120 practice questions written by. the test developers at the AAMC, Tips on how to prepare.
includes 120 practice, MCAT is a program of the, Association of American Medical Colleges. Fifth Edition aamc org mcat, questions and solutions . continued , Association of, American Medical Colleges. Practice with print and online resources written by the test developers Unless noted otherwise all resources. include both discrete and passage based questions as well as solutions to the questions . Sample Test Section Bank, This 230 question online The online MCAT Section Bank. practice exam has the same AAMC consists of 300 practice questions. features and functionality as MCAT in the natural behavioral and. the MCAT exam but it does Section social sciences with an emphasis. not provide a scaled score , Bank on biochemistry psychology .
and sociology , Practice Exams 1 2 and 3 Flashcards. The 230 question online practice This packet of flashcards contains. exams have the same features 150 discrete practice questions . and functionality as the MCAT You get 25 questions in each of. exam with the added benefit these six disciplines biochemistry . of a scaled score biology chemistry physics , psychology and sociology . Question Packs Practice with the MCAT, Each question pack offers Exam Features. 120 practice questions Practice with the features of. Buy the packs individually the real MCAT exam including. or as a bundle of six highlight strikethrough , biology two packs and flag for review . chemistry physics and, critical reasoning two packs .
Complete Official, MCAT Prep Bundle, The complete package includes. all the current MCAT products, at a significant discount over. ordering each separately , The Online Only Official MCAT. Prep Bundle without the Official, Guide and Flashcards is also. available for you to purchase , Learn more about AAMC MCAT Official.
Prep resources and practice materials at, aamc org mcatprep . AAMC MCAT, 18 144 08 18 , 2019 MCAT Essentials,The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2019 5. What is on the MCAT Exam 6, Exam Content 6, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems 8. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills 8, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems 9. Psychological Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior 9. Before you Begin 10, AAMC ID 10, Eligibility 11, Eligible Health Professions Programs 11.
Obtaining Special Permission 12, International Examinees 12. The AAMC Fee Assistance Program 13, Registration Name and MCAT Accepted ID 13. Registration Name 13, MCAT Accepted ID 14, Resolving Registration Name Situations 16. Testing Limits 16, Testing with Accommodations 17. Examinee Agreement 17, Test Day Certification Statement 21.
Reporting Suspected Violations 22, AAMC Policies Regarding MCAT Examinee Data 23. 1 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials. Registering for an MCAT Exam 25, The MCAT Registration System MRS 25. Release of Personal Information 25, MCAT Recruiting Service 25. Health Professions Advisor Release 25, Medical Minority Applicant Registry Med MAR 26.
Release to Alternate Contact 26, Registration and Scheduling Violations 27. Scheduling an MCAT Exam 28, Scheduling Details 28, Scheduling Fees and Deadlines 28. Figure 1 Scheduling Zones and Fee Structure 30, Applicable Taxes 31. To Be Determined Test Centers 31, Changing Your Appointment 31. Cancellations and Refunds 32, Emergency Refund 33.
MCAT Appointments are Subject to Change or Cancellation 33. What You Need to Know About Test Day 34, Arriving at the Test Center 34. Current Address 34, Time Zone 34, Absences No Shows 35. Inclement Weather 35, Check in Rules and Procedures 35. 2 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials. Test Center Regulations 35, Verification of ID 35.
Digital Signature 36, Palm Vein Scan 36, Photo Capture 36. Storage of Personal Belongings 36, Noteboard Booklets 37. Entering and Exiting the Testing Room 37, Breaks 37. In the Testing Room 39, Other Security Rules and Procedures 39. Voiding Your Exam 40, Testing Irregularities 41, Disruptions in Testing and Potential Compromises 41.
Test Center Closures or Workstation Outages 41,After the Test 42. Registering for Another Test Date 42, When an Error Occurs 42. Reporting a Test Center Concern 43, Test Question Challenges 43. Discussion of the MCAT Exam 44, Investigation Procedures 45. Arbitration for Investigation Disputes 47,MCAT Scores 47.
Exam Scoring 47, Receiving and Sending Scores 47,3 Association of American Medical Colleges. 2019 MCAT Essentials, How to Receive your Test Scores 47. Score Reporting through your AMCAS Application 48. Score Reporting through the MCAT Score Reporting System 48. Rescoring 49,Contacting Us 50,Appendix A Contacts and Online Resources 51. Appendix B Scheduling Deadlines 52,Appendix C Service Request Deadlines 53. 4 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials.
The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2019, Congratulations Reading this guide is the first step in preparing yourself to take the MCAT exam . another step toward a rewarding and fulfilling career in medicine . The MCAT Essentials is your guide to the official policies and procedures for taking the MCAT exam The. following pages will provide you with information about registration scheduling test day policies rules. to protect the integrity of the exam and post test day procedures You will also find a brief overview of. the exam content how the exam is scored a list of contacts and online services as well as other helpful. information , The information included in this guide is necessary for a smooth registration scheduling and testing. experience At the time of registration and on test day you will be asked to certify that you agree to. comply with the policies and procedures contained within The MCAT Essentials . If you are a returning examinee you must read the current version of The MCAT Essentials Note The. MCAT Essentials is subject to change The version applicable to you is the version in effect at the time of. registration , The Association of American Medical Colleges AAMC provides the MCAT exam with the assistance of. its test delivery administrator Pearson VUE , Please contact us if you have questions after reading this guide You will find contact information for. MCAT staff and related resources in Appendix A , All of us at the AAMC wish you the best and much success as you move forward towards a career in.
5 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials. What is on the MCAT Exam , The Medical College Admission Test MCAT is a standardized multiple choice exam that has been part. of the medical school admissions process for over 90 years Almost all medical schools in the United. States and many in Canada require applicants to submit recent MCAT scores as part of their. application and many health professions and graduate programs accept MCAT scores in lieu of other. standardized tests Considering its widespread acceptance it is no surprise that more than 85 000. examinees sit for the exam each year , The MCAT exam tests you on the concepts that medical school faculty residents and medical students. recently rated as important to entering students success The exam content is divided into four. multiple choice sections and is delivered as a computer based exam at a Pearson VUE test center The. MCAT exam does not contain a written portion or writing sample . In conjunction with its member medical schools the AAMC develops and administers the MCAT exam. multiple times each year at hundreds of test sites throughout the United States and Canada as well as. select locations throughout the world ,Exam Content. The MCAT exam has four multiple choice test sections . Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems. Psychological Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, The first three listed sections above are organized around 10 foundational concepts or big ideas in the.
sciences and draw from the following disciplines in academic year long courses in general chemistry . organic chemistry introductory physics introductory biology and from first semester courses in. biochemistry psychology and sociology Questions in these sections will ask you to combine your. scientific knowledge from multiple disciplines with your scientific inquiry and reasoning skills . The final listed section above the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section includes questions that. test your ability to comprehend and analyze what you read and requires no specific outside content. knowledge , Each of the four sections of the exam include some field test or experimental questions i e questions. that are being considered for future use and do not count toward your total score . 6 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials. The AAMC and its member medical schools and teaching hospitals are actively working to promote a. more diverse workforce within the study of medicine It is hoped that the content and skills tested on. the exam will encourage people from broad educational backgrounds to apply to medical school . Full details on the exam content and skills can be found in our What s on the MCAT Exam Interactive. You can also watch this two minute video to learn more about the MCAT exam . The chart below provides an overview of the entire MCAT exam as administered on test day . Exam Overview, Section of Questions Time Allotted. Test Day Certification 4 minutes, Tutorial optional 10 minutes. Chemical and Physical, Foundations of Biological 59 95 minutes.
Break optional 10 minutes, Critical Analysis and, 53 90 minutes. Reasoning Skills, Mid Exam Break optional 30 minutes. Biological and Biochemical, Foundations of Living 59 95 minutes. Break optional 10 minutes, Psychological Social and. Biological Foundations of 59 95 minutes, Void Question 3 minutes.
Satisfaction Survey optional 5 minutes, Total Content Time 6 hours 15 minutes. Total Seated Time Approx 7 hours 27 minutes, Total seated time does not include check in time upon arrival at the test center. 7 Association of American Medical Colleges, 2019 MCAT Essentials. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems. The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section asks you to solve problems by. combining your knowledge of chemical and physical foundational concepts with your scientific inquiry. and reasoning skills , The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section includes . A total of 59 questions consisting of , o 10 passage based sets of questions.
4 6 questions per set, o 15 independent questions. Concepts tested in this section are typically taught at many colleges and universities in academic year . long courses in general chemistry organic chemistry introductory physics introductory biology and. from a first semester course in biochemistry Most questions are organized around descriptive passages. 150 discrete practice questions You get 25 questions in each of these six disciplines biochemistry biology chemistry physics psychology and sociology Practice with the MCAT Exam Features Practice with the features of the real MCAT exam including highlight strikethrough and flag for review Complete Official MCAT Prep Bundle

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