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When 12 year old Percy Jackson learns that his true father is Poseidon. the Greek god of the sea he undertakes a dangerous quest across the. United States to retrieve a stolen lightning bolt and stop a war between. the gods The Lightning Thief provides a high interest humorous. introduction to the Greek myths It encourages young readers to. explore elements of the classical hero s quest rendered in a modern. day setting and to discuss such relevant issues as learning disabilities. the nature of family and themes of loyalty friendship and faith. TABLE OF CONTENTS,PLOT SUMMARY 2,GREEK MYTHOLOGY 6. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 12,CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES 16,ABOUT THE AUTHOR 20. REFERENCE RESOURCES 23,PLOT SUMMARY, During a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Percy Jackson. begins to suspect that his life is not what it seems when his math teacher. transforms into a Fury and attacks him Percy manages to vaporize the. monster with an ancient bronze sword but afterwards he wonders if. the incident was a hallucination Everyone including Percy s best friend. Grover claims that the math teacher who attacked him never existed. At the end of the year Grover insists on escorting Percy home from. boarding school Grover s nervousness and cryptic comments about Percy. being in danger make Percy uneasy, Percy s home life is far from perfect His mother Sally Jackson is a kind. woman who never had any luck in life She dreams of being a writer but. works at a candy shop to make ends meet and is married to Smelly Gabe. Ugliano Percy s abusive stepfather who expects Percy to provide him with. poker playing money in exchange for room and board Percy struggles to. understand why his mother who obviously loves him takes such pains to. send him away every year to a different boarding school. When Percy and his mother go for a weekend retreat to the beach their. time together is interrupted by a storm and a horrible wailing in the. middle of the night Percy s friend Grover appears at their door and. reveals himself as a satyr He has been keeping an eye on Percy until Percy. is old enough to attend Camp Half Blood a summer camp for training. demigods Grover tells Percy that monstrous forces are now after him in. earnest and they have no choice but to flee to Camp Half Blood. On the way they are attacked by the Minotaur Percy defeats the monster. but not before it knocks out Grover and squeezes Percy s mother until she. disappears in a shower of gold Heartbroken assuming his mother is dead. Percy pulls Grover to safety over the property line of Camp Half Blood. Once at camp Percy is reunited with his Latin teacher who in his true. form is Chiron the immortal centaur and trainer of heroes Percy learns. that the Greek gods are alive and well an integral part of the collective. consciousness called Western Civilization Olympus the home of the. gods moves with the heart of the civilization and now hovers invisibly. over the Empire State Building since America is currently the great. power of the West Percy learns that the gods still have children with. mortals and that monsters naturally seek out these young demigods. Camp Half Blood serves as a safe haven where these powerful. endangered young heroes can train to defend themselves For the past. sixty years the big three Zeus Poseidon and Hades have kept an. oath not to have mortal children because their powerful nature can cause. great trouble in the world but the other Olympians still have enough. children to fill the camp Percy meets Annabeth a daughter of Athena. and Luke a son of Hermes He also makes a new enemy in Clarisse a. daughter of Ares Percy s own parentage remains undetermined until. a swirling trident appears above him during a Greek battle style game. of capture the flag To the astonishment of the other campers Percy. is recognized as a son of Poseidon the first in three generations. Soon after this revelation Percy learns that there is trouble in Olympus. Zeus s master bolt the weapon upon which all other lightning bolts. are modeled has been stolen and Zeus has accused Poseidon of. instigating the theft The lord of the sky believes that Poseidon used. Percy a human hero to steal the bolt in a plot to overthrow Zeus Zeus. has given Poseidon until summer solstice only ten days to return. the weapon Poseidon is offended but he also dreads the thought of. war with Zeus He needs Percy s help to find out what really happened. to the bolt Chiron believes that Hades lord of the underworld stole. the bolt to set his two brothers at each other s throats Chiron tells. Percy that he must travel to the entrance of the underworld in Los. Angeles by land since Zeus would blast him out of the sky if he tried. to fly confront Hades and return the master bolt to Olympus before. the solstice passes in order to prevent a war between the gods. As is customary Percy consults the Oracle before leaving He is warned. that he will fail to save what matters most in the end and will be. betrayed by a friend Deeply troubled but believing that the quest to the. underworld is the only way to see his mother again Percy sets out with. two companions Annabeth and Grover,PLOT SUMMARY, Along the way the three friends learn to trust one another Annabeth.
whose mother Athena is an old rival of Poseidon must overcome her. doubts about Percy Grover the satyr must overcome his fear of monsters. and underground places Only by showing courage can Grover convince. the Council of Cloven Elders to grant him his life long goal of a searcher s. license giving him the right to quest for the missing god of the. wilderness Pan Percy comes to terms with his anger toward his father. who has suddenly declared himself after ignoring Percy for twelve years. In his travels west Percy encounters Medusa the Chimera Procrustes the. Stretcher and the Lotus Hotel and Casino the Land of the Lotus Eaters. He also meets the war god Ares who gives Percy a mysterious backpack. in exchange for doing the god a favor and a Nereid who gives Percy three. magic pearls from Poseidon each of which will return one person to the. sea from wherever they may be even the land of the dead. The friends finally arrive in the underworld only to discover that they. have been tricked The culprit is not Hades but the defeated Titan Kronos. who is trapped in the depths of Tartarus but is still able to manipulate. the dreams of gods and men Hoping to start a three way war between. his Olympian sons Kronos caused the master bolt and also Hades s helm. of darkness to be stolen by a human hero whose identity Percy does not. yet know Kronos s human thief was unexpectedly captured by Ares The. war god meant to keep the magic items for himself but Kronos bent his. will and caused the god to give the master bolt to Percy hidden within the. magic backpack so that the young hero might bring it to the underworld. for Kronos, Hades is sure Percy is the thief who stole the bolt and his helm The god. of the dead is holding Percy s mother who is only frozen in a shower of. gold not dead and demands Percy give up the magic helm before she is. released As armies of the dead surround him Percy brings out his magic. pearls With only three he realizes he must choose between the lives. of his two friends and saving his mother In the end he can t abandon. his friends Promising his mother that he will return for her Percy and. his friends escape to the surface where Percy battles the god Ares for. possession of the bolt and the helm Percy wins gives the helm to the. Furies to return to the underworld and travels back to New York with. the bolt in time to prevent a war, At Olympus Percy meets his father face to face Poseidon seems distant. and sad but says he is proud of his son He says he fears Percy has been. born for a hero s tragic fate Poseidon tells Percy that his mother is back. returned as a peace offering by Hades and that when Percy returns. home he will have to make an important choice Percy rushes back to. his family s apartment where he finds Medusa s head waiting for him. a trophy he had forgotten mailing home earlier in his quest He realizes. he has the chance to petrify his stepfather and save his mother from a. miserable marriage His mother implores him not to do it however She. must break away from Gabe herself Percy respects her wishes and thus. breaks the mold of what the tragic hero might have done The prophecy. thus comes true in an unexpected way Percy fails to save what matters. most by allowing his mother to save herself, Upon returning to Camp Half Blood Percy is betrayed by his friend Luke. son of Hermes who turns out to be the human hero whom Kronos used for. the theft Luke poisons Percy and tells him before leaving that Kronos will. rise and destroy the age of the gods Western Civilization is unraveling. Percy recovers from the poison with Chiron s help and realizes his. adventures are not yet over He is a hero now and must fight the rise of. the Titans, The novel is ultimately about Percy coming of age learning to trust his. friends and his own abilities accepting his parents for who they are and. choosing love and loyalty over resentment and despair. GREEK MYTHOLOGY, The Lightning Thief immerses readers in the world of Greek mythology.
Below are some key mythological characters referenced in the novel. The Twelve Olympian Gods, Zeus Lord of the sky chief god of the Olympians He led the revolt against. his father the Titan Kronos His main weapon is the lightning bolt His. symbol is the eagle Zeus is married to Hera but has had numerous affairs. with other goddesses and mortal women His demigod children include. Perseus and Heracles Hercules, Hera Goddess of marriage and motherhood The wife of Zeus and also his. sister Hera is a jealous goddess who resents her husband s unfaithfulness. Hera helps some heroes like Jason but was the enemy to others namely. Heracles Hercules Her symbols are the cow the most motherly animal. and the colorful peacock, Poseidon God of the sea Zeus s brother Poseidon is a changeable god like. the ocean itself sometimes violent sometimes calm He created horses from. sea foam and like his brother Zeus has had many affairs with goddesses. and mortal women Theseus was his most famous demigod son Poseidon s. symbol is the trident which he uses to stir up terrible storms at sea. Demeter Goddess of agriculture sister of Hera and Zeus The most. famous story about Demeter tells how her daughter Persephone was. captured by Hades and taken to the underworld Demeter and Hades. finally worked out an agreement by which Persephone would spend half. the year with her mother and half the year with her new husband Hades. Demeter would only allow crops to grow during the time Persephone was. with her Thus the seasons were created, Ares God of war Ares is the proud and cruel son of Zeus and Hera He. loves battle but despite his strength he is not a smart tactician At heart he. is a coward like most bullies His symbol is the wild boar and his favorite. weapon is the spear He is Aphrodite s lover, Athena Goddess of war wisdom and useful crafts The patron goddess of.
Athens from whom the city got its name Athena sprang from Zeus s head. which Hephaestus had to split open to relieve the god s headache Athena. invented many things including the chariot and the loom She granted. mankind the olive tree One of the most popular goddesses she often. helps heroes who use their brains like Odysseus She dislikes Poseidon. and Ares Her symbols are the owl the olive tree and the aegis a special. shield upon which is mounted the head of Medusa, Apollo God of archery divination and the arts Later Apollo was also. associated with the sun Handsome and talented Apollo is the twin brother. of Artemis He is the patron of archers and created music He slew the. great Python and became the force behind the Oracle at Delphi which. could tell the future There were other oracles but the one at Delphi was the. most famous The Oracle often spoke in riddles which were not clear until. after events came to pass Apollo s symbols are the lyre the laurel tree and. the mouse an animal which ran everywhere and overheard many secrets. Artemis Goddess of the hunt and the moon Artemis vowed to always be a. maiden Because of this her followers tended to be young unmarried girls. who shunned men A great archer and hunter Artemis roams the wilds of. the world with a band of maidens Her symbols are the deer and the bow. Hephaestus God of fire and blacksmithing As a baby Hephaestus was. thrown from Olympus by his father Zeus Because of this he grew up. ugly and crippled but was extremely good at working with his hands. He can make anything out of metal He was given Aphrodite as his bride. because Hera thought it would help Aphrodite settle down Unfortunately. Aphrodite has affairs behind her husband s back and Hephaestus is. always trying to catch his wife with her lovers, Aphrodite The goddess of love who was born from sea foam She is the. most beautiful goddess and very vain She has a magic girdle belt which. can cause anyone to fall in love with her Though married to Hephaestus. her main boyfriend is Ares Her symbol is the dove,GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Hermes The god of merchants travelers thieves and medicine Hermes. watches over all who use the roads and are involved in commerce The. son of Zeus Hermes could talk when he was only a baby and once stole. works at a candy shop to make ends meet and is married to Smelly Gabe Ugliano Percy s abusive stepfather who expects Percy to provide him with poker playing money in exchange for room and board Percy struggles to understand why his mother who obviously loves him takes such pains to send him away every year to a different boarding school When Percy and his mother go for a weekend

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