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Introduction 10, Israel s First Three Kings Saul David and Solomon 15. Map of the Divided Kingdom,Rehoboam The Indiscreet Judah. Jeroboam The Ambitious Manipulator Israel,Abijah The Belligerent Judah. Asa Judah s First Reformer Judah,The Chronological Data of the Kings of Israel. Nadab The Liberal Israel,Baasha The Unheeding Avenger Israel.
The Chronological Data of the Kings of Judah,Elah The Apathetic Drunkard Israel. Zimri The Reckless Assassin Israel,Omri The Statute maker Israel. Ahab Israel s Worst King Israel,Ahab of Israel and Jehoshaphat of Judah. Jehoshaphat The Enigmatic Educator Judah,Ahaziah The Clumsy Pagan Israel. Jehoram The Moderate Israel,Jehoram of Israel and Jehoshaphat of Judah.
Jehoram The Ill fated Murderer Judah,Ahaziah The Doomed Puppet Judah. Jehu Yahweh s Avenger Israel,Athaliah That wicked woman Judah. Joash The Ungrateful Dependant Judah,Amaziah The Offensive Infidel Judah. Jehoahaz The Oppressed Idolater Israel,Jehoash The Indifferent Deliverer Israel. Jeroboam The Militant Restorer Israel,Uzziah The Presumptuous Pragmatist Judah.
Why Matthew excluded four rulers,Jotham The Upright Judah. Ahaz The Perfidious Idolater Judah,Zachariah The Unfortunate Israel. Shallum The Ephemeral Israel,Menahem The Rapacious Exactor Israel. The kings of Assyria and the rulers of Babylon,Pekaiah The Obscure Israel. Pekah The Contemptible Israel,Hoshea The Treacherous Israel.
Hezekiah Yahweh s Trusting Servant Judah,Manasseh The Murderous Corruptor Judah. Amon The Reprobate Judah,Josiah The Youthful Reformer Judah. Jehoahaz The Preferred Judah,Jehoiakim The Arrogant Tyrant Judah. Jehoiachin The Helpless Judah,Zedekiah The Profane Rebel Judah. History from the death of Josiah to the fall of Jerusalem. ABBREVIATIONS USED,AV Authorised Version,Ges Gesenius Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon.
Gray Commentary 1 2 Kings John Gray, Oxford Helps to the Study of the Bible Oxford University Press. RSV Revised Standard Version,Roth Emphasized Bible translated by J B Rotherham. Yng Young s Literal Translation of the Bible, The meanings of Hebrew words provided in these notes are from Strong s Exhaustive. Concordance of the Bible and Gesenius Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament. unless otherwise noted,Conventions used in the notes. Italic is used to indicate Hebrew or Greek words, Bold Italic is used to indicate words from the Bible text being commented on.
Bold is used for emphasis, These notes were originally the product of a Bible study class held in Brisbane during 1974. and 1975 upon the theme The Kings of Israel and Judah The class undertook the study. of the lives and characters of 39 kings who ruled over Israel and Judah from the division of. the kingdom of Solomon in 931 BC to the overthrow of Judah in 586 BC. A great deal of valuable instruction and exhortation can be derived from a consideration of. the affairs of God s ecclesia in this period of its history and these notes were prepared so. that others might share some of the benefits of this study which is aptly suited to the times. in which we live, The life of each king is considered separately in essay and summary form to which has. been added verse by verse notes to assist study of the text Every attempt has been made. however to retain a measure of synchronisation between contemporary kings as this is the. method employed by the Divine chronicler, The notes span the following sections of scripture. 1 Kings chapters 12 to 22 2 Kings chapters 1 to 25 and 2 Chronicles chapters 10 to 36. Not all chapters listed receive consideration and those chapters dealing with the lives of. Elijah and Elisha have been excluded except where they record events in the lives of the. two great prophets that are interwoven with the lives of the kings under consideration It. also follows that where the history of the kings is repeated in almost identical form in the. companion record it has been omitted as additional notes would serve no purpose. In re issuing these notes to the Brotherhood after many years of unavailability the. publishers hope that they will be a helpful source of information for Bible students who. undertake a study of the kings of Israel and Judah A prayerful and careful study of this. portion of the Scriptures is a most rewarding exercise and is commended to all. INTRODUCTION,OBJECT OF THE STUDY, The object of this brief review of the kings is to derive useful lessons for modern ecclesial. life from that era of ecclesial history By a careful examination of the significant characters. presented in the records of Kings and Chronicles and reflection on the reasons for their. successes and failures the virtues and faults of their reigns and the effect each had upon. the destiny of their nation the student gains greater insight into human behaviour and is. made more sensitive to the many pitfalls which often brought the kings of Israel and Judah. very low There is also much that is positive in this study providing encouragement in the. service of our God through the examples of the faithful who punctuated this long period of. Israel s history,A STUDY IN LEADERSHIP, This is essentially a study in leadership for the principal characters were rulers of God s.
people The primary focus is on men of responsibility who were tantamount to ecclesial. leaders and should have been shepherds of the flock of Israel As such the period of the. kings is useful ground for any who have leadership responsibilities in ecclesial and family. life today,ISRAEL AND JUDAH GOD S ECCLESIA, Israel and Judah were the ecclesia of God 1 Chron 29 23 Exod 19 5 6 Acts 7 38 Jer. 3 14 20 Rom 11 1 5 As an ecclesia though at times apostate all Israelites stood. related to the covenants of promise Each individual lived a life and developed a character. which finally determined his eternal destiny The lives and characters of the kings are. recorded by God as both a warning and exhortation to all subsequent generations of. covenant bearers whose future will be determined upon the same basis. A Divine appraisal or summary of each king is inserted in the record of their reigns. whether it was long or short This is evidence that the judge of all the earth whose eyes. run to and fro through the whole earth was keenly interested in the ways and the actions. of the kings as they led His ecclesia in their era With unerring accuracy He made his final. and irreversible assessment of them at the end of their reign Heb 13 17. It will be the object of these notes to highlight the lessons that may be learnt from the. record of the kings of Israel and Judah written for our admonition upon whom the ends of. the age are come,THE ORIGIN OF THE BOOK OF KINGS, The Kings and Chronicles represent an expansive historical record which is distinctly. religious in its tenor Severe indictment or commendation are encountered according to. each ruler s approach to the things of God The unbiased and direct manner with which the. acts of each king are recorded indicates authorship from outside the court of the king No. royal scribe or court historian would record the history of monarchs in such unequivocal. and authoritative fashion Not only would it endanger his position but in the case of some. kings his life as well The records were written by men who though fully acquainted with. the details of the lives of the kings were not connected with them in any way that might. have biased or influenced what they wrote They were concerned with recording God s. view of each king rather than that which the king might have wished to be recorded of. The prophets undoubtedly were the recorders of the history of this period Neither the royal. scribes or the priests could have satisfactorily performed the task that God s prophets. accomplished so well Their names are often mentioned in the Divine summaries appended. to each king The prophets also played a prominent role in the anointing and subsequent. accession of kings as the following list shows, Samuel Saul 1 Sam 10 1 and David 1 Sam 16 12 13 Nathan Solomon 1Kings. 1 11 27 34 Ahijah Jeroboam 1 Kings 11 29 38 Jehu Doom against Baasha. 1 Kings 16 1 4 7 Elisha Jehu 2 Kings 9 1 12, The records of prophets being involved with kings usually to condemn them are. numerous but in particular the history of Elijah and Elisha covers 19 chapters from. 1 Kings 17 to 2 Kings 13 Who would have such a complete knowledge but the prophets. themselves Furthermore it is noteworthy that many words and phrases used by the writers. of these records are echoed by Isaiah Jeremiah and other O T prophets of this period. THE SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS, A brief summary of the development of the school of the prophets and their role in Israel.
will be useful background to our study of the kings. 1 The association of many prophets together commenced in the days of Samuel Before. his time the only prophets mentioned were Abraham Gen 20 7 Aaron Exod 7 1. Miriam and Deborah and the unnamed prophet of Jud 6 8 Moses was also a prophet. Deut 18 15 but nowhere is it recorded that prophets gathered in groups until the. days of Samuel 1 Sam 10 5 10 12 If not the founder Samuel was certainly the first. significant leader of the school of the prophets 1 Sam 19 20. 2 Samuel s yearly circuit of Bethel Gilgal Mizpeh and return to Ramah 1 Sam 7 15. 17 was probably in connection with the schools of the prophets he had established. 3 Jezebel murdered groups of prophets 1 Kings 18 4 These were described as. Yahweh s prophets 1 Kings 9 10 14, 4 There were evidently communities of prophets in most cities around Samuel s circuit. and its immediate vicinity 2 Kings 2 3 5, 5 Elisha s dealings with the sons of the prophets were many He was clearly their. acknowledged leader 2 Kings 4 1 38 6 1 3, 6 They were manifestly an independent group having their inception before the. monarchy and therefore well able to play the part of independent Divine recorders. 7 The seers were actually prophets 1 Sam 9 9 The word in the Hebrew is ra ah. meaning to see Samuel himself is described as a seer 1 Sam 9 19. 8 Prophets and seers recorded the history of Kings 1 Chron 29 29 2 Chron. 9 29 12 15,THE CHRONICLES OF THE KINGS, The phrase The chronicles of the Kings is found 30 times in the books of Kings and. Chronicles 12 times concerning the kings of Judah first mention 1Kings 14 29 and 18. times concerning the kings of Israel first mention 1Kings 14 19. It is apparent that these chronicles were records kept by God s prophets of the affairs of. the ruling monarch of each kingdom and that in due course they were assembled and. completed to form the books of Kings and Chronicles as we have them today. THE ACTS OF THE KINGS, The word acts is used 50 times in the books of Kings and Chronicles for they are.
primarily records of the acts or works of men who ruled God s people They will be judged. according to the same rule that has applied to responsible men of all ages Behold I come. quickly and my reward is with me to give to every man according as his work shall be. Rev 22 12 Works or fruits reflect what is in the heart Matt 7 16 20 Luke 6 43 45. and therefore the final judgement will be upon the basis of what a man has done whether it. be good or evil 2 Cor 5 10 Rom 2 5 16, It is sobering to reflect upon the fact that as God recorded the acts of the kings of Israel. and Judah so He is also recording our acts in a special record known amongst us as a. book of the life as distinct from The Book of Life Psa 56 8 Mal 3 16 and Rev 20 12. make reference to these personal records of our lives and character commenced at the time. we become responsible to Divine judgement, The final assessment of our acts will determine whether or not our name is found still. recorded in The Book of Life by the Judge before whom we must all stand If in that. record there are found sins unrepented of and therefore unforgiven works of the flesh and. acts that testify to an evil heart of unbelief then inevitably the Divine condemnation. will also be recorded therein as it was in the case of every wicked or unfaithful king in. Israel and Judah On the other hand if the Judge finds a record of worthy acts the fruit. of a good and responsive heart having produced works of faith out of a character reflecting. his own and manifested in a man who knowing his weakness and dependence upon God s. mercy and strength repented of his sins and sought forgiveness then the Divine. assessment will be one of commendation as it was in the case of just a few kings in Judah. It remains to be seen if God will reveal the history of our lives to future generations of. mortals in the Kingdom Age for their learning and admonition as he has revealed the. lives and characters of the kings to us One thing is certain however Very few of the kings. if any would have realised that the affairs of their lives and their acts would be. preserved for the scrutiny of all subsequent generations. Finally some mention should be made of the important relationship between acts and. character Character is the mature product of faith and obedience developed by the. influence of the word of God upon the mind and heart under trial As an individual grows. in faith and obedience to the Divine will he is conformed in measure to the moral image or. pattern of Christ who was the perfect manifestation of his Father s character A man s. times concerning the kings of Israel first mention 1Kings 14 19 It is apparent that these chronicles were records kept by God s prophets of the affairs of the ruling monarch of each kingdom and that in due course they were assembled and completed to form the books of Kings and Chronicles as we have them today

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