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K600i it s just so versatile A diverse range of applications. Printing on to a wide range of substrates the Designed for sheet or web printing onto labels tags. K600i combines productivity with 600dpi tickets forms security products and direct mail. print quality Personalisation of high quality, The K600i configured to the print width required pre printed labels including variable. 2D codes such as QR codes,can be integrated into an existing web or sheet. handling system for digital imprinting or can be,in the format of a monochrome digital press. This added value offering to your customers will, increase your sales and profitability For tickets and forms printing 2D. codes barcodes and numbering, Available with high impact UV curable inks as well sequences.
as cost effective aqueous pigmented inks,With more than 500 installations K600i is a. world leader,For overprinting fully personalised,variable and secure data ideally. suited for security fiscal stamps,event tickets game phone cards. and pharmaceutical folded carton,Greener credentials. Domino s commitment and investment in sound environmental. practices means we frequently exceed the increasingly demanding. governmental industry and company standards and regulations We. are committed to minimising the consumption of natural resources. and energy and the creation of waste Our products are RoHS and. WEEE compliant so that they are recyclable, The K600i is supplied with UV curable LED curable and aqueous.
inks representing an efficient use of our natural resources Although. UV curable inks are chemicals and need to be used correctly. they offer significant environmental benefits compared to solvent. alternatives Solvent inks include up to 95 volatile solvents that. evaporate into the environment and require regular print head. cleaning K600i UV curable inks contain 1 volatile solvents. The K600i Product Range Simple, Each printer includes a compact print bar with Compared with other digital printing technologies Piezo ink jet is a. mounting bracket and integrated Domino i Tech non contact form of printing with few moving parts There are fewer. requirements for manual intervention The result is enhanced reliability. CleanCap maintenance station,K600i Variable Data Printing Modular. High quality digital variable data printing at speeds Print widths range from a single print module covering 108mm 4 25. up to 200m min 650ft min 600 dpi up to seven dual print modules with a print width of 782mm 30 81. Print head alignment and image stitching is achieved through the. K600i Digital Cold Foiling Domino i Tech StitchLink micro motor controller technology. It is easy and accurate for rapid set up of high quality images. Innovative digital solution enabling conventional, metallic foils to be digitally applied to labels packaging Print Print width. and security products Modules mm inches,x1 108 4 25. K600i Varnish x 2 or 4 220 8 69, Spot and tactile varnish capability without the need x 3 or 6 333 13 11.
for printing plates or screens x 4 or 8 445 17 54,x 5 or 10 558 21 96. K600i White x 6 or 12 670 26 39, The renowned cost effective alternative to screen x 7 or 14 782 30 81. printing ideal for a wide range of labels and packaging. applications,See separate K600i Embellishment printer brochure. for details of K600i Digital Cold Foiling K600i Varnish. and K600i White,Printing speeds, At 600 x 600 dpi 75m min 246ft min with optimum density. At 600 x 600 dpi 100m min 328ft min,At 600 x 300 dpi 150m min 492ft min.
At 600 x 600dpi 150m min 492ft min with optimum density. At 600 x 600dpi up to 200m min 650ft min, intelligent Technology High reliability with minimal maintenance. We want to keep the print heads running The unique Domino i Tech. Domino s i Tech components combine to create a ActiFlow ink circulation system ensures that the ink is always moving. system with superior performance altogether more around the printhead even when it has stopped This degasses the ink. flexible and reliable preventing air bubbles forming that can impact nozzle performance. ActiFlow maintains consistent and reliable print results and reduces. operator intervention,i Tech ActiFlow,Ink re circulation for superior jetting. performance and reliability,i Tech CleanCap,Automated print head cleaning and. capping station for the optimum,print quality and productivity. i Tech StitchLink,Automated print head alignment,for accurate registration and.
seamless print across the full web,print width,Higher uptime and reduced costs of maintenance. improves your profitability, The revolutionary i Tech CleanCap automated print head cleaning and. capping technology means the K600i almost maintains itself CleanCap. is a clean and consistent controlled process This means there is no time. consuming daily manual print head cleaning with the risk of print head. nozzle blockage or print head damage being dramatically reduced. When not in operation the print head is automatically moved into the. CleanCap where the head is wiped and capped ready for the next use. Easy to Integrate Pay for what you use, The compact design facilitates mounting on a press finishing line mail The K600i has few consumable parts The ink and flush are charged. base or sheet fed base we just need some space and good material based on the amount used. control to convert you to digital, Select one of four drop sizes 6 7 11 14pl for each job Optimise print. Equipment options include a roller section and web extension enabling quality for a given media or reduce production costs by controlling. simple integration into your existing machine ink usage For the highest quality requirements use with the Domino. Editor RIP including greyscale capability where multiple different. drop sizes are used to create the images,Specialist inks.
A range of inks are available including a fluorescent UV readable ink for. brand protection and security printing,Why use digital monochrome printing. 3 Unparalleled productivity operating at speeds of up to Low operating costs select one of our drop sizes 6 7 11 14pl. 200m min 650 ft min to optimise print quality on different substrates or control ink usage. and reduce your cost per job, 3 High print quality with a native resolution of 600dpi and. potential for greyscale printing Reduced setup time i Tech StitchLink s unique automated. micro motor controller technology enable precise head alignment. Versatile compact modular configurable to the print. with no stitchline,width required from 108mm 4 25 to 782mm 30 81. Reduced downtime the i Tech ActiFlow continuous ink. Reliable simple non contact printing with few moving parts. circulation system degasses the ink preventing air bubbles and. minimises manual intervention and reduces downtime. blocked nozzles resulting in less rejects and less maintenance. Low cost investment compared to the purchase of a digital press. Low maintenance i Tech CleanCap automated print head. makes use of your existing production equipment to provide added. cleaning and capping station reduces the risk of print nozzle. value variable data printing,blockages and extends the life of your print head. Workflow efficiency It is not just about printing, Industry Standard Ink Jet Line Controller Data Hungry.
The Domino EditorTM GT PC based controller with over 2000 For applications with significant variable data content requiring the. installations and Domino Editor Starlight are available for receiving highest quality output or where a PDF workflow is preferred we. and configuring data files for printing A number of data formats can be have the Domino Editor RIP This modular solution ranging. received from simple desk top through to multiple rack mounted blades can. be configured to process your, In addition data creation tools are available such as cut and stack and. data requirements Also supports, step and repeat numbering To meet your application needs a range. full greyscale image processing for, of machine control options are available including Mail Sort and in line. the highest quality printed output,camera verification Network. Includes options for PDF files as well,solutions are available for.
as IPDS and AFP data streams,remote data preparation and. Quadient Inspire Designer, The industry standard Quadient Inspire Designer software. creates multi page PDF files that can then be printed with. the K600i Editor RIP Starting with a simple layout. tool data is extracted from a variable data file and then. integrated within the template background image creating. multi page PDF files ready for printing,A quick tour around the K600i. intelligent Technology,i Tech components combine to create. a system altogether more flexible and reliable,K600i print head including three.
modules with i Tech StitchLink,Print head mount,Roller section micro motor control. i Tech CleanCap,automated cleaning and,capping station. Editor Starlight,or Editor GT User,interface optional. Flush system enclosure,for CleanCap,i Tech ActiFlow ink system. TCP IP connectivity,In line web extension optional.
Small size ink system,and electronics,Small enclosure 10 litre ink supply. box for up to 3 print nozzles or, Technical Specification 333mm 13 wide print systems. Operational Capability, Maximum line speed Standard 37 5 150 m min 123 492 ft min. Maximum line speed Dual 150 200 m min 492 650 ft min. Print resolution 300dpi 600dpi 1200dpi options, Nominal drop sizes 6 7 11 14pl 14pl drop only at reduced speeds. Image width range 108mm 4 25 to 782mm 30 81, Nominal media to print head distance 1 0mm 0 04 300 20 85.
Media Coated and uncoated paper foil and plastic 9. Ink System,Ink Supply 1 10 litres ink dependent, Ink Type UV Curable LED Curable Aqueous Foil Adhesive White Heavily Pigmented. Editor Starlight Editor GT,Fonts Windows True Type Adobe OCR. Barcodes Australian Post Custom Australian Post Redirect Australian Post Reply Paid Australian Post Routing CodaBar 2 widths. Code 11 Code 2 of 5 Data Logic Code 2 of 5 IATA Code 2 of 5 Industry Code 2 of 5 Interleaved Code 2 of 5. Matrix Code 2 of 5 Standard Code 39 Code 39 ASCII Code 93 Code 93 ASCII Code 128 Code 128A 400 40 4. Code 128B Code 128C DPD Code DP Identcode DP Leitcode EAN13 EAN13P2 EAN13P5 EAN14 EAN8. Mid size ink supply box for all print, EAN8P2 EAN8P5 EAN128 Flattermarken GS1 128 GS1 DataBar GS1 DataBar Expanded GS1 Data Bar. systems above 3 print modules, Expanded Stacked GS1 DataBar Limited GS1 DataBar Stacked GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional GS1 Data. Bar Truncated ISBN Italian Postal Japanese Postal KIX Korean Postal LOGMARS MSI NVE 18 Pharmacode. One track Pharmacode Two track PLANET 12 PLANET 14 Plessey Plessy Bidirectional PZN Royal Mail. 4State SSCC 18 Telepen Telepen Alpha UCC EAN 128 UPC 12 UPC 25 UPC A UPC A P2 UPC A P5 UPC. E UPC E P2 UPC E P5 USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode USPS PostNet5 USPS PosNet6 USPS PostNet9 USPS. Post Net10 USPS PostNet 11 USPS PostNet12, 2D Codes Data Matrix MicroPDF417 PDF417 PDF417 Truncated QR Code Quantrum code.
Graphics bmp pcx tif jpg gif pdf,Editor RIP IPDS AFP data streams PDF files. Key Dimensions, Conduit length main enclosure to print head 4m 13 for1x1 module 5m 16 for 1x2 or 1x3 module otherwise 4 25m 14. Conduit length main enclosure to flush bottle 4m 13. 1x3 head print bar 1330w x 354 4d x 705 4h mm height dimension excludes conduit. Small size 10L ink supply box 640w x 441d x 425h mm dimensions exclude conduit radius. Mid size 10L ink supply box 800w x 400d x 1810h mm dimensions exclude conduit radius. Flush holder 234w x 234d x 360h mm dimensions exclude air regulator and conduit radius. Width is configurable please see below, Electrical K600i 110 240v AC50 60Hz 10A auto ranging. UV System Operation dependent normally 380 420v three phase drop. Compressed Air 6 8 bar clean dry supply,Environment. Optimum temperature range 20 30 C 68 86 F,Optimum humidity range 40 60.
Ancillary Equipment, Print head guarding UV dryer LED UV pinning Web cleaner Web guide Anti static bars Mail base. Web extension Reel to reel system Arched roller section Corona treatment. Print width to Head Mount lengths,108mm 4 25 Single 1339mm 1800mm 2215mm. 333mm 13 Single 1339mm 1800mm 2215mm,333mm 13 Dual 1400mm 1800mm 2215mm. 558mm 22 1800mm 2215mm 2600mm,782mm 30 2400mm 2800mm 3400mm. Standard length bespoke length head mounts upon special request http bit ly 2eLcpZM. www domino printing com, K600i 0819 We reserve the right to change the design or specification of our products without notice Some of the information contained in this brochure is general in nature and customers should check that it is applicable to their individual circumstances.
Each printer includes a compact print bar with mounting bracket and integrated Domino i Tech CleanCap maintenance station K600i Variable Data Printing High quality digital variable data printing at speeds up to 200m min 650ft min 600 dpi K600i Digital Cold Foiling Innovative digital solution enabling conventional

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