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Inte rnational Journal of Engineering Technology Manage ment and Applied Sciences. www ijetmas com September 2015 Volume 3 Special Issue ISSN 2349 4476. Discussion, Management is the science that includes the planning organization and coordination guidance and oversight. Henri Fayol defined management as planning organizing commanding coordinating and controlling the. work of a given set of employees Wren 1972 p 9 Due to the importance of management not only in. practice but even in our daily lives the time plays an important role and a key role in our life. Time management is a way to develop and use processes and tools for maximum efficiency effectiveness. and productivity It involves mastery of a set of skills like setting goals planning And also its effective use of. time to achieve desired results Downs 2008 In time management we are managing our time better we are. making our decisions better At the end we have better performance. If we manage and organize our time it help us to complete our work faster with less effort Also it gives us. more opportunities, Proper planning and good organization of time with the proper implementation of the plan and positive. disposition towards wasting time gives us a successful and effective management of time. Efficiency is the master key to true success We need to develop love and loyalty towards what we do Only. then we can develop our personal efficiency Efficiency is producing more with less effort If we think that we. are efficient we should have the good things in our life Good things in life means better education more. money and things we desire If we are not able to achieve our goals or able to have better life or good things in. our life that means that we are not efficient or we are not doing things efficiently. Improved personal efficiency teaches us,How to organize our life. How to identify the disadvantages in our life and how to overcome them. It has been said that we need to acquire good habits because good habits are a sign of intelligence. When we improve our principles of efficiency we learn that nothing is impossible if we have faith to fight for. it and achieve it For this we need to develop the art of thinking correctly and also time management The. following thought was written about Napoleon He planned and won battles in his mind before he won them. in the battlefield Think before acting we all should practice this Our mental capacity decides what we. could be in the future,Pareto s Principle, The 80 20 Rule also known as Pareto s Principle says that 20 percent of something always are responsible for. 80 percent of the results For example twenty percent of the products will have eighty percent of the flaws. This Rule tells how we can use it to more effectively to manage our time and many different aspects of our. life Also another theory which is Pickles Jar Theory which deals with the aspect of creating proper balance it. helps us to visualize priorities as well as the amount and size of tasks that can be done realistically on a given. day Brogan 2010,How to manage our time, The essence of time management is to put some things first others second and still others third Set goals.
and order them from most to least important Then develop a time plan for meeting them Control your actions. in order to make the most of your time Learning to manage time means learning to manage yourself Katey. Torres 2006 p 1 Many researchers and writers wrote and discuss the strategies for time management. Walker Wysocki Kepner 2012 proposed five tips for Managing Time in the Workplace. 1 Prioritize your tasks,2 Get the job done right the first time. 3 Do not waste time,4 Delegate tasks,420 Mrs Blessy Elizabeth Mathew. Inte rnational Journal of Engineering Technology Manage ment and Applied Sciences. www ijetmas com September 2015 Volume 3 Special Issue ISSN 2349 4476. 5 Avoid procrastination, Also they concluded that Focusing on these common areas of managing time should reduce the amount of. time spent on each task Prioritizing is simple once a to do list is utilized that fits your style this requires the. ability to distinguish what is important and or urgent during the day Adjusting the way tasks are executed will. save time and minimize procrastination Delegating tasks to the most appropriate person will reduce wasted. time for you and others Finally dealing with the sources of procrastination will go a long way to making you. an effective manager of time, Computers and technology allow fast processing of activities in work and life It can even replace manpower. in some areas Even then human resources are required to operate the system and we should manage our time. to become efficient in using technology If we are not able to manage our time whatever technology is. available we cannot be efficient or effective Most importantly we should have the knowledge of using. technology, Studies in the USA show that efficiency in blue collar industry has improved 80 over the last decade In the.
same period however white collar productivity has improved by only 4 This is despite enormous advances. in technology, The key to productivity improvements in blue collar work has been a strong focus on improving processes for. example the implementation of Kaizen But most white collar workers are only vaguely aware of their. personal work processes, Most managers when asked say they were never actually taught to work Sure we re taught our computer. systems we attend university to learn the theory and practice of our areas of specialisation but few of us are. ever shown how to deal with the day to day administrivia that crosses our desks and keeps us at work until all. Almost everyone can work more efficiently and more effectively but the realisation that they need to improve. comes slowly to most, Immediately after getting up from the bed we will become busy in our day to day tasks Because we don t. spend time to think we forget that we have choices By learning to control our time on a daily level we will. be successful in managing the obligations and achieving our overall goal. We should first examine our routine activities By studying about the activities we can have some choices like. some activities can be altered some can be delegated and some can be deleted So that we can develop a new. When we are busy in doing something we feel that the time is not sufficient But when we are bored it. stretches Only 24 hours is given for everyone But it is different for everyone because we all perceive. differently, By trying to have balance and harmony in all areas of our life we can alter our current perception of time. thereby reducing our stress and increasing our productivity. Nowadays everywhere we need Smart work not hard work Being productive does not mean doing more We. should have effective production Sometimes we should slowdown then we can become productive. afterwards,Pickles Jar Theory, This theory teach us the right way to manage time it s very simple to understand and execute it also makes.
us aware of the fact that distractions that lead to mismanagement that should be avoided completely in order. to follow the right track Sengupta 2011 The basic idea is that you should schedule only your high priority. tasks for the day and leave the gaps in between for less important activities email browsing and so forth. This is supported by the analogy of a pickle jar where you can fit more in the jar if you add large pebbles first. before pouring in smaller pebbles and sand rather than adding the largest pebbles last when they will be. unlikely to fit,421 Mrs Blessy Elizabeth Mathew, Inte rnational Journal of Engineering Technology Manage ment and Applied Sciences. www ijetmas com September 2015 Volume 3 Special Issue ISSN 2349 4476. Managing time in our workplace, In the workplace we have to face some stress and difficulties on the job with a little planning and prioritizing. we can better manage the time we have at work allowing us to provide better care for ourselves and our. colleagues Time management that can help us balance our professional and personal lives more efficiently. and effectively it s important to learn how to manage our time at work effectively to reduce stress and ensure. us to provide efficient work activities Time management is recognized as an important component of work. performance People are using different strategies of time management Learning time management skills lets. us work smarter instead of harder This skill is crucial to survive the day to day busy schedule. Importance of time management to become efficient in our work. Most of us have a lot of things we are responsible for and to make quick decisions about many things. Improving time management plans can make us much more efficient in our work activities Of course better. time management can also be a big stress relief for those working in advanced environment Knowing how to. prioritize the tasks can make a big difference in lowering stress and helping to manage the our work less. stress can also help us arrive to spend time relaxing or socializing with the family without feeling completely. exhaustion and nervous, We can try the following to make our work effective. Consider the activities which are eating our time and energy. List out those activities according to priority, Review the list and see what choices we can make to minimize our time and energy. List the reasons why we are not able to make the choices in some areas. Modify those areas in which we are not able to make any choices. Free time management, Wei Chin Tzung and Chung 2011 referring free time to those periods when individuals are unobligated.
and can decide his works And it usually involves killing time if not objective this free time also having no. plans for free time can cause problems While time management can improve the quality of work the. management of free time can contribute to the quality of life p 561 562 Trenberth 2005 concluded in her. study that leisure can contribute to physical social emotional and cognitive health through prevention coping. and transcendence And also she suggested that educating and counseling people on how to manage their time. and plan for leisure can help people apply those skills and improve physical and mental health In Wei Chin. Tzung and Chung 2011 study they recommended to have the opportunities not only for recreation but also. for leisure education to teach students how to manage their free time Finally it is easy to blame others or. circumstances but the human remains responsible for his time If people do not make use of time management. and its benefits they will not be benefited from the services of science and technology Hashemzadeh et al. Conclusion, Time management is the ability of person to use the time function to accomplish the tasks in the exact timing. When we are successful at time management we are able to maximize use of every hour of the day This. means using each hour of our day to do the right things to accomplish all of the tasks that we need to in the. most efficient manner More time management more achievement less stress Managing time effectively. knowing when to delegate and thinking critically are essential There is no shortcut to become effective as. well as to manage time Careful planning will enable us to reduce the number of crisis in our life so that we. will have the energy and time to react when a true crisis occurs and to live a well balanced life. 422 Mrs Blessy Elizabeth Mathew, Inte rnational Journal of Engineering Technology Manage ment and Applied Sciences. www ijetmas com September 2015 Volume 3 Special Issue ISSN 2349 4476. References, Major V S Klein K J Ehrhart M G 2002 Work time work interference with family and. psychological distress Journal of Applied Psychology 87 427 436 doi 10 1037 0021 9010 87 3 427. Hobfoll S E 2011 Conservation of resource caravans and engaged settings Journal of Occupational and. Organizational Psychology 84 116 122 doi 10 1111 j 2044 8325 2010 02016 x. Brogan J 2010 Expand Your Pareto Principle Industrial Engineer IE 42 11 45 49 Retrieved from. http web ebscohost com ehost, Bresciani M J Duncan A J Cao L H 2010 Embracing the Ambiguity Twelve Considerations for. Holistic Time Management About Campus 17 21 doi 10 1002 abc 20037 Published online in Wiley Online. Library www wileyonlinelibrary com, Downs L J American Society for Training and Development 2008 Time management training.
Alexandria Va ASTD Press, Hashemzadeh G R Ranjbar V Moosavi S T Eidi F 2011 The Role of Organizational Culture in. the Establishment of Time Management A Case Study Mines and Mineral Industries Aust J Basic. Appl Sci 5 12 2536 2543, Jones J R 2012 May 23 Time is on your side Nursing Standard 26 38 70 71. Katey W Torres N I 2006 August Time Management for Busy People University of Florida. Retrieved October 18 2012 Retrieved from http edis ifas ufl edu. Munyisia E N Yu P Hailey D 2011 How nursing staff spend their time on activities in a nursing. home Journal of Advanced Nursing 67 9 1908 1917, Pearce C 2007 April Leadership resources Ten Steps to manage time Nursing Management 14 1 23. Retrieved from http nursingmanagement rcnpublishing co uk archive article ten steps to managing time. Rosario P D 2012 6 Nursing Time Management Skills You Should Have urseTogether com All About. Nurses Nurse Communication Nurse Community Nurse Together Retrieved from. Key words Time management Time strategies Effectiveness Time in workplace Free time Introduction Managers have four kinds of resources people equipment money and time Of these the time is irreplaceable which means the time management skills are essential for success Pearce 2007 Time management teaches us to organize our time so

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