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LIGHTROOM 2, Rejected Photos are Shown as Dimmed in filmstrip 3. Virtual Copy Collections 4,Relocate Missing Image Files 6. Sort images by Edit Time 7,Key wording Partially Key worded Image Sets 8. Stacks Dual Screen Workflow 9,Five Quick Tips for New Lightroom Users 11. Speed up Rating by Using Auto Advance 12,Using Lightroom Color Label Sets 13.
Lightroom 2 new Search and Filter Tools 15,Switch between Clone and Heal Tools 17. Live Loupe Mode 18,Before After Sharpening View 19. Selective Correction using the tool overlay 20,Color Picker Background Sampling 22. Paged Dust Spotting 23,Keep the Adjustment Mask Active 24. New ways to work with photoshop 25,Recover Corrupt Lightroom Catalog 26.
Print to a JPEG file directly from the Print Module 27. Sharpening Web Gallery Images 28,Fix Lightroom Memory Card Auto Start 29. Lightroom 2 New Export Features 31,Mouse Controlled Settings 32. Relocate the Lightroom Catalog 33,Sharpening in LIghtroom 35. Multiple image dust spot removal 38,Lightroom white balance using a gray card 40. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 2. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,REJECTED PHOTOS ARE SHOWN AS DIMMED IN FILMSTRIP.
Lightroom 2 has a new feature which allows you to identify rejected photos visually I noticed. this as I was working through my latest shots Press X to reject a photo. Then in the filmstrip the rejected photos will be shown dimmed so they can be easily. identified See the second from the left in the Filmstrip below. Lightroom Web Module output settings,This is new for Lightroom 2 and is very useful. Note that the photos dim down in the Library Module Grid view as well. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 3. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,VIRTUAL COPY COLLECTIONS. Lightroom has a powerful Collections capability which allows you to select a subset of images. and view them as a named collection, A very useful option for preparing a set of images for later printing using in a slideshow or to. be shown as a web gallery, Creating a Collection containing virtual copies rather than a reference to the master image. allows you to make edits to the new version in the collection without affecting the master. To create a collection Highlight and the images you want in the collection and then click the. plus sign next to the Collections panel in the left hand side of the Library Module. You will then have an option to create a normal or a smart collection This Lightroom tip works. with the normal collection so select Create Collection from the drop down menu. A dialogue will box open which will allow you to name the collection as well as to choose to. add it to an existing collection set, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 4.
Choose Include selected photos and Make new virtual copies. Lightroom will create a new Collection which contains only virtual copies You can then work. on these copies cropping them before printing etc without affecting the master image. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 5. LIGHTROOM LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,RELOCATE MISSING IMAGE FILES. Occasionally Lightroom will display a preview or thumbnail but will not be able to find the. original image file in the Catalog When this happens you will see an error message like the. one shown on the image below, In addition the thumbnail of the image will have a rectangular icon with a question mark in the. top tight hand corner This icon indicates that the original image cannot be found. If you click on the missing image icon a dialog box will open which will allow you to locate the. missing image file, This is great for a single image but will become tiresome. if you have many missing image files, If this is the case you can synchronize any folder in the. catalog in one operation, See the Image Space Website Lightroom Tip on how to.
Synchronize Folders for how to do this, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 6. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,SORT IMAGES BY EDIT TIME. In the Library Module there is a very useful sort option called Edit Time. Sorting the grid view by Edit Time will display the thumbnails in the grid view with the most. recent ones at the top, Lightroom Sort Options shown in Library Module Grid View. This is an easy way to select all the photos that have had any form of editing applied Note. that adding keywords counts as editing, There is a second sort option sort by Edit Count This is not so useful as it orders the images. according to how often an editing operation has been performed on the image. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 7. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,KEY WORDING PARTIALLY KEY WORDED IMAGE SETS.
There is a quick and easy way in Lightroom to ensure that you have applied the same. keyword or set of keywords to a group of images, An easy way to be sure that all the images are key worded correctly is to look for the asterisk. symbol following a keyword in the keyword Tag window. In the example above all the thumbnails have been selected and a summary of the keywords. which have been used is shown in the bottom right Keyword Tags box. Note that there is an asterisk following all the keywords except the word Devon. What this is telling us,The images have been tagged with Devon. Keywords which are followed by an asterisk have been applied to only a selection. of the images, So how do you quickly apply the keywords to the whole selection. Simple Just select the asterisk for each keyword that you want to apply Delete the asterisk. and press Return This will apply the keyword to the whole selection of images. This is very useful in a situation when you want to mark a whole set of images as being shot. at a specific location, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 8. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,STACKS DUAL SCREEN WORKFLOW.
Lightroom beta 2 has a Secondary Display mode which as you would expect allows you to. use two displays Note that Lightroom versions before 2 0 did not support dual displays. I have been playing with the Secondary Display option and have found a really useful. configuration for working with Lightroom image Stacks. Open Lightroom in Library Module mode and bring up a screen full of thumbnails which. includes some Stacks,Lightroom Secondary Display Menu. Set the Secondary Display mode to Survey as shown below. As long as you are in,the Survey Mode you,will get a secondary. display window which,shows all the images in,the Stack This is a fully. working Survey window,which you use as,normal i e click the X in. the bottom right to reject, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 9.
If you click on a Stack thumbnail you will get a single large version of the image which is at. the top of the Stack, Now click the numbered Stack Icon in the top left of the thumbnail All the images in the Stack. will now be shown on the Secondary Display view, This setup at last makes Stacks work well in Lightroom. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 10. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,FIVE QUICK TIPS FOR NEW LIGHTROOM USERS. I have been asked the following questions many times These short tips should be of use to. new Lightroom users,1 Where does Lightroom save my edited images. Lightroom does not modify your original image files The original image files do not change. When you make a series of edits in Lightrooms Develop or Library Modules all that happens. is a description of each of the individual edits that have been performed are stored in a. separate linked file The only time your edits will be applied is when you print or export the. final image,2 How do I get back to the Thumbnail View.
Press G at any time The thumbnail view in the Library Module will appear. 3 I cannot find the Top Menu,Press Shift and Tab,All of Lightrooms panels will. appear Including the top menu,This is a really good one to learn. Pressing just Tab will hide and show only the side panels. 4 Where are the missing photos that I know should be in my folders. Turn on Include Items from Subfolders in the Library Modules Library Menu You will then see. thumbnails for the selected folder and all of it s subfolders. 5 I cannot see my Thumbnail Star Ratings How do I get them back. In the Library Module press the J key You will cycle through the thumbnail view modes. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 11. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,SPEED UP RATING BY USING AUTO ADVANCE. If you want to speed up the rating and flagging process try turning on Auto Advance setting in. the Photo menu, Now every time you rate pick unpick or set a flag the current image will be tagged as normal. but the filmstrip will auto advance by one image, This works in both the Library and the Develop Modules It also works even if the filmstrip is.
not visible, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 12. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,USING LIGHTROOM COLOR LABEL SETS. I would guess that most people do not use Color Labels. They can be useful as Lightroom allows you to edit and prepare custom color label sets. Color Labels allow you to add an extra level on information say for flagging images to be. printed deleted or archived, Make sure that the Color Labels are turned on for your thumbnails by checking Show Rating. Footer check box in the View View Options menu,Select Show Rating in the Expanded Cell settings. Once selected you will see the square Color Label icon underneath the thumbnail Note you. may have to cycle through the thumbnail modes using the J key to see them Now click on the. square icon A pop up list appears which will allow you to quickly assign a color flag. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 13. You can assign a color flag in a number of different ways The quickest way is to use the. numerical keys 6 through 9 though for some reason only the first four color labels have. shortcut keys, If you want to assign your own color labels you can do so using the menu item Metadata.
Color Label Set Edit A dialogue box will open which allows you to define your own set of five. labels The default alternative ones are also worth playing with. Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 14. LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS,LIGHTROOM 2 NEW SEARCH AND FILTER TOOLS. Lightroom beta 2 brings considerable improvements to the task of filtering and image. To bring up the Filter options from the Library Module select Show Filter View from. Lightrooms View menu or press the shortcut key, You will then see a resizable Filter selection menu The results of any of the filters which. follow will depend on what you have selected as your starting point in the Library Module side. panels i e selecting All Photographs in the Catalog Panel will obviously allow you to filter on. the whole catalog,The basic operation is simple and easy to use. There are three filter modes, The first Text allows you to enter a text search term. The second Refine will allow you to further target your search by using combinations of the. familiar flag star ratings color flags etc, Joe Barrett 2008 The Image Space www image space com Page 15.
LIGHTROOM 2 LIBRARY MODULE TIPS FIVE QUICK TIPS FOR NEW LIGHTROOM USERS I have been asked the following questions many times These short tips should be of use to new Lightroom users 1 Where does Lightroom save my edited images Lightroom does not modify your original image files The original image files do not change

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