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Griffith pdf, This PDF file is desiged for students who have to read a few hymns in translation. If you have to study the complete Rigveda you are recommended to buy a reprint. because a reprint is much cheaper than making a printout of this entire PDF file. 1 The Hymns of the Rgveda Translated with a Popular Commentary by Ralph T. H Griffith Edited by Prof J L Shastri Motilal Banarsidass New Delhi 1 volume. new revised edition 1973 707 pages clothbound Reprint 2004. 2 Hymns of the Rgveda Translated into English with a popular commentary. Munshiram Manoharlal Publ New Delhi 2 volumes 1490 pages Reprint 1999. This PDF file is based on HTM files freely downloadable at several websites e g. http www sacred texts com hin rigveda index htm, http www hinduwebsite com sacredscripts rigintro htm. The purpose of this PDF file is to permit of 1 easy searching and 2 easy extracting. I wrote a special programme to generate this searchable and extractable PDF file. 1 Searching, The entire Rigveda text was converted to a clean 7 bit ASCII file for this PDF file i e. this file does not contain any diacritical characters All Sanskrit words are written. with all diacritics entirely dropped e g Rbu Vrtra Tvastar Asvins etc. The hymns are searchable by entering BB HHH e g 08 020 Book 08 Hymn 020. You need not enter the square brackets and you need not enter the leading zero for. the books in range 1 9 but you must enter leading zeros for specifying the hymns. e g both 08 020 and 8 020 work but 8 20 does not work. 2 Extracting, You may extract any verse hymn or book from this PDF file by easy copy and paste. If you copy the extracted text into a word processing programme no mark up with a. special font is required since the PDF file does not contain any diacritical characters. The file contains a lot scanning errors Proofreaders are hard to come by these days. Nobody is willing to help and nobody is willing to pay for a proofread PDF book file. Therefore here in Germany we say Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Ulrich Stiehl January 2005,01 000 RIG VEDA BOOK THE FIRST.
01 001 HYMN I Agni, 1 I Laud Agni the chosen Priest God minister of sacrifice. The hotar lavishest of wealth, 2 Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers. He shall bring hitherward the Gods, 3 Through Agni man obtaineth wealth yea plenty waxing day by day. Most rich in heroes glorious, 4 Agni the perfect sacrifice which thou encompassest about. Verily goeth to the Gods, 5 May Agni sapient minded Priest truthful most gloriously great.
The God come hither with the Gods, 6 Whatever blessing Agni thou wilt grant unto thy worshipper. That Angiras is indeed thy truth, 7 To thee dispeller of the night O Agni day by day with prayer. Bringing thee reverence we come, 8 Ruler of sacrifices guard of Law eternal radiant One. Increasing in thine own abode, 9 Be to us easy of approach even as a father to his son. Agni be with us for our weal,01 002 HYMN II Vayu, 1 BEAUTIFUL Vayu come for thee these Soma drops have been prepared.
Drink of them hearken to our call, 2 Knowing the days with Soma juice poured forth the singers glorify. Thee Vayu with their hymns of praise, 3 Vayu thy penetrating stream goes forth unto the worshipper. Far spreading for the Soma draught, 4 These Indra Vayu have been shed come for our offered dainties sake. The drops are yearning for you both, 5 Well do ye mark libations ye Vayu and Indra rich in spoil. So come ye swiftly hitherward, 6 Vayu and Indra come to what the Soma presser hath prepared.
Soon Heroes thus I make my prayer, 7 Mitra of holy strength I call and foe destroying Varuna. Who make the oil fed rite complete, 8 Mitra and Varuna through Law lovers and cherishers of Law. Have ye obtained your might power, 9 Our Sages Mitra Varuna wide dominion strong by birth. Vouchsafe us strength that worketh well,01 003 HYMN III Asvins. 1 YE Asvins rich in treasure Lords of splendour having nimble hands. Accept the sacrificial food, 2 Ye Asvins rich in wondrous deeds ye heroes worthy of our praise.
Accept our songs with mighty thought, 3 Nisatyas wonder workers yours arc these libations with clipt grass. Come ye whose paths are red with flame, 4 O Indra marvellously bright come these libations long for thee. Thus by fine fingers purified, 5 Urged by the holy singer sped by song come Indra to the prayers. Of the libation pouring priest, 6 Approach O Indra hasting thee Lord of Bay Horses to the prayers. In our libation take delight, 7 Ye Visvedevas who protect reward and cherish men approach.
Your worshipper s drink offering, 8 Ye Visvedevas swift at work come hither quickly to the draught. As milch kine hasten to their stalls, 9 The Visvedevas changing shape like serpents fearless void of guile. Bearers accept the sacred draught, 10 Wealthy in spoil enriched with hymns may bright Sarsavad desire. With eager love our sacrifice, 11 Inciter of all pleasant songs inspirer o all gracious thought. Sarasvati accept our rite, 12 Sarasvati the mighty flood she with be light illuminates.
She brightens every pious thought,01 004 HYMN IV Indri. 1 As a good cow to him who milks we call the doer of fair deeds. To our assistance day by day, 2 Come thou to our libations drink of Soma Soma drinker thou. The rich One s rapture giveth kine, 3 So may we be acquainted with thine innermost benevolence. Neglect us not come hitherward, 4 Go to the wise unconquered One ask thou of Indra skilled in song. Him who is better than thy friends, 5 Whether the men who mock us say Depart unto another place.
Ye who serve Indra and none else, 6 Or whether God of wondrous deeds all our true people call us blest. Still may we dwell in Indra s care, 7 Unto the swift One bring the swift man cheering grace of sacrifice. That to the Friend gives wings and joy, 8 Thou Satakratu drankest this and wast the Vrtras slayer thou. Helpest the warrior in the fray, 9 We strengthen Satakratu thee yea thee the powerful in fight. That Indra we may win us wealth, 10 To him the mighty stream of wealth prompt friend ot him who pours the juice.
yea to this Indra sing your song,01 005 HYMN V Indra. 1 O COME ye hither sit ye down to Indra sing ye forth your song. companions bringing hymns of praise, 2 To him the richest of the rich the Lord of treasures excellent. Indra wi th Soma juice outpoured, 3 May he stand by us in our need and in abundance for our wealth. May he come nigh us with his strength, 4 Whose pair of tawny horses yoked in battles foemen challenge not. To him to Indra sing your song, 5 Nigh to the Soma drinker come for his enjoyment these pure drops.
The Somas mingled with the curd, 6 Thou grown at once to perfect strength wast born to drink the Soma juice. Strong Indra for preeminence, 7 O Indra lover of the song may these quick Somas enter thee. May they bring bliss to thee the Sage, 8 Our chants of praise have strengthened thee O Satakratu and our lauds. So strengthen thee the songs we sing, 9 Indra whose succour never fails accept these viands thousandfold. Wherein all manly powers abide, 10 O Indra thou who lovest song let no man hurt our bodies keep.
Slaughter far from us for thou canst,01 006 HYMN VI Indra. 1 They who stand round him as he moves harness the bright the ruddy Steed. The lights are shining in the sky, 2 On both sides to the car they yoke the two bay coursers dear to him. Bold tawny bearers of the Chief, 3 Thou making light where no light was and form O men where form was not. Wast born together with the Dawns, 4 Thereafter they as is their wont threw off the state of babes unborn. Assuming sacrificial names, 5 Thou Indra with the Tempest Gods the breakers down of what is firm.
Foundest the kine even in the cave, 6 Worshipping even as they list singers laud him who findeth wealth. The far renowned the mighty One, 7 Mayest thou verily be seen coming by fearless Indra s side. Both joyous equal in your sheen, 8 With Indra s well beloved hosts the blameless hastening to heaven. The sacrificer cries aloud, 9 Come from this place O Wanderer or downward from the light of heaven. Our songs of praise all yearn for this, 10 Indra we seek to give us help from here from heaven above the earth.
Or from the spacious firmament,01 007 HYMN VII Indra. 1 INDRA the singers with high praise Indra reciters with their lauds. Indra the choirs have glorified, 2 Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and word yoked car. Indra the golden thunder armed, 3 Indra hath raised the Sun on high in heaven that he may see afar. He burst the mountain for the kine, 4 Help us O Indra in the frays yea frays where thousand spoils are gained. With awful aids O awful One, 5 In mighty battle we invoke Indra Indra in lesser fight.
The Friend who bends his bolt at fiends, 6 Unclose our manly Hero thou for ever bounteous yonder cloud. For us thou irresistible, 7 Still higher at each strain of mine thunder armed Indra s praises rise. I find no laud worthy of him, 8 Even as the bull drives on the herds he drives the people with his might. The Ruler irresistible, 9 Indra who rules with single sway men riches and the fivefold race. Of those who dwell upon the earth, 10 For your sake from each side we call Indra away from other men.
Ours and none others may he be,01 008 HYMN VIII Indra. 1 INDRA bring wealth that gives delight the victor s ever conquering wealth. Most excellent to be our aid, 2 By means of which we may repel our foes in battle hand to hand. By thee assisted with the car, 3 Aided by thee the thunder armed Indra may we lift up the bolt. And conquer all our foes in fight, 4 With thee O India for ally with missile darting heroes may. We conquer our embattled foes, 5 Mighty is Indra yea supreme greatness be his the Thunderer.
Wide as the heaven extends his power, 6 Which aideth those to win them sons who come as heroes to the fight. Or singers loving holy thoughts, 7 His belly drinking deepest draughts of Soma like an ocean swells. Like wide streams from the cope of heaven, 8 So also is his excellence great vigorous rich in cattle like. A ripe branch to the worshipper, 9 For verily thy mighty powers Indra are saving helps at once. Unto a worshipper like me, 10 So are his lovely gifts let lauds and praises be to Indra sung.
That he may drink the Soma juice,01 009 HYMN IX Indra. 1 COME Indra and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts. Protector mighty in thy strength, 2 To Indra pour ye forth thejuice the active gladdening juice to him. Ile gladdening oinnific God, 3 O Lord of all men fair of cheek rejoice thee in the gladdening lauds. Present at these drink offerings, 4 Songs have outpoured themselves to thee Indra the strong the guardian Lord. And raised themselves unsatisfied, 5 Send to us bounty manifold O Indra worthy of our wish.
For power supreme is only thine, 6 O Indra stimulate thereto us emulously fain for wealth. And glorious O most splendid One, 7 Give Indra wide and lofty fame wealthy in cattle and in strength. Lasting our life time failing not, 8 Grant us high fame O Indra grant riches bestowing thousands those. Fair fruits of earth borne home in wains, 9 Praising with songs the praise worthy who cometh to our aid we call. Indra the Treasure Lord of wealth, 10 To lofty Indra dweller by each libation the pious man.
Sings forth aloud a strengthening hymn,01 010 HYMN X Indra. 1 THE chanters hymn thee they who say the word of praise magnify thee. The priests have raised thee up on high O Satakratu like a pole. 2 As up he clomb from ridge to ridge and looked upon the toilsome task. Indra observes this wish of his and the Rain hastens with his troop. 3 Harness thy pair of strong bay steeds long maned whose bodies fill the girths. And Indra Soma drinker come to listen to our songs of praise. 4 Come hither answer thou the song sing in approval cry aloud. Good Indra make our prayer succeed and prosper this our sacrifice. 5 To Indra must a laud be said to strengthen him who freely gives. That Sakra may take pleasure in our friendship and drink offerings. 6 Him him we seek for friendship him for riches and heroic might. For Indra he is Sakra he shall aid us while he gives us wealth. 7 Easy to turn and drive away Indra is spoil bestowed by thee. Unclose the stable of the kine and give us wealth O Thunder armed. 8 The heaven and earth contain thee not together in thy wrathful mood. Win us the waters of the sky and send us kine abundantly. 9 Hear thou whose ear is quick my call take to thee readily my songs. O Indra let this laud of mine come nearer even than thy friend. 10 We know thee mightiest of all in battles hearer of our cry. Of thee most mighty we invoke the aid that giveth thousandfold. 11 O Indra Son of Kusika drink our libation with delight. Prolong our life anew and cause the seer to win a thousand gifts. 12 Lover of song may these our songs on every side encompass thee. Strengthening thee of lengthened life may they be dear delights to thee. 01 011 HYMN XI Indra, 1 ALL sacred songs have magnified Indra expansive as the sea. The best of warriors borne on cars the Lord the very Lord of strength. 2 Strong in thy friendship Indra Lord of power and might we have no fear. We glorify with praises thee the never conquered conqueror. 01 000 RIG VEDA BOOK THE FIRST 01 001 HYMN I Agni 1 I Laud Agni the chosen Priest God minister of sacrifice The hotar lavishest of wealth 2 Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers He shall bring hitherward the Gods 3 Through Agni man obtaineth wealth yea plenty waxing day by day Most rich in heroes glorious

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