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PENGUIN READERS,Teacher s notes LEVEL 5 Teacher Support Programme. The Great Gatsby, Chapter 4 Gatsby takes Nick to lunch On the way Hotel Tom and Gatsby have a bitter confrontation Tom. Gatsby tells Nick that his parents died and left him a denounces Gatsby for his low birth and reveals to Daisy. lot of money and that he went to war and later attended that Gatsby s fortune has been made through being a. Oxford University Nick is sceptical of the story At lunch bootlegger illegally selling alcohol during Prohibition. Gatsby introduces Nick to his business associate Meyer When Gatsby asks her to say that she never loved Tom. Wolfsheim Later Jordan Baker tells Nick the story of she can t say it Tom scornfully sends her back to East Egg. Gatsby he had been in love with Daisy when they met with Gatsby. in Louisville before the war Gatsby s extravagant lifestyle Chapter 8 When Nick Jordan and Tom drive through. and wild parties are simply an attempt to impress Daisy the valley of ashes however they discover that Gatsby s car. Gatsby bought the house to be close to Daisy This has hit and killed Myrtle Tom s lover They rush back to. is where Nick fits in Gatsby wants Nick to arrange a Tom s house in East Egg where Nick learns from Gatsby. meeting between himself and Daisy that Daisy was driving the car when it struck Myrtle but. Chapter 5 Nick invites Daisy to tea and tells her not to that Gatsby intends to take the blame Nick asks Gatsby. bring Tom Gatsby comes over to inspect everything to to go back with him but Gatsby wants to wait outside the. make sure that the tea goes perfectly After an initially house to make sure that nothing happens to Daisy. awkward reunion Gatsby and Daisy re establish their Chapter 9 Early the next morning Nick goes over to. connection Gatsby has meticulously planned their check up on Gatsby He has been at Daisy s all night. meeting he gives Daisy a carefully rehearsed tour of just watching to see if she was safe He and Nick stay up. his mansion and is desperate to exhibit his wealth and talking about Gatsby s past Nick has to leave Gatsby to. possessions The love between Gatsby and Daisy is revived get to work After Nick leaves Gatsby decides to go use. Chapter 6 Nick learns the true story of Gatsby s past his pool and relax George Wilson was looking for Gatsby. He was born James Gatz in North Dakota but changed Someone had told him that Gatsby was involved George. his name at the age of seventeen The gold baron Dan has leapt to the conclusion that the driver of the car that. Cody served as Gatsby s mentor until his death Although killed Myrtle must have been her lover George believing. Gatsby inherited nothing of Cody s fortune Gatsby had Gatsby to be at fault decides to avenge her death He. created a persona and found something that he wanted to finds Gatsby in the pool and shoots him dead He then. achieve at all costs Gatsby has become wealthy through kills himself as well. illegal activities with the sole intention of winning back Chapter 10 After the murder Daisy and Tom leave town. Daisy He believes that she is the key to perfect happiness without leaving any means of being contacted Nick is. While out horseback riding Tom Buchanan happens left to organise Gatsby s funeral but few people attend. upon Gatsby s mansion There he meets both Nick and the funeral Nick ends his relationship with Jordan and. Gatsby Tom looks down on the new rich like Gatsby decides to move back to the Midwest He has figured out. as he is from an established upper class family Despite that Tom was the one who told Wilson that it was Gatsby. this Tom and Daisy come to the next party at Gatsby s who ran over Myrtle Nick thinks of Gatsby and the role. There he is extremely rude and condescending towards of the past in dreams of the future. Gatsby Daisy also seems to be unhappy at the party which. frightens Gatsby He tells Nick that he will make things Background and themes. right with her and they will be able to go back to how they The Jazz Age the Roaring Twenties The Jazz Age. once were began soon after World War I and ended with the stock. Chapter 7 Gatsby stops throwing his lavish parties The market crash of 1929 Prohibition the ban on the sale. only reason he threw such parties was the chance that and consumption of alcohol made millionaires out of. Daisy or someone who knew her might attend On a bootleggers The period saw the beginning of a new. hot summer s day Daisy invites Gatsby Nick and Jordan style of music which combined ragtime and blues It. to lunch at her house Tom figures out what is going was an exciting time but its basis was money and the. on between Gatsby and Daisy and becomes very upset extravagances that money could buy This emptiness was. They decided to drive into the city there at the Plaza in sharp contrast to the purity of the American Dream. c Pearson Education Limited 2008 The Great Gatsby Teacher s notes of 5. PENGUIN READERS,Teacher s notes LEVEL 5 Teacher Support Programme. The Great Gatsby, which held that anyone could succeed if they strove to 4 Discuss Have students re read page 8 where Daisy. improve themselves and anyone could get wealthy through tells Nick what she said when her daughter was born. hard work and perseverance Ask them the following question Daisy says I m glad. it s a girl And I hope she ll be a fool that s the best. The American Dream The American Dream was thing a girl can be in this world a beautiful little fool. originally about discovery and the pursuit of happiness Why do you think she says that Students could discuss. The 1920s however was an era of decayed social and in pairs or small groups Ask them to share their. opinions with the class later on, moral values when prosperity and material excess have.
corrupted this dream especially on the East Coast The Chapter 2. unrestrained desire for money and pleasure surpassed more Before reading. noble goals In the novel Nick thinks of the disintegration 5 Discuss Talk about the characters. Put students into small groups Ask them to list the. of the American Dream as Gatsby s dream crumbles,names of the characters from Chapter 1 Have them. Class During the Roaring Twenties anyone from any remind each other what each character is like Later. social background could make a fortune but there was a ask some students to report to the class. class structure Fitzgerald uses a geographical motif West After reading. Egg represents the newly self made millionaires East Egg 6 Discuss Put students into small groups to discuss. the American aristocracy i e families with old wealth The why Fitzgerald brings in the following points. the piles of ash, East Egg crowd scorned the new rich in West Egg Tom s. the eyes of Dr Eckleburg, attitude towards Gatsby is typical of this class Ultimately. this wide class gulf is the reason why Daisy chooses to stay Chapter 3. with her husband who is from the same class as she is Before reading. 7 Discuss Talk about Gatsby, Irresponsibility Fitzgerald portrays how people could use Have a whole class discussion on Gatsby In this. their position to look down on others and live their lives chapter Nick finally meets Mr Gatsby What kind of. not caring about other people Tom and Daisy exemplify information on him have you got so far. this stereotype Tom cheats on Daisy Daisy often goes After reading. over to Gatsby s and they run away from the scene of 8 Discuss Talk about Gatsby. Myrtle s death Despite their respectable social status Ask students to work in pairs They make two lists. their actions are selfish and inconsiderate They live their facts they know about Gatsby. rumours about Gatsby, irresponsible lives thinking only of themselves because.
Then ask students to work in bigger groups to, they think they are in a class above other people They compare their lists Tell students to complete their. can use their wealth and position to escape whatever they final lists of facts and rumours because the will need. choose them later activity 20,9 Discuss Put students into pairs or small groups. Elicit the answers to the following question Gatsby. Discussion activities finally appears in a speaking role in this chapter Why do. Chapter 1 you think Fitzgerald delays Gatsby s appearance. Before reading 10 Discuss Talk about Nick and Jordan. 1 Discuss Talk about the title Remind students of a conversation between Nick and. Start a whole class discussion by asking the following Jordan about driving a car Have students work in. questions Why do you think the novel is called The pairs or small groups to discuss the following. Great Gatsby In what ways can a person be great questions. 2 Guess Have students look through the book at the Why did they start this conversation. titles of the chapters Put students into pairs to guess Do you think Jordan is safe as long as she doesn t. and discuss what kind of story they think this will be meet another bad driver. What changed their relationship,After reading What is Nick going to do. 3 Role play Ask students to work in pairs They role. play the telephone conversation between Tom and, Myrtle while Nick is having dinner at the Buchanans s. c Pearson Education Limited 2008 The Great Gatsby Teacher s notes of 5. PENGUIN READERS,Teacher s notes LEVEL 5 Teacher Support Programme.
The Great Gatsby,Chapter 4 After reading, Before reading 18 Discuss Put students into pairs and have them talk. 11 Guess Remind students that Gatsby spoke to Jordan about the following questions. alone at the party and that Jordan said I ve just heard At Gatsby s house Tom was not very nice Why. the strangest thing Put students into small groups Who did Nick spend time with during Gatsby s party. and have them guess what Gatsby told Jordan 19 Role play Ask students to do the following role. After reading The scene between Gatsby and Daisy at Nick s. 12 Check Put students back into the same group as house after Gatsby comes back in to talk to her. before activity 11 Ask students to recount what The first meeting between James Gatz and Dan. Jordan told Nick about Gatsby and Daisy Have them Cody. check if they guessed anything correctly and if they 20 Group work Ask students to find their lists of facts. didn t have them discuss how differently they and rumours about Gatsby from activity 8 Put. guessed students into small groups to update their list with. 13 Discuss Talk about Oxford new information Then ask students to work in bigger. Put students into small groups Prompt them as groups to compare their new lists. follows so that they can exchange their opinions, When Nick was having lunch with Gatsby and Chapter 7. Wolfsheim Wolfsheim says He went to Oxford College Before reading. in England There are colleges at Oxford University such 21 Predict Ask students to imagine what will happen to. as Trinity College and Balliol College but there s no the relationships between Gatsby and Daisy Tom and. Oxford College So what can you tell from Wolfsheim s Daisy Tom and Myrtle and Nick and Jordan. After reading, Chapter 5 22 Describe Myrtle watches the arrival of Tom Nick. Before reading and Jordan at the garage in Gatsby s car Put students. 14 Discuss Talk about the green light into pairs to describe this incident from Myrtle s point. Put students into small groups First have them of view. recount the story about Gatsby and Daisy that we 23 Discuss Talk about old sport. learned through Jordan Then remind students of On page 55 Tom asks Gatsby about his expression. Nick s first sight of Gatsby Have them discuss the old sport but there s no answer from Gatsby in the. following question What does the green light symbolize story Have students work in small groups to discuss. for Gatsby why Gatsby calls everyone old sport and why Tom is. annoyed about it,After reading, 15 Discuss Have students work in pairs to discuss the Chapter 8. following questions It s the day that Daisy comes to tea Before reading. If you are in Gatsby s place what would you say What 24 Guess Have students read the last sentence of. would you do You ve been waiting for this day for five Chapter 7 So we drove on through the falling. years How would you feel darkness towards death Have students guess whose. 16 Role play project Put students into groups and have death it could be. them act out the tea party at Nick s Each group needs. a project manager script writers and actors Have After reading. students discuss what they need to do for their 25 Role play Michaelis witnessed the accident Ask. performance Make sure that everyone contributes to students to role play the conversation between. the discussion on what the characters should say to Michaelis and the first policeman on the scene. each other When students are ready ask them to 26 Discuss Talk about the accident. perform in front of the class Encourage them to talk Put students into pairs or small groups and have them. about each group s performance afterwards recap the accident Then ask the following questions. Why do you think Myrtle rushed out into the,Chapter 6 road.
Before reading Can you change the facts a little so that the. 17 Guess The heading of this chapter is Gatsby s Party accident couldn t happen For example there was a. Lead a whole class discussion by asking the following full tank of gas in Gatsby s car Try to think of as. questions What do you think will happen at this party many different situations as possible. at Gatsby s There have been some scenes at Gatsby s How do you think Tom was feeling or thinking. c Pearson Education Limited 2008 The Great Gatsby Teacher s notes 2 of 5 Teacher s notes LEVEL 5 PENGUIN READERS Teacher Support Programme Chapter 4 Gatsby takes Nick to lunch On the way Gatsby tells Nick that his parents died and left him a lot of money and that he went to war and later attended Oxford University Nick is sceptical of the story At lunch Gatsby introduces Nick to his

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