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The Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone User Manual,Introduction 3. Keys and Layout 4,Getting started 5,Accepting a call 5. Making a call 5,Ending a call 5,Transferring a call 6. Announced Transfer 6,Blind Transfer 6,Transfer to Mailbox 6. Easy conference mode 7,Call History 8,Phone book 8.
Voicemail 9,EasyDial Chrome Extension 10,Network Services 11. Shared Phone Book Speed Dial 11,Call recording 11,Call Pickup 11. Group Mailbox 11,Personal Mailbox 11,Queue Login 11. Withhold CLI 11,HotDesk get calls on another extension 12. www birchills net,INTRODUCTION, Thank you for choosing Birchills Telecom This is the simplest and most powerful system on the market today.
The system consists of two main elements your IP Phone Handset and Cloud PBX and Portal which are. connected together by the power of the Internet Your phone translates your voice into digital packets of. information which are transported by the Internet to the Switchboard which then passes them on to the. recipient who may be using an old fashioned telephone. This means that geography is no longer relevant and telephones are liberated from only staying in one. building Your phone will work when plugged into any internet connection anywhere. Your phone will arrive pre programmed which is also called provisioned So all you need to do is to clip it. together and plug it into the Internet This manual will tell you how to use the phone to it s full extent There is. another manual describing the functioning and programming of the Cloud PBX and Portal on a page which is. here https www birchills net cloud pbx and portal html or you can access the document directly here. https www birchills net Docs portalNEW pdf, There are a number of services which are set up by default including voice recording and voicemail To protect. us both from possible misuse of the system your account has a credit limit which we are happy to review at. any time If you approach the limit we will let you know This system is subject to terms and conditions and an. acceptable use policy which are here https www birchills net terms and conditions html. We are genuinely not like other telephone service providers We do want you to be a satisfied customer for. I hope you will be very happy with your new phone and system. David Hill,Chairman Birchills Telecom,www birchills net. KEYS AND LAYOUT,2 Line Keys Message Waiting,3 Soft Keys. Home Functions Displayed,Phone Book Menu Keys,Page Intercom. no function,Conference,no function,www birchills net.
GETTING STARTED, Plug the phone s power supply into the mains and an Ethernet cable into the socket marked LAN not PC. The phone boots and then it displays Booting starting DHCP. Once operational it displays the date and time Grandstream and 2 soft keys Your handset is ready for use. If the connection to the Internet is not present NETWORK DOWN is displayed If this happens please check. your connections and Internet status If this does not solve the problem please call technical support during. normal office hours on 01922 21 33 33 Option2 or email Techsupport Birchills net. ACCEPTING A CALL, You can pick up the handset to accept an incoming call or press the speaker key to answer hands free. If you want to swap from the handset to hands free press the speaker key and replace the handset. If you want to swap from hands free to the handset pick up the handset. MAKING A CALL, The simplest method of making a call is to pick up the handset and dial the number you desire or. You can input the number to call and press the key or the send key or. You can use a hands free mode by pressing the speaker you will hear the dial tone then input the phone. number you wish to call followed by the key or the send key or. You can use the address book which is described later in this manual or. You can use the navigation keys to display a previously made or received call and dial that number by pressing. the key or the send key once your chosen number is displayed. ENDING A CALL, If you are using the handset then replace the handset. If you are using handsfree then pressing the Speaker key ends the call. If there are two calls on the telephone you can end the current one by pressing. www birchills net,TRANSFERRING A CALL, There are multiple ways of transferring calls to different extensions we consider the most common here.
The simplest way to describe call transfers is to consider 3 parties A B and C. Announced Transfer, This is where the call is announced to the recipient It is also called attended transfer. If A receives a call and wants to transfer it to B then. A places selects the second line by pressing the 2nd line key. A dials the extension or telephone number to transfer the call to. Once this call is answered A tells B about the call. If B is happy to accept the call then, A then presses the line 1 key followed by the Transfer key and the call connects. If B does not wish to take the call then, A presses the line 1 key and talks to the caller again. You can see an announced transfer video on our GXP 1610 page here. https www birchills net grandstream gxp 1610 html,Blind Transfer. This is where the call is not announced to the recipient. A presses Transfer key and then dials B s number and then presses the Transfer key again. You can see a blind transfer video on our GXP 1610 page here. https www birchills net grandstream gxp 1610 html,Transfer Call To A Voice Mail Box.
Prefix the 3 digit extension number with 0 and you ll go straight to their voicemail So if you need to transfer. a caller to A s voicemail on extension 123 for example perform a transfer in the usual way but use 0123. instead of 123, This will also work with call forwarding rules and indeed anywhere else you can dial or specify a destination. www birchills net,EASY CONFERENCE MODE, Grandstream provide multiple ways of establishing and running a conference call Here we concentrate on. the easy conference mode The GXP 1610 can support up to a 3 way conference which means that you and. two others can conference,Initiate a conference call. You establish the first call by calling the first person. Then press CONF key and a new line will be brought up using the same account. Dial another number and press SEND key to establish the second call. Press CONF key to establish the conference,Split and Re conference. During the conference press HOLD key, The conference call will be split and both calls will be put on hold separately with 2 LINE keys blinking in.
Select one LINE key and press to resume the 2 way conversation. Cancel Conference, If you decide not to conference after establishing the second call press EndCall softkey instead of the CONF. This will end the second call and the screen will show the first call on hold. End Conference, You can hang up the call to terminate the conference call If a person in the conference hangs up they will be. disconnected from the conference but other person on GXP1610 will stay in the conference. www birchills net,CALL HISTORY, The phone maintains lists of received and dialled calls If the call list capacity is full then the new call will. replace the first call, To access the list press the central menu key and then select Call History You can then select Answered Calls. Dialled Calls or Transferred Calls You choose a list by pressing the Enter key and then cycle through the list. by using the Navigation keys, Once a phone number is displayed it can be dialled by pressing the Dial soft key.
Note The phone uses the American spelling of dialed. PHONE BOOK, The Phone Book maintains a list of phone numbers and names. To access the phone book press the phone book key, Navigate using the arrow keys select phone book and add new entry The name is entered using the key pad. with each letter being represented by pressing the keys on the key pad repeatedly So keying 2 brings up 2 A. B C in sequence, The Del key deletes keys mistakenly pressed Pressing Enter brings up INPUT NUMBER and the number is then. entered by keying in the telephone number using the key pad Pressing Enter then cycles round to the ADD. prompts again, When a caller who is registered in the Phone Book calls the phone their name is displayed on the main. Once a person s name is registered in the Phone Book they can be dialled by pressing the Phone Book key. followed by Enter when the word current appears cycle down to the name required using the Navigation. keys and then press send to dial the number,www birchills net.
Voicemail Access,Voicemail is enabled by default on all extensions. To access the facility press the Mail key Or,95 access own mailbox Or. 95xxx access specific mailbox where xxx is the 3 digit mailbox number Or. 0 access any voicemail will prompt for mailbox password. If you have Voicemail enabled for your extension and you want to disable it or if it is disabled and you wish to. enable it dial 950 from you extension phone keypad in order to change the status of your Voicemail. Voicemail Configure, Once access to Voicemail has been successful dial 0 to access the mail box configuration it will then give you. the following options,1 Record unavailable message. 2 Record busy message,3 Record name,4 Record temporary greeting.
5 To change password,Voicemail Menu, When you access Voicemail it will then notify you how many voicemails you have it will also give you a range. of other options from the main menu as follows,1 for new messages. By pressing 1 you can listen to your new messages once the message is played you can listen to another range. of options, By default you will receive an email notifying you when a new message has been received. 2 to change folders, Enables you listen to other messages stored in other folders It is possible to search for names using the. SEARCH facility,3 for Advanced Options,There are currently no advanced options available.
www birchills net,EASY DIAL CHROME EXTENSION,What is EasyDial. EasyDial is an extension which works within the Chrome browser from Google When Easydial is running it. works with the Cloud PBX and Portal and your phone to provide added services and features. It allows you to make calls on your extension send SMS messages access your company phone book and. view recent calls It also allows you to call from the webpages or your address book send SMS messages and. much more and you can even cut and paste to dial, There is much more documentation on our website including videos here. https www birchills net easy dial html,How To Get EasyDial. To get Birchills EasyDial on your computer you will need to add it to your Chrome extensions To do this go. to the Google Chrome store by clicking here Once you ve added EasyDial to your extensions you will need to. configure it, Open easyDial by clicking the icon at the top left of the screen You will be asked for a username and. password This is the same username and password you use to access your Birchills Cloud PBX and Portal. Once entered you will then be asked to choose an extension that you wish to set EasyDial up on One you ve. selected your extension you re ready to go, You can dial by typing the number into the number dialler by clicking on any number on the web or by right.
clicking on any other number and selecting the EasyDial Once you hit dial your phone will ring As soon as. you pick it up the system will then dial out the number you selected and connect the call as normal. Receiving Calls, Once EasyDial is set up any calls coming in to the extension will be presented on your screen This will. include any caller ID Incoming text messages will also be presented. You can view all recent calls in real time using EasyDial Bring up the dialler in the normal way and then press. the white list button next to the dial button It will then display all recent calls made to and from that. extension as well as if the call was answered or not. SMS Messages, Access the dialler in the top right of your browser and click the messaging icon at the top This will bring up a. list of recently received messages if you have any To send a message simply hit new You can then enter a. number to send the message to a number to send it from and enter the message Then when your done just. press send All messages are charged at 10p each, If you have any contacts saved in your phonebook these are also accessible through EasyDial Access. EasyDial through the icon in the top right of the screen and click the phonebook icon at the top From here. you can call or text your contacts as well as being able to update and add new ones too. www birchills net,NETWORK SERVICES, These are services provided by the Birchills Telecom Cloud PBX and Portal network and are accessed by a. sequence of followed by a number,Shared Phone Book With Speed Dial.
To add numbers to your phone book log in to the Birchills Cloud PBX and Portal and select the Phone Book. item from the main menu You can click Add Entry enter the contact s name number and specify a speed. dial 1 999 before clicking save, To call a contact from any extension dial 0 followed by the speed dial specified for that contact So for. speed dial 1 dial 01,Call recording 1, You can select in the Birchills Cloud PBX and Portal how recording works You can select no recording. recording on demand or record all calls If you select recording on demand then to start recording a call Press. The Grandstream GXP 1610 User Guide loud Net Ltd 34 Green Lane Walsall West Midlands WS2 8H t 01922 21 33 33 f 01922 21 33 44 e solutions cloudnetuk com w www cloudnetuk com www birchills net Page 2 ONTENTS The Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone User Manual Page Introduction 3 Keys and Layout 4 Getting started 5 Accepting a call 5 Making a call 5 Ending a call 5 Transferring a call 6

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