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1 Features, To allow the machine to display its maximum performance and to extend its. service life to the full, However good a machine may be if it is used in condi environment Among the daily maintenance items. tions of dusty air or dirty oil or if the fuel contains dirt there is a surprising tendency to place little importance. or water it will not be able to demonstrate or maintain on the handling of the air cleaner and filters but this. the expected performance The air cleaner and filters may well be because of their simple structure Please. act to remove any harmful dirt dust wear particles or do not forget that despite their simplicity the air cleaner. other items and to provide a good working and filters play a vital role. Engine Filters,Corrosion Resistor, The scale and dirt in the cooling water collects at places. where the water flow is slow and lowers the cooling effect. In extreme cases it may even block the water line, Corrosion resistors act to suspend the magnesium and cal. cium which are the main components of scale In this way. they prevent the scale from sticking to the liner heads In. addition the corrosion resistors form a hard protective film. on the surfaces in contact with the cooling water This pre. vents direct contact by air bubbles with the liners and the. liner heads from corrosion,Fuel Filter, The fuel also acts to lubricate the injection pump.
The injection pump and injection nozzle are machined. to extremely high precision If there is any dirt or mois. ture in the fuel flowing through the injection pump or. nozzle it will cause seizure of the injection pump or clog. ging of the nozzle The fuel filter removes this dirt or. moisture and supplies clean fuel to maintain engine. performance and extend engine life to the maximum,Hydraulic Filters. Hydraulic filters are the filters used in the torque con. verter transmission steering and hydraulic circuits of. the machine The feature of these circuits is that the. pressure and oil temperature are both high Hydraulic. filters act to remove the metal particles caused by wear. of the sliding parts in the torque converter transmis. sion and other parts of the power train together with. wear particles from the lining inside the steering and. brake circuits and the dirt and dust in the circuit In. this way they ensure that clean oil is sent to the valves. and actuators, In these circuits the oil passes through small orifices. and the oil pressure is finely adjusted so clean oil is. Air Cleaner, If the engine sucks in the dust in the air there will be. serious wear of the cylinders and piston rings which will. result in lack of power and black exhaust smoke At the. same time it will cause other problems such as high oil. consumption The air cleaner acts to filter out this dust. and to provide clean air to the engine thereby maintain. ing engine performance and also extending engine life. Oil Filter,The engine oil acts to lubricate clean,cool and seal the rotating and sliding. parts of the engine If there is any dirt or,water in this oil there will be abnormal.
wear or seizure of the piston or bearings,The oil filter removes this dirt and mois. ture to enable the oil to carry out its role,properly thereby maintaining engine per. formance and extending engine life,3 Comparison of genuine parts and imitation parts. WE RECOMMEND USE OF GENUINE PARTS, It is necessary to replace the cleaner and filter periodi as the result of thorough and repeated tests when in. cally as you are no doubt well aware However it is stalled on the machine from all angles of filtering effi. probably true to say that it is not fully understood how ciency and durability To keep the machine operating in. important the performance and quality of the cleaner and good condition and to extend its life it is necessary not. filter are As a result of this we have had many com only to pay careful attention to maintenance but also to. plaints because of cases where imitation parts have been use cleaners and filters that have been designed and. used for the filter instead of genuine parts during main developed for use on that engine. tenance Komatsu genuine parts have been developed,Comparison of genuine parts.
and imitation parts, Let us compare here the genuine part and an actual imi the internal parts and the performance big differences. tation part for an oil filter In appearance there is no can be found. great difference from the genuine part but if we look at. Komatsu genuine filters feature large filtering area. Large number of paper folds, Paper surface is corrugated to increase surface area and to prevent interference between paper. Comparison of,KOMATSU X company filtering area,Komatsu 100. X company 50, Uniform mesh filter paper Never fails to trap contaminants. Since specially manufactured Komatsu genuine filter Joint sections of filter paper are secured firmly by metal. paper is fine with uniform mesh superb filtering per strips ensuring that Komatsu genuine filters always. formance is demonstrated trap contaminants,KOMATSU X company KOMATSU X company.
Secured by metal strips Secured by staples,4 Hybrid hydraulic filters. Hybrid Hydraulic Filter Elements,High performance filtration. Double life lower maintenance costs,Keeps the oil clean. Increase the life of hydraulic components,The hybrid element combining a high. performance glass fiber filter and a pa,per filter with progressive porosity en.
sures improved quality filtration for,cleaner oil and reduced maintenance. Ground Engaging,Ground engaging tools Tools,Features of Komatsu Genuine Ground Engaging Tools. Superb durability, Komatsu genuine GET parts are made of superior material and have undergone excellent heat. treatment providing superb durability In addition their high impact resistance ensures that Komatsu. genuine GET parts can withstand any heavy duty operation. High economy Hours Comparison of life Repair Limit. Komatsu genuine GET parts are,long life high economy parts with. superb wear breakage resistance,KOMATSU X company,1 Cutting Edges and End Bits.
Motor Grader,Bulldozer Flat edge,Bulldozer Bulldozer. Curved edge,Cutting edges End bits,High Silicon steel edge with high wear resistance. Komatsu genuine cutting edges are tough cutting edges made of high silicon steel rolled and subjected to excellent. heat treatment In addition the combination of cutting edges and end bits provides excellent cutting quality The high. wear resistance and impact resistance of Komatsu genuine cutting edges make them superb cutting edges which are. suitable for any kind of operation Moreover the rear of the edge is chamfered to prevent loosening wear or breakage. of mounting bolts,Cutting edges are doubly economical. Komatsu cutting edges are economical because they can be turned over thereby providing double the wear life Not. applicable to cutting edges for motor graders,Ground engaging tools. 2 Edges Side Corners and Side Cutters,Dozer shovel wheel loader Dozer shovel Hydraulic.
Edges Side corners Side cutters,Excellent cutting quality. The combination of Komatsu genuine side cutter and bucket teeth ensures a sharp digging force which will increase. your production output,Excellent bucket life, Komatsu genuine side cutters protect the side face of the bucket and extend bucket life In addition they increase the. bucket width and capacity and at the same time reduce the maintenance cost and operating costs of the bucket. Dozer shovels,Remarks 1 Large bucket 2 2500 mm width. 3 2630 mm width,Model Serial No Edge Q ty Side corner Q ty. D20 D21S 7 61001 103 70 22121 1,D20 D21Q 7 61001 10K 70 11120 1.
D31S 20 41001 113 70 32120 1 113 70 22130 2,113 Y02 1120 1. D31Q 20 41001 11K 70 32120 1 113 70 22130 2,D57S 1 6501 135 70 32210 1 135 70 33230 1. 135 70 33240 1,D66S 1 1400 142 70 12520 1 142 923 1140 1. 142 923 1150 1,D75S 5 7001 145 70 43122 2 1 145 70 43140 1. 145 70 43331 3 1 145 70 43150 1,Ground engaging tools.
4 Ripper Points,Selection of points to match the specific job. Komatsu genuine ripper points are economical and,can be selected to match the specific operation. Short points Long points, Short points have high Long points have a large Wear self sharpening shape keeps the. breakage resistance and wear tolerance and are,can display substantial suitable for use in opera. power in heavy duty op tions where there is no risk. erations such as on hard of breakage,rock or hard gravel.
Excellent penetration, Komatsu genuine ripper points features the Komatsu. exclusive self sharpening profile ensuring that they. always remain sharp and provide unchanging pen, etration These points are long life points made of. high silicon steel with excellent wear and impact re. Comparative wear sistance,mm D155A Ripper Point,Service limit. Amount of wear,genuine point,0 5 10 15 20 H,Operation hours 1 0 1 7 Times. Actual Data,Reversible points Replacement can be postponed by.
turning a point to present a new,Komatsu genuine ripper wearing surface. points are economical,New wearing surface after turning. because they are revers,ible thereby providing,double the wear life. Initial wearing surface,Undercarriage,Undercarriage parts parts. Tough reliable,Komatsu genuine,undercarriage parts.
State of the art technology Proven durability, Integration of years of technological advancement Computer selection of undercarriage materials. along with Komatsu s manufacturing expertise and treatment assures superior wear perfor. combine to provide a high level of quality without mance. Track links,The hardness of the track link tread and side sur. face improves durability and increases strength,against impact load Dust seals are equipped to. prevent sand and soil from entering the gap be,tween track links and bushing Lubricated track. link assemblies are also available,Sprocket teeth,The sprocket teeth are hardened through.
a unique heat treatment method for added,strength Deep hardening enhances du. rability and increases strength against,impact load. Track shoes,Various track shoes are available to,meet any working condition The. grouser hardness strengthens the,track shoes against wear and impact. load Excellent ground penetration,guarantees a large drawbar pull.
Idlers The track carrier rollers have supe,rior durability due to a special heat. The hardened tread increases,treatment process Floating seals. strength against wear which results,prevent sand and soil from entering. in greater durability,Engine Maintenance Parts Engine maintenance parts. 1 Gasket KIT,For cylinder head,For cylinder block, This kit includes the O rings seals and gaskets needed.
when repairing the cylinder head and block,Engine maintenance parts. 2 Short Blocks, All assemblies contain crankshaft with gear cylinder block oil cooler pistons liners connecting rods piston rings. and bearings, Standard new parts warranty is 6 months from date of purchase by initial user. Special packaging film is used which insures cleanness during shipping. Customer s benefits, Reduce repair time and machine down time for engine overhauls. Wide product coverage reduces inventory requirements. Cost effective Assembly is less expensive than sum of the individual parts. Eliminate confusion due to improper parts,Seals and and.
Seals hoses Hoses,1 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal KIT, The seal kit consists of all the O rings and seals needed Benefits. when rebuilding hydraulic cylinders It is cheaper to purchase a seal kit than to buy individual. Furthermore it is more convenient for ordering and in. ventory control purposes to use only one part number. Seals and hoses,2 O rings 4 Oil Seals, W These are used to prevent oil from leaking around rotating. They cannot be used on sliding surfaces,Available size. Diameter D Thickness W,2 8 499 4 mm 1 78 6 9 mm,Single and double lip are. 3 Seal Washers available,Available size,Diameter d Thickness B.
20 150 mm 10 14 mm,5 Dust Seals, These are mainly used for the joints of hoses in the fuel. Operating pressure Max 20kg cm2, Operating temperature range 60 to 120 C These are used to prevent dust from entering around slid. d ing shafts,t Shaft diameter,Available size,Diameter d Thickness t a. 5 8 29 75 mm 1 2 1 6 mm,Available size,Diameter d Thickness t Shaft diameter. 32 255 mm 6 12 mm 20 230 mm,Meters and Gauges,Meters and gauges.
1 Monitor Panels, The electronic vehicle monitoring system is a system to The electronic vehicle monitoring system consists of the. inform the operator of the condition of the machine It monitor panel sensors controller warning buzzer warn. consists of sensors installed in various parts of the ma ing lamp and power source. chine and observes the condition of the machine and. processes the information speedily then displays the con Gauges can be supplied as individual parts. dition on the monitor panel,Index Index,Product Model Part No Product Model Part No. D135A 2 7831 61 2000 WA250 1,7831 51 5000 1 6000 1. D155A 2 7831 63 2000 WA320 1,D155A 3 7831 68 1100 WA380 1. D155AX 3 7831 68 2102 Wheel WA420 1,D155AX 5 7831 68 3000 e WA470 1.
GOLD BOOK 4 FiltersFilters 1 Features To allow the machine to display its maximum performance and to extend its service life to the full However good a machine may be if it is used in condi tions of dusty air or dirty oil or if the fuel contains dirt or water it will not be able to demonstrate or maintain the expected performance The air cleaner and filters act to remove any harmful dirt

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