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The Fool s Guide To,Investing With Funds,Brought to you by The Motley Fool. We re dedicated stock pickers at The Motley Fool and This means that by investing in a fund you spread your. we ve built our company around the belief that with insight money among a far larger array of companies than most. patience and a solid education an individual investor can individual investors could hope to follow or hope to buy. beat the market for that matter Costs are an issue with funds as we ll see. in a moment but the trading costs of buying into dozens of. But to be successful we believe you need to start early and. different shares can be prohibitive too even if you ve got a. consistently save a decent proportion of your money in. very large pot of money to play with,order to achieve a prosperous retirement. And funds bring more to the party than just a crowd of. That s not to say it s easy and we understand it can be. shares Different funds tend to specialise in different areas. overwhelming for anyone who s just starting out as an. of the market small companies say or property outfits. or those that pay a higher than average dividend, However we definitely think there are steps new investors. There are many funds available that invest exclusively in. can take to become more comfortable putting their money. overseas markets too With funds you can easily put your. in the market, money to work in the US Europe or countries like China. This report is designed to help you ease into the world and India where the opportunities can be very different to. of investing by introducing you to equity funds an back home All this at the push of a mouse button or the. investment vehicle that can easily and relatively cheaply posting of an envelope. give you broad exposure to the stock market, So read on to find out how get started on your road to a The fundamental problems with funds.
making a decent retirement a reality through equity Are you now keen to add some funds to your portfolio. investing Raring to hear about the new Warren Buffett we ve. discovered who s going to make you rich,Spread your risk with funds. Not so fast Fool, There are few risk free investments in this world and. As a matter of fact we don t suggest you let any fund. those that are offer little return However to ensure your. manager look after your money unless you have a very. savings keep up with inflation and are able support you. specific purpose in mind perhaps a specific market niche. in retirement you will need to take on some risk Histori. or a hard to reach territory gold miners in Antarctica. cally equity markets have outpaced inflation and provided. strong enough returns to preserve your buying power into. retirement Because fund management is so competitive and. markets somewhat cyclical few managers stay on top. There are no guarantees this will always be the case and. of the pile for long And almost across the boards the fees. unexpected events can cause a company s share price to. funds charge here in the UK are pretty high certainly when. drop dramatically,you compare them to similar funds in US. With that in mind we think a good way to reduce the risks. One study of the UK market looked at the top 20 of funds. of stock picking is to invest in a wide array of shares. over a five year period to 2005 It found that only a fifth of. We generally suggest you have at least 15 shares in your. these top funds still held their place in the top flight over. portfolio but we realize this may not be realistic for an. the subsequent five years Some two fifths went on to either. investor just getting started Instead one option is to put. underperform or were closed down we d guess for under. some of your money into equity funds,performing 1, An equity fund is a portfolio of shares that you buy into. Worse if you think about it the average return from all. by investing in the fund In effect you own a piece of. funds must equal the return of the overall market That s. every company the fund owns Most funds hold at least 30. because taken in aggregate they are the market or least a. individual companies and it isn t unusual for the list to run. substantial proportion of it,into hundreds, But that s before costs After costs it s almost inevitable that.
2 The Motley Fool The Fool s Guide to Investing with Funds www fool co uk. the average fund must lose to the market over the long term Ongoing Charges Figure or OCF with ETFs typically. slightly cheaper to hold, Given these two facts that winning fund managers rarely. stay winners so it s nigh on impossible to pick em and The main difference between the two types of tracker is. that after costs funds in aggregate tend to trail the market how you invest. it seems to us most sensible to simply try to get the same. With index funds you can invest a lump sum or make. return as the market from your fund for the lowest cost. regular investments subject to the contribution rules of. possible to preserve your returns, your fund platform The big advantage of index funds is. Happily we re not the first to have this idea there are no dealing charges The disadvantage is you can. only buy and sell them once a day, The Foolish approach to funds Because ETFs are bought and sold like other shares you will. This is where index tracker funds come in Instead of trying pay your normal share dealing fees whenever you invest in. to beat the stock market tracker funds simply attempt to them or sell them One benefit over buying normal shares. match the return of a particular index such as the FTSE however is that because many of them aren t domiciled in. 100 index the 100 largest stock market listed companies the UK buying ETFs does not attract the usual stamp duty. in the UK charge of 0 5, Index trackers also aim to keep costs as low as possible so So which vehicle should you choose to use for your low cost. charges aren t eating up your gains index tracking. Instead of a City fund manager trying to wheedle insights There are dozens of index funds and hundreds of ETFs. from company directors or the squiggles of a share price and millions of investors so it s difficult to generalise. graph index trackers use computers to tell them which On balance we d say that most investors probably find. shares to buy and sell to try to match their index Much index funds the lowest hassle way of adding some indexing. cheaper than paying a fund manager on bonus day tracking goodness to their portfolios There are no dealing. At their simplest you can think of index trackers as simply fees to worry about and provided you invest with the well. holding a bit of every single company in the market in known UK providers and stick to plain vanilla index funds. proportion to its size As all these companies share prices you re unlikely to stray into an unsuitable product The lack. rise and fall and so move the index the fund s value of dealing fees makes them particularly suitable for regular. rises and falls too saving, The actual details are a little more complicated than that ETFs are more appropriate for slightly more sophisticated.
holding every share isn t usually very efficient and some investors who want more flexibility in where and when. index trackers use slightly different strategies to try to try to they invest their money and who are investing lump sums. follow the market more closely or to cut costs rather than regular savings so dealing costs are less of a. factor We d suggest you stick to the iShares range of ETFs. But that s the basic gist Hold everything instead of stock at first to avoid straying into murky waters. picking and get stock market returns on the cheap instead. of paying over the odds and risking doing worse,A few other things to look out for. Index tracker funds versus ETFs In a moment we ll round off this special report by giving. you six index tracking ideas three index funds and three. So what exactly are these index tracker funds and where do ETFs to get you started. you get hold of them, Before then here are a few other things worth knowing about. There are two main types of tracker funds,Inc versus Acc units Many funds are prefixed with. Index tracker funds are like other mutual funds aka unit either Income Inc or Accumulation Acc in their title. trusts or OEICs that you might have bought in the past This tells you how they treat dividends which all share. They are available on fund platforms like Hargreaves holders are usually entitled to from the companies in their. Lansdown and BestInvest or you can often invest direct portfolio The Income funds pay a regular income whereas. with the fund provider such as Legal General or HSBC Accumulation funds roll up the income into the capital. Exchange traded funds ETFs are in theory index tracker value of your holding. funds that are bought and sold on the stock market like Currency Index funds and ETFs that invest overseas are. any company s shares See our Beware of synthetic ETFs usually denoted in currencies other than UK pound sterling. section for a complicating factor You buy them via a Euros or US Dollars for instance This is nothing to worry. stockbroker usually an online broker these days and about in that it s inevitable that by investing overseas you. hold them like other shares will be exposed to fluctuations in an alternative currency It. Both types of index tracker have no upfront fees and low is worth remembering though that this currency risk is an. annual charges best captured by a measure known as the additional cause of volatility in your portfolio if you choose. www fool co uk The Fool s Guide to Investing with Funds The Motley Fool 3. to track an overseas index Three ETFs To Consider, ISAs and SIPPS All the mainstream funds and ETFs are. eligible to be held in these tax exempt wrappers enabling ISHARES FTSE 100 LSE ISF. your money to grow beyond the reach of the taxman Buy a stake in Britain s top 100 companies by purchasing. Fund platforms and supermarkets Not every index a single ETF While not a complete snapshot of the UK. fund is available on every fund platform Your chosen stock market the FTSE 100 comprises roughly 80 of its. platform may also charge extra fees for holding index or total capitalisation and it includes most of the big names. other funds or an annual management fee or similar so from BP and HSBC to Vodafone and Unilever The OCF is. make sure you take all costs into account before deciding 0 07. where to place your money,ISHARES MSCI WORLD LSE IWRD.
Three Index Funds To Consider Why buy one country s companies when you can invest. in the largest from across the globe This ETF tracks the. HSBC FTSE ALL SHARE INDEX FUND MSCI World index through investments in some 1 200. Competition to deliver the cheapest index funds in the UK different shares Many of the world s largest companies are. has heated up recently HSBC might not offer the very American so it s no surprise to find over 50 of the fund. cheapest FTSE All Share tracker the day you happen to read in US firms but numerous other developed world countries. this report but it will be a contender and it s one of the companies are in the mix too The OCF of 0 5 seems to. most widely available funds across the different platforms us reasonable given the diversity here. The fund aims to match as closely as possible the return of ISHARES MSCI EMERGING MARKETS LSE IEEM. the UK s main market for shares for a cheap 0 17 OCF Here s an easy way to bolt on the sexiness of investing in. per year We think it s an ideal way to diversify your UK high growth regions like China India and Latin America. shareholdings without any of your money going towards paying a. fund manager to fly on exotic fact finding missions on your. LEGAL GENERAL EMERGING MARKETS behalf,INDEX FUND, For a OCF of 0 75 a year you ll be buying into over 800. There are a lot of fund managers willing to charge you a lot. companies led by giants such as South Korea s Samsung. of money for investing in the emerging market growth story. China Mobile and Russia s Gazprom giving you a ringside. so beloved of the press, seat in planet Earth s most dynamic countries at a bargain. Legal General enables you to get in on the action for price. far less than the vast majority of active funds with this. index tracker boasting an OCF of 0 97 It tracks the FTSE Beware of synthetic ETFs. All World Emerging Index and gives you substantial. exposure to Brazil China Taiwan India as well as a host In their traditional guise Exchange Traded Funds are. of other young and fast expanding economies essentially stock market listed tracker funds Like the latter. they hold and buy and sell shareholdings in a large range. VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY FUNDS of companies to mirror the returns of their underlying index. We re often advised to hold a certain percentage of our In contrast synthetic ETFs are based around a legal contract. money in shares and the rest in bonds depending on a rule between an ETF provider and say an investment bank. of thumb such as our age or our risk tolerance to deliver the chosen market return They can even be. backed up by securities that aren t in their index. These neat funds enable you to do that with a single. investment Your investment in the fund is split between Many people have warned that synthetic ETFs therefore. an equity component which holds a collection of bring additional risks to the table including counterparty. 2 The Motley Fool The Fool s Guide to Investing with Funds www fool co uk Brought to you by The Motley Fool The Fool s Guide To Investing With Funds We re dedicated stock pickers at The Motley Fool and we ve built our company around the belief that with insight patience and a solid education an individual investor can beat the market But to be successful we believe you need to

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