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The First Chinese Travel,Record on the Arab World. Commercial and Diplomatic Communications,during the Islamic Golden Age. Research Fellow, King Faisal Center For Research and Islamic Studies. No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017, King Faisal Center for research and Islamic Studies 2016. King Fahd National Library Cataloging In Publication Data. Umam Khairul Zacky, The First Chinese Travel Record on the Arab World.
Commercial and Diplomatic Communications during the Islamic. Golden Age Wan Lei Riyadh 2017, 52 p 16 5x23cm, ISBN 978 603 8206 21 8. 1 China Description and Travel 2 China , History I Title. 915 104 dc 1438 5881, L D no 1438 5881, ISBN 978 603 8206 21 8. Table of Contents, The First Chinese Travel Record on the Arab World 6. I Du Huan the First Chinese Traveler to Arab Countries 7. II Encyclopedic History of Institutions by Du You 7. III General Gao Xianzhi and the Battle of Talas 8. IV Translation Remarks 10, V Translation of The Travel Record by Du Huan 10.
VI Bibliography 22,The Earliest Record on Sino Arab Maritime Route. in a Chinese Official Dynastic Book 24, I Introduction to Jia Dan 25. II Translation Remarks 26, III Text Translation 27. IV Bibliography 31, The Sino Arab Diplomatic and Commercial Communications. during the Tang Dynasty as Recorded in Cefu Yuangui 32. I Introduction to Cefu Yuangui 33, II Translation Remarks 33.
III Text Translation 34, IV Translation of Three More Texts from Other. Contemporary Historical Books 44, V Bibliography 47. VI Table The Tang Emperors and Their Reign Titles and Time Periods 48. Chapter 1, The First Chinese Travel Record on the Arab World. I Du Huan the First Chinese Traveler to Arab Countries. Du Huan in the 8th century birth and death times unknown was a Chinese. travel writer born in Chang an the capital of the Tang Dynasty 618 907 C E . He was a Chinese soldier captured in the Battle of Talas along with artisans . Fan Shu and Liu Ci and fabric weavers Le Wei and Lu Li as mentioned in his. writings After a long journey through Arab countries he returned by a ship to. Guangzhou in 762 C E Thereafter he wrote his Jingxingji Travel Record a. work that has been almost completely lost afterwards A few extracts survived. in the Tongdian Encyclopedic History of Institutions by Du You one of Du. Huan s relatives in Scroll 192 and Scroll 193 of the Encyclopedic History. of Institutions which was compiled in 801 C E totaling 1 513 Chinese. characters Modern researchers combed the countries that Du Huan traveled. to and noted in Tongdian by Du You He always gave the citations prefaced. by Du Huan in his Travel Record states or Du Huan also states . The main contents of The Travel Record are 1 Ba han na Ferghanah . Country 2 Kang Guo Samarkand 3 Shi zi Guo Ceylon 4 Fo lin Eastern. Roman Empire 5 Mo lin Guo Morocco 6 Islamic Law Nestorian Law. and Zoroastrian Law 7 Bo si Guo Persia 8 Shi Guo Tachkend 9 Sui ye. Guo Tokmak 10 Dashi Arab Countries 11 Mo lu Merv Country and. 12 Zhan Guo Syria ,II Encyclopedic History of Institutions by Du You. Du You 735 821 C E known also by his courtesy name Junqing was born. to an official family in Chang an capital of the Tang Dynasty He became. a scholar of the dynasty and devoted thirty six years to the compilation of. the Tongdian or Encyclopedic History of Institutions with 200 scrolls This. is a collection of laws regulations and general events from ancient times to. No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017, his own time He was one generation senior to Du Huan and a member of.
the same clan and was therefore familiar with Du Huan He used Du Huan s. travel book in his Encyclopedic History of Institutions In 801 C E he had his. subordinates carried the completed work to Chang an to submite to Emperor. Dezong Emperor Dezong issued an edict greatly praising the work The work. became popular and a key source of information on rites music criminal. law and governance for the people of the time It was so detailed that the. information from the last thousand years was easily accessible . III General Gao Xianzhi and the Battle of Talas, Gao Xianzhi or Go Seonji d in 756 C E was a military commander well . known for taking part in multiple military expeditions to conquer the Xiyu. Western Regions literarily referring to modern Xinjiang and its adjacent. central Asian regions He was also known for his defeat at the Battle of. Talas The Battle of Talas Arabic was a military engagement. between the Arab Abbasid Caliphate against the Chinese Tang Dynasty . governed at the time by Emperor Xuanzong In July 751 AD Tang and. Abbasid forces met in the valley of the Talas River to vie for control of the. Syr Darya region of central Asia After a stalemate reached over several days. of combat the Tang lost the battle because the Karluks defected from the. Tang s side to the Abbasid s side The Tang s defeat is considered the event. that marked both the end of Chinese western expansion and the Abbasid. Caliphate s eastern expansion , Around the new year of 756 C E Gao and another fellow general Feng. Changqing were defending Tongguan Pass in today s Shaanxi province. against the forces of An Lushan a local general who had rebelled against. Tang rule in 755 Both Gao and Feng offended the powerful eunuch Bian. Lingcheng Bian then accused Feng of cowardice and Gao of corruption and. both of them were executed , The above left four and half lines small sized characters are from Du You s Tongdian that. cites Du Huan s Jing Xing Ji Travel Record about Dashi Arabia It begins Du Huan in. his Travel Record sates source from Hangzhou Zhejiang shuju printed in the. bing shen year 1896 C E according to the Wuying Hall of the Forbidden City Version . No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017, The Battle of Talas resulted in Muslim control of Transoxiana for the next four. hundred years Control of this region was economically beneficial to the Abbasid. because this region is important on the Silk Road Chinese soldiers captured. in the aftermath of the battle brought China s paper making technology to the. Middle East from where it eventually spread to Europe . IV Translation Remarks , 1 The Chinese Pinyin Transcription System is used in the translation to spell the.
Chinese original terminology Normally they are italicized and separation. of sense group is divided with mark , 2 The term guo in Chinese meaning country state kingdom khanate . empire etc In this text translation it is translated as kingdom or . occasionally country regardless of what else it might refer to . V Translation of The Travel Record by Du Huan,Preface Record of Du Huan s Experience. One of the sons from my clan Du Huan followed the Zhenxi Defense of. West Military Commissioner Gao Xainzhi for the West Expedition They. reached the West Sea referring to the Caspian Sea in the tenth year of the. Tianbao reign 751 C E In the first year of the Baoying reign 762 C E . when a business ship returned to Guangzhou he took the ship home When he. came back he wrote his the Jingxingji The Travel Record . Encyclopedic History of Institutions Scroll 191 bianfang dain. border defense 7 Xirong zongxu preface to the Rong people in. All of the following translations are from the Encyclopedic. History of Institutions Scroll 193 bianfang dain border defense 9 . There were no paragraph divisions originally , 1 Record on Ba han na Guo. Ba han na Guo Ferghanah Kingdom1 lies one thousand li south of the Talas2 . there are mountains on its eastern borders The Kingdom is two thousand li. more from Shu lie 3 and one thousand li more west of Shi Kingdom Tashkent . There are several dozens of cities and several hundreds of thousands of army. men stationed in these cities In the third year of the Tianbao reign of the. Great Tang Dynasty 744C E the Chinese throne married Princess He yi. to the King of this Kingdom 4 The King has a bo luo polo tree forest 5 and. a polo ground in the forest There are voles all over the mountains The land. is proper for growing grapes mra6 dates peach and plum From here to the. West Sea the Mediterranean Sea are all earth houses The people wear sheep. hides and cotton clothes Both men and women wear boots Women do not use. lead powder for facial makeup instead they use natural indigo to smear on. their eyelids , 2 Record on Kang Guo, Kang Kingdom Samarkand lies three hundred li more southwest7 of Mi. 1 In the present day the Fergana Basin is on the up Syr Darya River Kirgyzstan . 2 In present day Taraz Kazakhstan , 3 Shu lie lies in the present day Shu lie county Xinjiang China .
4 On the fourteenth day of the twelfth month of Tianbao reign according to the Chinese Lunar. calendar the Chinese Emperor married Princess He yi to Arsl n Tarqhan King of Ferghanah . 5 A bo luo polo tree is a kind of tree that is like a white poplar tree . 6 The Sanskrit term for mango , 7 Southwest is an error by Du Huan it should be southeast instead according to several. contemporary historical documents , No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017. Kingdom Maimargh 8 another name is Sa mo jian The land is fertile and. the people are rich The kingdom is small and the people s religion is called. Zoroastrianism some characters lost here when asking advices on the. kingdom s affairs the given opinions are originally from here . 3 Record on Shi zi Guo Ceylon , Shi zi Guo another name Xin tan a third name Po luo men refers to Nan . Tianzhu South India In the northern part of the Kingdom the appearance of. the people is like that of the Hu people 9 it is hot in Autumn and Summer days . In the southern part of the Kingdom the people appear fiendish there are always. heavy rains Here they practice Buddhism and there are many temples Every. person wears earrings and wraps a cloth around his waist . 4 Record on Fu lin Guo, Fu lin Kingdom10 lies in the west of Zhan Kingdom 11 There are several. thousand li of distance in mountains between the two kingdoms the other. name of Fu lin Kingdom is Da qin The color of the people is white red . Men wear plain clothes but women all wear silks and pearls The people like. drinking and eating dry bread There are many artisans who can do spinning. and weaving There are sometimes captured soldiers inside the kingdom who. stick to their native customs The opaque glass produced here is so exquisite. that it is unparalleled in the world , The King s city capital is eighty li long in circumference and the territories.
around it cover several thousand li and go in every direction The Kingdom. has a strong army and soldiers amounting to one million who keep defending. the Kingdom against Dashi The west part of the Kingdom occupies the West. 8 Mi is an abbreviated form for Mi mo he , 9 Hu refers to any foreign or alien people who are not Chinese . 10 Fu lin refers to the Eastern Roman Empire , 11 Zhan old sound is Shem or Shim F Hirth argues that it is Syria See Hirth China and the. Roman Orient p 56 , Sea the Mediterranean and the northern part of the Kingdom the Southern. Sea 12 the northern boundary connects Khazars Turkic tribes . There are markets in the West Sea regions the sellers and buyers are. harmonious when a buyer comes to a market the seller returns home but. when a seller comes to a market the buyer returns home The seller would. put his goods for sale on the market earlier and the buyer would give his. payment later The deal is concluded except for the receipt of goods after the. seller collects the payment the buyer can take the goods This is called ghost . It is also said that in the west of the Kingdom there is a Women s Kingdom . When a woman is to give birth to a baby she must drink the water from a. specific place to become pregnant , 5 Record of Mo lin Guo. The Travel Record also states I also went to Mo lin14 Country It borders the. southwest of Qiu sa luo15 Kingdom I must go across a great desert for two. thousand li before I reach this Kingdom The people here are dark and their. customs bold and unconstrained There grows no rice or wheat and there is. no grass or forest on the land neither Horses eat dried fish and people eat. he mang 16 He mang is Persian dates Diseases form the miasma are serious. in the Kingdom , 6 Record on Islamic Law Nestorian Law and Zoroastrian Law.
Since I travelled to many countries I know they belong to a same racial Hu. 12 The Southern Sea refers to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea that is between the Asia. Minor and Egypt , 13 Ghost market refers to night market because Chinese people believe that a ghost comes out. only during night times , 14 Mo lin is popularly believed to be present day Morocco and its adjacent North African region . This region became part of the Maghrib when Arabs conquered here Qayrawan in Tunisia was its. capital at the time , 15 Qiu sa luo refers to Castille which is the old name of present day Spain . 16 He mang also known as khurma refers to palm dates . No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017, people 17 but they have different religion laws these are the Dashi law Islamic. law the Da qin law Nestorian law and the Xun xun law Manicheist law . The Xun xun law allows intermarriages among one s own clan members and. No 7 Rabi I II 1438 December 2016 January 2017 The Battle of Talas resulted in Muslim control of Transoxiana for the next four hundred years Control of this region was economically beneficial to the Abbasid because this region is important on the Silk Road Chinese soldiers captured

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