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The Firebird,Contextual Information, Choreographer Liam Scarlett The Original Production. Composer Igor Stravinsky,The Firebird ballet was composed by Igor. Conductor Nigel Gaynor,Stravinsky choreographed by Michel Fokine and. Music Arrangement Jonathan McPhee, performed by Sergei Diaghilev s Ballets Russes in Paris. Music performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra, on June 25 1910 Originally choreographed for Principal.
Stager Kaloyan Boyadjiev, Ballerina Anna Pavlova the role of the Firebird was. Set Costume Designer Jon Bausor, quickly given to Tamara Karsavina due to Pavlova s. Lighting James Farncombe, intense dislike for Stravinsky s musical composition. Despite Pavlova s opinion however Stravinsky achieved. Overview international success due to his artistry in composing. the music that unequivocally enhanced the innovative. Born from the merge of two Russian folklores the, movement This included the fluttering dance of the. mythical Firebird and the tale of K schei the Deathless. Firebird the enchanting wedding march and his subtle. The Firebird originally is a dark story of magic and. reference to the story origin through use of folk melodies. love It tells of Prince Ivan finding love and rescuing a. captured princess from the clutches of the evil magician. K schei Prince Ivan calls upon the magical Firebird a Other Productions. powerful good spirit whose feathers convey beauty and. Due to its invigorating musical scores innovative, protection upon the earth to help him in battle with the.
choreography and dramatic story ballet companies, immortal K schei In this mythical dark tale a mighty. from around the world continue to restage and reinvent. battle of wills and a burning love ignite the drama. Fokine s early 20th century The Firebird In Australia. A most notable piece of choreography in the 1910 work is. The Firebird premiered in Melbourne s His Majesty s. the bold and dazzling dance of the Firebird beginning with the. Theatre on 28 November 1936 when The Monte Carlo, flashing appearance of the Firebird continuing with light and. Russian Ballet began its Australian tour Renditions. quick movement laden with complexity and challenge. also include New York City Ballet in 1949 and 1970 San. Francisco Ballet in 2007 and the American Ballet Theatre. in 2012 Liam Scarlett s production of The Firebird 2013. for the Norwegian National Ballet is nothing short of. being brilliant showing precision in his musicality and. attention to detail within his dramatic choreography. Above Dancers of Norwegian National Ballet, Production Notes for the Classroom 0 Set and Costume Designer Jon Bausor Photography Erik Berg. Cover image Artist Lucy Green, Queensland Ballet Education Program 2018 0 Creative Direction Designfront Photography Justin Ridler. The Firebird,Scarlett s Production,Liam Scarlett s production Liam Scarlett.
Renowned choreographer Liam Scarlett brings English choreographer Liam Scarlett trained at. his version of The Firebird to Queensland Ballet by The Royal Ballet School and danced with The Royal. re mounting his work commissioned by the Norwegian Ballet retiring as a dancer in 2012 to focus on his. National Ballet for their 2013 Fokine Festival Scarlett s choreographic career That year he was appointed. The Firebird pays homage to its ground breaking The Royal Ballet s first Artist in Residence His works. original whilst asserting a modern distortion on the for The Royal Ballet include Despite and Vayamos al. formidable narrative In 2018 Queensland Ballet will Diablo 2006 Consolations and Liebestraum 2009. perform the Australian Premiere of this production at nominated for a Critics Circle Award Asphodel. the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Brisbane Meadows 2010 nominated for a South Bank Award and. Inspired by Stravinsky s 1910 musical score Scarlett utilises an Olivier Award and winner of a Critics Circle Award. the entire 50 minutes with its inventiveness and magnitude to Sweet Violets Diana and Actaeon from Metamorphosis. succinctly convey the conflict between K schei and the Firebird Titian 2012 2012 Hansel and Gretel 2013 the Jubilee. in their struggle for power and domination Juxtaposed against pas de deux in celebration of HM The Queen s Diamond. this conflict is the unqualified love of Prince Ivan and the Princess Jubilee The Age of Anxiety and Summertime. Vasilisa Throughout the work Scarlett draws a focus to K schei Works for other companies include Viscera 2012. and the Firebird as being highly manipulative conniving and and Euphotic 2013 for Miami City Ballet also designed by. dominant characters who abominably use the prince and princess Liam The Firebird for the Norwegian National Ballet 2013. as pawns in their skirmish for supremacy Hummingbird for the San Francisco Ballet 2014 No Man s. Land for English National Ballet 2014 With a Chance of Rain. for ABT 2014 Carmen for Norwegian National Ballet 2015 A. Midsummer Night s Dream co produced for Royal New Zealand. Ballet and Queensland Ballet 2015 Fearful Symmetries for the. San Francisco Ballet 2016 and Frankenstein co produced for. The Royal Ballet and San Francisco Ballet 2016, In 2015 Scarlett accepted the role of Artistic Associate. with Queensland Ballet providing an avenue for him to create. new works on the company as well as restaging some of his. earlier works such as The Firebird Li Cunxin Artistic Director of. Queensland Ballet believes Scarlett to be an original thinker a. wonderful collaborator an innovator and a storyteller who creates. incredible ballets that transport the audience to other worlds. He s in such demand throughout the world for his ballet creations. so it s a huge coup for us to have Liam as an Artistic Associate. Production Notes for the Classroom 0 Norwegian National Ballet Dancer Melissa Hough. Queensland Ballet Education Program 2018 0 Photography Erik Berg. The Firebird,Scarlett s Production,Under a moonlit sky the Firebird appears before. the immortal K schei in his enchanted garden both, creatures exuding dark magical powers Their taunting. of one another is suspended with the appearance of two. arrows heralding the arrival of an unknown guest, Prince Ivan lost at nightfall while out hunting finds himself. in the enchanted garden The Firebird curious of the intruder. stalks him and on seeing his fascination with her drops one of her. feathers for the prince to claim The magical feather will allow him. to summon her when he needs aid or protection She disappears. into the night sky watched by the prince, Prince Ivan finds himself interrupted by K schei who.
appears with his new captive a beautiful princess Soon more of. K schei s captured maidens enter the garden and wait for their. enslaver to finally leave them alone in peace Once gone the. maidens play with a golden apple growing from a gnarled tree in. the garden belonging to K schei Prince Ivan appears suddenly. startling the princess and in turn learns that the garden is the. domain of the immortal K schei who has captured them all. under a powerful enchantment The prince has never seen such. beauty as that of the princess and they seal their vow to one. another with a kiss Daybreak heralds and the princess and her. companions are swept away leaving the prince once again alone. He searches the garden but in vain and picks a golden. apple from the tree and triggers an alarm that sets K schei s. entourage of creatures to emerge from the darkness and finally. the immortal ruler himself confronts Prince Ivan, K schei challenges the prince showing him that he exerts. control over the princess and that she belongs to him However. Prince Ivan waves the feather given to him by the Firebird and. true to her word she arrives to protect him, The Firebird and K schei vie for dominance resulting. in the Firebird casting a spell over K schei and his entourage. causing them to enter a deep sleep She then leads Prince Ivan. to the gnarled tree stump and reveals to him an egg containing. K schei s soul and the key to his undoing Awakening from his. magical slumber K schei begs for his soul to be saved only for. the princess to smash the egg and finally destroy K schei forever. Released from her enchantment the princess and Prince. Ivan are finally together The Firebird appears blazing brightly. and flying high above the world she can now claim as her own. Production Notes for the Classroom 0,Queensland Ballet Education Program 2018 0. The Firebird,Scarlett s Production,Movement Music, Michel Fokine has been credited with having led Accepting Sergei Diaghilev s commission to. ballet into a more theatrical domain where all elements create a musical score for The Firebird in 1908 proved. music movement sets lighting and costumes instrumental to Igor Stravinsky s fame After several. support and substantiate a ballet s story To assert well known Russian composers had declined Diaghilev. the psychological depth of this dark but enthralling offered the commission to Stravinsky Stravinsky. tale Scarlett continues Fokine s philosophical process composed three different length scores for The. by adopting a strong use of narrative within the Firebird purposefully reducing the orchestra and. movement of The Firebird Scarlett reveals the nuances eliminating some of the material to make the more. of the four main characters traits through deliberate favoured sections from the ballet more accessible. choreography to develop and enhance both the Scarlett unequivocally chose to use the longer score. characters and story for The Firebird in order to remain close in musical. Scarlett makes use of the exceptional versatility of the and narrative structure to the traditional ballet also. dancers He exemplifies their strong classical ballet training allowing him the time to further develop two longer pas. through his contemporary based choreography For instance de deux between the key characters K schei and the. the two key pas de deux between K schei and the Firebird and Firebird and Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilisa. Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilisa both illustrate the seamless The clear structure in Stravinsky s score provides direction to. fusion of classical ballet and contemporary ballet technique the narrative and the distinct thematic melodies layer meaning on. The first pas de deux between K schei and the Firebird top of the movement allowing audiences to more easily understand. shows them duelling but disguised underneath this sparring is the interactions they see on stage The music and movements. evidence of their desire for each other This pas de deux is full of work together to emphasise the conversations between the. contradictions notably when the Firebird nuzzles her head on the characters as if they were spoken word for example Stravinsky s. shoulder of K schei before turning her back on him in a sharp and representation of the two different kinds of magic the evil in. distinctive arabesque Scarlett retains a moment from the original K schei and the powerful manipulative magic of the Firebird. Fokine version when the Firebird imitates a pose very reminiscent Equally important in alluding to the specifically Russian. of the original ballerina Tamara Karsavina where her head is folklore roots within Fokine s The Firebird is Stravinsky s. inclined toward K schei her hands are delicately positioned to incorporation of genuine folk melodies. frame her jawline and her eye line is looking coyly toward him. Scarlett strategically utilises call and response variations. as well as groupings and formations with oppositional focus. to cleverly show the conversations occurring between the. princesses when Vasilisa is introduced The fluid yet precise on. and off balance locomotor movements lend themselves to further. demonstrate Scarlett s classical ballet choreography fused with. a more contemporary style,Production Notes for the Classroom 0.
Queensland Ballet Education Program 2018 0,The Firebird. Scarlett s Production,The different characters personalities and their. interpersonal relationships are important to Set and. Costume Designer Jon Bausor Finding the interaction. between the characters interesting to explore he shares. motifs amongst the costumes in order to show the, symbolism of connection between certain characters. Bausor distinguishes the characters through the use of. colour fabrics design shape or decorative detailing Sometimes. his delineation is subtle and at other times very evident In The. Firebird Bausor creates a distinction between the human and the. mythical characters whilst simultaneously portraying any common. traits that they may share, The costumes for Queensland Ballet s The Firebird are. from the Norwegian National Ballet s original production and. differ significantly to the original Fokine costumes Noelene Hill. Queensland Ballet s Head of Wardrobe and Resident Designer. explains that to a new production every designer brings their own. unique vision Notably in this production the Firebird tutu is not. a traditional classical tutu it has an uneven shape by being. shorter at the front and slightly longer at the back The costumes. for K schei and his creatures also differ from the original colourful. designs by Leon Bakst to contribute to the dark mythical world. Scarlett has created, The set design for Scarlett s production developed.
by recognising three facets from the original tale that. mythical Firebird and the tale of K schei the Deathless The Firebird originally is a dark story of magic and love It tells of Prince Ivan finding love and rescuing a captured princess from the clutches of the evil magician K schei Prince Ivan calls upon the magical Firebird a powerful good spirit whose feathers convey beauty and protection upon the earth to help him in battle with

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