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The Story Page 3,The Cast Page 4,The Crew Page 6,The Location Page 8. The Producers Page 9,Coming Home A Short Prologue Film Page 10. Accolades and Festivals Page 11,The Production Plan Page 12. The Marketing Plan Page 13,Reviews and Interviews Page 14. Website and Social Media Page 14,Endnotes Page 15, All in all even if it is a truly twisted tale there is almost no doubt that people would enjoy a movie based on.
this script and it could even become a cult classic over the years. Comment from Feel The Reel January 25 2017, The Family Way is an acclaimed feature screenplay written by Shiva Rodriguez and D Duckie Rodriguez The. story is a unique twist on an old horror theme combining powerful themes of self discovery self awareness and. self preservation with a truly unusual and terrifying cast of characters that will leave audiences rooting for the. bad guys Full screenplay is available upon request. TONY CANNON and his wife VIVIAN agree to accompany her brother GREG and his finance JESSICA on a. road trip to Las Vegas where the young couple plan to get married A wrong turn leaves them lost on an isolated. country road and dangerously low on gas when they happen across a dilapidated gas station run by RICHARD. Richard invites the two couples to stay the night with his family with the promise that he ll be able to get them. back on the road in the morning Upon arriving at the residence the travelers are amazed to find that the Cultrys. are actually very gracious hosts who live in a beautiful old house They are greeted in the driveway by MARTY. the adopted son whose sweet disposition also shows the signs of being mentally challenged They are welcomed. into the house by Richard s wife SUE and his natural son JEFFREY both of whom appear well groomed and. genuinely pleasant, Compared to the Cultrys the traveler s family relations are downright toxic Tony is a narcissistic less than. successful businessman who constantly finds fault in his young trophy wife Prudish Vivian escapes her. husband s abuse by being reclusive and withdrawing into her own fantasy world While Greg is endowed with. many talents that could easily rocket him to career stardom his habit of making bad choices and his co. dependency on his sister prevent him from advancing The latest of his bad choices is Jessica a gold digging. beauty who is manipulating Greg into marriage, However the Cultrys have some terrible secrets of their own which quickly become evident upon the arrival of. CRAWFORD a handsome and extremely creative man who introduces himself as Sue s brother Upon meeting. their house guests Crawford s eyes immediately fall on Vivian whom he sees as being the perfect model for his. latest creation, The guests soon learn that Crawford isn t the only one to fear in the Cultry household They are separated from. one another as the members of the Cultry clan choose their favorites and lure them into traps. As the days go by the Cultrys discover that one of their victims may actually be well suited to become one of. their own After all such things have been known to happen before Richard asks only one thing of his family. Are they willing to kill to become part of it, All cast members have non binding agreements with the production pending financing.
MEL HEFLIN GREGORY LEE CASON,Vivian Cannon Tony Cannon. Katherine Dead Woman s Hollow Never Go Back Captain America Civil War Interview With The. How the West Was Dead The Mermaid The Witch and Prince Rough Cut Franklin A Symphony of Pain. The Bluesman Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage Predatory Moon Christmas Eve Gabmore Girls. Jinn Sateen s Baby The Figure Hellview Last Rites The Return of Sabastian Vasilis. CATHERINE CORCORAN D DUCKIE RODRIGUEZ,Jessica Flounce Richard Cultry. Return to Nuke Em High Vol 1 Return to Return to Psycho Chicks Anonymous Predatory Moon One. Nuke Em High aka Vol 2 100 Acres of Hell Chuck Night of Fear Of Dice and Men The Musical. Amityville Vanishing Point Caesar and Otto s Harbinger The Figure Interview My Sister s. Paranormal Halloween The Lovely Bones Terrifier Shoes The Family Way Coming Home. LOWRIE FAWLEY NICHOLAS TRIVISONNO,Sue Cultry Jeffrey Cultry. No Postage Necessary One Night of Fear Slash The Popular Party TV Predatory Moon. Cam Predatory Moon Murder Calls TV Everyday Harbinger Water Balloons Love is a Flower. Spooky TV The Art of Killing The Family Way The Family Way Coming Home. Coming Home,BLAYZE HIPPENSTEEL,Young Crawford,No Place In This World Vice Principals TV In. Sanity FL TV Hungryland Misfits Eden,Supper With the Smiths The Family Way Coming.
All crew members have non binding agreements with the production pending financing. SHIVA RODRIGUEZ,Director Co Writer, Shiva wrote and directed the films Predatory Moon The Figure and. the award winning Coming Home She was also B unit director for. the short films Hungryland and Green From The Grave She got her. start in film as an SFX artist working on films such as Dangerous. People Horrorscapes TV The Housewife Slasher One Night of Fear. Rough Cut and Sitter Shiva was recently awarded Best Director in the. AAB International Film Festival for her work in Coming Home. SCOTT SULLIVAN,Director of Photography, Scott has earned numerous awards for cinematography directing. writing visual effects and producing for films such as Harbinger. Reset Salvage Hostage and Lockdown He was the Director of. Photography for The Best Laid Plans The Family Way Coming. Home and the winning film for The Walking Dead contest called. Dead Inside Scott recently was the A Camera Operator on Kevin. Smith s Killroy Was Here,MARCUS KOCH,Special Effects. Marcus is an acclaimed special effects artist known for his gory work on. feature films such as Sinners and Saints We Are Still Here 100 Tears. Mohawk Crazy Lake Krampus Unleashed Dead Still White Creek. Amerikan Holokaust Neon Doom Circus of the Dead Frankinstein. Created Bikers Unfinished Business The Hospital 2 and the American. Guinea Pig film series Marcus recently directed American Guinea Pig. Bloodshock,PAMELA KRAMER Casting Director, In the business for over twenty years Pamela Kramer owner of Bradley Baron Casting casts for film and TV. as well as hundreds of commercials industrials and voice overs Some of Pamela s commercial clients include. Microsoft Nokia Merck Sanofi Aventis ADP Phfizer Pepsi Kraft and Roche Prudential Panasonic etc In. addition she s cast several TV pilot s for VH1 MTV History Channel an integrated print and commercial. campaign for Chubb numerous national and regional commercials as well as 30 episodes of Comedy Central s. hit TV series Strangers with Candy,AYLA and DEVON MACKINNON Audio.
This brother and sister team have worked both separately and together in on set and post production audio on. such films as Misty Blue Lane The Lost BTS The Web Series TV The Delivery The Apocalypse Needs. Weirdos Tagged World s Greatest I Now Pronounce You Lockdown and The Family Way Coming. GARO NIGOGHOSSIAN 2nd Unit Director, As a film maker Garo is known for having an eye toward macabre humor and wrote and directed Dangerous. People He also produced Actress Apocalypse and co produced Predatory Moon He has been involved in film. distribution since the age of 18 when he began acquiring and distributing Asian action films He began his own. film series at the Coolidge Corner Theater and was awarded with two Boston Film Critic Awards for Film. Programming He also worked for Quentin Tarantino s Rolling Thunder Films by researching and acquiring the. original Hong Kong marketing materials for films such as Fists of Legend and Chung King Express to be used to. create a US marketing campaign,DEVIN PAYNE Digital Imaging Technician. With skills as a colorist editor and digital imaging tech Devin has worked on such films as King Charles The. Skinwalker A Daughter s Loss Harbinger The Skin You re In The Road to Nowhere Lockdown. The Delivery I Now Pronounce You and The Family Way Coming Home. CHRISTIAN ST JOHN Production Designer, Christian St John is a multi talented designer and performer with a background in many technical aspects of the. creative arts He began his professional career in Nashville as a performer in Live at the Wildhorse Saloon then. went on to work in regional theater He co Founded FantasyLand Theatrical Productions serving for eight years. as artistic director and a mainstage director for the company s performances in Florida and New York where he. also performed off Broadway He then served as artistic and show director for Titanic the Experience in. Orlando Florida,NICHOLE SWEENEY SFX Makeup, Nicole has been working in the film industry since 2012 Her love for horror and gore lead her to doing makeup. for films such as Harbinger The Figure Adahy Tohopka Predatory Moon Never Go Back Hungryland. The Grey Room Saga TV Never Again Green From The Grave Zombies What Would You Do Unded. Nation TV and The Family Way Coming Home,OLIVIER WAGENHEIM 3D Modeling.
Olivier worked in France with Exmachina Production studio creating CGI effects and 3D modeling on virtual. stage for the films Dobermann and The Fifth Element He is currently working in the United States with creating. three dimensional renderings for architecture as well as animation and video mapping for clients. THE LOCATION, The Family Way is set to be shot on location at the historic Fuqua Farm in Virginia This beautiful film friendly. establishment has appeared in numerous movies and television series such as Legends and Lies The Patriots. America Facts vs Fiction and Deadly Shootouts, Fuqua Farm will be able to provide us with almost every set required for The Family Way while being located. close to the city of Richmond making it ideal for the tight shooting schedule. THE PRODUCERS, The Family Way film production will be led by Rogue Chimera. Films LLC utilizing the skills of few different media. production outfits that all owned and operated by members of. Spearheading the production management team is Producer. Lowrie Fawley of Rogue Chimera Films LLC, Lowrie Fawley got her start in live theatre In 2001 she co. owned and operated the 501c3 company Fantasyland, Theatrical Productions producing several plays and musicals.
including Equus and the regional premieres of 9 to 5 and. Xanadu She also served as the company s Grant Writer. In 2014 Lowrie joined Siren Productions Media acting as co. producer for the feature film Predatory Moon and then. producing several short films including the award winning. horror spoof The Figure, Rogue Chimera Films LLC was formed in 2017 to act as an overall managing company and represent the. interests of the partnering production companies that work together to produce films. The Family Way Coming Home acted as a testing ground for combining the skill sets of Siren Productions. Media and Helix Media in the roles they would play for producing The Family Way. Helix Media is an acclaimed film production outfit. represented by Director of Photography Scott Sullivan. Helix has produced many award winning short films,such as Harbinger Salvage and Van Members. of Helix have assisted several production companies. with other projects and are known for the exceptional. quality of their camera work Helix will be managing. the technical side of The Family Way including,camera audio and post production. Siren Productions Media represented by Director,Shiva Rodriguez has produced ultra low budget. feature films such as Psycho Chicks Anonymous and,Predatory Moon but also provide services to other.
production companies in prop fabrication special, effects stunts set building and other visual elements. Siren will be managing the overall production design. for The Family Way,COMING HOME,A SHORT PROLOGUE FILM. We hope that Coming Home is just a pilot episode or a trailer to an upcoming movie that will change. everything we know about films of this kind Yes we truly hope so because what we ve seen in those fifteen. minutes was absolutely astonishing Feel The Reel Film Festival. In May 2017 we tested the character driven concept of The Family Way by debuting a short prologue film called. The Family Way Coming Home directed by Shiva Rodriguez with cinematography by Scott Sullivan. Coming Home takes place 10 years prior to the The Family Way This is the origin story of Crawford aka. The Blood Artist as an angry teenager who begins to lash out against society in the most horrifying ways. However Richard and Sue Cultry have been following the news about the murders and are using the case to. teach their young son Jeffrey how to identify and track down a killer. Coming Home stars four actors who are signed on for the The Family Way feature film Nicholas Trivisonno. D Duckie Rodriguez Lowrie Fawley and Blayze Hippensteel. This short film is currently screening at festivals around the world and has picked up several awards including. Best Horror in the U K Monthly Film Festival the Silver Award at the Spotlight Horror Awards Shiva. Rodriguez for Best Director in the AAB International Film Festival in June 2017 and Nicholas Trivisonno for. Best Young Actor in the Oniros Film Awards in July 2017. The official trailer may be found here https youtu be neBA96EMFB8. A private online screening of the short film may be arranged upon request. There s something special working in Coming Home and it will be interesting to see w. THE FAMILY WAY This document and the information contained herein is provided solely for the purpose of this script and it could even become a cult classic over the years Comment from Feel The Reel January 25 2017 The Family Way is an acclaimed feature screenplay written by Shiva Rodriguez and D Duckie Rodriguez The story is a unique twist on an old horror theme combining

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