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The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,Title Section Page,EZ Guide 250 Table of contents. 1 User Mode 1 3,2 Firmware,2 1 Checking Software Version 2 3. 2 2 Check USB stick compatibility 2 4,2 3 Downloading firmware 2 4. 2 4 Unzipping firmware and preparing USB stick 2 5. 2 5 Updating the Screen 2 5,3 Screen Unlock codes,3 1 The EZ Guide 500 unlocks 3 6. 3 2 Upgrading EGNOS to OmniSTAR 3 6,3 3 RTK VRS Upgrading 3 7.
3 4 VRA 3 7,3 5 Entering an Unlock code 3 7,4 Configuring EGNOS settings. 4 1 Satellites 4 8,4 2 SBAS Positions 4 8,4 3 OnPath Filter 4 9. 5 Correctly Configuring OmniStar Settings,5 1 OmniSTAR ID 5 10. 5 2 Satellites from auto to EUSAT 5 10,5 3 SBAS Positions 5 10. 5 4 On Path Filter 5 11,5 5 Convergence 5 11,6 Enabling the EZ Guide 500 for RTK.
6 1 Enabling RTK 6 12,6 2 Configuring PDL Radio 6 13. 7 Installation of Equipment,7 1 Correctly mounting the Antenna 7 16. 7 2 Upgrading the Antenna 7 16,7 3 Mounting the screen 7 17. 8 EZ Guide 500 Add On Functions,8 1 Adding an EZ Steer CAN connection 8 18. 8 2 Adding a Coverage Switch 8 18,8 3 Adding a RADAR out Connection 8 20.
8 4 Adding an NMEA OUT or RTCM IN Cable 8 20,9 Data Management. 9 1 Field Management 9 22,9 2 Deleting Coverage Logging 9 23. 9 3 Summary Reports 9 24,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide. 1 User Mode,Please Note The EZ Guide 500 comes set on. Easy Mode Please set the User Mode is set,to Advanced so that the various settings.
shown in this How To Guide can be accessed,On the run main screen press the down. Figure 1 1,arrow until you have selected the icon,and then press OK The Configuration. screen appears shown in Figure 1 1,Select User Mode The User Mode. screen appears shown in Figure 1 2 and,Figure 1 2,select Advanced by pressing OK. 2 Firmware,Please Note Firmware is the software,that runs the EZ Guide screen.
2 1 Checking Software Version,Choose the Spanner icon The. Configuration screen appears as shown,across in Figure 2 1 press down to Figure 2 1. About the EZ Guide and press OK,The About the EZ Guide screen will. appear as shown in Figure 2 2 The,Firmware version is highlighted in red. The current level of firmware is,Version 5 10,Figure 2 2.
The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,2 2 Check USB stick compatibility. Please note that not all USB sticks are,compatible with the EZ Guide 500 Some. Not all FAT FAT32 USB sticks are,compatible with the EZ Guide 500. A green USB stick symbol will appear in,the bottom left hand corner of the screen. if the USB stick is compatible This is Figure 2 3,shown in figure 2 3.
The colour of the USB stick icon will show,the status of the USB stick as shown in. Figure 2 4,Compatible USB sticks can be ordered Figure 2 4. through CNH Parts Part No 73321221,2 3 Downloading firmware. EZ Guide 500 firmware can be found in,two different locations. 1 Assist Home Page,2 CNH Trimble Support Page,Figure 2 5.
2 3 1 ASIST home page,Once logged into assist click on the EZ. guide FM1000 Software update,information link shown across in Figure. 2 5 and choose EZ Guide 500 This will,open the link to save the file here. 2 3 2 CNH Trimble Support Page,When logged into assist choose Auto Figure 2 6. guidance support files download,equipment and advice shown in Figure.
2 6 Click on the Auto guidance link,From the link that opens chose the. Trimble AutoPilot and EZ Support files,Figure 2 7,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide. 2 4 Unzipping firmware and preparing,Once downloaded the ZIP file should then. be copied to the root first folder of a,compatible USB stick. The file must then be Unzipped before it,can be used This can be done by right.
clicking on the file and selecting extract,here as shown in Figure 2 8 Figure 2 8. Note The computer programme WinZip is,needed to Unzip the file before the USB. stick can be inserted into the EZ Guide,2 5 Updating the Screen. Figure 2 9,Once the USB stick is inserted into the. screen the screen will recognise the,newer firmware and the warning screen.
shown in Figure 2 9 will appear,Pressing the OK button will go through. the procedure of updating the screen this,will only take a few minutes to do. Figure 2 10,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,3 Screen Unlock codes. 3 1 The EZ Guide 500 unlocks,EGNOS level to OmniSTAR level. OmniSTAR level to RTK level Serial Num Part Num Password. Variable Rate Application VRA,0225115282 55951 4BC77D97B.
3 2 Upgrading EGNOS to OmniSTAR,Figure 3 1,The EGNOS to OmniSTAR Part Number is. 73313916 The dealer must place an order,with SAP Then he must send an e mail to. eugpsreceiverupgrade cnh com with,following information. EZ Guide 500 Serial Number,CNH Part Number,SAP Order Number. The serial number will then be sent back,to the dealer which he will then used to.
enter in to the screen,The Customer must then purchase a. subscription for a HP or XP correction,signal from OmniSTAR for info please. visit www omnistar com,Note the serial number asked on the order. form is the OmniSTAR User ID number,Shown in Figure and not the screen serial. number Go to Configuration System GPS,GPS Setup Omni XP HP Continue.
Figure 3 2,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,3 3 RTK VRS Upgrading. The RTK upgrade code P N is 73313917,This can be achieved by using the same. method as the EGNOS to OmniSTAR,The VRA upgrade follows the same. Figure 3 3,method the OmniSTAR and RTK upgrade,3 5 Entering an Unlock code. To enter an unlock code then the user,must go to Configuration System.
Figure 3 4,Password Upgrade as shown from Figure,3 3 to 3 5. It is possible to check what features are,unlocked on the screen by going to. Configuration Status Upgrade Options,The upgrade options screen is shown Figure 3 5. across in Figure 3 6,Figure 3 6,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide. 4 Configuring EGNOS settings,4 1 Satellites,Note It is important to have the latest.
firmware in the screen it doesn t mean that,the screen is using the optimum setting and. satellite configurations,Select System GPS GPS Setup Figure 4 1. Choose WAAS EGNOS shown in Figure,4 2 In WAAS EGNOS Settings scroll. down to Satellite and press OK as,shown in Figure 4 2. The optimum satellite used in the UK and,Europe is EGNOS 120 AOR E Figure 4 2.
If you have correctly configured the,screen as shown and still have a poor. signal from EGNOS 120 AOR E then,EGNOS 124 ARTEMIS can also be used. 4 2 SBAS Positions,Figure 4 3,Note SBAS positions is a GPS quality. indicator This gives you the option of,extending your operating hours by running. the system when GPS satellites are less,available and possibly providing lower.
position quality Alternatively you can select,the best level of quality in order to achieve. the maximum accuracy,Figure 4 4,The optimum setting for this will. depend on what operation is being,done in the field and the type of area. that is being worked in If high,accuracy is needed then Favour Figure 4 5. accuracy should be chosen,if low accuracy is being used such as.
mapping fields then balanced quality,should be chosen If the signal is poor. then Favour availability should be Figure 4 6,This setting can be changed by. selecting the icon and choosing,SBAS Positions as shown in Figure. 3 3 On Path Filter,The OnPath Filter should be set to. match the area that the tractor is,Figure 4 7,working in Select Configuration.
System GPS GPS Limits and then,select OnPath Filter as shown in. figure 4 7,There are 4 different settings as,shown in figure 4 8 If the settings. chosen does not match the area the,screen is working in then the screen Figure 4 8. will tend to lose GPS signal quiet often,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide. 5 Correctly Configuring,OmniStar Settings,Going to Configuration System GPS GPS.
Setup and choose Omni XP HP The EZ,Guide will go through the OmniSTAR. setup wizard,Figure 5 1,5 1 OmniSTAR ID,To locate the OmniSTAR ID on an EZ Guide. 500 choose Configuration System,GPS GPS Setup Omni XP HP press. OK and then Continue Figure 5 2 shows,the location of the OmniSTAR ID. Figure 5 2,5 2 Satellites from auto to EUSAT,Go to Configuration System GPS GPS.
Setup Omni XP HP Satellite Choose,EUSAT from the list this is shown in Figure. 5 3 SBAS Positions Figure 5 3,Go to Configuration Omni XP HP. Positions From the three options choose,the level of accuracy that is needed for. the operation being performed,1 Favour Accuracy provides the highest. level of accuracy,2 Balanced Quality trades potential.
accuracy for a slight increase in,production time,Figure 5 4. The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,3 Favour Availability extends production. time further with more potential for,reduced accuracy. 5 4 On Path Filter, The OnPath Filter should be set to match Figure 5 5. the area that the tractor is working in,Select Configuration System GPS.
GPS Limits and then select OnPath Filter,as shown in figure 4 7. There are 4 different settings as shown in,figure 4 8 If the settings chosen does not. match the area the screen is working in,then the screen will tend to lose GPS Figure 5 6. signal quiet often,5 5 Convergence,Convergence time can be reduced by. increacing the accuracy level at which the,EZ Guide will be allowed to work at To.
change this then go to Configuration,Figure 5 7,System GPS GPS Setup Omni XP HP. Continue OK and the Threshold for HP,Favour Accuracy screen appears Change. this figure to 150,Note This reduces the time the operator. needs to wait before he can start working in,the field it is important to note that this will. reduce the accuracy level until the signal is Figure 5 8. fully converged,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,6 Enabling the EZ Guide 500 for.
6 1 Enabling RTK,To recieve an RTK signal using an EZ Guide. 500 the screen needs a PDL radio reciever,to recieve the RTK signal The PDL radio. Part Number is ZTN62550 46 11,Note Important notice regarding RTK base. station ordering process According to,European laws RTK Radio equipment. ordered through CNH Parts Service will,have to be set up with the correct frequency.
or frequencies that the RTK Radio equipment,owner has been granted permission for from. OFcom Office of Communications Each,dealer must therefore sent the appropriate. Frequency Configuration Sheet to,eugpsreceiverupgrade cnh com In all cases. it is necessary to follow this process to,receive the RTK base set correctly otherwise. Figure 6 0,it will impact delivery Contact your Parts.
Sales Service Manager for more,information,Before configuration of the PDL Radio to. recieve the RTK signal please ensure the,following has been completed. I EZ Guide 500 unlocked to an RTK Level,II One PDL radio has been ordered the. Frequency Configuration Sheet has been,emailed to,eugpsreceiverupgrade cnh com. The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,6 2 Configuring PDL Radio.
There are a number of steps needed to,configure the PDL Radio reciever and the EZ. Guide 500 these are,I Connecting to the radio module. II Load frequency file Figure 6 1,III Configure settings. IV Load firmware,Use PDL CONF utility Software available. through the EST tool as shown in figure 6 1,i Connect to the radio module.
Use the PDL radio instructions that are, included in the PDL Radio Kit to connect Figure 6 2. the PDL radio together shown in Figure,Establish communication to the PDL radio. using the Power On Capture This can be,done by turning off the power to the PDL. radio Then select the power on capture,mode as shown in figure 2 3 by left. Figure 6 3,clicking the icon in the top left hand,corner and choosing Capture Mode and.
then Power On Capture,The PDL radio must then be turned on. within 10 seconds of choosing the Load,icon in the identification TAB this is. shown in figure 6 4 If this fails then,repeat the procedure Figure 6 4. The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,ii Load frequency file. To load the frequency file choose the,Program icon shown across in figure 6 5.
The screen shown in Figure 6 6 will,appear choose the appropriate set file. and select open, Note The set file can be obtained through Figure 6 5. iii Configure settings,From the screen that appears plase check. that the settings are correct in the,Figure 6 6,identification tab as shown in figure 6 5. Note There is also the Possibility to enter,the Owner name in the Identification TAB.
Please check that the radio parameters,are set as shown across in figure 6 6 Figure 6 7. under the Radio Link Tab,Under channel select choose the manual. Enter the correct channel spacing 4800,12 5 kHz Or 9600 25 kHz. Figure 6 8,The EZ Guide 500 How To Guide,Under the Radio Link select the down. arrow and select the channel frequency,that is relevant to the owner.
Under the Serial Interface TAB check that, the radio parameters are as shown across Figure 6 9. in figure 6 8,Note Repeater must be selected only if you. compatible with the EZ Guide 500 A green USB stick symbol will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen if the USB stick is compatible This is shown in figure 2 3 The colour of the USB stick icon will show the status of the USB stick as shown in Figure 2 4 Compatible USB sticks can be ordered through CNH Parts Part No 73321221 2 3 Downloading firmware EZ Guide 500 firmware can

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