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Toronto January 17, The Extraordinary Coach Skills Development using our FUEL process. The Coaching Skills Gap The research and approaches used in this powerful. coaching process are outlined in The Extraordinary. Organizational surveys show that most managers Coach How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow This. believe they are providing coaching to employees powerful hands on coaching development system is. and score themselves high However most built around the practical and proven four step FUEL. employees state they receive little coaching from framework for highly effective coaching conversations. their leaders and score their leaders low,Give employees renewed meaning in their work. Leaders often fall into these common coaching traps strengthen team organizational culture increase. Trapped by reactive problem solving that puts teamwork boost workplace health heighten creativi. out short term fires and doesn t build long term ty improve risk taking and increase ownership. personal team or organization capabilities Learn how you are currently perceived as a coach and. Jumping into coaching discussions with little gain a clear understanding of the positive impact you. planning and no framework to guide the can have by developing your coaching skills. conversation,An Individual Development Plan customized to your. Confusing giving advice feedback with coaching, situation and objectives is one of the powerful tools. Perpetuating the Manager Employee Dependence, you are given to use in your ongoing development ef.
Cycle Employee complains about what s not,working hopes for solutions and advice from the. manager and expects him or her to own the issue, The manager listens to the problem gives advice What s Really Creating the Gap. and expects results from the employee, Climbing The Ladder of Inference way too quickly When asked why they aren t providing more coaching. rapidly stepping up from data observations to managers will typically say I am overwhelmed and don t. adding meaning making assumptions jumping to have enough time my boss doesn t coach me or my. conclusions adopting beliefs and taking actions employees don t need coaching Our research shows. that often damages relationships and doesn t deal these are excuses coming from low performing leaders. with the root issue without coaching mindsets on wobbly foundations of. Spending 85 90 of conversations with weak coaching skills Within the very same organization. employees on project or status updates and very conditions and culture working for the same senior. little time on coaching and developing Employees leaders with the same set of employees exceptional. want a 50 50 ratio leaders provide extraordinary coaching and deliver. Confusing performance appraisal management dramatically higher performance results than their lesser. with performance coaching skilled peers, Here are four of the main reasons many managers don t. Only 11 of employees listed their supervisors develop their coaching skills. when asked Whom do you turn to for advice 1 Avoiding potentially uncomfortable discussions. on problems at work 2 Insecure about the true value of his or her. Study on the need for improved 3 Misunderstanding the true nature of good. coaching skills development,4 Direct reports seldom ask for it.
Toronto January 17,Key Learnings Workshop Audience. The Extraordinary Coach is designed for anyone who. Boost on the job coaching skills for maximum,seeks increased employee engagement improved. impact on employee attraction retention, productivity and the insightful application of a best. engagement commitment productivity and,in class coaching framework The Extraordinary. customer service, Coach is being used extensively for individual leaders.
Learn the key attributes of great coaches what, at all levels of an organization from senior executives. they do that makes them so effective and how, to first line supervisors who coach others as part of. they do it,their job responsibilities,Learn the key coaching skills that expand. awareness discover superior solutions and make, and implement better decisions In House Customized Workshop. Learn how to probe below the surface problems, events and issues for the meaning emotion Customized in house sessions are delivered to.
and energy that form a bigger picture or pattern executive or management teams other intact or cross. coming from even deeper underlying beliefs and functional work teams or to individuals gathered from. assumptions different parts of an organization with customized. Observe highly effective coaching practice and links to the organization s other leadership and culture. get immediate feedback on the key elements of development efforts. catalytic coaching conversations leading to peak,performance Two Day In House Customized Workshop. Understand the crucial differences between, training mentoring and coaching Includes a multi rater 360 assessment and. Find the right balance on the continuum of personal feedback report built around Zenger. Laissez Faire Collaborative and Autocratic Folkman s research on the 14 Differentiating. leadership Competencies of extraordinary coaches, Complete an on line self survey that measures Facilitating and guiding participants to build on. coaching behavioral preferences to determine and leverage from their coaching strengths. how well you currently engage in conversations An additional module on giving and receiving. with individuals you coach and support feedback, Harness the power of coaching questions and a Customized links to the organization s other. problem solving process leading to an effective leadership and culture development efforts. action plan that s highly supported and followed, through with clear milestones and accountabilities.
This workshop is a one day interactive skills building experience. led by Jim Clemmer It utilizes fun and engaging videos with. practice and feedback activities,TORONTO ON JANUARY 17. YOU WILL FIND THE REGISTRATION FORM ON THE FINAL PAGE OR REGISTER ONLINE AT. www clemmergroup com,Toronto January 17,Participant Materials Client Reviews. The Extraordinary Coach Participant A strong empirically based approach to cut right to the heart. Manual a reference workbook and of the coaching issue to provide something both situation. toolset to empower effective coaching ally relevant and contextually profound threads the needle. The Extraordinary Coach Attributes between theory and anecdotal practice and provide perspec. and Perspectives Assessment a tive and tools that can benefit everyone from CEOs bent on. self survey that measures coaching changing culture to frontline managers plying their skills on the. behavioral preferences factory floor, The Coaching Conversation Guide a Courtney Rogers Executive Director. useful reference tool Human Resources and Talent Amgen. Canadian Strategic Partnership, This critical leadership skill begins with a context of research. The CLEMMER Group is Zenger Folkman s moves to the realities of the workplace and then settles into a. Canadian strategic partner Zenger series of practical guidelines and examples. Folkman is pioneering groundbreaking Ronald E Galbraith Chairman Chief Consulting Officer. new strengths based leadership onFocus Healthcare,research assessment development.
and sustainable implementation systems,They ve built unique evidence driven. approaches for developing extraordinary A powerful yet digestible framework to help leaders. leaders and empirically showing their become the coaches they aspire to be relationship based. performance impact on sales profits collaboration oriented change focused and FUEL ed for. employee engagement health and safety success Leaders in all types of organizations and at all levels. turnover and customer satisfaction Jim will benefit from this insightful work. Clemmer and Jack Zenger s training and, P Artell Smith Vice President Human Resources Hewitt. consulting firms first partnered when they,Associates. led The Achieve Group and Zenger Miller,It s a well developed and highly proven. system that produces extraordinary results,Jim Clemmer will be personally delivering.
this powerful workshop in Toronto The concepts are profound and practical provides the FUEL. for our approach to creating a coaching culture at Associated. Food Stores,Steve Jones Manager AFS University,Associated Food Stores. R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M,Register NOW for,THE EXTRAORDINARY. REGISTRATION FEE, The fee for this 1 day workshop is 895 00 plus applicable tax. Attend both this workshop and The Extraordinary Leader. workshop 2 days total for 1 295 00 plus applicable tax. Workshop Workshops begin at 8 30am and run until 5 00pm. How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow This includes all workshop materials lunches refreshments but not accommodations. Register to attend this powerful leadership development workshop today. YES REGISTER ME FOR,The Extraordinary Coach January 17 1day. The Extraordinary Leader The Extraordinary Coach January 16 17 2 days. Cancellation Policy Name, Registrants who provide written notice of cancellation at least 30 Name Used by Colleagues.
days in advance of the session start date will receive a full refund Title. Cancellations received at least 14 days in advance of the session Organization. start date will receive a full refund less a 300 administration fee Phone. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the session will not receive a Fax. refund but may send a substitute participant in their place Non at E mail. tendance will incur full session fee The CLEMMER Group s liability is Street Address. limited to reimbursement of paid workshop fees,City Prov State. Postal Zip Code Country,Promo or Group Code,Register on line at www clemmergroup com. or fax this form to 519 748 5813 Payment Details, or mail this form to the address below I will be sending you a cheque prior to the session. Please make cheque payable to The CLEMMER Group, The CLEMMER Group Please send me an invoice to the address entered above. 10 Pioneer Drive Suite 105 Please charge this to my credit card. Kitchener ON N2P 2A4 AMEX MasterCard VISA,Card Number.
Expiry Date Cardholder,Cardholder Signature,Please contact us with any questions you may have. Phone 519 748 1044 Fax 519 748 5813 E mail service clemmergroup com. The Extraordinary Coach Workshop you will develop the essential coaching skills that are required to be a great leader In addition you will learn what extraordinary coaches do well and how you can maximize your leadership impact and inspire others to perform at their peak How Much Difference Does Coaching Really Make Research from our database of 250 000 multi rater feedback surveys

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