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Enviro Stories is an innovative literacy education program that inspires. learning about natural resource and catchment management issues. Developed by PeeKdesigns this program provides students with an. opportunity to publish their own stories that have been written for other. kids to support learning about their local area,www envirostories com au. In 2014 the Tools Totems Tucker Enviro Stories program provided. local kids with the opportunity to write and illustrate stories about local. Aboriginal cultural in particular Wiradjuri culture This program was. sponsored by the Central West and Central Tablelands Local Land. Central Tablelands Local Land Services, The Central Tablelands Local Land Services region is located in central. New South Wales and covers an area of approximately 31 365 km2. It includes the major towns of Bathurst Blayney Cowra Lithgow. Molong Mudgee Oberon and Orange It falls predominantly within. Wiradjuri Aboriginal country and small parts of Dharug and Darkinjung. www lls nsw gov au centraltablelands,Central West Local Land Services. The Central West Local Land Services region is home to around. 110 000 people and covers the central west slopes region around. Grenfell Forbes and Wellington to the western plains of Nyngan and. Coonamble The major Aboriginal nations that the central west region. overlies are the Wiradjuri Wailwan Wongaibon Kawambarai and. Kamialroi These nations also extend into other Local Land Services. www lls nsw gov au centralwest,The Dreamtime Trilogy. Author Eleanor Vials Makayla McEvoy and Georgie Taberner. Teacher Carol Smithers,School Borenore Public School.
The Tools Totems and Tucker Enviro Stories Program has been proudly. supported by the Central West and Central Tablelands Local Land Services. The Tools Totems Tucker collection consists of the following books. Sponsored by Central Tablelands Sponsored by Central West Local. Local Land Services Land Services,Aboriginal Totems Burnum finds his way. Our Living Land How the Koala got his claws, Aboriginal Animal Tracks Storm Boy and Uncle Farren. Aboriginal Life The Peculiar Platypus,The Dreamtime Trilogy The Rainbow Serpent is back. ISBN 978 1 74256 701 3, The Enviro Stories Education Program is a PeeKdesigns initiative. Graphic design by PeeKdesigns www peekdesigns com au. Printed by Greenridge Press www greenridgepress com au. Copyright 2014 Central Tablelands Local Land Services www lls nsw gov au centraltablelands. Citation Vials E McEvoy M and Taberner G 2014 The Dreatime Trilogy Central Tablelands Local. Land Services NSW,Learning about the Dreamtime,Borenore Public School loved learning.
about Aboriginal Culture to create this book,We were excited to hear the wonderful. Dreamtime stories These stories explain,how things came to be and have important. lessons about how Aboriginal people should,live This book contains our interpretations. of three of our favourite Dreamtime stories,How the Kookaburra got its laugh. In the Dreamtime two young boys asked,their old uncle if they could make spears.
and knives for hunting,No Not until you are older he replied But. the little fellas nagged and nagged him until,he eventually gave in. Uncle told the children to go to the,waterhole collect straight sticks to make. spears and old animal teeth to make knives,Uncle then showed the boys how to make. these hunting tools After they had made,some spears and knives Uncle decided to.
go and have a nap,The kids asked Can we go hunting now. Uncle told them No you must wait until I,am ready to show you how to hunt. The boys could not contain their excitement,and decided to go hunting anyway. They found a huge goanna and lay down,in the long grass to see if they could creep. up close to it The goanna was one of,their clan s totems so the boys knew they.
were not allowed to hunt it However they,decided to have some fun and tickle it every. time it took a bite out of its food,The goanna who could not see the boys. lying in the long grass lurched from side,to side each time they tickled it One of the. boys started laughing out of control at the,goanna who was flicking from side to side. Eventually the goanna moved so much that,he rolled over and flattened them both.
Two kookaburras were watching and found,the cheeky boys demise so funny they. started laughing and laughing To this day,they haven t stopped. How the didgeridoo got its sound,One hot day a young man named Transin. was out hunting It was very hot and Transin,was getting tired so he had a rest under the. biggest tree he could find,When he woke he looked up to see an.
interesting branch hanging above him,Transin thought that the branch would make. a great didgeridoo so he chopped it off The,tree groaned so loudly that all of the forest. could hear it,He picked up his scraper and started. to scrape away the bark and insides of,the branch Not long after he had a nice. hollow piece of wood Transin started to,blow into the piece of wood and it made an.
interesting but very low sound,Transin recognised the sound He realised. that the tree s groan was trapped inside the,didgeridoo and that s what was making the. sound Transin took his creation back to his,tribe and played it for them Everyone loved. the haunting melody as it echoed through,And that s how the didgeridoo got its sound. How the rainbow got its colours,Once an Aboriginal girl went to her.
Grandpa s house to ask why there are,Well it happened a long time ago. Grandpa said The sky was black and,everyone was hiding under their shelters. The children were all asleep except for,one Geo Geo was the youngest boy in. of three of our favourite Dreamtime stories 3 How the Kookaburra got its laugh In the Dreamtime two young boys asked their old uncle if they could make spears and knives for hunting No Not until you are older he replied But the little fellas nagged and nagged him until he eventually gave in 4 Uncle told the children to go to the waterhole collect straight sticks to make spears and

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