The digital 2 in 1 solution for fluoroscopy and radiography

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Double your benefits,with a true 2 in 1 solution, AXIOM Luminos dRF tears down the AXIOM Luminos dRF delivers benefits. wall between fluoroscopy and radiography such as distortion free exposures and. With this true 2 in 1 system you can brilliant contrast in fluoroscopy as well as. perform both enhanced digital fluoroscopy in radiography. and digital radiographic imaging,Streamline your clinical workflow with. Its large 43 cm x 43 cm 17 x 17 dynamic AXIOM Luminos dRF. flat detector and the height adjustable,table that can be lowered to only 48 cm. 19 offers multifunctionality extraordinary,convenience and optimized workflow. Optimize Your Workflow with,AXIOM Luminos dRF,Ease of Use Image Quality.
Expedite your routine with a compact Quickly delivers precise diagnoses via. yet open and accessible design plus digital imaging in both fluoroscopy and. outstanding convenience for users radiography which offers brilliant images. and patients acquired with a large coverage flat detector. Care Connectivity, Provides low dose without sacrificing Benefit from optimized networking. image quality Thanks to a comprehensive capabilities from registration to. dose reduction feature and time saving archiving,Fluoroscopy. Cutting edge technology and,versatility in fluoroscopy. Outstanding image quality,for excellent clinical results in. dynamic imaging,Increase your benefits,in fluoroscopy.
and angiography,Master two fields w,With its dynamic flat detector and flexible. positioning AXIOM Luminos dRF supports,a wide scope of applications as well as. patients of various sizes and ages,Gastrointestinal examinations. Examination of the urogenital tract,Arthrography,Venography. Lymphography,Myelography,Interventional radiology,Digital angiography.
Digital Subtraction Angiography DSA,ith a single system. With a tiltable table,AXIOM Luminos dRF can perform. diverse views including,Vertebral column,Upper extremities. Lower extremities,Specific examinations such as Tomography. or Image composing of long anatomical,regions can also be performed.
Outstanding image quality,for excellent clinical results. in radiography,Increase your benefits,with digital radiography. Radiography,Flexible state of the art,radiography solution. Streamline,your workflow,Available almost instantely. Radiographic images and fluoroscopic sequences,in one patient folder.
Streamline your workflow Now there is no need to send a patient to a. When it comes to examinations that require separate radiography room just to perform. a combination of fluoroscopy and a scout radiograph prior to the fluoroscopy. radiography AXIOM Luminos dRF can procedure Interruptions and delays due to. redefine the way you work cassette handling and film development are. eliminated and you simply perform the, Procedure time radiographs right in the fluoroscopy suite. Fluoroscopy Radiography Radiography Fluoroscopy Shorten examination time. The images are available almost instantly,Luminos dRF. helping to further streamline your workflow,In addition to optimizing the utilization of. Fluoroscopy Radiography Radiography Fluoroscopy equipment human resources are assigned. appropriately The end result your patient,Luminos dRF. benefits from shorter examination times,Up to speed in every respect AXIOM Luminos dRF.
encompasses every advantage of digital imaging for. both fluoroscopy and radiography Hence the duration. of mixed examinations employing both imaging,techniques is noticeably reduced. Multi faceted to meet,your individual patient mix,Future proof investment with multi. faceted equipment that easily adapts,to a wide applications mix. Minimum space requirements,Single intuitive platform to reduce. Current applications mix Future applications mix,training requirements.
Fluoroscopy Angiography Fluoroscopy Angiography,Streamlined workflow as a result of both. imaging techniques being performed Radiography Radiography. digitally by one single modality Unused capacity, Shorter examination times Future proof your investment. AXIOM Luminos dRF enables, High utilization rates result in an early flexible utilization of the. break even point equipment depending on,clinical applications range. Unchain your performance No matter whether you want to utilize. from current limitations it as a one room solution for both imaging. Dedicated fluoroscopy systems usually techniques or just as a back up for the. operate at full capacity in the morning radiography room AXIOM Luminos dRF. while utilization rates slow down in the adapts to your individual applications mix. afternoon This has a strong adverse effect, on the overall efficiency of the systems Furthermore a true 2 in 1 system enables.
and thus on the fluoroscopy room you to significantly reduce time and money. spent on training maintenance and technical, Reassign your workload service In addition to that a 2 in 1 system. for optimized utilization also requires less space. AXIOM Luminos dRF is multi faceted, It can increase utilization rates throughout The results are obvious improved efficiency. the whole day by delivering higher improved workflow and a remarkable plus. capacity in fluoroscopy paired with a in work comfort. strongly enhanced application spectrum,in radiography. Lowering the table to 48 cm,for easiest positioning. Maximum comfort with table travel Optimized patient transfer Sophisticated system expansions. down to a low 48 cm 19 AXIOM Luminos dRF offers patient The system s optional compression device. Even small patients and disabled persons transfer at its best with the push of a single can be operated remotely via a mechanism. will find it easy to position themselves button With preprogrammed horizontal where the cone is automatically parked. on the tabletop when you lower it down to and vertical patient transfer positions in a position outside of the x ray when not. 48 cm 19 And greater comfort for the AXIOM Luminos dRF quickly moves all the in use. patient equals greater convenience for the involved components into a comfortable. staff Heavy or immobile patients are easier position The remote control console provides quick. to handle work becomes more ergonomic and intuitive system operation from the. For some radiographic examinations the control room with clear user friendly. patients can even remain seated in a chair functions and a comprehensive touchscreen. or in a wheelchair A mobile control console enables quick. access to all functions from the patient s side,Ease of use.
Table height continuously,adjustable from 48 cm up to. 98 cm 19 to 39 resulting,in trouble free patient,positioning and a healthy. working position,Large tabletop and wide,scanning range supports. effortless coverage of very tall,or obese patients. High table and footboard,capacity and fully dynamic.
table tilt for patients up to,230 kg 500 lbs,Excellent patient access from. all around the table,Two quickly selectable patient. transfer positions, Compact system design Whole body coverage in every dimension. for excellent patient access AXIOM Luminos dRF offers a large tabletop. Even from the rear of the table excellent of 210 cm x 80 cm 83 x 32 to easily. access to the patient is provided This accommodate patients of various sizes and. enables convenient patient transfer from a provides enough space to comfortably turn. stretcher and comfortable positioning patients during examinations. And you will also profit from the free access The excellent travel range of both the image. to your patients from all sides during receptor and tabletop enables coverage of. examinations the entire body virtually without,repositioning the patient For example the. High table capacity 8 way tabletop enables longitudinal. accommodates obese patients movements of as much as 80 cm 32 in. The high table weight capacity enables both directions. full tilting with patients weighing up to,230 kg 500 lbs Of course the sturdy.
and easily attachable footboard supports the,same weight. Brilliant image quality even in the four corners,with the large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector. Image quality,Brilliant images with the,large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector. I I 33 cm 13 Distortion free imaging,I I 40 cm 16 with FD technology. 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector for excellent,coverage of the region of interest.
Dynamic sequences and static images can,be performed with one and the same. Pristine digital images yield outstanding,image quality. High dynamic range compensates for,variances in exposures. Distortion free imaging,High dynamic range, Getting the big picture Dynamic sequences and static images can. With the 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector you be captured without the distortion typical. get the big picture of valuable information for image intensifiers Anatomic details are. clear out to the four corners A nearly thus always reproduced properly And with. 50 larger anatomical region can be covered the flat detector right below the tabletop. compared to image intensifiers with a magnification of objects is reduced to a. 40 cm diameter minimum The high dynamic range of the. flat detector compensates for variances in,Innovative technology exposures.
for accurate diagnosis, AXIOM Luminos dRF is built around The result brilliant images that support the. a state of the art indirect conversion flat best possible diagnosis. AXIOM Luminos dRF delivers benefits such as distortion free exposures and brilliant contrast in fluoroscopy as well as in radiography Streamline your clinical workflow with AXIOM Luminos dRF Ease of Use Expedite your routine with a compact yet open and accessible design plus outstanding convenience for users and patients Care

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