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TABLE OF CONTENTS, 04 What is social media marketing and why is it important. 11 Create a winning social media strategy,26 Choosing the right social media platforms. 49 Social media advertising,56 Developing a social media calendar. 64 How to structure your social media team, 67 Integrating social media into your omnichannel marketing strategy. 73 Your social media technology stack,76 Measure the ROI of your social media campaigns.
82 Conclusion,Introduction,WHY SHOULD I READ THE DEFINITIVE. GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, Social media is one of the most powerful ways to reach and engage with your buyers. Because it s almost universally used by consumers and brands social media is one of. the most effective and perhaps cost effective channels to connect with your audience. Today social media activity is higher While social media platforms started Social media marketing offers Social media is becoming a real. than ever with the number of users as ways to stay connected with marketers vast opportunities to engage part of people s everyday. rising to 2 77 billion in 2019 up from your personal and professional with their buyers across the entire lives all people not just social. 2 62 billion in 2018 according to network they have evolved to customer lifecycle on the platforms media marketers. Statista become powerful ways for brands to they actively use So it s critical that as Peg Fitzpatrick Social Media Strategist and. connect with buyers and engage in a marketer you know how to leverage Co Author The Art of Social Media Power. instantaneous two way conversations social media marketing to build your Tips for Power Users. Social media is now the status quo for brand drive demand and engage your. a business s digital presence and users buyer,expect to see their favorite brands on. social media And that s why social,media marketing plays a critical role in. the success of every business, umber of social media users worldwide from 2010 to 2021 in billions Statista 2019.
https www statista com statistics 278414 number of worldwide social network users. What is social media marketing and,why is it important. What is social media marketing and why is it important. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING DEFINED, Social media marketing uses social media platforms to communicate and. engage with people regardless of the goal of that engagement. Because of its rapid rise and It s important to understand that Social media marketing can be. prevalence social media marketing has social media marketing is more than done organically with posts that are. become a global phenomenon and a the traditional platforms that many displayed to your audience based on. ubiquitous part of a marketer s toolkit marketers are familiar with Facebook algorithms It can also be augmented. Social media is no longer something LinkedIn Instagram Snapchat and by paid advertising with posts that are. that needs an introduction most Twitter There are many more activities boosted by a platform s ad capabilities. marketers and their audiences know and platforms that marketers can making it more likely for your post to. about it and should explore to reach their be seen by your target audience. target audiences engage them with,relevant messages and build lasting. relationships,GLOBAL DIGITAL SNAPSHOT, A snapshot of the world s key digital statistical indicators. TOTAL INTERNET ACTIVE SOCIAL UNIQUE ACTIVE MOBILE, POPULATION USERS MEDIA USERS MOBILE USERS SOCIAL USERS.
7 395 3 419 2 307 3 790 1 968,BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION. 54 Urbanization 46 Penetration 31 Penetration 51 Penetration 27 Penetration. Source We Are Social, What is social media marketing and why is it important. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA,MARKETING IS IMPORTANT, The impact of social media transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives work. politics breaking news and more The rise in social media usage by marketers and. our audience means that participation is no longer an option it s a necessity With. a majority of audiences actively using social media we need to meet our audience. where they are, To understand the value social media marketing offers your organization let s look. at how it helps marketers drive value across every stage of the customer lifecycle. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BRAND RESEARCH, of active users who say they use social platforms to research products.
44 39 39 39 38 38 37 36,Source Global Web Index, What is social media marketing and why is it important. INCREASE DEMAND, Social media offers marketers more than just a way. to reinforce their brand,It s also great for driving people to a. conversion or sale by bringing in new,Social selling SEO. marketable contacts for your database Social selling gives you a way to Many marketers use their website as directly work together to build your. and nurturing them across all channels connect with your buyers Your social the home base for their marketing website s page ranking social media is. media marketing and sales team if activities driving visitors to their site to one of the easiest and most effective. Develop offers promotions contests, you have one can reach out to people engage and eventually convert them ways to push out your content.
and content that engage your, on a one to one level and offer them An important part of getting people to The incoming links from your social. audience more deeply and drive, personal relevant content messages your website is your ranking in organic media shares can impact your bounce. conversion from a form fill to a, and offers to accelerate them toward search results which is where search rate and time on site engagement. purchase This can be done through, a purchase engine optimization SEO comes in And if your content is good and. social media activity from your, brand page or one on one through SEO is a strategic activity that can help people stick around to read it those.
individual team members marketers bolster their organic search engagement metrics communicate. rankings on search engines like Google value to search engines. While social media and SEO may not, As social media becomes more personal social selling when. practiced correctly is becoming a very real channel to engage. people with, John Jantsch Speaker and Author of Duct Tape Marketing. The Referral Engine and The Commitment Engine, What is social media marketing and why is it important. OMNICHANNEL,Social media does not work in a,silo Many great brands use social. networks as critical components,of their marketing mix and.
communications But it s important,to understand that social media. marketing is most effective when,its messages and content support. and reinforce other marketing,channels Coordinated messages. across channels allow marketers to,carry on a continuous conversation. with their audience over time, What is social media marketing and why is it important.
NETWORKING AND PEER TO PEER INFLUENCE,One of the best ways to engage. your audience is by providing them,with a compelling reason to share. your message with their networks,an advertisement your customers. are less likely to take your word for it,In contrast Nielsen says that around. 90 of people believe what their,and family 41 more than social media.
recommendations,Smart innovative companies,What does it take to do. Word of mouth marketing and peer peers have to say about a brand If are leveraging thought leaders social media marketing well. recommendations are extremely your target audience s friends and throughout their entire Look at this checklist to make sure you have all. powerful ways to increase brand colleagues are talking positively about marketing strategy in order to your bases covered when starting or improving. visibility through social proof as your product or service you are more pull in new audiences your social media marketing strategy. people believe their network of peers likely to gain their trust than by running Joe Pulizzi Founder Content Marketing. Create clear goals, more often than a branded campaign an ad campaign Institute. Have dedicated and trained staff, Trust an engagement factor in The annually updated Edelman Trust Produce enough relevant quality content. Understand the social platforms and sites, every product service category has Barometer evaluates consumer trust. your audience prefers, become the indispensable connective with brands And in 2018 only 48 Equip your other channels with the ability.
tissue between brands and customer of US respondents said they trust to share to social. Commit to making every campaign social, loyalty Because people view any businesses Americans value word of. Track metrics to get insights about your, brand to buyer communication as mouth recommendations from friends social media campaigns. onsumer trust becoming key to brand success report Digital Strategy Consulting 2019. http www digitalstrategyconsulting com intelligence 2019 01 consumer trust becoming. key to brand success report php, 0 Employee Advocacy Statistics To Build A Case For Social Business Tribal Impact 2015. https www tribalimpact com blog my favourite employee advocacy statistics. 018 Edelman Trust Barometer Edelman 2018, https www edelman com sites g files aatuss191 files 2018 10 2018 Edelman Trust. Barometer Global Report FEB pdf, he 2018 Chatter Matters Word of Mouth Study Talk Triggers 2018.
https www talktriggers com cm, What is social media marketing and why is it important. SOCIAL MEDIA DRIVES VALUE,ACROSS THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE. Brand awareness and peer to peer,sharing are important but social media. marketing is not a soft metrics only,channel Today it drives real trackable. revenue The level of innovation on, social media platforms also allows Awareness Engagement Purchase Retention Growth Advocacy.
marketers to try new approaches Loyalty,to reach and engage their target. With the right tools like marketing,automation and a social media. management platform you re able to,listen and respond to your audience. across channels and track the revenue,associated with your social media. marketing activities making their,impact crystal clear.
Create a winning,social media strategy,Create a winning social media strategy. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE, Before you jump into the tactical and practical details of your social media. plan it s critical that you take the time to understand your audience Who. are they What do they care about This section will walk you through. how to answer these questions and define your audience. Build personas, To understand your audience from In that case you may still want to go. prospects to current customers you ll back and examine if those personas. want to create personas that represent truly represent the audience you ll. the people within your audience encounter on social media Listening to. Often this information is already your audience on social media can be. available from work you have done to a helpful way to confirm whether your. segment and target audiences in other personas fit your audience It helps. marketing channels you understand in real time what your. audience truly cares about and shares, Create a winning social media strategy Understand your audience. Build personas,Sometimes the personas you are,trying to reach simply aren t on social.
media If so you should craft content QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN BUILDING YOUR CUSTOMER PERSONAS. that will be valuable to them but,may also reach people outside of. your built personas It s important What companies are they from What are their key job responsibilities. to understand and create content BACKGROUND What are their likes and dislikes about their job What does their team. for your audience but on social the structure look like. best practice is to avoid being overly, exclusive with content What are their business goals How can your products help them. GOALS achieve those goals What are their challenges and pain points. If you don t have customer personas How can you help address them. yet or are adapting them from the, personas developed for different Where do they like to consume content channels Are there specific. SOURCE OF INFORMATION, objectives here is a set of questions social channels where they do and don t engage. you will want to ask to get started, PREFERRED CONTENT TOPIC What content topics are they interested in.
MARKETING MESSAGE Which type of messaging speaks directly to them. OBJECTIONS What objections do you anticipate from them during the sales process. SPECIFIC PRODUCT, Are they interested in a particular solution or product. ROLE IN PURCHASE, What is their influence in the decision making process. QUOTES What are some key takeaways that they have said during interviews. Create a winning social media strategy Understand your audience. Most companies develop personas If your business serves several types. based on customer demographics of customers you ll want to develop. and behaviors in addition to their multiple buyer personas If you re Why create personas. own understanding of customer a B2B organization your personas Developing buyer personas requires some initial investment but it pays off throughout the. motivations and challenges To distill may include an executive sponsor customer lifecycle for targeting not only your social media marketing campaigns but also. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO TABLE OF CONTENTS What is social media marketing and why is it important Create a winning social media strategy Choosing the right social media platforms Social media advertising Developing a social media calendar How to structure your social media team Integrating social media into your omnichannel marketing strategy Your social media technology stack Measure

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