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TABLE OF CONTENTS,INTRODUCTION 3 CHAPTER four 32, Be a better B2B marketer Be better at email marketing. Get a glimpse into the challenges of modern B2B Learn how to build a successful email program from. marketing plus a first look at the best practices start to finish and optimize your messages for the. tips and advice this e book provides inbox,CHAPTER ONE 4 CHAPTER five 43. Be better at lead generation Be better at content marketing. Learn how to generate high quality leads with Learn to create and implement an effective strategy. marketing automation features like landing pages that promotes and tracks B2B marketing content. forms and progressive profiling,CHAPTER six 55,CHAPTER two 13 Be better at webinars and events. Be better at lead qualification Make the most of your B2B marketing events. Be able to distinguish between lead scoring and lead investment. grading and learn why you need both,CHAPTER SEVEN 64. CHAPTER THREE 22 Be better at social media, Be better at lead nurturing Optimize your social media accounts by planning a.
Depending on your level of experience this chapter social content strategy building a following and setting. can help you lay the groundwork for successful and reaching goals. nurturing campaigns or help you improve the, processes you already have in place CHAPTER EIGHT 72. Be better at ROI reporting,Get a quick overview of closed loop reporting. and a list of valuable ROI metrics to track,INTRODUCTION intro. Be a better B2B, In early 2015 Salesforce conducted a survey of more than Whether you re building a B2B marketing strategy from the. 2 100 global marketers to better understand the current ground up or you re working to perfect the strategy you. state of B2B marketing The results proved that B2B already have in place you ll find valuable insights on how to. marketers are as time strapped as ever and consistently. grapple with three main challenges new business build effective and measurable lead generation. development lead quality and lead generation campaigns. qualify and assign leads to sales at the right time. But that s not all that B2B marketers have on their plates. The emphasis on a more cohesive personalized selling increase the value of your database using targeted. process is growing leading many marketers to increase nurturing programs. their investments in technologies that can help them create engaging emails that resonate with your target. create 1 1 buying experiences Marketers now own more of audience. the lead to revenue cycle than ever and are responsible. develop a content strategy that supports your overall. for engaging with buyers throughout the entire customer. business goals,build a webinar and event marketing strategy from.
In an increasingly digital and data driven world this the ground up. means more than well timed emails and the occasional engage with your target audiences over social media. clever Tweet Marketers need to think bigger and this in an authentic way. e book can help, report on the success of your marketing initiatives. The following chapters will guide B2B marketers through. Start your journey to becoming an even better B2B marketer. the eight main pillars of digital marketing with checklists. Let s dive in, and worksheets provided at the end of each chapter. CHAPTER ONE one,Be better at lead,generation, B2B marketers are facing an ever increasing demand how marketing automation features like landing pages. for more high quality leads In fact according to B2B forms and progressive profiling can help marketers boost. Technology Marketing Community marketers lead the effectiveness of their lead generation programs. generation budgets have increased 50 since 2013, demonstrating the growing number of resources that Creating Effective Landing Pages. marketers are investing in lead generation initiatives. Landing pages are a key ingredient in lead generation. In the B2C world lead generation typically starts and but building the perfect landing page isn t always easy It. ends in the same place the purchase On the other requires a great deal of testing and analyzing combined. hand B2B marketers with long complex sales cycles with eye catching visuals and persuasive copy to build. look at conversion as getting a visitor to fill out a a landing page that will not only decrease bounce rates. form in exchange for something of value such as a but will also increase conversions and the amount of time. white paper a product demo or a free consultation visitors spend interacting with you. The purchase may be months or even years, away Landing pages with hosted forms are often the Historically landing pages were primarily used for basic.
de facto method for these conversions which is why data collection but today their usage has evolved Now. optimization is so crucial to the sales and marketing landing pages can be used as launch pads to drive. process visitors deeper into your site directing them to more. valuable content With tools like marketing automation at. According to a 2015 study by Regalix 84 of your disposal you can create landing pages forms copy. marketing executives indicate that lead generation is and calls to action that are optimized for that purpose. the number one benefit of a marketing automation to keep your visitors engaged on your site even after. tool The first chapter of our guide takes a look at they ve already converted. So where do you begin SIGHTLINES AND COPY, It s important to keep the following facts in mind when. Start with your value proposition Your buyers are designing your landing page for optimum engagement. faced with information overload and endless options. Text is almost always scanned and not read, so their time is both limited and valuable To break. through the clutter and hold their attention your, offer needs to be both compelling and persuasive Greater focus is given to words in the top and. Use strong calls to action and benefit focused left side of the page. language to convey value and be sure to keep the Text is scanned in what s called an f pattern. focus on your buyers not on you, According to Nielsen Norman Group before a visitor. To get more information about crafting the perfect leaves they ll read at most 28 of the words on a. call to action see the checklist at the end of this page. If you need more than a couple of short paragraphs of. Create points of engagement Engagement on text on your landing page make sure the first words in. a landing page is a function of a few core items those paragraphs give a clear indication of what they re. sightlines where users look on the page copy about If you can divide the content into sections do so. calls to action and images Make sure you write concise headings to help scanning. eyes find the information they re searching for,68 of B2B businesses use.
calls to action and Images, landing pages to garner Placing your offer behind a form is an essential part of. new sales leads for future generating leads but it helps to include some value up. front Experiment with calls to action and gated versus. conversion ungated content Try gating your main offer behind a. MarketingSherpa form while still sharing an unprotected piece of content. for free like an infographic video or calculator, This allows visitors to see the caliber of your content. without having to give up any of their personal,information first. You can and should still tease the downloadable,asset using images on your landing pages A good. solution for this is to provide a small image of the. white paper or demo that is being offered This gives. your visitors something tangible to look forward to. and a much more compelling reason to convert, Check out our checklist at the end of this chapter to.
see what other elements you should include on your. landing pages,Brag about your credibility Visitors who are not. familiar with your company may be hesitant to enter. their contact information even in exchange for IMPROVE CONVERSIONS IN 8 STEPS. something of value Including a few proof points can. According to CMO Council almost 80 of B2B, go a long way toward establishing some credibility. marketers aren t satisfied with their current,with your audience Examples you might use include. levels of customer conversions Learn how to,Client testimonials join the 20. Client logos,Site security badges,GET FREE E BOOK,Ratings from Better Business Bureau and.
similar organizations,Awards and industry recognition. Building Functional Forms, With landing pages less is more Companies that Follow best practices Don t just think about the number. ask for more than a handful of data points in the of form fields think about how they re organized Here. first interaction with a visitor are encouraging form are some best practices for setting up and formatting. abandonment How can marketers use forms to collect your forms. prospect information without overwhelming their, buyers If you have a short list of mutually exclusive. options use a radio button instead of a dropdown, Decide what information to collect One thing to keep menu This helps users scan faster. in mind when it comes to forms there is an inverse. Use checkboxes when users can select multiple, relationship between the number of form fields and the.
values simultaneously or when giving a single, form s conversion rates One of the biggest mistakes. option that can be toggled on and off, that marketers make is asking too many questions on. their forms A general rule of thumb is to keep it to When you need a single selection but you have. five fields or fewer which means that you ll need to more than a few options use a dropdown menu. prioritize the most important information first,Only select a default when you are confident that. Because of the multi touch nature of B2B sales the vast majority of users will select that option. marketers shouldn t panic if they can t collect all of the and ensure it s clearly labeled. information they want about a prospect during that first. interaction Each touch point provides an opportunity If your labels are beside your form fields. to collect more data and build up a prospect s profile consider making them right aligned for enhanced. over time If you have a marketing automation tool you readability If form length isn t an issue use top. can use progressive profiling to dynamically present alignment for even faster form filling. users with new questions each time they access a form. while hiding fields that they ve already completed. This lessens the burden on prospects while still, allowing you to collect the valuable information that the. marketing and sales teams need to move forward,Get ready to launch.
Once you ve crafted your landing page copy decided Form fields Try changing titles like using. on your offers and added your form it s time to release department versus job title or experimenting. your landing page into the wild However the work with the formatting of your dropdown menus. doesn t stop there It s important to continually monitor and checkboxes. your published landing page and optimize each element Copy Change up how your text is organized. for greater success for example using short paragraphs or bullet. Test elements to improve conversions The best way, to measure landing page performance is to study data Fine tune your thank you content Remember the. compiled through A B and multivariate testing Using goal of a landing page is to continue to engage your. a tool like marketing automation you can test calls to leads and keep them on your site even after they ve. action offers headlines colors and your teaser copy already converted Create a rich and engaging. Keep in mind that users are voting with their mouse experience after they submit the form This thank. giving you the insight needed to decide which landing you page can include additional content like videos. page will convert the best case studies and links to deeper resources on your. site Buyers will appreciate the fact that you still care. At a loss for what to test Try a few of the following enough to provide them with additional information. even after they ve already converted especially if. Headline Keep it short and compelling the you do so in a highly targeted way. headline should describe an immediate benefit to, the reader Take a look at the following pages for worksheets. Offer Experiment with white papers demos and checklists that can help you get the most out. free consultations and other content to see what of your lead generation efforts then move onto. prospects view as most valuable chapter two to learn more about qualifying the leads. that come in through your lead generation programs. Imagery Try a picture of your white paper cover, a related illustration or an image of your product. Form length If you started with a lengthy form,try removing a few required fields and see if. conversions improve Hint They probably will,WORKSHEET ONE.
Marketing Resources Library, Use the chart below to keep track of all of your marketing collateral including how it s being used the goal of each. piece of content brand awareness product knowledge or to support sales and help close deals your call to action. copy and whether or not a landing page has been created. LANDING PAGE,CONTENT NAME GOAL OF CONTENT CTA COPY CREATED. optimization is so crucial to the sales and marketing process According to a 2015 study by Regalix 84 of marketing executives indicate that lead generation is the number one benefit of a marketing automation tool The first chapter of our guide takes a look at CHAPTER ONE Be better at lead generation one

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