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M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. The Bahamas conducts marine safety or other,investigations on ships flying the flag of the. Commonwealth of the Bahamas in accordance with the. obligations set forth in International Conventions to which. The Bahamas is a Party In accordance with the IMO,Casualty Investigation Code mandated by the. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. SOLAS Regulation XI 1 6 investigations have the, objective of preventing marine casualties and marine. incidents in the future and do not seek to apportion blame. or determine liability, It should be noted that the Bahamas Merchant Shipping. Act Para 170 2 requires officers of a ship involved in an. accident to answer an Inspector s questions fully and truly. If the contents of a report were subsequently submitted as. evidence in court proceedings relating to an accident this. could offend the principle that individuals cannot be. required to give evidence against themselves The, Bahamas Maritime Authority makes this report available.
to any interested individuals organizations agencies or. States on the strict understanding that it will not be used as. evidence in any legal proceedings anywhere in the world. Date of Issue 18th August 2015,Bahamas Maritime Authority. 120 Old Broad Street,United Kingdom,Bahamas Maritime Authority. M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. 2 Details of Vessel and Other Matters,2 1 Details of Vessel. 2 2 Condition of Vessel,2 3 Crew Particulars,2 4 Port of Kuantan. 2 5 Export of Bauxite,3 Narrative of Events,4 Analysis and Discussion.
4 2 General Observations,4 3 Cargo Loading and Possible Liquefaction. 4 4 Carriage of Cargo,4 5 Heavy Weather,4 6 Abandon Ship. 4 7 Search and Rescue Effort,5 Conclusions,6 Recommendations. 7 Actions Taken After the Event,8 Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms. List of Appendices,I Beaufort Scale of Wind Force,II Additional Photographs.
III SGS Analysis Report on Bulk Jupiter Beaufort Scale of wind force. IV Statement of Facts includes attestment to wet cargo. V Bulk Jupiter Signed Cargo Declaration,VI Orchid Island Signed Cargo Declaration. VII Medi Okinawa Signed Cargo Declaration,Bahamas Maritime Authority. M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. SECTION 1 SUMMARY,1 1 All times are given in local time LT UTC 8. 1 2 The Bulk Jupiter a supramax bulk carrier was built in 2006 and had completed. her first special survey in August 2011 whilst under the Panamanian Registry. In September 2011 the vessel changed flag and was registered by the Bahamas. Maritime Authority BMA, 1 3 The Bulk Jupiter had sailed from Maptaphut Thailand on the 09th December. 2014 in order to arrive at the anchorage off Kuantan Malaysia on the 12th. December The vessel remained at anchor until berth space became available on. the 16th December at which point the vessel embarked a pilot and proceeded. alongside her allocated berth to load a cargo of bauxite. 1 4 Once alongside cargo loading operations were delayed due to heavy and. prolonged rainfall until 2100 on the 17th December at which point loading. commenced into holds 1 3 4 and 5 The loading of hold 2 was delayed until. 18th December, 1 5 The East coast of Malaysia had endured record breaking rainfall over the month.
of December recording the highest monthly rainfall in the history of Kuantan at. 1806 4mm over a 22 day period, 1 6 Loading continued for an extended period of time through a combination of. heavy rain and technical delays due to various crane faults On completion of. the loading of all 5 holds the vessel sailed on the 30th December at 2124 with. one pilot on board, 1 7 The vessel commenced the voyage to South West Lamma Hong Kong in order. to bunker prior to continuing on to its final destination of Qingdao China to. discharge 46 400 tonnes of bauxite Whilst en route the Master received a. weather forecast by FleetWeather notifying the vessel of a tropical storm in the. region and was provided with alternative waypoints in order to reduce the. exposure to gale force winds and waves between 2 5 4m from the North East. 1 8 At 0654 on the 2nd January the Japanese Coast Guard received a distress alert. and immediately initiated a search and rescue operation. 1 9 The Bulk Jupiter foundered on 2nd January 2015 between 0654 and. approximately 0700 The location of the vessel at the time of the distress alert. was approximately 150NM to the south east of Vietnam in position 09 01 01 N. 109 15 26 E, 1 10 Of the nineteen 19 crew only the Chief Cook was rescued and sixteen 16. crew members remain missing The last known position 09 01 01 N 109. 15 26 E remained the centre of the search and rescue area by Vietnamese. Coastguard until the search and rescue assets were told to stand down on or. about the 06th January,Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. 1 11 The Chief Cook was rescued from the sea approximately 8 hours after the ship. sank and the bodies of the Master and Chief Officer were recovered near this. time They were all retrieved from the water by the tug boat m v Olng Muttral. during a coordinated rescue operation between a passing container vessel m v. Zim Asia and the Vietnamese Coastguard Unfortunately the Master was in a. very poor condition and despite the tug crew s best efforts to revive him he did. not survive The Chief Officer was recovered on board already deceased. 1 12 The Chief Cook remained on the m v Olng Muttral overnight before being. transferred to rescue vessel SAR 413 on the morning of the 3rd January The. SAR 413 arrived at the port of Vung Tau Vietnam at approximately 1600 on. the 04th January,Figure 1 Route sailed by m v Bulk Jupiter.
Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. SECTION 2 DETAILS OF VESSEL, 2 1 1 The Bulk Jupiter a bulk carrier which had been registered under the flag of the. Commonwealth of the Bahamas since 2011 Principal details as at 01st January. 2015 as follows,IMO Number 9339947,Date of Build 01 Jan 2006. Builder Mitsui Engineering Shipbuilding Co Ltd,Chiba Works. Tonnage 31256 Gross,Length overall 189 99 m,Length bpp 182 00 m.
Breadth 32 26 m,Depth 17 90 m,Draught 12 55 m,Class Society Nippon Kaija Kyokai NKK. Class Entry Bulk Carrier, Class Notation Strengthened for heavy cargoes Hold Nos 2 and 4. may be empty NS BC SHC2 4E ESP,Propulsion 1 x Mitsui Man B W 6s50MCC. Brake Shaft Power 9480 00 kW,Service speed 14 5 kts. No of Crew 19, Capacity of Tanks FO 2 509 00 FW 428 00 WB 30 283 00 m3.
Capacity of Holds No 1 Hold 12 713 5 m3,No 2 Hold 14 709 9 m3. No 3 Hold 14 652 0 m3,No 4 Hold 14 709 8 m3,No 5 Hold 14 025 6 m3. Total 70 810 7 m3,Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. Figure 2 M v Bulk Jupiter general arrangement plan. Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. 2 1 2 The vessel was owned by Gearbulk Shipowning Ltd Bermuda The vessel was. operated by Gearbulk Pool Ltd and managed by Gearbulk Norway AS the. Company which was also responsible for the technical management of the. vessel At the time of the incident the vessel held all the necessary and valid. statutory certification, 2 1 3 Bulk Jupiter was under Time Charter with Winning Shipping Ltd based in.
Singapore The contract agreement was signed on the 09th December 2014. which stipulates reporting requirements and detailed instructions to which Bulk. Jupiter is understood to have complied The BMA attempted to establish a line. of communication with Winning Shipping Ltd to confirm the extent to which. Bulk Jupiter had complied however no response was received. 2 2 CONDITION OF VESSEL CLASS FLAG MANAGER S,INSPECTIONS. 2 2 1 The Bulk Jupiter fulfilled the required surveys mandated by International. Conventions and as described under the Harmonised System of Survey and. Certification A 1053 27 and the International Code on the Enhanced. Programme of Inspections during Surveys of Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers. 2011 ESP code both as amended with completion dates as follows. Special Survey Aug 2011,Annual Survey Sep 2013,Annual Survey May 2014. Intermediate Survey Jul 2014, Having completed the first special survey in August 2011 the vessel was in its. second 5 year survey period The next dry dock of the vessel was scheduled to. be held in May 2016, 2 2 2 Bulk Jupiter was issued with a Certificate of Compliance with the International. Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes IMSBC Code on the 24th April 2014 The. certificate attested that the vessel was suitable for the carriage of bulk cargoes as. endorsed and in accordance with the IMSBC code provided that the vessel was. maintained in good order that the cargo be loaded as per the approved loading. manual and stability information that the nominal specific gravity of any cargo. should not exceed the allowable value and that the general note appended to the. certificate should be followed, 2 2 3 On the 22nd February 2014 the vessel underwent its annual Flag State Inspection.
conducted by an approved Bahamas Maritime Authority Nautical Inspector No. new deficiencies were observed Two deficiencies regarding the correct filling. out of the vessel s Articles of Agreement and Entry into enclosed space. permits from the previous had been closed out and one regarding the. availability of a Noise level Report remained outstanding. 2 2 4 The Company periodically inspected the vessel in accordance with Safety. Management System SMS procedures The last physical inspection by a. Technical Superintendent was carried out between the 04th and 05th September. 2014 in Onsan South Korea During this inspection the propeller was polished. Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. and no adverse observations affecting the vessel s structural condition or water. tight integrity were made, 2 2 5 The vessel s ballast tanks were inspected by the crew and Superintendent in. accordance with the Company SMS procedures Records indicate that all tanks. except Wing tank No 2 S had been inspected between March and October. 2 2 6 The Company operated a computerised interactive planned maintenance system. AMOS that could be polled from ashore Records completed by the vessel s. staff do not indicate any structural integrity matters that might affect the. watertightness weathertightness or structural integrity of the vessel. 2 3 CREW PARTICULARS, 2 3 1 At the time of the incident the vessel had a complement of 19 crew The crew. were all nationals of the Philippines and comprised Master Chief Officer 9. deck department 6 engine department and 2 galley department members. A Safe Manning Document SMD was issued by the Commonwealth of the. Bahamas on 12th October 2011 the vessel not only met the requirements of the. SMD but was provided with excess personnel in all departments. 2 3 2 The Master 45 years of age of the vessel held an Unlimited Master Mariner. Certificate at the management level II 2 4 required by the Standards of Training. Certification and Watchkeeping STCW issued by the Republic of the. Philippines on 18th November 2008 and endorsed by the Commonwealth of the. Bahamas on 26th September 2013 and was duly recognized in accordance with. the provisions of Regulation I 10 of the STCW 1978 convention He had. previously sailed on board the Bulk Jupiter on 4 separate occasions and had. most recently joined on 18th November 2014 in Surabaya Java In total he had. sailed over 300 days with bauxite cargoes on three separate voyages. 2 3 3 The Chief Officer 29 years of age embarked in Portland USA on 03rd October. 2014 He held a Chief Officer s Certificate STCW II 2 issued by the Republic. of the Philippines on 19th July 2012 and endorsed from the Commonwealth of. the Bahamas on 18th November 2013 in accordance with the provisions of. Regulation I 10 of the STCW 1978 convention He spent his sea going career. with the Company advancing through the ranks from 3rd Officer in 2008 2nd. Officer in 2012 and Chief Officer in July 2012, 2 3 4 The Chief Engineer 42 years of age held STCW III 25 Chief Engineering. Officer qualification at the management level since June 2003 endorsed by the. Commonwealth of the Bahamas and duly recognized in accordance with the. provisions of regulation I 10 of the STCW 1978 convention He joined the. Specification of minimum standard of competence for Masters and Chief Mates on ships of 500 gross. tonnage or more, Specification of minimum standard of competence for the Chief Engineer Officers and Second.
Engineer Officers on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3 000kW propulsion power or. Bahamas Maritime Authority, M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report. vessel on 04th September 2014 in Onsan South Korea having previously sailed. on board bulk carriers, 2 3 5 The 2nd Officer 32 years of age held the Deck Officer Class 3 Officer in. Charge of a Navigational Watch certificate issued in September 2003 by the. Republic of the Philippines and a Certificate of Competence in October 2013. and endorsed by the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on 18th December 2014 in. accordance with the provisions of Regulation I 10 of the STCW 1978. THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS M V Bulk Jupiter IMO Number 9339947 Official Number 8001956 Report of the marine safety investigation into the loss of a bulk carrier in the South China Sea on January 2nd 2015 M v Bulk Jupiter Marine Safety Investigation Report 2 Bahamas Maritime Authority The Bahamas conducts marine safety or other investigations on ships flying the flag of the

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