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The Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation authorizes abbreviated wording. and the fine payable for offences issued on a ticket. Schedule A to the Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation sets out the. authorized abbreviated wording and the Fine Payable coding for numerous provincial. statute and regulatory offences, An electronic version of the complete Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation. under The Provincial Offences Act is available to the public all enforcement agencies. and court centres on the Manitoba Government website at the following location. http web2 gov mb ca laws regs current pdf regs php reg 96 2017. An electronic version of the Brown Book is available on the Manitoba Justice website at. http www gov mb ca justice tickets pubs brownbook pdf. The most recent amendments in the Brown Book will be highlighted yellow When printed. using grey scale the highlights will appear as light gray. For federal offences under the Contraventions Act please refer to the Contraventions Act. regulations these are located on the federal government website at. http laws lois justice gc ca eng regulations SOR 96 313 index html. NOTE All tickets must contain a preset fine amount If an offence does not have a preset. fine amount the enforcement officer must proceed by Information. BROWN BOOK CONTAINS COMMON OFFENCES ONLY, The Brown Book is a partial reprint of the Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions. Regulation containing offences commonly issued by a variety of enforcement agencies. for easy reference purposes,The Brown Book Page 2 Updated October 20 2020. REFERENCE NOTES, CHOICE OF WORD OR PHRASE IN DESCRIPTION OF OFFENCE. A bullet i e is used in the abbreviated wordings of the Brown Book to identify when. there is a choice as to which word or phrase the enforcement officer will use when. describing the offence, OFFENCES NOT LISTED IN THE BROWN BOOK OR THE PRESET FINES AND.
OFFENCE DESCRIPTIONS REGULATION, For provincial statute or regulatory offences not covered in either the Brown Book or the. Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation enforcement officers must lay the. charge on an Information and have the defendant make a court appearance. C D OR I DEFINITION, In some cases the appropriate set fine depends on whether the defendant is a. Corporation Dealer or Individual These situations are identified by a C for corporation. a D for dealer or an I for individual in front of the fine category. The Brown Book Page 3 Updated October 20 2020,TABLE OF CONTENTS. The Brown Book contains only the acts and regulations printed in bold All other acts. and regulations can be found in the Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation. A84 The Animal Care Act,Animal Care Regulation Man Reg 126 98. C340 The Crown Lands Act, Provincial Snowmobile Trail Regulation Man Reg 217 94 8.
D12 The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act. Anhydrous Ammonia Handling and Transport Regulation. Man Reg 236 89 9, Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Regulation. Man Reg 55 2003 12, Environmental Accident Reporting Regulation Man Reg 439 87. Manifest Regulation Man Reg 139 88,PCB Storage Site Regulation Man Reg 474 88. Storage and Handling of Petroleum Products and Allied Products. Regulation Man Reg 188 2001,D101 The Drinking Water Safety Act. Drinking Water Quality Standards Regulation Man Reg 41 2007. Drinking Water Safety Regulation Man Reg 40 2007,D104 The Drivers and Vehicles Act 15.
Dealers Salespersons and Recyclers Regulation Man Reg 40 2006. Driver Licensing Regulation Man Reg 47 2006 18,E80 The Emergency Measures Act 21. E125 The Environment Act,Burning of Crop Residue and. Non Crop Herbage Regulation Man Reg 77 93 22,Campgrounds Regulation Man Reg 89 88R. Disposal of Whey Regulation Man Reg 90 88R,Incinerators Regulation Man Reg 91 88R. Litter Regulation Man Reg 92 88R 23,Livestock Manure and.
Mortalities Management Regulation Man Reg 42 98,Onsite Wastewater Management. Systems Regulation Man Reg 83 2003,Peat Smoke Control Regulation Man Reg 226 89. Pesticides Regulation Man Reg 94 88R,Rockwood Sensitive Area Regulation Man Reg 121 94. The Brown Book Page 4 Updated October 20 2020,F90 The Fisheries Act. Fishing Licensing Regulation Man Reg 124 97,F150 The Forest Act.
Forest Use and Management Regulation Man Reg 227 88R. H60 The Highway Traffic Act 24,Cargo Securement Regulation Man Reg 37 2005 62. Commercial Vehicle Trip Inspection Regulation Man Reg 95 2008 63. Drivers Hours of Service Regulation Man 72 2007,Driver s Licence Regulation Man Reg 180 2000 64. Highway Traffic General Regulation Man Reg 119 2014 66. Periodic Mandatory Vehicle Inspection Regulation Man Reg 76 94 69. Safety Fitness Criteria and Certificates Regulation Man Reg 93 2015. Vehicle Equipment Safety and Inspection Regulation. Man Reg 31 2019 70, Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways. Regulation Man Reg 155 2018 71, L153 The Liquor Gaming and Cannabis Control Act 84. Non Potable Intoxicating Substances Stomach Bitters. and Rubbing Alcohol Regulation Man Reg 65 2014 90,L175 The Livestock Industry Diversification Act.
Elk Game Production Regulation Man Reg 19 97,O31 The Off Road Vehicles Act 91. O80 The Ozone Depleting Substances Act,Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons. Regulation Man Reg 103 94,P40 The Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act. Pesticides and Fertilizers Licence Regulation Man Reg 216 87 R. The Brown Book Page 5 Updated October 20 2020,P50 The Petty Trespasses Act 95. P132 The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. Private Investigators and Security Guards Regulation Man Reg 164 2010. P20 The Provincial Parks Act,Park Activities Regulation Man Reg 141 96.
Permits and Leases Regulation Man Reg 150 96,Use of 85Vehicles in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Regulation Man Reg 143 96,P210 The Public Health Act 96. Dwellings and Buildings Regulation Man Reg 322 88R 97. Food and Food Handling Establishments,Regulation Man Reg 339 88R 101. Swimming Pools and Other Water Recreational Facilities. Regulation Man Reg 132 97 111, S150 The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act 120. Smoking and Vapour Products Control,Regulation Man Reg 174 2004 124.
T2 The Tax Administration and Miscellaneous Taxes Act 125. W65 The Water Protection Act 129, Aquatic Invasive Species Regulation Man Reg 173 2015 134. Nutrient Management Regulation Man Reg 62 2008,W80 The Water Rights Act 136. W128 The Wildfires Act 137,W130 The Wildlife Act,General Hunting Regulation Man Reg 351 87. Hunting Guides Regulation Man Reg 110 93, Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits Regulation Man Reg 165 91. Managed Hunting Areas Regulation Man Reg 146 2002, Miscellaneous Licences and Permits Regulation Man Reg 53 2007.
Trapping of Wild Animals Regulation Man Reg 245 90. Use of Wildlife Lands Regulation Man Reg 77 99,Vehicle Use in Hunting Regulation Man Reg 212 94. W140 The Wild Rice Act,Wild Rice Regulation Man Reg 38 88R. The Brown Book Page 6 Updated October 20 2020,Appendix A Vehicle Overweight Penalties 142. Pre calculated Table 143,Appendix B Ticket Guidelines 144. Appendix C Legal Weights and Dimensions Enforcement Guide 145. Appendix D Child Car Seat Safety Check 148,Child Car Seat Safety Checklist 150.
Appendix E Vehicle Equipment and Safety Inspection Regulation Offences 151. The Brown Book Page 7 Updated October 20 2020, Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. THE CROWN LANDS ACT C340,MAN REG PROVINCIAL SNOWMOBILE TRAIL. 217 94 REGULATION,2 3 Damage a sign F,Destroy a sign. Deface a sign,Remove a sign,posted erected,under this regulation. 3 1 Operate a snowmobile on a designated provincial. snowmobile trail,a without a valid and subsisting permit G.
b without permit affixed to,i registration plate for an annual permit E. ii windshield for a seven day permit C,THE CROWN LANDS ACT C 340. PROVINCIAL SNOWMOBILE TRAIL, REGULATION MR 217 94 Page 8 Updated October 20 2020. Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. THE DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND TRANSPORTATION ACT. MAN REG ANHYDROUS AMMONIA HANDLING AND,236 89 TRANSPORT REGULATION. 2 1 Handle anhydrous ammonia without being F,a trained person.
under supervision of a trained person, 2 2 Offer anhydrous ammonia to a person other than H. a trained person for transport,2 3 As an employer H. authorize permit permit,a person other than a trained person to handle. anhydrous ammonia,3 Sell anhydrous ammonia in a business without F. keeping records,4 7 As an employer F,As a trained person.
fail to produce certificate of trained person on,request of. a peace officer an environment officer,5 1 Operate a facility without H. a a contingency plan for emergency,b emergency equipment available in working order. c ensuring employees are familiar with,emergency contingency plan. emergency equipment, 6 1 Operate a facility without equipment requirements H.
THE DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND,TRANSPORTATION ACT D12. ANHYDROUS AMMONIA HANDLING AND, TRANSPORT REGULATION MR 236 89 Page 9 Updated October 20 2020. Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. a transport tank without equipment requirements,an applicator tank a nurse tank. without equipment requirements,anhydrous ammonia contrary to required. procedures,8 As an owner F,As an operator, of a facility fail to ensure local fire department is.
notified of required information, 9 Operate a vehicle on which a transport tank is H. mounted without a,label placard,10 As a person having management or control of a. loaded or partially loaded J,nurse tank applicator tank. park the tank contrary to prescribed procedures,THE DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND. TRANSPORTATION ACT D12,ANHYDROUS AMMONIA HANDLING AND.
TRANSPORT REGULATION MR 236 89 Page 10 Updated October 20 2020. Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. 11 As a person having management or control of F,an applicator tank a nurse tank. not registered for operation on public highway,tow tank vehicle on public highway without. a adequate attachment to towing vehicle, b curb vehicle weight of towing vehicle is 1 500 kg. c slow moving sign mounted at rear of tank,d adequate placarding. e tank vehicle is towed at speed of 40 km h or less. f tank vehicle is equipped with required lamps,when towed in non daylight hours.
g towing vehicle is equipped with required,hazard lamps beacons. h towing vehicle tows only one tank vehicle,12 As the owner of H. As the operator of,an applicator tank,a nurse tank. fail to ensure that the,a tank is properly labelled. b owner of the tank is identified on the tank,THE DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND.
TRANSPORTATION ACT D12,ANHYDROUS AMMONIA HANDLING AND. TRANSPORT REGULATION MR 236 89 Page 11 Updated October 20 2020. Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. MAN REG DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND,55 2003 TRANSPORTATION REGULATION. 1 5 1 Transport dangerous goods that are forbidden G. under Schedule 1 or 3, 1 6 Transport dangerous goods in excess of quantity G. limits set out in column 9 of Schedule 1, 1 7 b Transport dangerous goods not accompanied by G. all applicable prescribed documents,1 8 Transport explosive dangerous goods H.
a that are in direct contact with a large means of. containment,b that are radioactive, 2 2 1 As a consignor allow a carrier to take dangerous H. goods without determining their classification,3 2 4 As a carrier transporting or possessing H. dangerous goods fail to keep shipping document,in a specified location. 4 1 Transport dangerous goods without displaying I. proper dangerous goods safety marks,4 2 Display misleading safety mark H. 5 1 1 1 Transport dangerous goods in a means of H,containment that is not permitted.
5 1 1 2 Transport dangerous goods in a standardized H. means of containment that is not in standard,THE DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND. TRANSPORTATION ACT D12,DANGEROUS GOODS HANDLING AND. TRANSPORTATION REGULATION MR 55 2003 Page 12 Updated October 20 2020. Act Sec Authorized Abbreviated Description Fine Category. 5 1 1 3 Transport dangerous goods in a means of H,containment that is not. maintained,in such a manner as to prevent dangerous. accidental releases, 5 4 Load or secure dangerous goods in a means of H.
containment in a manner that could allow,damage leading to an accidental release. 5 4 Secure a means of containment on a means of H,transport in a manner that could allow damage. leading to an accidental release, 5 5 1 Fill a means of containment with dangerous H. goods in excess of a limit in an applicable safety. standard or requirement, 5 5 2 When a safety standard or requirement does not H. apply fill a means of containment with,dangerous goods in excess of.
a the manufacturer s established maximum limit,b the proper level to allow for liquid expansion. 5 7 Transport incompatible explosives in same H,means of transport. 5 10 Transport Class 2 dangerous goods in an H,improper means of containment. 6 1 1 Transport dangerous goods without G,a holding a proper training certificate. The Brown Book ageP 1 Updated April 8 2020 THE BROWN BOOK FINE CATEGORIES Each offence is assigned a letter A to J to indicate the fine category Each fine category equals a specific amount see chart below that the enforcement officer can enter as the Fine Payable on the Ticket The Fine Payable for each category includes the preset fine court costs and applicable surcharges

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