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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,By John Boyne,Table of Contents. Overall Expectations 3,List of Skills 4,Synopsis Author Biography 5. Student Checklist 6,Reproducible Student Booklet 7. Answer Key 62, About the author Nat Reed has been a member of the teaching profession for more. than 30 years He is presently a full time instructor at Trent University in the Teacher. Education Program,Copyright 2013 Nat Reed,All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only, Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display,The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. By John Boyne,Suggestions and Expectations, This 66 page curriculum unit can be used in a variety of ways Each chapter of the novel. study focuses on one or two chapters of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and is. comprised of four different activities,2 Before You Read. 3 Vocabulary Building,4 Comprehension Questions,5 Language and Extension Activities.
A principal expectation of the unit is that students will develop their skills in reading. writing listening and oral communication as well as in reasoning and critical thinking. Links with the Common Core Standards U S, Many of the activities included in this curriculum unit are supported by the Common. Core Standards For instance the Reading Standards for Literature Grade 5 makes. reference to, a determining the meaning of words and phrases including figurative language. b explaining how a series of chapters fits together to provide the overall structure. c compare and contrast two characters,d determine how characters respond to challenges. e drawing inferences from the text,f determining a theme of a story and many others. Students can work on the activities at their own pace Every activity need not be. completed by all students A portfolio cover is included p 7 as well as a Student. Checklist p 6, Themes which may be taught in conjunction with the novel include bigotry and.
persecution anti Semitism Nazism and Adolf Hitler the importance of family and. friends loyalty in personal relationships character growth developing perseverance in. the face of adversity,The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. By John Boyne,List of Skills,Vocabulary Development. 1 Locating descriptive words phrases 7 Use of singular plural nouns. 2 Listing synonyms antonyms 8 Using content clues analogies. 3 Identifying creating onomatopoeia 9 Identifying parts of speech. 4 Use of capitals and punctuation 10 Determining alphabetical order. 5 Identifying syllables 11 Identification of root words. 6 Listing compound words 12 Identifying creating alliteration. Setting Activities,1 Summarize the details of a setting. Plot Activities,1 Complete a time line of events,2 Identify conflict in the story. 3 Identify cliffhangers,4 Identify the climax of a novel.
Character Activities, 1 Determine character traits 4 Relating personal experiences. 2 Compare two characters,3 Understand concepts such as perseverance. Creative and Critical Thinking,1 Research 4 Conduct an interview. 2 Write an editorial on an issue 5 Write a description of personal feelings. 3 Write a letter to a friend,Art Activities,1 Design a cover for the novel. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,By John Boyne, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is the unforgettable story of two boys Bruno the son of the.
Commandant of the infamous World War Two concentration camp Auschwitz and Shmuel. an inmate of the camp, Nine year old Bruno s world is turned upside down when his family is uprooted and moved to. far off Out With where he has no friends and must endure the insufferable Lieutenant. Kotler From his bedroom window Bruno sees a fence near their house and behind it are. many people all wearing striped pajamas Bruno manages to become friends with a boy his. own age Shmuel who lives on the other side of the fence and wears peculiar striped. pajamas all the time Although their only contact is talking through the fence in a secluded. area the two boys soon become fast friends, Along the way Bruno meets an assortment of fascinating characters including Herr Liszt his. boring tutor Pavel the waiter who is also a medical doctor and The Fury Adolf Hitler who. comes to dinner, In the unforgettable conclusion Bruno is told by his father that Bruno his mother and sister. will be returning to live in Berlin He and Shmuel plan one last adventure in which Shmuel. brings Bruno a pair of striped pajamas Bruno sneaks into the camp to help Shmuel look for. his father who has disappeared but both boys are swept up by the camp guards and perish. Author Biography,John Boyne, John Boyne was born on April 30 1971 in Dublin Ireland He was. educated at Trinity College Dublin and studied Creative Writing at. the University of East Anglia where he was awarded the Curtis. Brown prize It was during this time that John s writings first began. to see publication, John has written seven novels to date as well as a number of short stories which have been.
published in various anthologies and broadcast on radio and television The Boy in the. Striped Pajamas which to date has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide is a Number. One New York Times Bestseller This wonderful novel was also released as a movie in. September 2008 His books have been published in 41 different languages. Boyne continues to live and write in Dublin,The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. By John Boyne,Student Checklist,Student Name,Assignment Grade Level Comments. The Boy In The,Striped Pajamas,By John Boyne,The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. By John Boyne,Before you read the chapter, Moving to another town or city or even to another home can be a most difficult experience Describe. from your own experience or from your imagination how it would feel to move to a strange new place. as Bruno must do in this novel, What might an advantage to moving to a new location.
Vocabulary, Choose a word from the list to complete each sentence. decent dismissively tartan banister presume,frustration hesitate protested chaos muster. 1 Bert didn t think he could the strength to finish the race. 2 My aunt showed her by stamping her foot angrily, 3 The situation was reduced to when the emperor entered the ballroom. 4 It is so hard for the average person to earn a salary the reporter said. 5 She didn t even before answering the judge s question. 6 For her birthday she received a skirt from her cousin Sara. 7 My mother ordered the maid to go out into the foyer and polish the. 8 Oh go peddle your papers she said, 9 There must have been more than a hundred people who the new law. 10 Don t just that the president is always right the commentator. 1 Bruno was told by his mother to treat the family s maid Maria respectfully and not just. imitate the way Father spoke to her How must Bruno s father have usually spoken to Maria. What do you think this tells us about his father s personality. 2 The setting of a story includes not only where but when the story takes place What is the. setting of Chapter One, 3 In the first few chapters Bruno mentions a mysterious character called the Fury In Chapter.
One what had the Fury done the week before, b In turns out that Bruno actually has misheard his parents when speaking of The Fury What his. parents are saying is The F hrer Investigate who this character was and relate at least two. interesting facts about him, 4 Who was Gretel and why do you think Bruno referred to her as a Hopeless Case. 5 Why did the family have to move, 6 What or who was Bruno going to miss the most when he moved away. 7 In their home what was Out Of Bounds At All Times And No Exceptions. Language Activity, The author John Boyle enjoys using a variety of literary devices in this novel One such device is. onomatopoeia An example is making whooshing sounds as he went Define onomatopoeia and use. your imagination to think of another example of this device. B Storyboard, A storyboard is a series of pictures that tell about an important event in a story A storyboard.
can tell the story of only one scene or the entire novel. Complete the storyboard below illustrating the events described in the first chapter of The. Boy in the Striped Pajamas You may wish to practice your drawings on a separate piece of. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is the unforgettable story of two boys Bruno the son of the Commandant of the infamous World War Two concentration camp Auschwitz and Shmuel an inmate of the camp Nine year old Bruno s world is turned upside down when his family is uprooted and moved to far off Out With where he has no friends and must endure the insufferable Lieutenant Kotler

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