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THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS,For the Teacher, This reproducible study guide to use in conjunction with the novel. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas consists of lessons for guided reading Written in. chapter by chapter format the guide contains a synopsis pre reading activities vocab. ulary and comprehension exercises as well as extension activities to be used as follow up. to the novel, In a homogeneous classroom whole class instruction with one title is appro. priate In a heterogeneous classroom reading groups should be formed each group. works on a different novel at its own reading level Depending upon the length of time. devoted to reading in the classroom each novel with its guide and accompanying lessons. may be completed in three to six weeks, Begin using NOVEL TIES for reading development by distributing the novel. and a folder to each child Distribute duplicated pages of the study guide for students. to place in their folders After examining the cover and glancing through the book. students can participate in several pre reading activities Vocabulary questions should. be considered prior to reading a chapter all other work should be done after the chapter. has been read Comprehension questions can be answered orally or in writing The. classroom teacher should determine the amount of work to be assigned always keep. ing in mind that readers must be nurtured and that the ultimate goal is encouraging. students love of reading, The benefits of using NOVEL TIES are numerous Students read good. literature in the original rather than in abridged or edited form The good reading. habits formed by practice in focusing on interpretive comprehension and literary tech. niques will be transferred to the books students read independently Passive readers. become active avid readers,Novel Ties are printed on recycled paper.
The purchase of this study guide entitles an individual teacher to reproduce pages for use. in a classroom Reproduction for use in an entire school or school system or for commercial use. is prohibited Beyond the classroom use by an individual teacher reproduction transmittal or. retrieval of this work is prohibited without written permission from the publisher. Copyright 2009 by LEARNING LINKS INC,THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. Nine year old Bruno is upset to learn that his family must leave their comfort. able home in Berlin The man whom the boy calls the Fury Fuhrer sends Bruno s father. a Nazi officer to Out With Auschwitz to be the new commandant Bruno hates his. cold nasty new house As he looks out of his bedroom window he sees people in striped. pajamas who appear to live in huts on the other side of a barbed wire fence Bruno soon. discovers that these people are treated cruelly by the soldiers such as the sadistic. Lieutenant Kotler on whom Bruno s sister Gretel develops a crush. One of the people from the other side of the fence is Pavel who prepares the. vegetables and waits on the family After Bruno falls off a tire swing Pavel rescues the. boy and administers medical aid Bruno then finds out that Pavel is a doctor and wonders. why he is now acting as a servant He also wonders why his mother takes the credit for. helping him, Bruno is confused about his father s job He thinks the Commandant looks very. smart in his uniform and is proud when Maria the maid relates the kind things the man. has done for her family However Bruno also knows that his grandmother was very angry. about her son s new job and the two had a terrible fight The boy questions why his. father fails to stop Lieutenant Kotler from brutally punishing Pavel for spilling wine. One day Bruno goes exploring along the fence and notices a boy on the other. side Bruno and the boy Shmuel quickly form a friendship Although Shmuel tries to. describe the brutal conditions in the camp naive Bruno cannot understand why people in. striped pajamas are living on the other side of the fence Even when his sister Gretel ulti. mately explains that they are Jews and should be hated he still fails to comprehend All. he knows is that he is pleased with his new friend and he continues to visit Shmuel. One day Bruno is surprised to find Shmuel in his kitchen polishing glasses. Shmuel explains that Lieutenant Kotler brought him to do the job because of his tiny. fingers Bruno then notices just how thin his friend s hands are and offers the starving. boy some chicken Although Shmuel is afraid to eat it he finally relents Unfortunately. Kotler appears and accuses him of stealing food When the boy explains that his friend. Bruno gave it to him a frightened Bruno refutes this As a result Kotler later punishes. Shmuel who ultimately forgives the contrite Bruno The boys no longer have to worry. about Kotler when he is transferred for getting too close to the Commandant s wife. After Bruno s mother convinces her husband to allow her and the children to. return to Berlin Bruno promises to help Shmuel locate his missing father before he. leaves As a disguise Bruno dons a striped outfit that Shmuel gets for him With his head. shaved due to lice Bruno looks like an inmate and crawls under the fence As he tries to. help Shmuel find his father Bruno is appalled by all he sees When the boys finally give. up their search Bruno wants nothing more than to return home But before he can. leave he and Shmuel get caught in a march to the gas chamber Bruno dies holding his. friend s hand,LEARNING LINKS INC 1,THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. BACKGROUND INFORMATION,The Holocaust, When World War I ended in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany of. its pride and economic stability This was a time of high unemployment and economic. chaos in Germany conditions that were ripe for Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist. German Worker s Party the Nazi Party to rise to power. Using the Jews as a scapegoat Hitler roused the German people with a viciously. anti Semitic program and a plan to build a superior German master race From the. time he became the absolute dictator of Germany Hitler carried out a methodical perse. cution of the Jewish people His final solution to the Jewish question was extermination. in death camps also known as concentration camps This sad time in history is referred. to as the Holocaust During the period that Hitler was in power 1933 1945 six million. of Europe s nine million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Terrorism against Jews was carried out by the SS ruthless police units of the. Nazi Party Jews were forced to wear the Star of David so they could be easily identified. Special units began mass shootings that claimed about two million lives but these were. too slow to suit the Nazis After putting up with horrible conditions in ghettos such as. the Krak w ghetto in Poland Jews were finally crowded into freight cars and transported. to concentration camps One of the most notorious of these was Auschwitz which was. both a death and labor camp with a small percentage of the people kept alive as slave. labor At Auschwitz 2 000 people at a time could be killed in the large gas chambers and. almost 5 000 bodies could be burned in the oven in one day. On June 6 1944 Allied forces landed in Normandy France in the D day. invasion Slowly the concentration camps were liberated The Soviet troops liberated. Auschwitz on January 27 1945 By that time an estimated two million persons includ. ing one and a half million Jews had been murdered there. British English, The author of this novel John Boyne is from Ireland As a result he uses.
British spelling for some words There are some spelling differences between American. and British English The following chart shows some major differences. or vs our er vs re i vs y ic vs is a vs y,American favor center tire practice pajamas. British favour centre tyre practise pyjamas, The following are some British words that you will read in the book and their. American equivalents,British Word American Equivalent. greengrocer produce market,courgette zucchini,jumper sweater. LEARNING LINKS INC 2,THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS.
PRE READING QUESTIONS AND ACTIVITIES, 1 Preview the book by reading the title and the author s name and by looking at the. illustration on the cover What do you think this book is about Will it be serious or. humorous When and where do you think it takes place. 2 Cooperative Learning Activity Read the Background Information on page two of. this study guide and do some additional research to find out more about the Holocaust. Then brainstorm with a small group of classmates to fill in the first two columns of a. K W L chart such as the one below When you finish the book return to the chart and. complete the third column,The Holocaust,What I Know What I Want to Learn What I Learned. 3 Social Studies Connection On a map of Europe and a globe locate Germany and. the city of Berlin Poland and the city of Krakow Denmark and Switzerland all. places that are referred to in the book, 4 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas relates to the Nazis treatment of the Jews during the. Holocaust Make a list of books and movies that portray this tragic time in history. What purpose do these books and movies serve Do you think it is important to con. tinue to remember the Holocaust, 5 Have you read any other books about the Holocaust set in Europe during World War. II If so when and where did these stories take place What did you learn about life. at the time, 6 How would you characterize the Nazis who carried out the persecution and murder.
of the Jews Can you imagine that these same people might have been loving and. kind to their families and friends How might this make their crimes seem even. more horrible, 7 Cooperative Learning Activity Work with a small cooperative learning group to. discuss the meaning of the word prejudice What does the word mean to you What. causes it How can it be prevented or overcome,LEARNING LINKS INC 3. THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS,Pre Reading Questions and Activities cont. 8 Although the story is fiction it is based on historical facts The characters in such a. work of historical fiction may be fictional or historical or both Discuss with your. classmates other works of historical fiction they have read or seen in films and what. periods of history they covered What do you enjoy about this type of book What. challenges do you think an author faces when writing a work of historical fiction. 9 Social Studies Connection As you read create a time line from the year of Bruno s. birth 1934 through the end of the novel 1945 Fill in important historical events. relating to Hitler s Germany Use events mentioned in the novel as well as significant. events you find in an encyclopedia or history book. 10 Look at the title page at the beginning of the book and you will notice that the author. calls this book a fable A fable is one of the oldest literary forms It is usually a short. tale that teaches a moral or lesson The main characters sometimes animals are. characterized quickly with a few broad strokes One character usually displays a flaw. that leads to a downfall The conclusion leads directly to the moral A fable is univer. sal cross cultural and ultimately highlights what makes us human As you read the. novel use this chart to provide examples of how it fits this genre. Examples from, Characteristics of a Fable The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Teaches a moral,Main characters are broadly drawn,One character displays a flaw that.
leads to a downfall,Highlights what makes us human. LEARNING LINKS INC 4,THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. Pre Reading Questions and Activities cont, 11 In the Anticipation Guide that follows write T in the Before Reading column if the. statement is true in your opinion Write F if you feel the statement is false After. completing the book mark your answers again in the After Reading column to see. if your opinion has changed,Before After,Statements Reading Reading. 1 It is difficult to adjust to living in a new place. 2 When you see someone being mistreated you,should always try to help.
3 Sometimes it is better not to know if something,horrible is going on around you. 4 It is difficult for children to see the faults of. their parents,5 A person can be kind to some people and cruel. 6 Betrayal of a friend is unforgivable,7 People are more alike than they are different. 8 It is possible to judge someone even before you,get to know that person as an individual. LEARNING LINKS INC 5,THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS.
CHAPTERS ONE TWO, Vocabulary Synonyms are words with similar meanings Draw a line from each word in. column A to its synonym in column B Then use the words in column A to fill in the. blanks in the sentences below,1 chaos a indifferently. 2 frustration b limitations,3 dismissively c immediate. 4 presumed d annoyance,5 desolate e preferences,6 restrictions f disorder. 7 foreseeable g lifeless,8 priorities h supposed, 1 The man was to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
2 Your are wrong if you choose to watch television instead of finish. ing your report, 3 Happy with the community and its schools my family intends to live here for the. 4 The severe hurricane left the town in a state of. 5 There are so many on the use of the playground that no one. wants to come here anymore, 6 After trying in vain to solve the math problem the student shook her head in. Bruno and the boy Shmuel quickly form a friendship Although Shmuel tries to describe the brutal conditions in the camp naive Bruno cannot understand why people in striped pajamas are living on the other side of the fence Even when his sister Gretel ulti mately explains that they are Jews and should be hated he still fails to comprehend All he knows is that he is pleased with his new

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