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Healthy Cooking Healthy Living,The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Disclaimer, The Healthy Cooking Healthy Living Beginner s Cooking Manual was developed by. City of Hamilton Public Health Services and sponsored by the Child and Youth. Workgroup of Healthy Living Hamilton The material contained in this Manual is provided. for general guidance only and while it may be used and reproduced by other individuals. and organizations the City of Hamilton assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss. or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information in this. Manual or resulting from unsafe food handling practices. Healthy Living Hamilton was funded in part by the Government of Ontario The views. expressed in these materials do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of. For more information about the Beginner s Cooking Manual please contact. Chwen Johnson MSc RD,Public Health Dietitian,Chronic Disease Prevention. Healthy Living Division,Public Health Services,Tel 905 546 2424 ext 5020. Fax 905 546 3658,Email chwen johnson hamilton ca, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 2 The Beginner s Cooking Manual.
Table of Contents,DISCLAIMER 2,Background 6,The Lesson Plans 6. The Recipes 7,GROUP MANAGEMENT 8,Helping Students To Set Ground Rules 8. Managing Your Group 8,Contracting Good Behaviour 8. Setting Your Standard 9,Tips for Cooking with Kids 9. Planning Ahead 10,Before Each Session 10,Start During Session 10.
End of Session or During Meal Time 11,Facilitator Set up Checklist 11. Clean up Checklist 11,SAMPLE FORMS 12,Sample School Letter 13. Sample Participant Letter 14,Permission Letter 15,Attendance Sheet 16. Lesson Review Sheet 17,Menu Mind Map 18,Task Assignment Sheet 20. LESSON PLANS 21, Lesson Plan 1 Hand Washing Kitchen Safety Knife Safety 22.
Lesson Plan 2 Danger Zone Cross Contamination 32,Lesson Plan 3 Manual Utensil Dishwashing 38. Lesson Plan 4 Reading a Recipe Kitchen Equipment 42. Lesson Plan 5 Measuring Ingredients 49, Lesson Plan 6 Basic Table Manners Setting a Table 53. Lesson Plan 7 Trimming the Fat Taste the Flavour 58. Lesson Plan 8 Dietary Fibre 60,Lesson Plan 9 Vegetables and Fruit 62. Lesson Plan 10 Healthy Eating 67, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 3 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. BEGINNER COOKING CLUB RECIPES 70,Entrees 84,Breakfast 94.
Vegetables 100,Desserts 104,APPENDIX A 109,Certificate of Completion 110. Student Evaluation Form 111,Parent Volunteer Evaluation 113. APPENDIX B 115,Suggested Start up Equipment 116,Additional resources 118. How to Cook Pasta 119,How to Blanch and Refresh Vegetables 120. How to Cook Rice 121,Cooking Terms and Techniques 122.
ADDITIONAL HANDOUTS 123,Canada s Food Guide to Healthy Eating 123. Trim the Fat Taste the Flavour 123,Fat Facts 123,Fit Fibre Into Your Day 123. 5 to 10 a Day for Better Health 123, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 4 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Acknowledgements, Healthy Cooking Healthy Kids Youth Cooking Club Manual 2000 was co written by Michelle. Tobias Murray BA B Ed and the Nutrition Promotion Program Public Health and Community. Services Department City of Hamilton, Public Health Services Healthy Living Division Chronic Disease Prevention Children Youth.
Program and Healthy Living Hamilton would like to thank the following individuals and groups for. their valuable contribution to the revision of the Healthy Cooking Healthy Kids Youth Cooking. Club Manual to the Healthy Cooking Healthy Living Beginner s Cooking Manual 2006. The Child and Youth Workgroup of Healthy Living Hamilton. The parents and administration from local schools running the program since 2000. Veronica Kozelj Public Health Inspector Health Protection Division Public Health. Services City of Hamilton, Healthy Living Hamilton was funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Health Long Term Care. Community Health Promotion Branch, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 5 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Introduction, A cooking club is a great opportunity for everyone to learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy. recipes in a fun and inviting kitchen atmosphere Cooking clubs for healthy eating was part of a. broader vision for healthy living in the City of Hamilton. Background, Cooking clubs are popular for children between the ages of 11 to 13 Children at this age show. an eagerness to learn to cook They are open to learn life skills and are beginning to take. increased responsibility for their health and well being Healthy decisions about diet activity and. tobacco use made early in life can result in less chronic diseases later in life. Cooking clubs introduce children to healthy eating in a practical setting that encourages skill. development The cooking club experience will help children. Identify and select healthy foods, Understand how to prepare foods using good sanitary practices.
Prevent injury in the kitchen,Learn basic food preparation skills. Cooking clubs give children a chance to appreciate healthy foods firsthand and gain confidence. in their ability to produce tasty and healthy meals. The Lesson Plans, This manual consists of 10 lesson plans and 1 take home introductory package The first three. lesson plans are compulsory as they contain important information students must know. regarding food safety and sanitation Facilitators can choose to implement some or all of the. remaining lesson plans with their group Each lesson plan consists of the following 5. components, Get Ready outlines things to prepare before the class. Objectives outlines goals of the lesson plan, Key Points outlines potential discussion points of the lesson plan. Cooking Activity outlines cooking instructions and discussion points. Cleaning Activity outlines things to do for cleaning and sanitation. Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 6 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Overheads for each lesson plan are provided to help facilitators summarize key points of the. lesson A Menu Mind Map is included in the sample forms session It can be used as a paper. activity for students while dinner is cooking or as a take home assignment. The Recipes, There are 30 recipes in the manual grouped into 5 categories Salads Snacks Entr es.
Breakfasts and Vegetables Recipes provide the amounts of ingredients required for serving 4. 8 and 12 persons The facilitators will choose 1 3 recipes each week to try to create a balanced. meal with the group For example if you choose the recipe for spaghetti and meatballs you can. purchase milk to drink and fresh fruit for dessert to create a simple balanced meal. The sample task assignment sheet can be used to help divide up cooking tasks among club. members For efficient use of time try to choose recipes that require different cooking. equipment or tools, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 7 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Group Management,Helping Students To Set Ground Rules. Providing a take home introductory package for students and parents sample provided before. the first cooking session will enable the students to become familiar with some preliminary. ground rules With the students discuss which behaviors the club members will absolutely not. tolerate For example No swearing No horseplay No teasing The fewer hard fast rules. you have the less likely you are to corner yourself Remember this is an after school activity. and students are there to have fun So a No loud talking rule may not be appropriate. In addition look at your facility for safety hazards Do you need rules to protect club members. from personal injury Do you need to have rules to protect personal property Are there school. rules that you should be aware of You will need to enforce these. Managing Your Group,Convey your expectations,Ensure rules being followed. Make students accountable by having them sign an agreement e g student contract. Assign tasks and ensure their completion,Remind students to clean as they go. Be firm but respectful,Contracting Good Behaviour, A student contract is included in the take home introductory package For this to be meaningful.
for the club members they should help to set the criteria for each behaviour concept outlined on. the handout Positive Participation Student involvement in setting their own standards goes a. long way to building a partnership between students and facilitators When students suggest the. standard for behaviour they are more likely to commit to it This also creates the expectation. that those around them also have to commit to this behaviour. Facilitators can continue to build an atmosphere of mutual respect and mature behaviour by. dealing positively with students who disrupt others For example That s an excellent point. Jane but you are interrupting Tom Remind students that they are young adults and that adult. like behaviour is what you expect from them On the other hand dangerous or malicious. behaviour should be dealt with swiftly Depending on the severity of the behaviour or the. responsiveness of the student to comply this action should be done in one of the following. Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 8 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. ways talk to the student in private about his or her behaviour ask the student to leave or call. the administrator on duty to remove the student Do not get into a shouting match with a. student Do not take the student off alone somewhere to talk to him or her Discipline in view of. others Adults even in non contentious situations put themselves at risk of accusations when. alone with a student,Setting Your Standard, Have the club members address facilitators by their last names Mr Mrs Ms etc By doing this. you maintain a position of authority which you may be required to exercise in a disciplinary. situation Generally the students accept and expect to be on a last name basis with adults in. school related activities The mutual respect that you build into your sessions is key to a. comfortable rapport with the students, Modeling behaviour is also important Your attitude towards the students as a group or. individually will be reflected in their attitudes If you want students to be scrupulous about hand. washing so must you be If you want them to respect you you must also respect them. Finally when assigning students to work with each other take into consideration their. personalities and requests If a student tells you they really can t work with so and so consider. their request You may possibly avoid a lot of conflict Be flexible when assigning groups. Tips for Cooking with Kids, Show and Tell Show them and explain to them everything you re doing and why. Give them tasks Tell them what needs to be done and assign tasks. Compliment them Be encouraging and proud of their efforts big or little. Keep an eye on them Never leave them unattended when they are cooking. Teach them life skills Explain to the kids how to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. why they should wash them and how to store them, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 9 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. General Planning Notes for,Volunteers Facilitators.
Planning Ahead, Make copies of the take home package to distribute to each student to review prior to the start. of the cooking club, The following administrative forms should be completed or collected from participants prior to or. on the first day of the cooking club, Locate or assemble First Aid kit and have on hand for every session. Permission Letter signed by participant s parent guardian in take home package. Student Contract signed by participant and parent guardian in take home package. Create a student participant information binder with permission forms and health. information in case of emergency Be sure to have this on hand at every cooking session. Determine which parent volunteer s will be responsible for the student information. Before Each Session, Determine tasks for each parent volunteer facilitation of lesson plans shopping. administration etc, Purchase groceries Ensure that you can properly store them until the club meeting.
Photocopy the required number of recipes handouts Menu Mind Map If your. photocopy budget does not allow you to give copies of everything to each student. consider making and using overheads where practical. Request for an overhead projector if necessary, Check grocery list and supplies Is there any equipment you don t have that is absolutely. Check your equipment Is everything where it should be and in proper working order. Decide where cooking stations will be for each group for the session. If last session prepare Certificates of Completion. Start During Session, Do a quick attendance Are students who are not present accounted for. Review ground rules safety and sanitation guidelines from the take home package. Review lesson plan objectives background information recipes Ask and answer. questions based on learning objectives, Choose a tip from each category to be inserted into the Menu Mind Map as a paper. activity if time is permitted, Healthy Cooking Healthy Living 10 The Beginner s Cooking Manual. Assign groups and tasks using Task Assignment Sheet Combine duties if there are not. enough students for each task,Remind groups to complete set up checklist.
While dinner is cooking complete a paper activity e g puzzle or questionnaire if time. The Beginner s Cooking Manual ways talk to the student in private about his or her behaviour ask the student to leave or call the administrator on duty to remove the student Do not get into a shouting match with a student Do not take the student off alone somewhere to talk to him or her Discipline in view of others Adults even in non

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