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The Beacon Tree Broadcast 3,If you need to contact us Free and Reduced Lunch. Main Office The www lunchapp com website is ready for. 797 7300 student parent use for the school year 2018. Absence Line 2019, Child Care We STRONGLY encourage you to apply online. 797 7314 this year using this website Please know that. Fax Machine student lunches for students are available for. free or at a reduced price of 40 cents for fami,lies that qualify based on family size and in. School Hours,Grades K 6 9 00 3 50 p m, Children will not be allowed to enter the building. Nut Safe Rooms, until 8 50 a m each morning Please help your Should your child be placed in a nut safe.
children time their arrival accordingly Children who room there are a few simple things you can. must arrive earlier need to be enrolled in our Child do to help us to ensure a safe environment. Care program Please contact the office for more for the student s with a nut allergy A letter. information,will be sent home the first day of school to. outline those items Most importantly we,must require no homemade bake or com. Absences mercially prepared bakery treats to be, To report your child s absence please call our brought to school. answering machine at 586 797 7399 When,you place your call please clearly state your. child s name teacher reason for and length of Background Check. absence The answering machine will take at To protect students health safety and welfare. tendance calls 24 hours a day every volunteer must have a Criminal Back. ground form on file well in advance of volun,teering their assistance at school or school.
related events UCS conducts criminal back, Lunch 11 50 1 25 ground checks on volunteers through the Mich. Students may either bring their own lunch to school igan State Police The form which asks for. or purchase a hot lunch Lunch w milk is 2 75 basic information such as driver s license num. Students may purchase just milk for 45 cents ber is available through the office. Please review the monthly hot lunch menu on,Beacon Tree s new web page under Parents Visitors. Food Service Menu with your child It is very im In accordance with school district policy every. portant that students who wish to purchase hot one entering Beacon Tree must report to the. lunch order the day before New lunch schedule office Our office staff will be glad to help you. Grades K 11 10 11 50 1st 11 30 12 10 2nd 11 55 out If you are volunteering you will need to. 12 35 4th 12 40 1 20 5th 11 35 12 15 6th 12 00 sign in All visitors will be given an identifica. 12 40 All students will eat lunch for 20 minutes be tion badge to wear while inside Beacon Tree. fore going out to lunch recess for 20 minutes Your cooperation in this matter is greatly ap. The Beacon Tree Broadcast 4,Automated Telephone Top Ten Reasons to Keep Your. Alert System in Place,Child Home from School,for UCS Parents. The Utica Community Schools is taking ad Fever over 99 0 F in the last 24 hours. vantage of technology innovations by using an Vomiting in the last 24 hours. automated telephone notification system for, staff and parents The system is used to an Diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
nounce emergency school closings such as Unexplained rash following a fever. those related to weather Individual buildings, also use it for periodic school specific updates Open and draining lesion that is un treated. and reminders Head lice and or nits, Please make sure that your child s emergency Uncontrolled cough. contact information is up to date to assure you Drainage from eyes. receive these important updates,Earache or discharge from ears. The district will continue to utilize local media Weekends and holidays. UCS TV cable stations 15 22 and the district,website www uticak12 org to keep parents. apprised of closings,In addition Mr Ellis will use the automated sys.
tem to inform the community of Beacon Tree,Parking Lot Safety. The area along the curb in front of the,school is a bus drop off area and is also a. Administration of Medication fire route For the safety of our children. and all our community do not park or leave, Students sometimes need to take medication your car standing in this no parking area. Parents should administer even during after school and evening activi. medication to their children at ties,home In the event that is not. possible the school may ad When picking up your child at the end of the day. minister either prescription or please arrange a meeting place. non prescription medicine by the school entrance then pro. but only when authorized by the students vide a safe escort to your car. parent guardian and the child s physician Re With heavy pedestrian bus and. quests must be made by completing an Authori car traffic it is crucial that children. zation for Medication form available from the remain next to adults while in the. school office The form must be signed by the parking lot and that cars and. child s physician vans always look twice then a third time before. backing out of a space,HONOR ROLL, Jenna Abdellatif Gianna Carta Wyatt Evans Ivana Ivanov Nicholas Lo Greco.
Raymond Abi Younes Isabella Castelvetere Emma Ewald Michaela Ivanov Landon Loose. Olivia Adamczyk Brooklyn Cattaneo Lia Fedrigo Aubree Jackson Tanner Losinski. Adriano Aiuto Cadence Cattaneo Gina Fedrigo Autumn Jacobs Olivia Loughead. Almortaja Almaliki Matthew Chetcuti Samantha Felts Owen Jacobs Lilianna Loughead. Anya Apigo Justin Ciarkowski Vaughn Fick Kaleb Johnson Megan Lucas. Giovanni Arboscello Aiden Clark Cooper Filauro Jake Jovanovski Joseph Lulgjuraj. Daynika Armen Mark Clemmensen Sarah Finitzer Maya Jovanovski Michael Lulgjuraj. Adriana Avara Camryn Clemmensen Amelia Fisk Grace Jozefiak Nicholas Lulgjuraj. Aubrey Azar Finley Clor Gloriana Flores Tyler Juhnke Pierce Maciag. Alexis Bargowski Ripley Clor Marielle Frechette Selina Juncaj Hunter Malopolski. Kathleen Barkho Carmine Cococcetta Annabelle Froberger Eleanor Jungwirth Emiliana Manzo. Angelica Barkho Kylie Condon Maya Fuca Lucas Kado Dimitri Marinkovic. Gavin Barr Lauren Conley Jordan Gabridge Reagan Kado Dominic Marotta. Taylor Barr Audrina Cook Trevin Gabriel Jonathon Kado Owen Marshall. Jack Barrette Grace Cottingham Tessa Gadioli Angjelina Kalaj Avery Marshall. Domenico Basilisco Ariana Czarnecki Stella Galovski Alexis Kaltz Casey Martino. Lucas Beels Brooklyn Darr Haley Gauthier Emmett Kane Eva Matoski. Sevanna Beh Audrey Davis Andrew Gay Anthony Kass Max McDonald. Jacob Bennett Brett Davis Damjon Gegovic Ty Kennedy Dillian McSwain. Christian Bernardi Ellie Davis Liliana Gegovic Alexis Kern Natalie Mezin. Jagger Billy Tyler deCardenas Carmen Giardina Lexie Khami Charbel Michael. Brody Blanchett Lucas DeChambeau Brianna Gilson Lucas Khami Jude Michael. Isabella Blanchett Sophia Decker Christian Gjolaj Ava Khami Caden Michaels. Steven Boby Samantha Decker Gabriella Gojcaj Bettina Kildani Claire Miller. Corinn Bodenhamer Ryan Decker Gianna Gojcaj Aubrey Killian Deacon Miller. Andrew Boice Gianna Deda Jasmyn Goldsmith Harper King Grady Miller. Kara Boice Kendall Dex Olivia Gower Violet King Ellie Miloian. Mark Bojaj Ryan Dex Marissa Greathouse Grant King Celia Miron. Elizabeth Bombery Charles Percival Dialogo Lila Grimes Elijah Kinzer Colin Mondoux. Brandon Bourgeois Gabriela DiCosmo Daniel Grishaj Simon Kristensen Samantha Mondoux. Stella Boyette Olivia Dimitrijevski Tyler Halatsis Owen Kristensen Daniel Moore. Tallulah Boyette Jack Dobbie Nolan Harbison Luca Lafata Evan Morehouse. Ava Brunning Michael Dodaj Lucas Hardy Logan Lamb Federico Moreno Padilla. Kaylie Brunson Emme Dodaj Juliana Hebeka Jared Lamb Carmine Moschelli. Dylan Bruss Everett Dubay Makayla Henderson Melanie Langsdale Alexandra Moss. Ava Bugnariu Violet Dubay Hanna Heric Kayla Lapka Elise Mutch. Westley Bullock Alyna Dumo Alora Hogsten Mia Lauzon Natalie Mutch. Brady Bullock Crisanto Dumo Brielle Hosner Brayden Lemley Da Anh Tuan Nguyen. Gavin Burley William Durecki Caroline Howell Philip Leone Mihailo Nikolich. Tannith Calcaterra Rachel Durecki Austin Howell Michael Leone Mark Nikollaj. Maya Camaj Liliana Dushaj Elizabeth Howell Giselle Licavoli Adelina Nikollaj. Natalie Carrier Nikolas Dushaj Paraskevas Ioannou Isaac Linowski Olivia Nikolovski. Gabriella Carriere Evangelia Elie Josephine Irvin Caitlin Lisseman Samantha Nikolovski. HONOR ROLL,DeMya Noble Jack Ruehlen Joseph Soyad Jackson Tur. Joshua Nugent Drew Rundell Samantha Stafford Larsen Uitos. Emilio Oddo Ethan Sabbagh Kaitlyn Stafford Joseph Valenza. Mario Oddo Gabriella Sadowski Kristian Stamevski Mae VanAntwerp. Daniela Opoka Christopher Sadowski Demetri Stavrou Kaylie VanDenBrouck. Alexander Orn Giuliana Saputo Anna Stecker Layla Vano. Hunter Orshall John Saraniecki Jack Stecker Luca Vano. Savannah Orshall Marisa Saulitis Isabella Stojanovski Ava VanWambeke. Carson Osterhout Marisa Scarpace Vincent Stojanovski Matteo Ventimiglia. Scarlett Page Lexi Scholten Alexander Stojanovski Eleanora Vitale. Finnegan Palazzolo Caden Scholten Sydney Stone Stefanos Vlahos. Codianne Palczewski Nickolas Schwarz Lyla Storch Chase Wallace. Christopher Palm Owen Sengstock Amy Studebaker Kieryn Walleman. Alexis Palm Ella Shagena Elise Studer Avery Wasmund. Maya Panicker Olivia Shagena Aidan Sunil Vanessa Waters. Alexander Parker Rylie Sheridan Alisa Sunil Rayna White. Gianna Parrinello Lucas Sheridan Abigail Sutherland Mallory Wieczorek. Aiden Paul Jamisyn Sheridan Isabella Tabacchi Gianna Wigle. Joshua Pauline Mila Sibinovic Rocco Tiseo Ilianna Wilson. Francesco Penna Jacob Siladke Jordan Tobey Matthew Witczak. Carlo Penna Kayla Siladke Olivia Tocco Savannah Wolfe. Kendall Persinger Dante Silveri Nathan Tocco Autumn Wolfe. Alyssa Persyn Julia Simoski Mia Tohme Jonathan Wood. Nolan Persyn Ashton Simoski Tyler Tonkin Lucas Woodcox. Melina Pham Joseph Small Ava Tow Derek Woodruff, Hope Pierfelice Katryna Smith Joseph Tragle Braelyn Zawierucha. Hailey Pokley Madyson Smith Ava Trajkov Milana Zdravkovic. Anna Polisei Robert Smith Madilyn Tran Zachary Zeiser. William Polisei Violet Smith Elijah Tuffy Fiora Zuckero. Claire Ponzio Ashlyn Smith Isobel Tuffy Dahlia Zuckero. James Ponzio Julia Snyder Grace Tuffy,Avery Prebay Roshan Soundar Addison Tur. Domenic Prohm,Aubrey Puzzuoli,Harrison Pytel,Abigail Reynolds. Zakk Richardson,Dario Ritz,Lorenzo Ritz,Samantha Rude.
BT3 Recognition for,the month of,Month Appreciation. Kindergarten Fourth Grade, Mrs Frazier Brycen Kenny Mrs Bourgeois Zakk Richardson. Mrs Hamerink Carter Boughton Mrs Froberger Olivia Adamczyk. Mrs Hawkins Annabelle Yatooma Mr Scholten Claire Miller. Mrs Greenwood Dylan Demetral Mrs Vincler Evan Morehouse. First Grade Fifth Grade,Mrs Fiegel Anoova Basu Mrs Gower Aubree Jackson. Mrs Kleinschmit Karly Schmid Mrs Hansen Lila Grimes. Mrs Orlando Olivia Lang Mrs Nebel Alexander Orn,Mrs Stein Evan Simoski Mrs Pierfelice Reagan Kado. Second Grade Sixth Grade,Mrs Allen Ashlyn Mattia Mrs Blomme Jack Dobbie.
Mrs Cusumano Gia Vitale Mrs Buczak Jasmin Eisho, Mrs Dex Jonathan Bienkowski Mrs Garbacik William Polisei. Mrs Evans Austin Tiseo Mrs Ouellette Jordan Gabridge. Third Grade,Mrs Henion Samantha Mondoux,Mrs Lovell Natalie Mezin. Mrs Speshock Gianna Deda,Spirit Days at Beacon Tree. Sponsored by Student Council,February 26,Be a Character. Wear a shirt or accessories from your favorite character from. Disney Minecraft Pokemon Anime or your favorite Rock. March Madness,Wear your favorite jersey,sports gear or hat.
December 4 March 25,Long Winter s Nap Walking Yearbook. Wear something comfy and cozy or your favorite pajamas Dress to the max and show off something that makes. you feel cool or fancy,December 18 April 1,Winter Delight Overslept Day. Wear something delightful for the holidays Santa Elf hat antlers Fool everyone and pretend you just woke up and threw. sweaters on your clothes inside out backwards upside down or. accessories or red and green mis matched,THURSDAY January 2 April 22. New Year New Do Earth Day, Give a twist to an old hairdo and wear something crea Wear rainbow or tye dye to celebrate the beautiful colors of. tive on top our earth,January 15 May 6,Clone Day Snapchat Filter Day.
Dress like a friend or two Wear puppy ears flowers headband or another snapchat filter. or three or four,January 29 May 20,Chilly Toes Wild West Day. Wear COOL socks or slippers to keep those chilly toes Break out the cowboy boots flannels hats Dress like a. warm and toasty cowgirl,February 7 June 3,FRIDAY February 7 Aloha Hello or Aloha Goodbye. MSU U of M Day Wear Hawaiian or beachwear to show you re getting. Represent your favorite Michigan School,summer vacation. Send Money To School 8 eacon Tree Families As we move to the final month of the 2019 calendar year it is easy to reflect upon all of the tary It is fantastic to see the growth of all of our students both socially and academically It is such a pleasure to have students come to me and share their accomplishments on any given day I have been

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