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Audi A5 Sportback,Efficiency 8,Transmissions 11,quattro 12. Model details and prices,Standard model equipment 14. SE model equipment 16,S line model equipment 17,Personalising your S5 model equipment 18. Model prices 20,Audi A5 Sportback,Audi exclusive 22. This guide has been designed to help you Colour and upholstery. tailor and price your Audi A5 Sportback Paint 26, quickly and logically At the back you will also Upholstery 28.
Colour and trim guide 32,find information on CO2 emissions based Inlays 36. vehicle excise duty and other services offered,by Audi including Finance and Insurance Options. Wheels tyres and suspension 38,Alternatively you can go to audi co uk and. Audio and communication 40, configure your Audi A5 Sportback online Interior equipment 42. Exterior equipment 45,Safety and security 46,Steering wheels 48.
Service Plan and warranty 50,Merchandise 51,Accessories 52. Technical details,Technical data 53,Dimensions 56,Additional information 58. Pricing information 60,Vorsprung durch Technik, Three words that express From our beginnings in 1899 to. the very essence of Audi the Auto Union team s Grand Prix. Vorsprung durch Technik isn t successes in the 1930s and our. a slogan It s our way of seeing more recent wins at Le Mans we. the world It is the driving have always been at the forefront. force behind our history of of the motor industry,innovation that continues into. the 21st century Indeed many Vorsprung durch Technik makes. technologies that Audi pioneered us who we are To see more of its. remain in our cars today Some influence just read on. are milestones in the history of,the motorcar,A5 Sportback.
think of it as,a coup with,more doors,It s the first mid size Sportback in the Audi. range an exciting milestone in design But,even in a pioneer like the Audi A5 Sportback. it s rare to find such a balance of different,qualities Its elegant lines and accentuated. wheel arches are influenced heavily by the,iconic A5 Coup while it provides the comfort. and practicality of a larger family car It also,comes with several different engine options.
TDI FSI and TFSI all incorporating,fuel efficient direct injection technology. Efficiency,At Audi doing less is something we re trying. to do more of We re working to use less fuel,release less CO2 and waste less energy It s why. we ve incorporated a number of more efficient,technologies into the Audi A5 Sportback. Recuperation, When a vehicle brakes the discs convert the kinetic.
energy into thermal energy which is wasted as,it cannot be used With a recuperation system. like the one in the Audi A5 Sportback the kinetic,energy is converted into useful electrical energy. The way it works is simple While the car is coasting. or braking the alternator voltage is raised above,the level of the basic electrical system which. enables the alternator to generate electrical energy. and store it temporarily in the battery When the, vehicle accelerates this energy is used to relieve. the load on the alternator resulting in a fuel saving. of up to 3,Automatic Start Stop function, In heavy traffic your car still uses fuel and releases.
CO2 even when it s stationary The automatic,Start Stop function counteracts this problem by. switching off the engine when your car comes to a, standstill As soon as you touch the clutch the car. restarts In conjunction with TDI and TFSI, it helps save up to 0 4 litres of fuel every 100km. 8 Images are for illustrative purposes only,Aerodynamics. A car s shape can have a big impact on its,efficiency It s why we ve worked to make the Audi.
A5 Sportback as aerodynamic as possible,Efficiency programme. The Driver s Information System in the Audi A5,Sportback is available with a special efficiency. programme which offers up to the minute advice,on ways you can improve fuel economy as you. drive It also shows you which items in your car are. using energy and how much they are using so you,can make an informed choice about which ones to. switch off, FSI direct injection technology is a unique Audi innovation that.
was originally developed for the Le Mans 24 hour endurance. race to deliver more power and torque as well as enhanced. fuel efficiency Precisely the right amount of fuel and air are. injected into the combustion chambers enabling the engine to. breathe more easily It results in reduced heat loss and increased. output with around a 15 reduction in fuel consumption and. significantly lower exhaust emissions We ve also developed. TFSI with either turbocharging or supercharging which. combines FSI technology with forced induction giving cars. an extra injection of power, We introduced TDI to the roads in 1989 marking a departure. from the noisy fuel thirsty diesel engines of the past And since. then we ve continuously refined it recently developing common. rail technology Under this system a series of piezo injectors. use electrical charge to precisely control the amount of fuel. injected into the engine As well as reducing noise this allows. combustion to happen at a lower temperature with less oxygen. which lowers emissions,10 Images are for illustrative purposes only. Transmissions,multitronic, Translating a driver s preferences and intentions into road. performance the multitronic transmission system entertains. no compromises whether in terms of dynamism convenience. or economy multitronic automatic transmission is available. on models without quattro permanent all wheel drive A. continuously variable transmission multitronic can transmit. up to 400 Nm of torque and permits an exceptionally wide. range of gear ratios The result is smooth powerful acceleration. and a high level of driving comfort And thanks to its. lightweight design and a number of advanced electronic control. systems that monitor gradient road conditions and the way the. driver is using the accelerator pedal multitronic also plays. an instrumental role in reducing fuel consumption, Driving is all about thinking ahead which is just what the. S tronic dual clutch transmission does It works almost as two. separate systems one engaging the odd numbered and the. other the even numbered gears So when you re accelerating. in second it has third gear waiting for you And once you make. the switch it s already thinking about fourth With two clutches. working together you can change gears almost instantly while. experiencing smooth uninterrupted power,It s the technology that has given Audi the.
edge on the racetrack ever since it was first,introduced 30 years ago a technology that. delivers ultimate control whilst enhancing,the sporty characteristics which make the. Audi A5 Sportback so thrilling to drive,It s called quattro permanent all wheel drive. The principle is simple in the same way that,four brakes ensure better deceleration four. permanently driven wheels deliver better,acceleration and road holding pushing.
or pulling the car as needed for a driving,experience that s both dynamic and safe. 12 Images are for illustrative purposes only,In the Audi A5 Sportback asymmetric dynamic. torque distribution continuously distributes,drive power between the front and rear axles. depending on weather conditions road surface,and gradient which increases flexibility for an. enhanced sportier drive,Standard Engines,Automatic Start Stop function for.
Safety and security,Driver s Information System DIS. with energy saving tips feature,model greater fuel and CO2 efficiency. only available on 2 0 TDI 2 0 TFSI,First aid kit,including gearshift indicator. Electric windows,Front and rear fog lights,equipment manual engines. Recuperation for optimal Front and rear ISOFIX preparation. Electromechanical parking brake, with front passenger airbag Front and rear floor mats.
energy utilisation,de activation switch Intelligent key. All A5 Sportback Misfuelling inhibition for diesel engines. Front side airbags Interior chrome package,models have the. Wheels tyres and suspension Halogen daytime running lights Micrometallic inlays. following items of, 17 x 7 5J 6 arm design alloy wheels Headlight range adjustment Steering column adjustment for. standard equipment with 225 50 R17 tyres and locking rake and reach. Thatcham category 1 alarm, wheel bolts and immobiliser Servotronic speed related power. Space saver spare wheel Toolkit and car jack assisted steering on 190PS models and. Warning triangle,Audio and communication,Exterior equipment.
Audi Concert audio system Single CD Seats, with MP3 compatibility colour centre Exterior mirrors electrically operated. Arcade cloth seats and heated,console screen SD memory card reader. and AUX IN socket in centre console Split folding rear seat Front grille Black gloss on 3 2 FSI and. 6 speakers 3 0 TDI quattro models Stone grey,on all others. Interior equipment,Exhaust pipes 4 cylinder models have. 1 zone climate control,two exhaust pipes on the left hand side.
3 spoke leather steering wheel 6 cylinder and 2 0 TFSI models have. 17 x 7 5J 6 arm design alloy wheels Audi Concert audio system Split folding rear seat LED high level brake light.

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