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In late 1920s Hollywood George Valentin is the world s biggest silent movie star His dashing good. looks wit and screen presence ensure his films are huge hits However his screen persona masks. his dissatisfaction with life George is trapped in a loveless marriage and such a determined. perfectionist that his arrogance can drive away those closest to him But the arrival of sound in. cinema which George is reluctant to embrace and beautiful rising star Peppy Miller who George. is desperate to embrace send him spiralling into ruin and obscurity George must face up to new. possibilities in cinema and in his own life if he is going to return from the depths of despair. Before seeing the film,PARODY AND PASTICHE, Michel Hazanavicius was known before The Artist as the creator of the OSS 117 films a series. of French spy movies that parodied James Bond films The protagonist of OSS 117 played by. The Artist s Jean Dujardin was suave and overly confident much like Austin Powers yet inept. and accident prone like Inspector Clouseau Hazanavicius subversion of genre codes and. conventions is very much present in The Artist, Parodies take the codes and conventions of a particular genre and subvert them for comic effect. An audience s knowledge of these codes and conventions is essential for the subversion to work. For instance in Airplane a parody of disaster movies a stewardess demonstrates how to inflate a. safety vest when she activates it the vest is revealed to be a rubber duck Examples of parodies. also known as spoofs include The Naked Gun Blazing Saddles Fatal Instinct Epic Movie Scary. Movie and Vampires Suck, Pastiche is less established as a genre because a pastiche is often more affectionate and. considerate than a parody While a parody of a horror like Scary Movie won t be scary a. pastiche of horror like Scream will be scary It embraces imitates and satirises codes and. conventions rather than ridiculing them A pastiche takes the codes and conventions of a genre. and revises updates or comments on them A pastiche might be ironic and acknowledge its own. genre conventions in a highly stylised way The horror film Scream went a step further and had its. characters discuss the rules of the horror genre, Let us look at the difference Remember sometimes parody and pastiche can overlap. www filmeducation org 2, Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites.
Genre Pastiche Key moments Parody Key moments,Female A cowboy. W protagonist punches a horse,Extreme camera Count Basie s. E angles crash swing band is,zooms and music seen on screen. S Protagonist performing the,recalls her film s score The. The Quick and father s death deputy mayor,T Blazing Saddles.
the Dead at the hands of repeatedly hits,E the antagonist a dir Mel Brooks his head on a. dir Sam Raimi reference to Once window Racist,R Upon A Time In cowboys rescue. The West a handcart,N from sinking in,quicksand rather. S than the slaves,sinking in it,A girl answers A girl escaping. questions about from a masked,horror movies killer runs.
to save her life half naked in slow,Wes Craven motion through. who also directed some sprinklers,Nightmare on The masked. Elm Street is killer smokes,spotted in a drugs and his. Scary Movie,Scream cameo wearing masks change,the striped jumper into a wasted. dir Keenan Ivory,dir Wes Craven and fedora hat expression.
of his creation A victim is,Freddy Krueger repeatedly. A movie geek stabbed and,describes the takes ages to die. rules of horror in a comically,movies to his exaggerated. friends whilst fashion,they all watch,www filmeducation org 3. Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites. Add OSS 117 to this table You may need to watch the trailer. Can you find an example of parody and pastiche for the genres listed below. detective genre,science fiction,action adventure,Do you think The Artist is a parody or a pastiche.
www filmeducation org 4, Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites. AFTER VIEWING,Old or new, When Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez wanted to make a homage to the low budget US. exploitation movies of the 1970s in their 2007 film Grindhouse they tried to make it appear as if it. was photographed on cheap scratchy film stock But it was difficult to shake the feeling that this. was a film that clearly had a large budget After all. much of it was filmed digitally,it had big stars Bruce Willis Kurt Russell etc. it used CGI, it featured missing reels much like the original Grindhouse films but it was unlikely they. were misplaced or damaged as they might have been in the 1970s. So is it possible to truly replicate the filming conditions and techniques of a particular era or is. part of the pleasure knowing that a film is referencing another era The Artist imitates the style. of early silent cinema in order to tell a story about silent cinema But it clearly used modern. filmmaking techniques that would have been impossible anachronistic or completely revolutionary. in the 1920s Also whilst reflecting on the transition of cinema from silent cinema the film raises. other issues that are important today in both cinema and wider society. Entertainment Film Distributors,www filmeducation org 5.
Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites. In what ways does The Artist,How can you tell that The. Evidence look like an actual film from,Artist was made in 2011. the silent era,camera work,set design,costume design. dialogue speech,music score,actors used,acting style. film stock cameras used,special effects,genre codes and conventions.
themes subtext,add more evidence of your, How does The Artist comment on themes such as fame celebrity and changes and development. in technolog,www filmeducation org 6, Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites. THE DREAM SEQUENCE, One of the most startling sequences in The Artist is when George dreams he is in a world full of. sound yet he is still silent,What does sound symbolise in this sequence. How are diegetic and non diegetic sound used or not used. In the world of the film George should be surrounded by sound anyway it is only the. way the film is presented to us that does not allow us to hear it So why would George. dreaming of sound be so troubling for him,How does the camerawork change in this scene.
ACADEMY AWARDS, The Artist s domination at many film award events meant that like The King s Speech the year. before it was a huge talking point even with people who didn t normally go to the cinema The. Artist was the first non US financed film ever to win the Best Picture Oscar as well as being the. first ever virtually silent film to win, In what ways is The Artist similar thematically and or culturally to the following Oscar nominee s of. Midnight In Paris,The Adventures of Tintin,My Week With Marilyn. Was The Artist expected to win in the categories it was nominated in Who or what else was in. contention, Why do you think film award ceremonies are important to films and audiences. www filmeducation org 7, Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites.
ACTIVITIES,IT DOESN T MATTER IF IT IS BLACK OR WHITE. Black and white is commonly used in recent films in flashbacks Some filmmakers mix film stocks. and colour and black and white to show different points of view or just to unsettle the viewer. There are also many reasons why a contemporary film might be filmed entirely in black and white. rather than colour, Watch sequences from Oliver Stone s films JFK Natural Born Killers and U Turn How. and why is black and white used and what effect does it have. The action packed blood soaked ending of Tarantino s Kill Bill Vol 1 had to be converted. to black and white Why do you think this was, The following films were photographed in black and white though they could easily have been. made in colour Using Internet research find out what financial aesthetic or thematic reasons the. directors may have had for choosing this style,Psycho Alfred Hitchcock 1960. Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks 1974,Raging Bull Martin Scorsese 1980.
Rumble Fish Francis Ford Coppola 1983,Schindler s List Steven Spielberg 1993. Clerks Kevin Smith 1994,The Good German Steven Soderbergh 2006. Make a trailer or a short sequence in the style of a particular era or genre imitating camerawork. acting and editing styles Will you choose to make a parody or pastiche A fantastic example. to look up is Todd Field s Far From Heaven 2002 which imitates the Technicolor Douglas Sirk. melodramas of the 1950s whilst commenting on taboo subjects of the day such as interracial love. affairs and homosexuality,Written by Gareth C Evans. www filmeducation org 8, Film Education 2012 Film Education is not responsible for the content of external sites. dir Wes Craven A girl answers questions about horror movies to save her life Wes Craven who also directed Nightmare on Elm Street is spotted in a cameo wearing the striped jumper and fedora hat of his creation Freddy Krueger A movie geek describes the rules of horror movies to his friends whilst they all watch Halloween Scary Movie

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