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everything was so huge and so painful that nothing rang so sweet to him as to hear his purchase praised. He was young and sensitive still He still wondered whether in the deepest sense he got his money s. worth He still had hours when he walked up and down in the moonlight half deciding to chuck his. confounded rushing to the office every day and clear out clear out once and for all And now to. discover that he d a valuable apple tree thrown in with the orchard an apple tree that this Johnny. from England positively envied, Don t touch that tree Do you hear me children said he bland and firm and when the guest. had gone with quite another voice and manner, If I catch either of you touching those apples you shall not only go to bed you shall each have. a good sound whipping Which merely added to its magnificence. Every Sunday morning after church Father with Bogey and me tailing after walked through the. flower garden down the violet path past the lace bark tree past the white rose and syringe bushes. and down the hill to the orchard The apple tree like the Virgin Mary seemed to have been. miraculously warned of its high honour standing apart from its fellows bending a little under its rich. clusters fluttering its polished leaves important and exquisite before Father s awful eye His heart. swelled to the sight we knew his heart swelled He put his hands behind his back and screwed up his. eyes in the way he had There it stood the accidental thing the thing that no one had been in aware. of when the hard bargain was driven It hadn t been counted in hadn t in a way been paid for If the. house had been burned to the ground at that time it would have meant less to him than the destruction. of his tree And how we played up to him Bogey and I Bogey with his scratched knees pressed. together his hands behind his back too and a round cap on his head with H M S Thunderbolt printed. The apples turned from pale green to yellow then they had deep pink stripes painted on them. and the pink melted all over the yellow reddened and spread into a fine clear crimson. At last the day came when Father took out his waistcoat pocket a little pearl pen knife He. reached up Very slowly and very carefully he picked two apples growing on a bough. By Jove They re warm cried Father in amazement They re wonderful apples Tip top. Marvelous he echoed He rolled them over in his hands. Look at that he said Not a spot not a blemish And he walked through the orchard with. Bogey and me stumbling after to a tree stump under the wattles We sat one on either side of Father. He laid one apple down opened the pearl pen knife and neatly and beautifully cut the other in half. By Jove Look at that he exclaimed, Father we cried dutiful but really enthusiastic too For the lovely red colour had bitten. through the white flesh of the apple it was pink to the shiny black pips lying so justly in their scaly pods. It looked as though the apple had been dipped in wine. Never seen that before said Father You won t find an apple like that in a hurry He put it. to his nose and pronounced an unfamiliar word Bouquet What a bouquet And then he handed to. Bogey one half to me the other, Don t bolt it said he It was agony to give even so much away I knew it while I took mine. humbly and humbly Bogey accepted his, The he divided the second with the same neat beautiful little cut of the pearl knife.
I kept my eyes on Bogey Together we took a bite Our mouths were full of a floury stuff a. hard faintly bitter skin a horrible taste of something dry. Well asked Father very jovial He had cut his two halves into quarters and was taking out the. little pods Well, Bogey and I stared at each other chewing desperately In that second of chewing and. swallowing a long silent conversation passed between us and a strange meaning smile We. swallowed We edged near Father just touching him,Perfect we lied Perfect Father Simply lovely. But it was no use Father spat his out and never went near the apple tree again. Answer the following questions,Comprehension, 1 What makes the apple tree seem valuable to the father. a His children love the tree,b He has never seen a tree like it before. c He has always wanted an apple tree,d His friend tells him that it is rare.
2 As the apples on the tree ripen the father, a Becomes more and more proud of owning the apple tree. b Begins to lose interest in the apple tree, c Worries that his children will somehow harm the apple tree. d Knows that the tree is worth more than his house. 3 What is the main theme of the story, a If your expectations are too high you may end up disappointed. b Beautiful trees often produce bitter fruit,c Telling the truth is often the best policy. d When you own something you must constantly take care of it. 4 How are the ripe apples different from what is expected. a They are small instead of large,b The apples are a pale pink instead of red.
c They taste bitter instead of sweet,d The apples smell like flowers instead of fruit. 5 Why do the children lie to their father about how the apple tastes. a They are afraid of being punished,b They don t want him to be disappointed. c They want to trick him into liking the apples,d They don t care what he thinks. 6 What does the apple tree symbolizes after the visitor praises it. a The father s power,b The children s obedience,c The visitor s wisdom. d The fruit s sweetness,Written Response,Short Answer.
Write three or four sentences to answer the question. 7 Give one reason why the author calls the apple tree the Forbidden Tree Support your idea. about why the author uses this symbol with an example from the text or from your own. Extended Response, Write two or three paragraphs to answer the question. 8 Explain why the father believes his friend s statement that the apples are rare and will be. marvelous Support you answer with three details from the story. pick up the fallen fruit and there every Monday morning to the round open space in the middle the servant girl and the washerwoman carried the wet linen Grandmother s nightdresses Father s striped shirts the hired man s cotton trousers and the servant girl s dreadfully vulgar salmon pink flannelette drawers jigged and slapped in horrid familiarity But the other orchard

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