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Audi of America LLC,Service Training,Created in the U S A. Created 06 2018,Course Number 990693,2018 Audi of America LLC. All rights reserved Information contained in this manual is based on. the latest information available at the time of printing and is subject to. the copyright and other intellectual property rights of Audi of America. LLC its affiliated companies and its licensors All rights are reserved to. make changes at any time without notice No part of this document. may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any. form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording. or otherwise nor may these materials be modified or reposted to other. sites without the prior expressed written permission of the publisher. All requests for permission to copy and redistribute information should. be referred to Audi of America LLC, Always check Technical Bulletins and the latest electronic service repair. literature for information that may supersede any information included. in this booklet,Revision 2 Aug 8 2018,Introduction 1. Presentation 2,Dimensions 4,Introduction 6,Body assembly 8.
Power units 11,Gasoline engines 11,Engine transmission combinations 12. Power transmission 14,Overview 14,Running gear 16,Overview 16. Axles and wheel alignment 17,Steering system 19,Brake system 20. Electrics and electronics 22,Introduction 22,Layout of 12 Volt MHEV 24. Starter Generator C29 26,Auxiliary Battery A1 27,48 Volt MHEV electrical system 30.
Networking 32,Topology 34,Exterior lighting 38,Tail lights 46. Convenience electronics on Audi A6 48,Central locking 50. Interior lighting 53,Climate control 54,Overview 54. Safety and driver assist systems 56,Passive safety 56. Driver assist systems 60,Emergency assist 69,Function 69.
Infotainment and Audi connect 72,Introduction and overview of versions 72. Antennas 76,Inspection and maintenance 78,Knowledge assessment 79. The eSelf Study Program eSSP teaches a basic understanding of the design and mode of operation of new models new. automotive components or new technologies Note, It is not a repair manual Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of. preparation of the SSP, For further information about maintenance and repair work always refer to the current technical literature Reference. Introduction, The new Audi A6 is an impressive mix of elegance high In the interior the Audi A6 has increased legroom and.
quality and advanced technology The vehicle is even more shoulder space. comfortable convenient and efficient than its predecessor For the engines Audi is using a 2 0l TFSI as standard for. thanks to the use of Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle MHEV the Premium and Premium Plus models The 3 0l V6 will be. technology All the connect services used in the 2019 A8 optional for the Premium and Premium Plus and standard. and 2019 A7 are included in 2019 A6 to make it into a fully for the Prestige line up All in all a sporty exterior and a. networked vehicle The Audi A6 s driver assist systems progressive interior featuring different equipment versions. aren t lagging behind its big sisters either With its numer with something to suit every customer. ous driver assist systems the Audi A6 is a safe and helpful. companion on the road,Learning objectives of this eSelf Study Program. This eSelf Study Program describes the design and function Engines available at market launch. of the 2019 Audi A6 When completed you will be able to 12 48 Volt electrical system. answer questions on the following topics,New running gear features. New power transmission features,New features of the infotainment systems. Presentation, The introduction of the 2019 Audi A6 marks the comple. tion of the C8 product line This eSelf Study Program exam. ines the similarities and differences of the A6 to the A7 and. A8 For further information please refer to the respective. eSelf Study Programs,Audi A6 Sedan,Audi A7 Sportback.
Audi A6 Avant,not for the North American Market at this time. Dimensions,Audi A6 Sedan,57 36 in 1457 mm,37 75 in 959 mm. 64 17 in 1630 mm 63 66 in 1617 mm,74 25 in 1886 mm 83 07 in 2110 mm. 670 003 670 004, 36 22 in 920 mm 115 11 in 2924 mm 43 11 in 1095 mm. 194 44 in 4939 mm, Exterior dimensions and weights Interior dimensions and other specifications.
Length 194 44 in Front cabin width 60 11 in,4939 mm 1527 mm 2. Width not incl mirrors 74 25 in Front shoulder width 57 75 in. 1886 mm 1467 mm 3, Width incl mirrors 83 07 in Rear cabin width 59 09 in. 2110 mm 1501 mm 2,Height 57 36 in Rear shoulder width 56 53 in. 1457 mm 1436 mm 3,Front track 64 17 in Load sill height 26 61 in. 1630 mm 676 mm, Rear track 63 66 in Luggage compartment capacity 18 71 cu ft.
1617 mm 530 l,Wheelbase 115 11 in Drag coefficient cw 0 24. Capacity of fuel tank 19 28 gal,Unladen weight 1825 73 l. Max gross weight 2475,Maximum headroom,Elbow room width. Shoulder room width, All dimensions refer to the unladen weight of the vehicle. Introduction, The body of the 2019 A6 is a composite construction using On the Audi A6 sedan the rear roof cross member the.
various materials It is similar to the composition and connection to the side roof frame and the D pillar are fully. construction of the 2019 A7 manufactured from steel. The rear shelf is made of sheet aluminum,Sheet aluminum. Die cast aluminum,Aluminum section,Ultra high strength steel hot formed. Modern high strength steel,High strength steel,Soft steel. Composite steel plastic, For further information on the construction and structure of the body please refer to eSelf Study Program 990593 The 2019. Audi A7 Introduction,Body assembly, On the topic of body assembly it is also very clear that the.
2019 A6 is related to the 2019 A7 For example the Audi. A6 also has semi electric door locks The construction of its. instrument panel is also practically identical to the one in. the Audi A7, Eight way power front seats with driver memory are stan A contour seat package is also available for Premium Plus. dard equipment on the 2019 A6 They are heated and and Prestige models. feature four way power lumbar adjustment for the drive The A6 is equipped with a three seat 40 20 40 split folding. Ordering the Warm Weather Package Pr no PWZ rear seat The backrest can only be released directly at the. Premium Plus and Prestige only provides four way adjust backrest in the interior of the vehicle It can also be locked. able lumbar support for the front passenger seat and seat with the vehicle key so the luggage compartment cannot be. ventilation for both seats accessed from the vehicle interior. Heated rear seats are available as part of the Cold Weather. Package Pr no PAW,Folding and lockable rear seat backrest. There are two rear lid versions for the 2019 A6 The manual An optional electric rear lid is available for the A6 With this. rear lid is opened via two mechanical extension springs A system Rear Lid Motor 1 V444 moves the left rear lid hinge. hydraulic damper left side has the task of reducing the via a spindle drive An extension spring on the right hinge. speed of opening in the last 45 of the opening procedure supports the opening process on both the manual and. electric systems However the spring installation position. in the rear of the body will change depending on which. system is installed,Installation location,Extension for manual rear lid. spring Hydraulic damper,Rear Lid Drive,Unit VX69 Installation location. for electric rear lid,Power latching system, The power latching system for the rear lid has also been However Rear Lid Closing Aid Motor V382 now pulls the.
integrated into the rear lid lock on the 2019 A6 On the rotary latch of the rear lid lock into its end position after. previous model the striker on the lock carrier was moved the initial catch has engaged. downwards after the lock was engaged,Rear Lid Closing Aid. Operation of rear lid lock, The rear lid opens when the rear lid lock is actuated by It is possible to release the rear lid manually in the event of. Comfort Systems Central Control Module J393 via Rear Lid an electrical failure. Central Locking System Motor V53, The small cover in the rear lid trim in the luggage com. partment must first be removed and the lever on the. lock pressed upwards, Rear lid manual release with folding rear seat backrest. Power units,Gasoline engines, Torque power curve of 3 0 ltr Torque power curve of 2 0 ltr.
TFSI engine EA839 TFSI engine EA888 Gen 3,Engine with code DLZA Engine with code DLHA. Power in kW Power in kW,Torque in Nm Torque in Nm,Engine speed rpm 670 023 Engine speed rpm 670 108. Features Technical data,Engine code DLZA DLHA, Type V6 engine with 90 V angle Four cylinder in line engine. Capacity in cm 3,Stroke in mm 89 0 92 8,Bore in mm 84 0 82 5. Number of valves per cylinder 4 4,Firing order 1 4 3 6 2 5 1 3 4 2.
Compression ratio 11 2 1 9 6 1, Power output 340 hp 250 kW at 5200 6400 rpm 252 hp 185 kW at 5000 6500 rpm. Torque 369 lb ft 500 Nm at 1370 4500 273 lb ft 370 Nm at 1600 4300 rpm. Fuel Premium unleaded Premium unleaded, Turbocharging Turbocharger with wastegate Turbocharger with wastegate. Engine management Bosch MD1 with OBD Bosch MD1 with OBD. Maximum injection pressure in bar 250 250, Emission control One close coupled catalytic converter split Close coupled ceramic catalytic converter. into main and secondary catalytic convert Lambda probe before and after catalytic. ers Lambda pr before after main cat converter,Emission standard LEV 3 Tier3 LEV 3 Tier3. Concept Mild hybrid 48V Mild hybrid 12V, For further information about the engines used please refer to eSelf Study Program 920173 The Audi 3 0l V6 TFSI EA839 Engine.
and eSelf Study Program 920163 Audi Third Generation 2 0l Engines The construction of the fuel tank corresponds to the com. ponents of the 2019 Audi A7 For information refer to eSelf Study Program 990593 The 2019 Audi A7 Introduction. In the interior the Audi A6 has increased legroom and shoulder space For the engines Audi is using a 2 0l TFSI as standard for the Premium and Premium Plus models The 3 0l V6 will be optional for the Premium and Premium Plus and standard for the Prestige line up All in all a sporty exterior and a progressive interior featuring different equipment versions with something to suit every

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