Thanksgiving break is the 26th through the 28th Hope you

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Pictures taken by,Jack A Buzbee,Volume 11 Page 3,With Oklahoma s Promise you can earn. Free Tuition at an Oklahoma public two year college. or four year university OR a portion of tuition at an. accredited Oklahoma private college or University, Or a portion of tuition for courses at public technology centers that. are approved for credit toward an Associate in Applied Science de. gree at a public college, The Oklahoma s promise scholarship does not cover fees books. supplies or room and board,WHO MAY APPLY, Oklahoma Residents 8th 10th grade students and home school stu. dents must apply while age 13 15, Students whose parents earn 50 000 or less per year.
special income provisions apply to children adopted from certain court. ordered custody and children in the custody of court appointed legal guardians. Students who promise to meet the requirements of the program. HOW TO APPLY GET MORE INFO, Online at www okpromise org to get information and an application. Or contact 1 800 858 1840,ONE COUPON PER PERSON PER PURCHASE. EXPIRES NOV 25TH 2014,The chapter has several community service. projects throughout the year They include,cleaning the highway wrapping Christmas. gifts for the DHS the Angle tree and going,to the nursing home.
You might be asking yourself what do I need,to do community service for Well there are. several reasons to do so For high school,kids it looks great on your application to col. lege The Admission counselor goes through,several hundreds and even thousands of ap. plications The more community service that is on your application the better it looks You. could get selected over another student due to this They want hard workers in college For. others another good reason to do community service it makes your town look better. Mainly it teaches you responsibility and self,worth It builds character in so many ways. The next question you probably have is how,do I get involved Well that is easy You.
could do things like the FFA does Cleaning,the highway makes you and your community. look good When travelers pass through your,town Going to the nursing home is another. fantastic way to get involved It could be,something as simple as sitting with the elders. and talking to them Or even taking them,gifts during the holidays. The Angle tree is in my opinion the best com,munity service project I mean how much.
better can it get Buying gifts for children who are in desperate need Nothing better then. giving a child what they want need for Christmas when their parents can not afford to give. what is needed,By Teaira Wadsworth, On Tuesday November 11th PHS celebrated and rec Courtney Redeagle Army. ognized Veterans Day We were welcomed by Sarah John Reynolds Army. Phillippi The Boy Scout Troop 33 did the posting of Jacob Bruno Army. the colors The sixth and seventh grade choir sang the Joe Bright Army. Star Spangled Banner Madelyn Priest did the recog Justin Malone Army. nizing of our Veteran Guest PHS Band played Salute Colton Jones Army. To Our Patriots Our speaker introduction was Jesse Smith Army. Hanna Laughlin and our guest speaker was Mr Dale David Downing Army. Johnson High School and eighth grade choir sang Dug Amanda Merit Army. Hero Jenna Shulanberger did the closing Boy Scout Danny Mooney Air Force. Troop 33 did the retrieving of the flags Our guest Vet Donny Smith Army. erans were David Clifton U S Marine,Rick Laird U S Army Francis Kelley U S Marine. Cloyd Easley Army Fred Dun U S Marine,Wayne Bute Army Phillip Strosahl Army. Robert Wells Marine Corp Josh Vogele Army,Rhian Rippetoe Army Mr Lynn Army Reserve. Dale Johnson Army Mr Scott Navy,Pawhuska Junior High Basketball 2014 2015.
November 17 21 Pawhuska Tourney,November 17 21 Cleveland 9th Tourney. November 24 Bowring 1 Game Away,November 25 Osage Hills 1 Game Away. Seniors college is right around the corner and,the time for applying for scholarships and. grants is knocking at our doors,The following Scholarships are still available. for Osage students to apply for,Mae Lasley 2014 Application must be com.
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line is December 31st 2015,Get to filling these out seniors. Other scholarships such as JOM FASFA and,other government funding is available as well. Not Osage Need scholarships Go to your,tribe s website and look under their education. department for higher education availability,Now you Know. Information from nowyoukno com did you kno tumblr com. Prep Time 5 Min Directions 9 to 10 minute or until. Cook Time 20 Min Spray large skillet macaroni is tender. Total Time 25 Min with cooking spray Remove from heat and. and saute chicken on stir in cheese sauce,1 10 medium high heat for from mac and cheese.
ounce can tomatoes about 5 minute or un package and sour. and green chilies a til cooked through cream until well. can of diced tomatoes blended 0,can be sub d if you do Drain liquid from to. not want spicy matoes into a 2 cup Sprinkle with, 1 lb boneless skinless liquid measuring cup shre2 dded cheese on. chicken breast cut and add enough hot top and cover. into bite size pieces water to measure 1 Let stand 1 to 2 minute. 1 12 3 4 cups or until cheese is,ounce package maca Add macaroni toma melted. roni shells and toes and the tomato TIP Reduced fat items. cheese liquid mixture to the can be used but I don t. 1 2 cup sour cream pan and mix well recommend nonfat. 1 2 cup cheddar Bring to boil and re,cheese shredded duce heat to medium 3. low Cover and sim,e have always There are many,heard that drones out.
drones are the there for pic,future for every tures One in. thing We have heard of the particular is,Amazon drones delivering our the Phantom. purchases to the door What if quadcopter,we were to use drones for tak with a mounted. ing pictures at school events gopro The, We could get some shots that Phantom sells This isn t long enough for a foot. were a little hard to get Not for around 755 The ball game but is great for small. only would we get a bird eyes flight time for the Phan events such as assemblies and. band vocal performances Drones, view we would also get posi tom is about twenty five.
are the way of the future and can,tive feedback for using new minutes long. play a role in our school,technology for school,Upcoming releases for October. Play Station Xbox Nintendo, Skylanders Trap Team Skylanders Trap Team Re Skylanders Trap Team. Released for 99 99 leased for 99 99 Released for 99 99. Duck Dynasty Released for Duck Dynasty Released,Duck Dynasty Released. 49 99 for 19 99,for Ps3 39 99 and, PS4 49 99 WWE 2K15 Released for Super Smash Bros 3ds.
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http www hispotion com dji phantom aerial uav drone http www ign com games upcoming. quadcopter for gopro 7394 http www hispotion com dji phantom aerial uav drone quadcopter for gopro 7394. Jokes from http boyslife org section jokes, Entertainment and Comic Strips from http familycircus com. and http garfield com,With Alex Scheuermann,Daffynition Gruesome A little. taller than before,What s faster Heat or cold,It s Heat because you can catch. How did the Strawberries start,their band,They just got together and. A book never written It s a,Fake by Artie Fishull,A book never written Yellow.
River by I P Freely,Garfield by Jim Davis,Entertain Comic strips from. http beetlebailey com and,http blondie com todays strip. Bayonetta 2 Released for 59 99 only would we get a bird eyes view we would also get posi tive feedback for using new technology for school There are many drones out there for pic tures One in particular is the Phantom quadcopter with a mounted gopro The Phantom sells for around 755 The flight time for the Phan tom is about twenty five minutes long This isn t long enough for a

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